Wigger gets chewed up while his dindu friends watch and laugh through waffle house window.

Trump is a racist. He makes black landwhales fat.

This intolerant leftist pretends he is curious about my upcoming visit to

He then violently throws over our
chapter table and sprints away


I left my husband behind us in Kobani. I thought I could save our daughter away from bombing, but unfortunately she died on the road. Where is the free world.. Where are those who talk about humanity, Who talk about values.. what does Ardogan want from us?

Dayton, Ohio family outraged their sibling was shot dead by a store clerk while attempting an armed robbery

You tell 'em, Blossom!

"As the African American girls were serving or entering the court, people in the stands were making monkey noses or making racial comments," said Chante Miller, whose daughters are a freshman and senior volleyball players.

"(They were) told go back to where you came from and monkey, specifically those words," said Candice Byers who has twin daughters on the team.

Muh dik.

A woman managed to escape from a car trunk after a man allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted her early Saturday morning, according to the Lufkin Police Department.

LPD officers took the suspect into custody after a foot chase later that day.

“We are so thankful this woman escaped with her life and that we were able to get Skinner in custody before he victimized anyone else,” said Jessica Pebsworth, a spokeswoman for the Lufkin Police Department.”

Deandre Somerville was selected to serve on a civil jury in August. But when he overslept for the trial, he had to spend 10 days in jail — despite not having a criminal record.

It's anudah shoah.

Antifa taunting a black Portland police officer, calling him “Uncle Tom” and a “race traitor”

Boy issues stern warning to home invaders

Dindu chimps out on woman after shopping cart bump.


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