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A vicious counterfeiter escapes from prison and hides out in a remote cabin while recuperating from plastic surgery he received to alter his appearance. His gang lures the Norths to the cabin and holds them hostage, their plan being to ultimately kill the couple.

SALVATION AND CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP 16 mins. / Color / 1957 (Acts 15:1-35) God’s plan for salvation, by grace through faith, is preached by Paul and Barnabas before the church leaders in Jerusalem. The Christian brotherhood is proclaimed.

While attending a college reunion, Pam is taken hostage by Jerry's former roommate who's now a professor. He demands that the school stop their atomic production program or he'll detonate one of his own at the school's field-house during that night's big basketball game.

Pam and Jerry plan to have a nice quiet picnic at the beach, but a sniper quickly changes those plans.

TRIUMPHANT 17 mins. / Color / 1957 (Acts 28:16-31; Ephesians 6:10 – 17; Colossians 3, Philippians 3:8 – 11, 4:8 – 9; 2 Timothy 1:9 – 12, 4:1 – 8) The joyful, hopeful tone of Paul’s letters from prison shows that the goodness of God in his life overshadows the evil. His second letter to Timothy expresses a triumphant conclusion to a heroic life.

GOD’S CARE OF HIS OWN 14 mins. / Color / 1957 (Acts 11:19 – 12:24; Romans 8:35, 37 – 39) Despite persecution, Christianity spreads. James, brother of John, is martyred by Herod. Peter, imprisoned and awaiting the same fate, is miraculously released.

NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS 17 mins. / Color / 1957 (Acts 10:1 – 11:18; Romans 10:12 – 13) The conversion of Cornelius and his household demonstrates the broadening scope of the Gospel as it is preached and lived by Christ’s early followers.

WITNESS BEFORE A KING 17 mins. / Color / 1957 (Acts 21:35 – 26:32) Paul’s arrest at Jerusalem by the chief priests does not stop him from preaching Jesus Christ. He witnesses before Felix, then Festus, and finally, King Agrippa.

WHAT MUST I DO TO BE SAVED? 18 mins. / Color / 1957 (Acts 15:4 – 16:34; Ephesians 2:8 – 9) The early events of Paul’s second missionary journey – being sent to Macedonia, preaching in Philippi, healing the slave girl, and leading the Philippian jailer to faith.

The manicurist at Jerry's favorite barber shop recognizes a customer as a wanted murderer, but instead of phoning the police, she devises a plan to blackmail him. However, her scheme goes awry, with deadly results.

Pam and Jerry run into an old war buddy who is visiting his mother on the midway of a traveling carnival. Problems surface when the crooked stepfather (Joe Vitale) is involved in a plot to rig the games. When the Norths begin to unravel a mystery, things turn ugly on the midway.

Chuck Walker, a North family friend, is discharged from the Navy for being underage. Planning to rejoin on the West Coast under another name, he needs some money for the trip. After being involved in a bar fight with a drunk who's robbed and dies, Chuck is charged with murder.

Jerry is excited about publishing the personal papers a Revolutionary War figure. He and Pam accompany Nathaniel Sykes III to the small town where his ancestor is buried to retrieve the historic documents from his ancestor's coffin. In the next grave over is buried a drifter and a million dollars. A gang of criminals stashed their stolen loot in the grave for safe keeping until the cops lost interest. When the headstones get switched, everyone's in a panic.

Pam enrolls in a modeling school and discovers that fencing class isn't the only place where she can get stuck by a sword.

The Norths go to a training camp so Jerry can interview the up-and-coming prizefighter, Vince McKay, for a future book project. Unfortunately, the boxer collapses in the ring and dies. It turns out that McKay was hard to get along with and made promises to women that he didn't intend to keep. Many people had it in for McKay, but which one fed him the rat poison?

Pam becomes involved in another murder after the phone company switches the Norths' number with that of a crooked bookie. She takes non-stop phone calls from gamblers placing bets on horses, but has no idea what's they're all talking about. She's on the phone with the shady bookie when he's gunned down in Grand Central Station.

The Norths meet a beautiful adventuress and a handsome pilot.

Pam is disappointed when the fur she thought was her birthday present is retrieved by a store representative; the man says it was delivered to her by mistake. It turns out that a con man, posing as Jerry, charged the fur to the Norths' account and then made off with the mink.

The warden at the State Penitentiary asks the Norths if they wish to interview a high-profile inmate for a potential book. While they're in the prison, a disturbance breaks out that suddenly escalates into a hostage situation--with the Norths as the hostages.

The secrets of the Honey Moon Inn come to the surface during the North's fifth anniversary visit to the hideaway. Inn owner Margaret is surprised by a marriage proposal from a fresh-from-prison ex-beau, the murdered sheriff is found in bigamist Chef Francois' pantry, and at least one of the household members has a secret marriage.

S02E01: The White Mountains: 2090 AD; Will, Beanpole and a group of other Freemen are chosen to compete in "The Games" held by the Tripods. Winners are taken to The Golden City where, the Freemen hope to collect information on how to destroy the Tripods. S02E02: Travel; On their way to The Games, via river barge, a suspected plague on board threatens the mission of the boys. Will runs into trouble searching for the captain while ashore. S02E03: Will Is Arrested; Will and Beanpole miss their ship after being chased by the Black Guard. With the help of new friends they hope to continue on their way to The Games. S02E04: Help from Friends; Just making it to The Games; Will and Beanpole meet up with Fritz, the remaining Freemen contestant. Through stiff competition all three struggle to win the right to be taken to The City Of Gold. S02E05: City of Gold; Will and Fritz are taken to The City Of Gold along with the other winners. Upon arrival; Will is selected as a slave for a Master, while Fritz gets an all together different job. S02E06: Will Is Made a Slave; Fritz tries to change his job by sneaking into The Power Elite. Meanwhile Will learns about the Earth and the real origins of the Masters. IMDb

As punishment for rebelling at working with Merlin's pigeons, Squire Brian is sent on an errand delivering a crate of pigeons to a neighboring castle. En route, he becomes involved with a gang of thieves who stole the precious Ruby of Radnor. Guest stars: Colin Tapley as Everard, Edward Judd as Garth, Eric Corrie as Robert, Reginald Hearne as Hugo, Harold Goodwin as a peasant.

A toddler is lost and found numerous times after being left at the North's door. The mother dropped off the child after leaving her race-obsessed bookie husband. An incompetent detective hired by the father repeatedly grabs and loses the tot. Drunks from a bar, seeing a quick buck, join in the kidnapping fun. All the while, a crabby female cop tries to unravel the story.

The Norths' new butler, Oliver, comes with a lot of baggage. He's carrying on an affair with the married maid who works next door, and his ex-flame refuses to accept that they're over. The maid's husband, also a butler, is found dead in the building's basement and Oliver is the obvious suspect.

Col. Breen believes the projectile is a bomb - it's cold to the touch, slightly radioactive and made of an unknown substance, Roney's assistant Barbara Judd finds the area has a history of supernatural events, and a terrified Pte West claims to have seen an imp-like ghost: 'It went through the wall!'. IMDb


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