Trump admin has shown support for HARPA (Health Advanced Research Project Agency) which intends to use our smart watches/devices/homes to record our private conversations to determine who MAY show signs of emotional instability to determine who should lose their right to self defense. This is very disturbing! Without privacy there is no free speech/expression. Please Like, Share, Subscribe! This needs to be known.

In a response video I will be demonstrating how to remove internal microphone from your smart phone so you can decide when you want to record.

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Unfortunately our Twitter account has been locked for unforeseen reasons. We have always been careful to obey Twitter's rules and have been courteous to all we communicate with. This channel provides a way to help keep journalists & others safe from harm. It is dissapointing it has been almost a week and hope we recover our account soon. New videos this week! I have been doing a lot of research and look forward to sharing tips for how you can keep yourself safe from hackers & unsafe websites. Please take the time to Like, Share & Subscribe. It really does help motivate us to make more videos for you! It can get discouraging to work on a channel that has a hard time moving up the search rankings. Likes, Shares & subscribes all help with that. We currently do not have access to our main social media:

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This Channel exists to help investigative journalists & other individuals doing the right thing stay safe. It is also meant to be a wakeup call to one of the biggest threats to free speech to ever exist: Surveillance Capitalism. If you have no privacy, you have no free expression. It is really that simple.

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20,000 Facebook employees potentially had access to hundreds of millions of facebook account passwords. These could be added to password cracking lists to uniquely identify all your accounts (like DNA) on the internet. Why did facebook not follow the most basic etiquitte? Why you need a password manager

Trump DOJ pick William Barr is demanding USA Corps code backdoors into all encryption to make policework easier- Mandatory Backdoors could DESTROY USA tech industry- China w/capitalize on it; 'Gorgon' Surveillance Balloons to now watch everyone in US cities 24/7 ...

Radar bodyscanners to be installed that function to search ALL people in schools, public buildings, concerts; This goes against Section 12 UN Human Right

Review of Parrot Linux OS: Highly secure Penetration Testing OS w/THE BEST PRIVACY PROTECTIONS available by default. We explore sandbox/privacy features, Anonymous Surfing, tracking blocking & MORE! ***NOTE*** I may enhance this video I just wanted to get it uploaded so sorry about lower volume on this one! Still getting all my studio setup on the new operating system!

Facial recognition surveillance cameras are already saving biometric data when we enter department stores, in many cases to flag shoplifters. These companies are even "networking" stores together making one giant human tracking system for those behind the cameras... No regulation currently exists

Mobile phone extraction, William Binney NSA Exec talks about how police have subverted US Justice System & ruined fair trials for US citizens, how police spy from stingrays to lying to coverup surveillance

If you used the same password for Facebook as ANY OTHER ACCOUNT, it is time to CHANGE PASSWORDS NOW! Facebook servers stored YOUR password in plain readable text making password guessing for other accounts extremely easy.

The Chinese Prostitution Parlour NFL Patriot's owner Bob Kraft was caught in not only ATTENDED Trump's Superbowl Party but also donated over $50,000 to Trump's campaigns. Also 12,000% INCREASE in hidden camera SNEAK PEEK warrants since 9/11 thanks to Patriot Act.

Former IDF Intelligence Core programmer behind the Superfish backdoor under plausible deniability of "directed adware" & "parental watch." ALL Lenovo Laptops vulnerable from these years. An example of how intel operations may use multiple 'small bugs' that when combined together become one huge backdoor. Here we explore how Superfish (installed on Lenovo laptops) creating MITM attacks that could exploit javascript & backdoors, even spectre for memory/password grabs. Just an example.

Recently it was revealed ALL phone numbers for account security are now searchable by ANYONE. You cannot delete the number & they used some sneaky tactics to get it. Zuckerberg also made an announcement on upcoming 'PRIVACY' centered platform w/e2e encryption. Even Zuckerberg's own mentor says this is a PR stunt. They hope to gain back trust...

Even if Location is Off your phone & browsing/search terms are being LOGGED & tracked in real-time EVERYWHERE you go! Wifi scanning is on by default & facial recognition cameras are linked. Here is how to stop tracking enabled by default

Classic propaganda is being used to justify mass surveillance of Americans, once again. The fact is 30,000 drones over USA won't stop the drug problem but it will undermine our Civil Liberties. Founding fathers warned "war" would be fastest way to end our Liberty & rights.

How using DuckDuckGo privacy centered search engine protects you & their .onion Tor website to protect searches from sniffing/MITM attacks. The difference between Tor & regular web searching

DuckDuckGo .onion (Tor browser): https://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion
Regular Web Address:

Wanted to share latest on the breaking News story of another mass shooting. Suspect is Dead. 4 officers hurt but thankfully stable. Situation stable

Facebook recently caught having installed Root SSL Certificates on young people's phones: This allowed them to collect EVERYTHING: browsing, passwords, credit cards. I go over proper SSL caution & how Root Certificates are abused to break https security

The latest on the big privacy win at Illinois Supreme Court making corporations like Facebook obtain consent. Covering the article at ACLU website. & small steps you can take now to start protecting yourself from surveillance capitalism by free apps collecting your biometrics

Did you know 3rd party advertising tracking was used to manipulate voters in 2016 election? And that 3rd party cookies/javascripts SECRETLY track ur every move online building a profile on you? Here is how to stop it without any work

Did you know IoT devices are a major home wifi network security vulnerability & also record every word you say in your home? Alexa sent one families conversation to broadcast in another home! Smart devices compromise your wifi internet...

AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile caught selling customers EXACT GPS location (even if location turned off) to bounty hunters, dataminers,credit companies...

Cell phone providers AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile caught selling customer GPS (even WITH location off) usually reserved for emergency operators to data aggregators who have sold it to bounty hunters, credit collectors & anyone else who wants to track you down to the very space in the room you reside.

Like mountain climbing? Have Instagram? Facebook? Insurance companies are datamining YOUR social media accounts to find new ways to RAISE YOUR RATES!

Crooked Nixon's War On Drugs is destroying USA economy & Constitutional Rights. It has damaged police community relations & encouraged rampant corruption. The costs & how we can end it


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