Demo on tracker confusion in signal randomization setting in WiPri, (next version of MACcleaner) updates w/multiple functions for privacy including continually changing MAC address at continually changing times/addresses, transmit signal randomizer to confuse WiFi tracking beacons, new MAC address identity mode, randomized hostname, set MAC of your choice; all functions independent/optional/can run as a single command with flags, to make easier to incorporate into other scripts/startup/cron. Enjoy!

For Human Rights/Journalists/Ethical Pentesting/study/security & testing reasons


Did you know your computer/phone sends web addresses in clear text to your ISP/home network/public wifi? This is easily picked up. President Trump legalized selling your data in 2017. All USA Internet Service Provider (ISP) can now do this. Websites can find out more about you by your DNS. Here are a few easy ways to prevent that reality, to protect your privacy. Here I use Wireshark/ to show how easy it is to find out what you are looking at.

While always say "if you want privacy don't count on your phone", I still want to introduce an app that w/help in some situations, while teaching more about IMSI catchers (Stingrays) in the process. First we briefly go over MITM attacks w/IMSI catchers ("Stingrays"), how they work and how Cell Spy Catcher detects/lets you block fake cell towers.

Regarding maccleaner mentioned in this video/also covered in earlier videos: protects against a more frequently used tracking for wifi devices/BLE) - (continually changing mac address anonymization at changing times/mac addresses/hostname randomization: for defense against invasive wifi tracking)

How contact tracing is set to work via Bluetooth BLE 'rolling codes' and how a bad actor could potentially cross identify users

Your password can be as unique as a fingerprint- and when used as a datapoint can cross identify you w/other accounts (facebook got caught storing them plaintext). Also a simple trick on creating strong easy to remember passwords

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How to make a strong yet easy to remember password. Demo on strong vs weak passwords using John The Ripper password cracker. Also: how similar passwords can fingerprint you across different platforms/accounts.

Drone/video behavior analysis surveillance being installed across the world justified by the Covid19 Pandemic. Will it stop at "sneezes" & "coughs" or will all behavior be monitored in a Brave New 1984 World? Surveillance is always enhanced during major crisis. World leaders mention the need for "systems that end need for quarantine". Is this one of the systems they are talking about? Will it be used for all behavior analysis? Social Credit Scores coming? Biometric security monitoring installation vans being spotted at closed schools/buildings during quarantine...
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Privacy Lesson: demonstrating 3 hidden lines of code that could steal your private information! Just as the best way to understand security is to learn how it is broken, the best way to understand privacy is to learn how it is compromised;

Solution to prevent this example happening to you: maccleaner from

Introduction to using Maltego Opensource Intelligence Tool. With Maltego you can freely search various databases linking various connections between multiple parties of interest. For privacy concious, try investigating yourself!

How to use EtherApe to detect hidden network connections/relationships that may be hiding backdoors. EtherApe is a free sniffer application that visually maps out network connections.

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News reports suggest "possible state sponsored actors" gathered phone numbers/accounts associated w/those phone numbers taking advantage of twitter API allowing custom Android applications to access twitter information. My theory behind how it may have been done.

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Demonstrations/How to use noscript to block dangerous website trackers/scripts/objects; Here I demonstrate various ways to use it, it can even speed up page loading by 40%!

Anonsurf includes anonymizing features like Torifying all packets, turning off ipv6, dns OpenNIC, clearing DNS cache & more; I added systemd service option to constantly anonymize traffic & mac address anonymization: changing your computer hostname/mac address at continually changing randomized time w/continually changing randomized addresses to thwart modern day mac address beacon tracking that follows us everywhere; this video goes over the why & how to implement Anonsurf w/new features

IPv6 isn't just a new way to expand the number of addresses on the internet: it also provides more ways to fingerprint your identity adding new ways to find your mac address. At the center of identity tracking by advertisers, stores etc, is your mac address. Your MAC address gives away your identity & can be linked to facial recognition systems along with even your name as you give it to companies... more on beacon tracking inside

I wrote this mac address randomizer changing at continually randomized changing times at continually changing random addresses: why you should pay attention to mac address tracking- the beacons follow you everywhere & map your every step. Here is how you can prevent it w/my Linux script;

NOTE: something is wrong with the autoupload from Youtube so sorry for the delay I had not realized Bitchute was not working w/ this feature. I guess I will be uploading videos manually again.

Facebook has another problem: it is activating your phone camera when the app is open/scrolling your feed! This can be fixed immediately & I am happy to show you how

Quick demonstration how to use Parrot Linux's Anon Surf to route all internet traffic thru Tor and using OpenNIC to prevent ISP DNS spying/Censorship & preventing ISP DNS rerouting of your internet traffic. For a truly anonymous internet experience. Also: How to pick what country on Anon Surf

If you do not want your phone number getting out, use web browsers on laptop/tablet only for apps. Facebook/Social Media/Discord has been snagging your contacts & targeting phone numbers for targeted ads... Phones are privacy liability, always.

Trump admin has shown support for HARPA (Health Advanced Research Project Agency) which intends to use our smart watches/devices/homes to record our private conversations to determine who MAY show signs of emotional instability to determine who should lose their right to self defense. This is very disturbing! Without privacy there is no free speech/expression. Please Like, Share, Subscribe! This needs to be known.

In a response video I will be demonstrating how to remove internal microphone from your smart phone so you can decide when you want to record.

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20,000 Facebook employees potentially had access to hundreds of millions of facebook account passwords. These could be added to password cracking lists to uniquely identify all your accounts (like DNA) on the internet. Why did facebook not follow the most basic etiquitte? Why you need a password manager

Trump DOJ pick is demanding USA Corps code backdoors into all encryption to make policework easier- Mandatory Backdoors could DESTROY USA tech industry- China w/capitalize on it; 'Gorgon' Surveillance Balloons to now watch everyone in US cities 24/7 ...

Radar bodyscanners to be installed that function to search ALL people in schools, public buildings, concerts; This goes against Section 12 UN Human Right

Review of Parrot Linux OS: Highly secure Penetration Testing OS w/THE BEST PRIVACY PROTECTIONS available by default. We explore sandbox/privacy features, Anonymous Surfing, tracking blocking & MORE! ***NOTE*** I may enhance this video I just wanted to get it uploaded so sorry about lower volume on this one! Still getting all my studio setup on the new operating system!


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