I'm planning a project I've codenamed "Warp." I don't expect to finish it during Biden's administration (since I believe Biden is doomed to be a one-term president), but I have grand plans for this YouTube Poop. Expect it to be my biggest project ever.
Oh, and also I uploaded it on FreeSpire 7.10 on VirtualBox, so technically, I uploaded it on Linux.

Since I'm 20 years old now, this is my new logo.

I know that I didn't make this, but I HAD to upload this due to it being taken down by (((Warner Brothers))). Fucking (((Copyright))) demons...
(I mean no harm to anyone when I use triple parentheses, I usually use it to refer to known copyright abusers and their practices.)
If MeatCanyon wants this (((Taken Down))), I am happy to take it down on request.

The first in my series of Black Rifle Coffee ads, based off the classic Wilkins ads. If Black Rifle likes these enough, I think that they could actually get the rights to Wilkins and Wontkins and promote their coffee. I don't drink coffee, but I'd drink Black Rifle (or Wilkins) if I did.

Uploaded to celebrate my defeat in No Nut November

Also, I'm trying to intentionally make this a meme.

I survived a day, but ONLY because of sheer willpower.

I'm going to be doing these daily, and it's the perfect time to prepare for a move out of my current home because work on moving means less time to do the nasty.

I'm too lazy to put a description here

Stay tuned for the first Sins video in November

In honor of the Hong Kong Protests, I decided to cash in on the trend by what some would call "Virtue Signalling". On BitChute, I can post it much more easily because there's no fear of censorship.

This is an explanation of why there will be no videos for the next few days, because of N-Day.

NOTE: This is a PARODY of Y2J's Debut in the WWE, and thus counts under Fair Use.

This is the first Teaser of the very first YTrojan movie: N-Day, based on the annual Nationstates event of the same name. It'll be done with Worms Armageddon, and will use Project X for apocalyptic effect. Whether this is actually released is a question that will remain unanswered until the actual finishing of the project, but this is gonna be a BitChute Timed Exclusive due to its controversial content. Oh, and I had to upload this THRICE.

This is the first Bitchute Poop Man vs. Machine tennis, so stay tuned. Besides, I wanted something to post on BitChute.

And yes, I'm using the Biohazard logo I used to use before I switched to alt-media. It'll represent YTP+, for those who are wondering.

Uploading in loving memory of 8chan (2013-2019)

You've heard about sequels, prequels, threequels, and even squeakquels...but what about Peequels? Note that I coined "Peequel" to rhyme, and I would've otherwise called it "the Shit-quel". The special thing is that I didn't actually make it myself. Rather, I used YTP+, which is a YTP making AI Bot. Of course, the program says to "expect oddities". Obviously, this means that this peequel is worse than the first Nostalgia Pingas. However, it does have a unique charm to it. I plan to use YTP+ as a base to make YTPs, then use Vegas to finish them. Thus, consider this to be what a YTP would look like without my involvement (excluding me slapping my intro and ending onto the piece of shit).

The first video of a new era, this video is a YouTube Poop of GreenPsycho17. Obviously, my YTPs will get stranger and stranger over time. Until then, here's my thing. Please note that GreenPsycho17 is not gay, despite what the video tells you. He's not even happy, let alone homosexual.

New (Minderian) Look for the YTrojan Empire!


I tried to render this, but it got stuck at 74%. I had to kill the process, leaving the rest of the video unrendered (never recorded in the first place), and this video would've been longer if it hadn't been for that. Thus, I was left with nothing but an incomplete file. This is what was left.

Since Bitchute's main focus is on right-wing news shows, I decided to do my own right-wing news show. I used Muppet News Flash, and converted it into a VoxAdPocalypse video with one word replacement. Trust me, I'll probably do more of these. If this video doesn't get at least decently popular on a site like this, I'd be surprised.

Oh, and I had to re-render it TWICE because I made a mistake in rendering the first time. Curse you "render loop region only" option! As for the second re-render, I'd blame BitChute's uploader being picky and not liking my first re-render. I don't normally render MP4 files (all my videos have been .wmv since at least 2015, as it's easier on my PC), but I felt like it had to be done just to get it to work. That's also why the video is in a lower resolution than on other video platforms, because my PC is a mid-range piece of shit from 2014 that doesn't even have a proper graphics card.

This is an intro made specifically for shitposting, so that it'll be easier to tell shitpotsts from quality content. Note that this will appear no matter what the length of the shitpost is, and will be used instead of my normal intro, which will continue to be used for other content. This is exclusively for shitposting and Bitchute Poops.

In this Bitchute Poop, Wilkins from the old Wilkins Coffee commercials is a psychotic muderer who tortures Wontkins until his eventual death to a cannon. I know I "cancelled" BitChute Poop April 2019, but I wanted something to upload this month. It took me about one or two hours (not including rendering times) to make this, so I hope you enjoy it.

Goofs: The "BOOM" is still in widescreen, despite the video being 4:3.

I'm starting this early for you guys, just to let you know.

NOTE: When you see the YTrojan Logo as the thumbnail, it is a placeholder for another thumbnail. Also, I won't put my logo on videos shorter than a minute starting from now.

Yep, it's this thing. I had this on my hard drive, so I slapped it together with an intro and a crappy thumbnail to upload this trash to BitChute for all to see. I didn't have a Halloween Special to upload, so this appears to be all I had. Don't worry: AFOE returns soon!

This is my announcement to all viewers, and also features the YTrojan Empire logo (to be seen on all non-logo YTrojan Productions from this point onwards [alongside the YTrojan logo, of course.]).

No music, because I had to get it out of the way quickly.

Goofs: In the BitView version, the YTrojan Enterprises logo looks like a 16:9 video with yellow bars (at least they match the color of the rest of the logo).

Yeah, Austria-Hungary looks weird in this one (don't worry, the borders will improve later on in the story.). Anyways, it's FINALLY on BitChute .

3 days ago, TotalBiscuit has fallen to cancer. SJW's have been sh*tting on his grave, which is quite disrespectful. To remember him, I'll do a marathon called "TotalYTrojan". Basically, it'll be one game every day for 30 days. It'll run for the entire month of June, and the videos will be in the same order on all platforms. If TotalBiscuit were to watch me, I'd become famous. Alas, we won't know what'll happen to his channel. What I DO know is that if I ever get viewed by someone famous, TotalBiscuit (probably) won't be that viewer (unless someone has inherited the channel, which rarely happens.).


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