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URGENT! For everyone’s sake, share these videos amongst family and friends, since we are in grave danger, being subject to medical and social tyranny, which is striving to destroy humanity.

Forcing children to wear masks is a crime. The mental and physical health of more than 332 million children is being affected, as they are subjected to lockdown policies and absurd measures due to Covid-19. This constitutes a crime with very serious consequences, yet this information is not being covered by mainstream media due to censorship.

More than one third of young people have ‘lost hope’ about their future aspirations, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which is causing an upsurge in suicide among children and adolescents.

We, as citizens, have to take charge of our destiny and take the future into our hands by decisively and resolutely saying NO, as we engage in non-violent methods and take decisive action in order to force the State to stop this madness immediately. Anything to the contrary and we will be accomplices to the murder of our children’s souls! If we continue participating in these circumstances, we will no longer be human beings and become, instead, soulless transhuman machines, operated via remote control. Indeed, this situation is already underway – it is not a mere plan for the near future!

Please visit our channel Alcyon Pleiades, at the following address: to watch our videos on these subjects.

Doctors, health professionals and experts from around the planet have joined the World Doctors Alliance , whose objective is to awaken the population not only to the harmful measures employed by governments using the excuse of COVID19, but also to the censorship to which they are subject. The declarations of so many recognized scientists do not reach the people at large because of the bought-off main stream media.

In a public and independent hearing they demand an immediate end to lockdowns, and the extremely damaging health measures being employed and the reestablishment of a universal health initiative that considers the psychological and physical well-being of all.

There are safe and effective treatments and preventive treatments for covid-19, therefore, they ask for the immediate end of all confinement measures, social distancing, use of masks, tests on healthy individuals, immunity passports, the vaccination program, etc.

With more than one hundred thousand members, they denounce the unscientific and senseless policies being employed that violate our basic rights such as freedom of movement, freedom of expression and freedom of assembly. These draconian totalitarian measures must never be repeated. The ‘pandemic’ is basically over and has been since June 2020.

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Sonia Vescovacci, founder of the group ‘Police for Freedom’ shows great courage, as she renews the oath she made, as a member of the National Police Force, to serve and protect the people. In so doing, she speaks out against the lies, manipulation and incoherencies that have emerged during the Covid crisis… in addition to a worrisome decline of democracy and freedom.

Harmful and absurd health-measures with no scientific basis are being rolled out during the fake pandemic, leading us into a health-based dictatorship. It does not stop there, however. This dire situation is giving rise to a dictatorship that is economic, technological and social as well.

Have you asked yourselves who is benefitting from all this? Unreliable PCR tests can destroy our society’s safety and the same is true of the bribes and dubious funding offered to governments in exchange for lockdowns and toxic vaccines… She invites us to investigate further, as we become informed and start asking ourselves about these issues, amongst many others…

It is our duty to do the research and investigate. We cannot conform to the media’s narrative, which sows nothing but fear, nor can we accept the narrative of incompetent or complicit governments. We have to urgently re-establish the rule of law, the common good, justice and democracy, whilst barring those responsible from the game. Together, it is our duty to take a position and take action, as we forge a better society without conflicts or vested interests, where the common good prevails.

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Are vaccines safe? In the wake of a young student’s death after getting the AstraZeneca vaccine, renowned French surgeon Gerard Delepine clearly lays out the facts to a large audience during a French TV programme.

These new vaccines are experimental. They have not undergone safety trials for the amount of time required, in order for them to be used on humans. He also exposes that Covid is not being allowed to be treated with effective medicines that already exist. Why? Because what they are really interested in, is for the entire world to be vaccinated…

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Professionals throughout the world are striving to open our eyes by explaining the truth behind what is happening in the wake of the fake health crisis we are experiencing. Despite being renowned professionals in their respective fields, they are being censored on mainstream news and television, globally.

Many uncensored doctors, journalists, lawyers and writers are presenting public condemnatory criticism of medical agencies and governments that have managed the alleged pandemic and experimental vaccine, according to their own vested interests. These professionals are truly trying to raise public awareness because they know that media outlets are pitted against those working to disseminate the truth.

For the good of our civilisation and families, if we wish to safeguard our lives as human beings and to reclaim our jobs, we have no other option than to wake up to what those in power are doing and say, we’ve had enough! We do not wish to continue being lab rats subjected to medical tyranny and the experimental vaccine.

Let it be known that there are many of us and, together, we are powerful. We are not going to allow them to deceive us, nor will we succumb to the fear they want to impose upon us. We will no longer tolerate the illegal measures rolled out during the false health crisis that, in reality, does not exist. Indeed, their sole aim is to deprive us of our freedom and deny us the truth, under the guise of false security.

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Declarations of health professionals including prestigious and courageous doctors, scientists, virologists, biologists, psychiatrists, immunologists, microbiologists, geneticists, epidemiologists from around the world, who are some of the more than 100,000 experts, fearlessly expressing their medical opinion, to alert and warn us of the serious dangers of the experimental and ineffective vaccines being administered to the population.

These professionals provide scientific evidence of the deception and manipulation to which we are being subjected, as well as denouncing the disastrous handling of the health crisis, the environment of fear, the pressure and damage of the misnamed vaccines, all as a pretext to justify the deprivation of our liberties, as coronavirus is a chimerical and asymptomatic pathogen created by man to infect us with transgenic substances in a supposed vaccine that will change our DNA.

Resistance fighters who care about the defenceless and uninformed, but who do not appear in the mainstream media since they are censored at a global level.

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Thousands of citizens are demonstrating around the world against the restrictions imposed by governments in different countries.

If we really want to rescue our lives, our family and recover our jobs, we have no other option but to determinedly and courageously rise up against the absurd measures being applied, and protest against the world health militia and its experimental vaccines and the sham of a false pandemic that does not exist.

United in a single voice we should make it clear that we will not tolerate the injustices and despotism depriving us of freedom and truth.

A tide of planetary consciousness is spreading like a force of light. Let’s make it known that our existence is threatened, and we should aspire to regain the truth and freedom that has been unjustly taken from us.


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