Fake News or just a little retouching for convenience?

From : https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=R37MR116X6U8

And I guess copied from a Zakleo se Bumbar channel - I've no idea where.

BBC staging chemical attacks in Syria.
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Updated for the 21st Century

If you've never heard of IR, he is one of a group that successfully sued the American Federal Government for continued access to marijuana after positive results in a trial. When you know this, you might think it bizarre that the federal government claim marijuana has no medicinal value, whilst at the same time supplying it to this group of folk for their medical conditions.

Strangely absent from their online collection. Possibly available for a short time only..
Check out their other awesome work:

Tell me again about those climatic conditions?

Pilot admits they are a "necessary evil".
"Do you know what is a chemtrail?"

Pilot : "What?" (he heard..)

"A chemtrail"

Pilot : "I do know what a chemtrail is."

"Ja, and is it true?"

Pilot : "Well, there's a big debate. Are you filming me?" (Would have been obvious, no?)


Pilot : "I don't want to on record, (indeterminable)"

"OK, but do you believe it?

Pilot : "Well I don't have enough information for that"

"OK. Because I saw a lot a videos on the internet and it really looks believable."

Pilot "Well, it's arguable both ways I think. Depends which side you're on"

"Yeah, but what is your personal opinion of it?"

Pilot "I think there is part of truth"

"We should investigate this because when it's true imagine so many people they suffer from this"

Pilot : "IT'S A NECESSARY EVIL, (indeterminable)"

Terrible Tim at possibly his least terrible. Hunt him down and show him some love. Brotherman Bill on YT could do with a few more hits.

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All credits go to the video creator. Re-uploaded here due to mysteriously vanishing from the net.
Let's see how resilient BitChute is.



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