Well... the Incendiary ammo works well in the Act 3 finale... not so much when you've got nowhere to run but straight into the enemy fire.

Unfortunately, I was not able to complete Forest or Zancudo during the initial fortnight where these survival maps had double money. I've gotten to Wave 10 on Forest, but I just run out of armour and snacks, then have bad luck with enemies rushing me.

Zancudo... hopefully Rockstar nerf this in some manner, because there is no reason to make a survival mode with a fixed endpoint that inhumanely unforgiving... and I say that as someone whose done MGS2 on E-Extreme, got all the Platinums in CTRNF and both version of Crash 3... I'd have an easier time completing Doom 2016 on Ultra-Nightmare (1 life, restart the whole game if you die).

I have found a method that involves getting a crate from way, way, out of bounds into the arena and up against a particular crate to provide full 360 cover. But even then, I get annhilated though cover by Rhinos, and even then, the later rounds have Lazers that shoot lock-on missles at on-foot players...

Better yet, hopefully they'll allow us to use Ballistic Armour and Contact Abilities in the future...

I am not in danger... because I make sure to destroy those aircon units on the roof before we start and therefore, I AM The Danger.

I almost did this solo, but then I learned the hard way on Wave 10 that those can explode when you use them as cover and the enemies shoot them.

Really is a shame that The Lost get so much hassle in the GTA Universe nowadays. Ten years ago, we loved them. At least in the 3D universe it was a guaranteed mess between working for and against all the different factions and families.

This took the longest for me to pass Wave 10.. Funny thing is; I did originally start off with the stairs method. But then I switched to staying 100% outside, which just wasn't gonna work... and that's when I remembered a wonderful trick I use nowadays on the Doomsday Act 3 finale.

From now until middle of December I have a lot of Uni work to do. Given that it requires em sitting at a computer and it's stuff for my other channel, why not livestream it? I'm just testing a few a bunch of behind the scenes stuff to check it'll actually work when the time comes.

Sawmill... absolute definition of "bunkering down" in the last wave when you've got no teammates or armour.

Even though Boneyard is the easiest to win, even when solo, two of my favourite maps are in this one, Legion and Maze. Processed, as you see I get a bit trapped at the end.

Inspiration hit when I was uploading the AristoTwats, and I pulled this off in 4 days. You will never have this many YTP's in such a short span of time from me ever again.

#ytp #ytpdisney #thelionking

Classic gamemode, 10 Super Heavy Armour, Mk2 weapons, triple payout, co-op mode? You didn't think I'd pass up this up?

Now I hate the fact that the PC release alone got an option to skip right to the Boss fights of a chapter... primarily because of the second phase of Armstrongs fight in the base game. Would you believe it took me about 4 hours of repeating the last level to try and S Rank that fight because of the single checkpoint if you take damage that progresses the fight?

Anyway, every fight up until the Body Doubles is my first time playing this game properly in about 4 years. That combined with a little self imposed rule I do in general which means I don't use Ripper Mode before Chapter 4 left me feeling a little rusty. After a 2 week break I finished them off like no tomorrow except for Khamsin. Between Khamsin ND S Rank and simply beating the Metal Gear RAY's on EExtreme in MGS2... he's even worse because of how few frames you have to react to. Five hours it took me to zone myself into the mind of a machine that could beat him.


0:00 - Metal Gear RAY Phase 1
4:00 - Metal Gear RAY Phase 2
6:24 - Blade Wolf
8:12 - Hammerhead
9:52 - Mistral
15:34 - GRAD
16:43 - Monsoon
24:22 - Body Doubles
28:58 - Sundowner
32:05 - Jetstream Sam
35:28 - Metal Gear EXCELSUS
42:01 - Senator Armstrong
50:36 - Blade Wolf vs. Khamsin
55:30 - Jetstream Sam vs. Blade Wolf
57:26 - Jetstream Sam vs RAY
1:00:09 - Jetstream Sam vs. Senator Armstrong

They're a rotten crowd. You're worth the whole damn bunch put together.
0:05 Alter Bridge - Calm the Fire
2:00 CTR Nitro Fueled - Electron Avenue
2:32 The Joy of Painting Theme
4:33 Initial D - Gas Gas Gas
5:02 Train - Hey Soul Sister
5:39 Virtual Riot - Energy Drink
8:18 The USSR Anthem

Timestamps in pinned comment below.
All 14 Casino Work jobs, including the secret one with double money payouts.

These are... okay if they were to be doubled alongside CEO/VIP Work, as they'd act as a nice little time-filler to keep the money coming in. Kinda makes sense their payouts are significantly less than MC Contracts or VIP Work since even in populated lobbies, these DON'T give out a global signal to other players and at least 5 of them seem impossible to fail.

Ever since the original Heists back in 2015, I always hoped that "Heists 2" would have the Casino act as the next Pacific Standard... I was definitely when word was the focus would be on gambling, but then when the news broke there was a mini-story and other missions to go along with it, I got my hopes up. Aside from the horrible evil act of allowing certain regions to convert shark card money into chips, this update has been a great improvement from Arena War... then there's the dripfeed and any extra missions that COULD be added in.

Timestamps in Pinned Comment below.

Every single boss from the games Boss Mode plus the entire bike chase. Whilst this IS being played on a New Game+ file, the above rules are in place so that this video can be used as a boss guide for people looking to beat the game on European Extreme or the first time.

Starting Choice: I Like MGS3
Rules & Limitations:
- No using The Patriot
- No using the Ocelot Wins ending SAA.
- No using Camouflages earlier than they can be found on a first time playthrough, (this mainly applies to the Boss camos and the Sneaking Suit).
- Fighting The End at full health, not hurting him at all at the dock earlier to shorten his health bar.
#mgs #europeanextreme

Despite the fact we've been raiding his Showroom since July 2018 for cargo to store and sell via our Nightclub, he's still willing to employ us for a bit of Grand Theft Auto...

Timestamps in Pinned Comment below.

Every single boss from the games Boss Mode plus the second Tengu room, done in the main story since the Boss Mode doesn't allow European Extreme. And not to worry, I didn't play through the game twice to get all this footage, this is the beauty of saving before a boss fight at work here.
#mgs #europeanextreme

Warlord Boris addresses his newfound empire, laying out his goals of creating better value £3 Meal Deals.


With the Arena War circuit in ruin after potential investors saw it for the failure it was destined to be, this gifted the LS underworld an extra 7 months to push it to the limit and reach levels of wealth that makes the executives at Shark cry.

Now with more money than they know what to do with, what's a little high risk and no reward gonna hurt?

Hey! Remember this? And what an unpleasent surprise it was back in December 2018?

Custom headlights... that was the highlight of that update.


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