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As we can see here, poor Zeke has been being harassed all of his life. But now he has a fix for it!

Yes, sorry about the blog, but I felt it was necessary to explain why the quality in my videos might be reduced for a while.


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The Vietnam War was a time of great horror for many, and it wasn't really a worthwhile endeavor, anyways.

In there, we resorted to chemical warfare to defeat our opponents, such as Agent Orange. But what if I told you that there were other chemicals present besides that? Like, say, a zombie gas? And our government does not want you to know about it because it makes them look bad.


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Raphael was not a good kid growing up. Here, after detention with his teacher, he learned to behave himself better. And I hope that any bad seeds out there will, too.

This is my third attempt at narrating a story, and I think I have since toned down the volume of the music. Let me know if there is anything else I can improve on, please.

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