Demonstration of the gopher sphere using phetch and it's multi-media capabilities
on OpenBSD 7.2 using the GNOME desktop

A ride along with me as I piddle.
I go back to 1993 with this thing and it's ext2 filesystem.

A discussion about gpg and gopher and a program called phetch for the gopher

We need younger POTUS candidates

I found this on GAB and decided to FREEZE IT IN TIME. An obvious DEEP FAKE video made of Joseph Biden talking about Transgender Females.

Using the GNOME desktop on OpenBSD 7.2 is really GOOD!

Net Neutrality will never be observed thanks to cell phone companies and god damn GOOGLE ANDROID PHONES...

A test of the screen reader and screen recording on a Google Chromebook GO

The events which lead up to an actual overthrow of Democracy.

Follow along with the Squirrel humans, as I PIDDLE in Slackware 15 64 bit

Mazeppa loves you all!

Biden bowing out. Newsom as his replacement? Putin's nuclear threat.


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A former member of the Human Race who was abducted by aliens back in the 1960's and converted to a Squirrel and placed
in the magical forest in Eastern Oklahoma. Zen soon found a cell phone some girl dropped in the woods and has been on the internet since the late 80's. Zen_Floater is a native American yet his screen name is Zen_Floater2. The reason he's Zen_Floater2 instead of just
Zen_Floater is because he lost his Google password once so he had to create yet another identity. But, it's okay, Zen_Floater uses keepassx now so, he's okay. Zen is mainly into politics, FREE and Open Source operating systems and NUTS.