Part of the sickness of the generation of the 1960's was the certain knowledge you would be drafted. And your parents were all behind this idea, despite the fact you and your family had just attended two closed casket Army funerals of your cousins. I believe it was 1983 when I finally threw my VA pills in the toilet and finally walked away from the enforced slavery of this nation. Pauli here is a different kind of slave. She is a slave of faith, a slave of her religion, a slave of theism... A friend. A typical normal American person with a warm personality. Just as I was,,, before the Aliens converted me into a Squirrel and separated me from the human race. The human race which works on a principle of destroying human life. The more contact you have with the human race, the worse your chances will be for survival...

WhiteRabbitRadioTV This is yet another video which has been blocked by Youtube because it covers the ethics of the ISLAMIFICATION of Europe by the Jewish Oligarchy...

An Atheists teardown of theism.
Again, why do all theists attempt to force the masses to view individual religions in buckets - citing there are good jews and bad jews?
Jews are Jews, just like Catholics are Catholics,,, this is no GOOD and BAD to a religion, no differentiation....
To say there was good and bad would indicate you are an anti-semite. From an Atheists perspective, theists are like kids playing in the backyard, each wearing their own SUPER HERO'S costume, and there is no GOOD or BAD in doing that as it's all make believe play. That is until somebody get's killed.
It also troubles me hearing dozens of JEWS tell me they are trying to stop anti-semites, and in the SAME BREATH they give the anti-semites justification for their actions by pointing out that THEY BELIEVE there are these leftist type JEWS who aren't following the church. It's all insanity...

An Atheists conclusion of Jews, Muslims, and Christians...
What are these morons going on about?


Continuing to chase down Spectre and Meltodown, Intel, OpenBSD, and NetBSD and Linux.
I decided to talk about my logical solution/ or choice / to address this crisis in a video.
And we will see where this takes us next...

Doing a burn in test of the now fixed Lenova X1 laptop I bought last month.
I got my Rasberry Pi 3 b+ yesterday and I'm doing a burn in test on that before I still another OS.
I also am having troubles with a 13 year old storage device.

I've upgraded to OpenBSD 6.4 and I show the Gnome 3 desktop off, I talk about 64 bit time and what that means to you, and I introduce PLEDGE and show you some system log files where PLEDGE caught a major applications used by Linux, Windows, MacOSX, android and ios which was attempting to do wrong within the OpenBSD system and was shut down by PLEDGE -- multiple times sadly....


This is the second ever known desktop video produced 100% on an OpenBSD system.
i'm using OpenBSD 6.3 and Windowmaker and it proves Linux isn't the only game in town.

Again, we go over the Linus Torvalds thing.

You just have to watch to see what the Squirrel says.....


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