EXEGNU OS is a 64 or 32 bit Linux distro based off of Devuan and the Trinity Desktop TDS and is by default Libra Free of all Binary Blobs.

I think I need to adjust my audio a bit more. Tweak here and there but, overall it was a success ..

The upgrade worked perfectly. And then we played some video's of some bitchy people.


The gay one.

I ride along with Hard Bastard of the Hard News Network in a review of TYT


shoot the oligarchy idiots....

update FuguIta 202012091 to 202012241 using fiupdate. I also demonstrate using rsync to back up my Google Drive to an OpenBSD server.

FuguIta loads everything into system memory, even the home directories.
I set up the system to write the home directories to the local hard drive encrypted to save on system memory.
The home directories are mounted every boot this way.

Using FuguIta withing a Chromebook - Video 1 covers using the Linux Beta and QEMU to install a 32 bit version of FuguIta to a QEMU volume which was created inside the Linux container.

I address the 40 year projection for America.
I also address this recurring problem people have of repeating the PAST ERRORS of AMERiCA.
I address their obsession over Trump and a dead Republican party and the absolute need for America to have at least one more political party.


Chromebook OS 87 has arrived and I"m doing a review of Chromebook OS on a Google PIxel GO I7

A test of the desktop recording function while running QEMU

I made this video using what ever crap I could find in Googles ecosystem

ANTIFA: Everything You NEED to Know

TYT will not kick ANTIFA to the curb, stop the burnings, stop the muders, stop the killing of JEWS.

Cenk used the Musim Brotherhood to help with his campaign for U.S. Congress
Hard Bastard video:
Original Youtube source


TYT does video on how to make money by being paid by George Soros to do this damage to America.

Here, Cenk tells TYT audience that TYT supports ANTIFA. 2019
Antifa has since teamed up with BLM and is funded by 17 Jewish Oligarchs, including George Soros. 5 U.S. cities have had riots with buildings burned down by this combo.
Hundreds of Americans have been murdered. Thousands have been viciously beaten by this combo. While I don't endorse Proud Boys of Neo-Nazi's violence, they are not the ones causing the burning and murders now. People are abandoning Portland and Seattle and Minneapolis and Chicago and NYC in droves. Gun sales amongst Liberals skyrocketed to 7 year high's from Liberals buying guns and ammo in mass quantities. Governor Cuomo is sending police into NYC to arrest and harrass Jews like he was a member of the PROUD BOYS nor a NEO-NAZI.
TYT did a story about blacks killing Jews in NYC , I've covered this earlier -- Link follows.
As it turns out, the leader of the Proud Boys is BLACK. So, TYT keeps pushing this racism narrative which doesn't add up at all.
It doesn't appear to be racism driving this as much as it is right VS left at this point in time.

The "I was wrong video",,, when Cenk ends the video blaming Democrats again.
Considering how strange it was that Joe Biden suddenly leaped from 4th place to 1st place in the primaries,,, that Joe Biden didn't even campaign at all the last week of the run,, that Joe Biden put in 1/8th the effort in campaigning that Donald Trump did,,, and finally that Cenk made a video saying TYT endorses ANTIFA,, how much compassion does this video really give us from Cenk. Could it be the Jewish Oligarchy forced us to have Donald J. Trump again in payment for the U.S. Embassy move in Israel? Could it be that Cenk is taking money under the counter from this same Jewish Oligarchy and that TYT is merely a vehicle to tear down the Democratic party???

In this video,, TYT actually blames Obama for the Biden loss
TYT will stick with a party and a candidate like your oatmeal might stick to your ceiling


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