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Automation is inevitable in much of the industrial world. How we deal with this shift in our capitalist system though is up to us.

As Europe swelters under a heatwave showing no sign of relenting, spare a thought for those that will be most affected by global warming.

New research has come out suggesting that testosterone is the cause of our modern day spending habits. What’s going on there?

Millenials across the world are earning less than previous generations did… Except in one country! Their income is 13% higher and its all thanks to their gov't.

Women in Iran are putting on their dancing shoes in order to support Maedeh Hojabri, a young woman who was arrested for posting videos on Instagram of her dancing to... Wait for it, pop music.

If you love seafood... Be worried. Studies show we'll run out of saltwater fish by 2048. So if you love to eat fish, you'd better step up your environmentally-friendly game.

Rural Indian women are intentionally dehydrating themselves in 47 degree heat waves. Why? To avoid having to go pee outside, because for them that could mean getting raped.

There's people who break out of prison, and then there's people who FLY out of prison. These notorious criminals took to the skies. Escaping never looked so cool.

At the heart of every conflict, thousands of journalists risk their lives on a daily basis. Is their world getting more dangerous? Or can something else explain the rise in deaths?

Last year, 42 women in Uganda were kidnapped or murdered. And enough is enough! Ugandan women, along with the National Police, are protesting and pushing back against the establishment... And they're not backing down any time soon.

After a relentless search, a group of 12 boys and their football coach have been found in a Thai cave alive… But the question remains, how will they be saved?

If you’ve ever thought about drinking water straight from one of Europe’s many rivers or lakes, you may want to reconsider. According to a recent EEA report, most of these waterways fail water quality tests...

Danish doctors have made an “artificial ovary” from human eggs and tissue in a bid to help women who want to have children, but have undergone treatments that have ultimately left them infertile.

Research lab OpenAI has created artificial intelligence that is being prepped to compete in the ESL gaming competition in August. Would you take on a robot?

Following the global success of the #metoo hashtag, plantobefree.org launched a map that will (hopefully) revolutionize the way men and women view cities. How safe is yours?

In the run-up to the Mexican presidential elections, the country has witnessed the bloodiest period in 20 years as murder rates rocket. But who will be the next president to confront this issue?

Recep Tayyip Erdogan was elected as Turkey's president, ousting the Prime Minister and assuming total control. But Erdogan isn’t the only leader with extensive powers as it seems that autocratic leadership is trending around the globe.

Saudi Arabia has long been the only country to not allow women to drive. This all changed on June 24th. But how did we get here?

Palestinians on the Gaza border have come up with a new type of weapon that's crossing the lines between safe sex and warfare.

Every time Facebook seems to copy their competitors, they leave them in the dust. How does Zuckerberg next plan to expand his dominion over the internet? All hail our internet overlord, Zuckerberg!

What happens when a country starts banning some of the most used websites on the internet? Last year Turkey did and this is how the people have found a way around it.

How to tackle global warming? It's all in the details. So how much work do environmentally friendly menstrual pads need to do to soak up their current planetary damage?

Follow along as we explore the extraordinary lifetime of a plastic bag in the ocean and how it's hurting us all.

Statistics can be weird. Here's why a new study shows that women are proportionally more often victims of violence in Europe.

MPAs, marine protected areas, are a UN project to designate areas of ocean for protection. But we're not meeting our targets and the damage could be irrevocable.


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