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Held on the fourth Saturday or Sunday every September, this hopping event celebrates rabbits everywhere. Here are three fun rabbit facts that you may not know.

In the information age where the media is awash with accusations of ‘fake news’, most of the finest information sources, academic journals, are still behind paywalls. Meet the activists trying to change that.

Bee pollination is an essential part of the food chain for almost every land animal. While most of the world is allowing their bee population to dwindle, Amsterdam’s changing its tune.

A new study reveals how women are the key to a successful company in India. The 100 best companies in India have a high percentage of women working for them and it shows!

Ever wonder if your poop is worth more than a flush down the toilet? Well wonder no more! Here are a few ways poop is making the world a better place.

TUC is the union in the UK that is credited with the establishment of the 2 day weekend. What's next on their agenda?

What do you do when you come across racist, ignorant people? You send them back to the books and teach them some new lessons about tolerance.

Getting your daily walk or run in and taking care of the environment? Sound perfect!

The no-vax debate is heating up in Italy, but it's not just an Italian issue. There are anti-vaxers everywhere, even in the places you'd least expect.

One of the biggest research and advisory firm has identified 5 emerging technology trends that blur the lines between humans and machines. Let’s take a look at them.

El Niño is expected to grace us with its presence this winter, according to the World Meteorological Organization. A strong El Niño winter will impact the world's weather patterns... So get ready.

Is driving a thing of the past? It might be soon. Multiple taxi firms are working to abolish human driven cars, but they’ll have to deal with some bumps first.

As the Louvre Abu Dhabi delays the showing of a da Vinci masterpiece indefinitely, is a new art sale at Christie’s this November going to upstage Salvator Mundi’s astronomical going rate?

After decades of fighting, activists have finally swayed India’s Supreme Court to decriminalize gay sex. What’s next for the world’s largest democracy?

You wouldn't think that cycling would be such a high risk activity, but turns out it is... Especially if you're a male and over a certain age.

According to a new poll by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, being a woman around the world can be a dangerous thing.

Instagram has reportedly been testing a new feature that allows users to access groups of students belonging to the same university. But is it really what users want?

Not everyone is a fan of Salvini and his extreme anti-immigration policies. Here are three creative stands against him.

The future of energy is here and it’s rushing through the trees spinning all the windmills in sight.

A new study done in China has shown a direct correlation between smog and a reduction in people’s intelligence.

Period poverty is real and it's everywhere, even in the world's richest countries. But luckily there's countries like Scotland that are taking much needed steps to abolish it.

Here's two examples of US weapons being used by other countries. How responsible should a country be for their profit driven warfare?

Maduro’s latest desperate measure to save his country’s economy is one of the most drastic. Putting the currency into hyperinflation mode, he’s pegged the currency to the cryptocurrency Petro. But what does this mean?

A new study has shown how few Americans are learning a second language. But is that an issue? Surely Americans only need English.

China is rolling out its plans for automated agriculture. But what does this mean for farmers, and the rest of us non-robotic souls?


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