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We went out for a little Sunday Driving last weekend.
Did a little trail maintenance, dropped by the Cave to actually walk through
it this time, and went back to the Sugar Creek Vista in the sunshine.
What a difference sunshine makes! We were actually able to see the view from
the vista. We also ran down the road past the vista towards Bard Springs and
Winding Stairs. That was a new area for me.

The trees are leafing out and the woods are coming alive for Spring. It's
a great time to get out!

See you on the trails...

Melissa's brother took some time off work and came to Mena for a visit
and get some wind therapy. The three of us haven't ridden together in years
and it sure was nice to get out and get some wind therapy. We were able to show
him some roads he hadn't been on before and got him out on the bike again. It
has been a while. It sure ws nice to ride again together.

Oh, did you see the most excellent hoody he was wearing? LOL

We just came off of a week of rain! It seemed like it would never end.
And we have another week of rain forecasted to start in a couple of days. So, I had
to get out today and get in some more flight time. This is my 4th solo and I just did some
flying around the area to get my muscle memory back with the plane. I did, however, get one
of my best landings so far ... a squeaker on the center line! I am pretty happy with the
landing. I now need to start knocking out my solo requirements so I can stay on track for the check ride.
I intend to be a certified Private Pilot this year... Hopefully the rain will stop soon!!

We have had a lot of stress throughout 2020 and hasn't let up much yet.
So I had to get out on the bike today and ride in the sun. I had no
particular destination except to the freedom of the ride.... So I
just rolled the wrist and headed up the nearest mountain.

It felt so good!

I hope you can find your freedom as well.

Today the weather was perfect and we took another ride on the county roads.
We had a group of campers with us and had us a convoy up to B Mountain and Eagle Mountain.
I had not been to either of these locations, so I was looking forward to it.
We actually only had one U-Turn this trip. LOL Maybe we are starting to learn our way around.

Steve lead this trip and did a great job. We had about 7 buggies on this adventure. That's a pretty big group!
One of the group is also a YouTube creator and he gets a shout out in the video. Gotta support other creators.

The 2021 ATV/Camping season is starting in Mena. The trails at Wolf Pen Gap open on 3/5/2021.
We ran out today to see what we can see and getting ready for the season.

It was a little rainy....

I have been stressing out a lot lately worry about all of the information
I need to know, or more importantly the information I'll forget or can't
seem to retain. So I wasn't having a lot of fun. But I want to keep going on the lessons.
Today, we were able to have fun with the lesson. I got to fly the river.

Yesterday I was able to get in another flight lesson. Just as the one
previously I practiced slow flight, stalls, and this time got to participate
in a landing. Big Day!

ROM VL#36 Wild Blue Yonder

From as far back as I can remember I have been fascinated with airplanes.
I wanted to be a fighter pilot. Well, about 50 years later I am learning to fly.
I am not a fighter pilot, but am still excited to become a Private Pilot.
I may even be able to make this a third career, but for now just want to have fun.
There is a lot to learn and I am really trying to get the ol' brain used to
working that hard again. So much to learn!

The video was going to be more involved, but the GoPro batteries we not
charged. So..... next time I'll get some cockpit footage. Maybe I'll have some stalls,
slips, and steep angle turns. to show you.

ROM VL#35 A Short Walk

With the holidays, weather, work, etc. I haven't been posting a lot lately.
So today I thought we could show a short walk along the Cossatot River Trail.
We needed to get out of the house today, as winter is quickly moving in for
the year. We still need to get out and about. Winter usually means a lot of rainy, cold, overcast days.
Not great riding weather. We will get some nice days in the next few months and
will get in some more rides to share with you.

ROM VL#34 Morning Stroll

It's nice to get out and take a stroll in the morning to start your day off right. We also
have an 80 lb puppy that can get a little annoying if he doesn't get his morning exercise.
Believe me... it's so much better the rest of the day if Max gets his daily hike. LOL

So this morning we took a little stroll up Rich Mountain Trail towards Queen Wilhelmina Lodge.
It was a gorgeous day and was actually colder in town than at the top of the mountain. That was
not what we expected. But the sun was shining and we all got some exercise in one of the most
beautiful places on earth (I might be a little biased).

We went from the Eagleton Vista to just above the Grand View Vista. If you are driving along
the Talimena Scenic Drive you will recognize the Grand View Vista by the big rocks across
from the parking area on the North side of the road. Unfortunately the rocks have a lot of
graffitti on them as well. I have never understood why people think it is necessary to deface
ANYTHING with spray paint. However, it's still a nice vista with a fantastic view of the valley
to the South.

I hope you enjoy the view.

This initial video was really grainy. I re-loaded it in 1080p for better viewing.

Well we got through the lousy weather last week and ended up with a gorgeous weekend
this week. Both Saturday and Sunday were bright sunshine, the trees are in full color and
the riding was great! There were a lot of visitors this weekend to see the colors all around
the area. We got caught in a few 'convoys' and many of the vistas were full of cars and cameras were everywhere...
It was all good. Driving slower just gave us more chance to see all the colors. With the sunshine, colors, mild
weather everyone seemed to be in a happy and peaceful mood. It was great to see that, because 2020 has been
a weird year! Everyone could really use some peace and happiness...

I hope you enjoy the colors in this video. If you hurry, you can still catch it yourself.

The fall colors have started in earnest around here. This ride last Saturday
(10/17/2020) is just the start of the colors really starting to burst out.
I think between now and the end of October it's really going to get even better.
The hills will be bursting in color. We'll be riding some more before all of the
leaves drop and hopefully this time we can get some drone footage so
you can really see the colors.

I hope you enjoy the video.

ROM VL#31 Rune Stone Park

This is a quick run to the Rune Store Park in Heavener Oklahoma.
It's an easy ride of about 75.5 miles from Mena to the park.
We started out trying to vary the route to include highway one,
but got caught in really thick clouds and had to revert to the original
track to the park. I have uploaded the route to the Rune Stone Park to
the files tab of my website,

I hope you enjoy the video.

This is a quick video on Highway 7. I call this part 'Upper 7'.
It is a section of highway 7 between Jasper and Dardanell.
We don't ride this section as often because it can be a full day ride from Mena.
There are a lot of sweepers on this run and some fantastic views
of the 'Arkansas Grand Canyon'.

All music in the video is royalty free.
. Rising Eagle
. Foot Tapper
. Train Unstoppable

ROM VL#29 THe Alum Cove Natural Bridge

Today was a ride to an amazing natural formation near Deer Arkansas.
This is the Alum Cove Natural Bridge. It's an amazing natural formation
that, to me, looks almost like it was man made. The way the rock has
sheered formed almost straight lines. It is awesome.

The route we took has been posted to my site The route
takes you through the Pig Trail, Alum Natural Bridge, and Mount Magazine.
With a slight detour north from the bridge up Highway 7 towards Jasper you
can have lunch at the Cliff House. That's what we did. Then enjoy the rest
of the route back to Mena via Mount Magazine. It is a full day ride at 376 miles,
so make sure to leave early and allow plenty of time to explore the bridge.

ROM VL#28 Ride the Dragon

This ride is on the Arkansas Dragon which is highway 123 near Jasper Arkansas.
This is one fun stretch of road, if you like curves. I DO!
I cut many curves out of the video to save time. They were curves above 30 MPH
ratings, so no biggie!

I always say I am goign to count the curves so I can opass along that statistic.
So far I can only get to '2' before I am having too much fun and I forget. There
is a lot of fun in those curves!

All of the music in this video is royalty free and comes with my editing software.

They are listed below:

. Faster and Faster
. Over the edge
. Push
, Electro Come Again
. Warming Up
. Die Hard
. Speed
. Action

VL# 27 The Dragon is Near

This is a quick video outlining the upcoming Dragon ride. This ride will be on
the "Arkansas Dragon" or also know as the "Jasper Dragon". This route
will be posted on the Ride on Mena site after the ride for those that are interested.

Our Police, Fire and Rescue, Ambulance Crews, Paramaedics, ALL First Responders
are very important to us and deserve our support. Many of ours are volunteers that dedicate
a lot of time and effort and risk their lives to keep us safe.

This parade is for them...

On my "Wolf Pen Gap" Video I mentioned that we got lost trying to find "the cave".
On that video I said I would find it and show you how to get there. This is that video.
We actually found the cave and what is even more amazing, we didn't get lost.
The last few outings we spent 1/2 of the day lost trying to find our way back.
It was really nice to not get lost. It's like we are actually learning our way around. (That Jinxed it!)

I hope you enjoy the video.

This ride occurred on July 4th 2020. We had some of our riding buddies
from Dallas come up and join us for the ride. It was great to ride with them again!
We ran the Mount Magazine route and had a nice ride. We ran the gambit on the weather
with clouds, rain, steam, and muggy heat. Almost like riding through the seasons...
And on the way out the next day we rode in thge clouds.\

The music in the video was all sourced from Pentium Ultimate 23 and is listed below.

Over the Edge

ROM VL#23 Riding the Clouds

On July 4th 2020 we went on a ride with some of our riding buddies from Texas.
We went on many rides with them when we lived in the DFW area. It was really great
to ride with them again!

This video is actually from the next day, July 5th. It will take me a while to get the
July 4th video ready. It's a lot of data to go through. I will get it out as soon as I can.
I rode with them to the Oklahoma State line on Talemina Scenic Byway (HWY 88 and Hwy 1)
as they headed home. On the way back to Mena I thought it would be cool to show you how
we were riding in the clouds.
Pretty awesome!

The music in the video was all sourced from the music supplied wih the editing software
(Pentium Ultimate 23). The titles are listed below.

Must Push Harder
Test the Limits
Competitive Spirit
Through The Speed Barrier
Cross Country

I hope you enjoy the ride through the clouds...

ROM VL#22 Li'l MO Falls

This is a park with trail that encompass the Little Missouri river.
At this park is a multi-level water fall named "Li'l MO Falls".
The actual park area where you can picnic and park your car was closed today (6/15/2020).
I am not sure if it's a funding issue or the virus scare, but you can still
get into the trails and the falls, but will have to park your vehicle up the road.
Hopefully the parking areas will open soon as it is much more convenient
to be able to park down by the falls.

We went on a quick hike to see the area and give Max a work out. This area does require an
investment in time. The journey to the area is about 22 miles down Highway 8 heading east
and then take a right at the Caney Creek Wildlife Management area then drive a little over 5 miles to the park.
It can take almost an hour to get there, so set aside some time to be able to enjoy it.

This is just a short video to give you an idea of the area. The entire trail is over ten miles, but
the falls are right at the start of the trails (near the parking area), so it's a short walk to the falls.
The video quality is a little off. I didn't think about creating a video until we arrived at the area.
So, we just grabbed our phones and "winged it". But I think it will still give you an idea of what
the area is like.

The river and the falls are very rocky and can be a little tricky walking. Please make sure to wear
something suitable on your feet. Flip-flops or something similar could really cause an injury. Just sayin'.

ROM VL#21 Wolf Pen Gap

This is a group of trails just outside Mena that is very fun to ride if you like 4-wheeling.
If you like 4 wheel drive side-by-sides, 4-wheelers, dirt, trees, creeks and the outdoors you will have
fun at Wolf Pen Gap. It's very easy to reach down Highway 375 (West, South, East trail heads) or down
highway 8 for the North trail head. It is surrounded by many camp grounds or if you prefer a hotel,
it's close to town. There are some ATV rental places in the area as well.

The trails can be very tight, a little rough and some of them fairly challenging. It provides some
interesting terrain to test out your vehicle. There are approximately 35 miles of loop trails in the complex.

It can get hot out there so bring drinks, snacks, and a bandanna
to cover your nose and mouth because it does get dusty. We forgot ours and we ended up breathing in a lot of dust.
If you stay on the trails the dust is not bad at all. You aren't going fast enough to raise a lot of dust.
It's the county roads linking some areas of the trails that can get very dusty.

This is another short run which goes South East and inlcudes Lake Greeson.
Lake Greeson (

The run is 130 Miles and a about 3 hours total (at posted Highway speeds) ;-).
It also runs through Norman, Caddo Gap, Glenwood, Kirby, Daisy, Langley, Vandervoort, Cove and Hatfield.
There are some other towns in there as well, I did not list all of them.

CAUTION: At the time of this ride (Sunday, 5/31/2020) Highway 246 is showing some very rough conditions.
There is a lot of active logging going on and the west bound lane (the one we rode back) has a lot of
pot holes, lane destruction, etc. I think with all the rain and the activity of the ogging trucks, a lot of the outside
track is broken up. If you ride it within the next few weeks keep your track more to the center line.

For this video I went a little Jazzy. The music on the video is all jazz. I kinda like it!
All of the Music came with Pentium Studio 23 Ultimate (the video editing software I use) and is listed below.
Jazz/Blues - "Foot Tapper"
Jazz/Blues - "Loud and Proud"
Jazz/Blues - "Night People"
Jazz/Blues - "Rising Eagle"

I apologize for the volume on my voice-over audio. It comes in at a really low volume. I can't seem to get it correct.
I am blaming the microphone... :-)
I have a better quality one on the way so hopefully my voice-over audio will be much better in the future.


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