It was originally on Youtube until it was removed for some reason. I found this on Facebook so I thought someone would love to see this where Youtube has removed it.

This was made as a rebuttal to Nostalgia Critic's review to the movie. I feel that if a movie was about dreams,I imagine some surreal imagery would be used to depict what kind of movie you would be watching which I got some scenes to match the feel of how it was going to be.

Here are 2 of the intros no one knows of this show.

In honor of DynaZenon's entry,I decided to pick out the American Adaptation of Gridman - SSSS's intros. The first was from ep. 1 - 39 feat. Amp who was the funny guy. Then Season 2 which was from ep. 40 - 53 had Rembrandt as Lucky since the actor who played Amp from what I heard hated his time in SSSS.

It's a real funny world we live in but I hope to let this knowledge be rung and heard.

This is a cross-mix between Nihoggr's Drum remix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4yKdMdXu6s&t=0s and ChiloteFlaite's Guitar remix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPfZ2bg-Ocg&t=0s

of the best song in Street Fighter EX 2 Plus - Digital Ignition.

Go check out the videos as mentioned above and see what I mean. It's great!

Well,31st January is the birthday of Rachael from Martial Champions by Konami. It's a special occasion for the action girl not talked about much. Let's hear it then!

The song - Kanako Wada's Tanjoubi wa Minus 1

Source: https://youtu.be/73wehoYnvmQ?t=206

Reeaaaaally reaching out for some content now. XD Here's a rendition of Rock the Dragon in Pen Midi form.

MP3 download: https://soundcloud.com/mood-zak-wins/dbz-pen-can-be-used-as-a


What if Transformers the Rebirth was anime-d in its final episodes?

That would be quite the intriguing view.

Opening to the Russian Treasure Planet movie and yeah...it's a trip.

Here's a game which is Christmas related though it came from a console that sucks. Phillips CD-I,anyone?

I know 'Journey to Silius' on NES is riddled with the infamous Terminator license hell it got and we basically got its shit turd cousin from a broke-ass MINDSCAPE instead but I still consider JTS as one of those movie based games you gotta own.

I often wonder where that other game before they finalized it into something else went. The beta I mean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBpJB2NmUOg

Still,here's another video I imagine if Gary Goddard and Landmark Group went to approach Sunsoft if they want to keep Captain Power alive after the first Season. It does fit the game,just replaced the title and intro dialogue and we're set. Even raf world had a sprite in power armor,you can't go wrong with it.

It's a thing but a re-shade of the clip from ep. 17 of Machine Robo Battlehackers.

Originally uploaded by Setrone Entertainment on Youtube,uploaded here just in case something goes south with Youtube.

Check out these guys please since they are really entertaining with their Power Rangers toy videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceysafJDOCs

Dedicated to an amazing fan from my fan group for Captain Power fans right here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/captainpowerfangroup/

Shameless plug. Check it out.

So I saw a video of Captain Power: Lord Dread Strikes Back (Skill Level 4) video on Youtube and decided to try out my own homebrew version of a VHS game: https://youtu.be/WQg-JaVCVgQ

This is based on the Video Challenger VHS version of Road Blaster seen on Youtube and not the Laserdisc Arcade game itself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoG5U-eSmeA&t=53s

You can see why this version is vastly different from the original arcade game but without the interactivity. I decided to HD it up a bit.

FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/captainpowerfangroup/

This is for the Captain Power Future Force Fan Group on Facebook. Happy Halloween!

Download link right here: https://mega.nz/file/jV4hBCQZ#9DBkMxJD4Z43c83gD9p3tMAEyPBr-OTN1SuzNlQTm1s

Audio taken from Sonic the Ghetto-Hog.

It's basically what if Exkaiser was in an SRW game and R.Jettan from Machine Robo Battlehackers calls in one of the worst timings possible.

And now,here's a haul I know Imma get killed for but its worth it. Here's the soundtrack to Machine Robo Battlehackers. OST...it'll be coming soon.

I REALLY shoulda gotten the HQ ver. of this when I got the chance but like the toys itself,getting it is rare.

Though I managed to get info that these BH toys didn't sell well. Hopefully,there's a warehouse filled with these guys scattered around...maybe. I dunno. Hopefully it's like the Action 52 incident but better since this wasn't a bad toyline and show tbh.

Just a little animation WIP I've been working on since last year

Watched brutalmoose's review of Africa Trail a week ago and decided to make this intro Mo-Graph style.

This toy commercial includes a prologue and the whole story of Machine Robo 600 where the Machine Robo's planet of Romulus got destroyed by Devil Invaders and so the fight will take to Earth,making a whole new battle in order to protect the humans,nature and the future (the children) of the new world.

They must need every ounce of strength needed in order to defeat their enemies and this is where Machine Puzzler comes in.

Another Captain Power VHS Video Game Trilogy OST upload.

This time,requested by Jamin Hillwig on the Captain Power Fan Group on Facebook.

Here's the download link,filled with the MP3 provided: https://mega.nz/file/OJY21azS#2r2T6UVo7dIhvPp1Fy8XAJLxIsAyZWl6au1JD-95IUA

The alternate titles I can think of: XT-7 Jet leaving the Powerbase
Powerbase departure
Hyperdrive commence

This track and the rest of the OST for the VHS Video Games done by Kenji Kawai himself who is also the Ghost in the Shell 95' film composer as well as Kamen Rider Build's composer.

A short preview of what the Xavix-made Bandai collab TV Play console game - Gekiranger was about. It's all about 3D Motion fighting like DBZ Kinect but better.

An idea brought up by MrJackal95 on Youtube so many years ago. I decided to give it the Japanese flavor like how the X-men japanese dub was given. This is Jadoes' 1-2-3 Fight! which does fit the ever-wise cracking Spiderman's chill nature at times but also his determination to set things right where it was wronged!


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