Amateurish Title screen demo done way back in 2016 - 2018 by me when TF Machinima cartoons was still running.

The Battle Team known as the Wheelmen first appeared in Revenge of Cronos with members - F-1 Jack and Hot Rod Joe helping out Rom Stol,Pro Truck Racer and Rod Drill on a mission.

When Battlehackers came around,they added Drag Sam (Drug Sam in Japanese pronunciation) and Buggy Wolf to make the Teenage Robo Ninja Wheelmen and later on in the show,Rotary Kidd and Twin Cammy Jimmy joins the ranks.

Not to worry,this episode is basically a clipshow just like ep. 18 and fortunately,unlike TF Victory,this show only got 2 clip shows so everything else can breeze easy.

This is about R.Jettan and his amazing feats throughout the show.

One of the differences between the DVD version and this is that this one has the eyecatches and also the opening has quite a bunch of anomalies which was corrected in the DVD version kinda like Southern Cross. I'm beginning to wonder if this anime has a trouble schedule at the time.

A personal project I made which featured an eyecatch of Umi Ryuuzaki. I love this girl sooo much! ^_^

Yeah,the whole eyecatch is dedicated to the show and manga.

Leader of the Battle Hackers. A Quad-changer that allows him to transform from Jet to tank to Robo-jet/Gerwalk and Robot and back again. He is the ultimate fighting machine made to combat Gurendos and other enemy forces. Protection for Electronic Planet B-1 and the universe assured.

Another fan animation I made. This time - La Seine No Hoshi in the night.

An edit of how I see the Streets o' Rage 3 ending in honor of Streets of Rage 4.

This video was meant as a tribute to MrJackal95's video of what and how Spiderman the 90's cartoon would've been like if it were dubbed into Japanese which unfortunately,never did but X-men did.

Originally on Youtube that is. Check out MrJackal95's video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQNyYvT_qU8

Originally a video by upaupa86 on Youtube but since Youtube is certainly getting wonky these days,I decided to upload them here for education purposes.

Unlike the original 3 episode OVA as well as its contemporary audio dramas which none has ever seen the light of translating day,this game is an original story which...I dunno where this takes place even.

It plays like Snatcher by Konami if you know that game. Also,nudity in some parts. ;)

I always liked Jubilee..ok,she's my fave X-men girl and seeing this brings back a load of memories.

An idea I have since I finished watching Leina Stol Wolf Sword Legend Ep. 3 and Battlehackers where B-1 was already saved by the Battlehackers according to Leina Stol Wolf Sword Legend Ep. 2 and that Rom Stol and Baikanfu are dead since Gadess has killed him in the last ep of Leina Stol's series.

With that,Leina Stol has become the new Wolf Sword user and since B-1 was originally made by humans,the Devil Invaders are now attempting to take over the universe. Now,their benefactors - The Devil Birds will arrive to destroy everything. What will happen next?

Footage used: Battlehackers opening
Chouja Raideen Opening 2
Tekkaman Blade Opening 1

Made way back in 2017's ending months,this was to practice a little typography. I used Shin Cutey Honey's 2nd ending creditless with Atlantic Starr's Lovin' you all over again.

It's a cool song and I thought this alongside Cutey Honey would be a perfect fit.

The Triple changer commercial. Mostly about Mach Blaster who would have been the reincarnation of Triple Jim if the DVDs of Battlehackers stated that Akira Amachi was Rom Stol and Patricia Longfellow was Leina Stol.

Still,Mach Blaster is pretty cool and Koichi Yamadera voices Drill Crusher. That's awesome since he is the narrator of Kamen Rider 01 now.

Turns out that the previous cutscene belonged to an untouched piece of Silent Mobius media called Alice Ridell on the PC. I would say it's a digital motion picture on your PC. Fascinating stuff. If you wanna know more about it,check it here: http://www.kyuubi.com/ridell.html

Yeah,for the Playstation where you play characters from Tatsunoko's history and a new character by the name of Denkou Sekka Volter.

This is a nice ending theme too btw for the ladies. ;)

I dunno where I got this from but seeing Katsumi and Kiddy in classic costumes is just amazing.

Now we're heading for the final part of this entire collection and just like Megaman X Legacy Collection 2,it's filed with so-so games and I tried to limit the terrible ones.

This is where things get interesting. Mystic Force was originally gonna have a PS2 and even a GBA game but the plan basically switched it into being 'Power Rangers Super Legends' a so-so anniversary game by Disney Game Studios. So I found a Mystic Force game using a Java engine and was made for phones which is interesting,making it the only Power Rangers phone game on this list. Why not? Kung Fury was an IOS game which was released on multiple platforms.

So we cut to some interesting deals. PR Super Legends which would be the last PR game for a while till Samurai comes along (Super Samurai not included since..motion games are usually not well received by the gaming community. Dragonball Kinect,anyone?) and we get Megaforce and it's super sequel. Ugh. And now for something interesting,I'd imagine if this was a bonus,both Jetman and Zyuranger for Famicom would be bonus games added in for the helluva it. It will be nice.

A video that was originally on Youtube but edited to have my music of choice. Enjoy a chinese dancer by the name of Momo dance to music you might know.

The second part of this hypothetical Power Rangers video game collection that rounds off the good games from the Zordon era till Super Megaforce.

Here,it's LightSpeed Rescue till SPD.

Something that was inspired by the Sonic Mega Collection. I ask myself 'What if Power Rangers had a collection of their games all rolled into one?' There are tons of Power Rangers video games but I'll be narrowing down to the best and decent games and no problem,there won't be any N64 Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue nor the godawful Power Rangers Zeo vs the Machine Empire for PC.

This is to showcase the best that can be played on any console.

An idea I have when the TF Machinima piece of shit trifecta cartoons were up. They look more like video game cutscenes than anything else so I took advantage of that and strung up a bunch of videos to make this concept.

Now this is a video I dubbed what if Golion or Voltron woulda have been had it got Transformers Victory styled art and animation since I'm freakin' loving Transformers Victory.

An edit of a super attack found in the anime Machine Robo Battlehackers that I put together in After Effects.


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