It's Left Wing Jewish money - vs - Right Wing Jewish Money!
Either way its going to be a great day for the old Jewish banking cartels who quite clearly control BOTH the Democrats and the Republicans.

This video explains how the Jewish banking mafia completely took over the institutions of the US government, media, military and now medicine.

By appealing to to the natural greed of politicians with messages of patriotism and security for America yet nesting within the policies that the Jews implement for the government they have infiltrated, a purely Jewish supremacist agenda masquerading as a agenda that supports the host nation they are able to enlist the entire infrastructure of power for their own secret agenda at the expense of the host nation they are parasitizing.

This one is weird

Stop calling these morons left liberals. They are more like jackbooted authoritarian thugs with LGBTQ window dressing than anything remotely resembling a person with true liberal values.

They cheer on war, surveillance state, big business and big pharma. These people will cheer on whoever the shadow banking cartels through their networks tell them to cheer on. Otherwise, they're told, they're not a good person.

They foolishly lined up for their poison shots because they were told that their value as person was determined by how slavishly they did what Pfizer (the most corrupt company in human history) told them was "the science" and now they will a lifetime of serious health issues to show for trusting that "science."

The Blue Check scumbags are out in full force trying to do damage control, gas-lighting and every shameless lie they can think of to cover up what appears to be growing evidence that the so called "Right Wing" attack to kill Nancy Pelosi was actually an argument between Pelosi's Husband's Male Prostitute and Pelosi's husband who has a fetish for young gay male prostitutes and spends the money that the Pelosis steal from our future to pay for it all.

You won't find this story mentioned on the JEW media, just the coverup. Another reason to dump the lying jews.

The Dirty Bomb is a Jewish Land Grab

Geo-Strategic Realpolitik Intelligence Series for Military, Intelligence, investigators and Journalists.
This is the big picture on one important aspect of the coming Jewish dirty bomb attacks on a US city and Ukraine.

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Comparing herself to Jesus Christ this Jewish grifter Laura Loomer had deep pocketed zionist scumbags fill her campaign war chest and even duped elderly retirees of the largest retirement community in Florida into giving her what little money they have. Imagine a slimy Jewish con artist grifting elderly christians out of their money. It was a disgusting spectacle to behold. This video puts this fucker under a microscope to show how the grift works and how dangerous the unprincipled scumbags and their so called christian zionist supporters are.

Tomorrow is the big day for the most repulsive grifter scumbag we have seen on the political landscape in years. No question about it American politicians are the scum of the earth but Laura Loomer is the dictionary definition of low life, unprincipled, charlatan, grifter scum.

Tomorrow is the primary in district 11 on Florida. If she wins tens of thousands of elderly retirees' lives are in danger. No question about it that our families or children and elderly are under attack by a sinister covert Jewish plan to poison us, and steal every nickel we have. Do everything you can to warn the people of Florida district 11 of the danger they face if this jewish scumbag gets power over their lives.

Since the Jewish groups like the ADL control most internet social networks you can only download this video and repost it but do not link to it because all links to Harry Vox videos are blocked by the Jews who do not want the truth getting out about what they are up to. The downloadable original can be found at my odysee channel for twitter and telegram uploads and other Jew networks like farcebook and Jewtube. Do everything you can to disrupt this scumbag. Good luck.

Downloadable version here: https://odysee.com/@Harry-Vox:d/LAURA-LOOMER-UGLY:2

The Jewish Intelligence operations have secretly done a deal with the Chinese to be brokers and toll both attendants on the massive Chinese Belt and Road trade infrastructure which will more profitable to Jewish interests than business with the United States which they have already sucked dry.

The Trillion Dollar "CARBON GRIFT" Explained. Having sucked all the value from the Jewish fiat currencies of Europe and North America and not much left to steal from these societies because they have already stolen most of the equities markets, commercial real estate, and bonds, the Jewish banking Mafia has decided to shift to the carbon grift as their next trick to rip off trillions of dollars from their new "carbon, tracking, trading and fees".

Its all about the trillions of dollars of fees that the Jewish cartels can extract from western societies and at the same time - the same system that is used to track the carbon of every single human being will be the very same system that surveils them and ultimately restricts their movements.

The Billionaires will not be effected by the coming carbon prison that the bankers are building, just the poor and middle class. This was the design from the beginning. The Jewish mafia can use anything they want to rip us off, steal our money and dignity and kill us if they choose - they can make fake terrorism and do it that way, they can start wars and do it that way, they can release dangerous pathogens and do it that way. But its a two thousand year Jewish hatred of goyim which is behind all of these calamities.

Jews are the driving force behind the transgendermania being aggressively promoted to the young in the West. The goal - the breakdown of the family and the supremacy of the Jewish people to replace American hegemony.

The Auschwitz Immersive Experience - Coming to a City Near You

Meet Frank, frank is an organic food profiteer. He is not alone, the news is full of reports of scammers riding the organic food gravy train while delivering dangerous toxic foods.

It is becoming more difficult to assure that your food are safe. Certainly the "FDA Certified" label is likely to be as reliable as everything else from the Jewish grifters who took over the FDA decades ago and have controlled it since. Local farmer's markets with relationships with growers is better and growing your own will ultimately be your only guarantee that the covert Jewish network that have a massive operation in place to insert poisons into our foods don't kill you and your family.

The low life Christian Zionist scumbags are rallying around their new cause - Laura Loomer.
The liberal Jew money can't even stand that scumbag. Its Right Wing Jew money and the fucking Christian Zionist scum who are pulling this shit us all. To harm our people and bring suffering to our children and elderly. The Christian Zionists are a worse enemy than the Jew bankers because they are in our midst, and they move around us tricking their fellow citizens that they are good people. What are you doing today and tomorrow to frustrate and sabotage the efforts of these Jewish Infiltrators like Laura Loomer and their Christian Zionist accomplices. Don't tell me how much you hate Laura Loomer, tell me what you did today tomorrow and the next to stop that piece of shit. Tell me how you researched that district (district 21) in Florida. Tell me how you made contact with groups and businesses and warned about this threat. Tell me how you helped the current congressman Webster fend off this filthy Jewish rat and all the Christian Zionist cockroaches swarming around her. DO something - Anything. But understand the danger this filthy rats pose to our society. And do something about it!

The Grifter Right Wing carpetbagging take many forms. Milo for for example is a religious and sexual carpetbagger. Loomer hopes to grift and rip off the elderly white Christians in Central Florida and she has a lot of low lives helping her out.

Lots of opinions on this question, here is my analysis.

The Media and even their families have completely dumped their "loved ones" right in the dustbin of history. What dupes and scumbags they all are. Even their families who should be screaming from the rooftops but nope. Nothing dead silence.

Reports are surfacing that three doctors from the same hospital have died after receiving their mandated Covid Vaccine Booster shot. As usual we see a total information blackout by the media, corporate and political class. Even family, friends and co-workers participate in the shameful silence and active coverup of the massive numbers of deaths directly from the so called "vaccine". Getting confirmation on this story has been impossible because of this wall of silence and complicity by the official organs and those family members who go along with the lie presumably because they are in fear or have been offered some payout to pretend that the Vaccine didn't kill their loved ones. So this story may be an elaborate set up designed to discredit those who report on it. It wouldn't change anything in the minds of the awake. We know how this game of their works, but if this story was a hoax it would be yet another trick that the Jewish banking cartels (who are ones that are ultimately behind all of this crimes against humanity) would use to further obliterate the judgement and critical faculties of those poor gullible souls who still believe the "news". (full resolution video for downloading can be found on Harry Vox odysee channel)

Link to Video: https://odysee.com/@Harry-Vox:d/neocon_threat_to_national_security-harry_vox:f

A long overdue threat assessment for military, intelligence and law enforcement personnel about the hidden agenda of the Neoconservatives to weaken US national security.

Here is a show from a guy I was not familiar with. There is lots of different views regarding the importance of the Kazarian aspect but certainly there is no debate about Chabad Lubavich - they are a mafia.

The Jewish stoked war on Ukraine is secret plan of the Jewish finance cartels to sabotage the US dollar, destroy US hegemony and position both Israel and the Jewish cartels to be the brokers of the Chinese Belt and Road and the immense Sino/Russian alliance.

Has your "partner" ever been mean to you? Welcome to Jew York State's new hotline to complain to some random unqualified black girl who doesn't really care about your problems. Isn't the nanny state awesome!

Full Resolution Version for Downloading and Sharing here: https://odysee.com/@Harry-Vox:d/NEOCONS-ARE-TRAITORS:f

From its beginning NeoCONservatism was nothing more than a scheme
to hide secret Jewish supremacist objectives within the superstructures
of US economic and military objectives - to use the USA as the engine of


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Join us as we deconstruct this hideous mutated monster that our political and social worlds have become. It's too perfect. Several generations now have suffered the growing onslaught of humorless self righteous The right wing's plans of sabotaging and dismantling the left and liberal class by pushing their proxy warriors with fake crusades of justice is executed flawlessly - effortlessly creating legions of easily gulled people who genuinely believe they are fighting for justice - these diversions from the very real institutional threats of Wall Street, the Military Industrial Complex, the corporatization of our minds in a surveillance state are precisely the intended effect of this new pseudo activist posing called the SJW.

The SJW Imposters and their moronic political correctness are the saboteurs of the true values of a liberal mind that our society was heading towards. They work directly for the ruling power structure and most are totally unaware who they are ultimately serving - the ruling power structure. They are in service to the very worst most dangerous threats to a free life and a free mind and most are eagerly cheering these ominous threats.

Rather than stew in our stomach acids we vent this spleen unto your ears and eyes and share a cozy moment of good old fashion hate, for the Hillary Clintons, George Bushes, John Brennans and all the rest of the utter pigs of this world. That right - the "H" word. But its OK - we're equal opportunity haters. :)

We're not here to tell you how lovely things are. We're just here to tear the head of this fucking glistening beast and shit down its neck stump.

And if we can have an occasional laugh, all that much better.