The biggest crime against humanity in the history of crimes against humanity is the Covid-19 Plandemic.
The criminals are the Jewish Billionaire banking dynasties and all of your so called leaders who are being payed off, bribed or blackmailed to help them in this enslavement of our families. Some are payed more than others and some are just being promised future benefits that they will never see. But not one single human soul would sell our children out to the greasy Jewish bankers unless they were getting greased themselves. The enemy of all humans are any single politician, intelligence or military official who takes one single penny of Jewish money and lies to themselves that they are "protecting" us. They are the ENEMY and we must fight this enemy by any means possible.

This wide ranging interview is a must listen to.

The Jewish money powers and the vile goyim like FBI Director Christopher Wray who serve this money power are racing to enslave our societies. They are doing it now in the open because they are drunk with power because they have been getting away with it for so long. But they overreached, they are sloppy and their slimy Jewish narrative is fraying at the edges. All investigators now have one task, to investigate, expose and neutralize every single player in this destruction of our societies and families. Starting with Fauci, Gates, Schwab, then moving on to the cheesy con artists like Wray soiling the office of Director of the FBI and the Governors who have been payed off or blackmailed through the secret Jewish money trusts which fund the foundations and think tanks that sit at the center of this conspiracy to enslave our planet.

Lillian's Channel: http://www.youtube.com/lillianMcDermottRadioShow

Looks like the Jewish bankers who own and control their SERVANTS in Washington and the Media have put the final nail in the coffin of their favorite Bio-Terrorist Anthony Fauci.
No doubt that competing Jewish money power in the Jewish media will do everything in their power to save their hero Fauci. But its too late. Fauci's finished - over and out.

God Speed!

When the comment section section of a Youtube video, twitter thread or Facebook post proclaims how grateful we all are for the leadership of Dr Fauci, the courage of Governor Cuomo and the warm hearted feeling we all have for the good work of Bill Gates, most likely this is the work of Israeli Intelligence Unit 8200 and that many thousands of Jewish groups throughout the world who use US taxpayer dollars to massively infiltrate comment sections to deceive, misdirect, disinform and ban. Like parasites they burrow into our conversations to falsely accuse anyone critical of their criminality of the tired accusation of "Antisemitism".

Fortunately fewer and fewer people even listen to this tired old accusation but still the disinformation they spread helps then to destroy our society for the benefit of Israel and ultimately the Jewish banking cartels who pull the strings of this destruction of Western civilization. But people are waking up! Fast.

Everything is a lie, everything! Only Israel has the motive, history of such operations, and ruthless evil to perpetrate the biggest crime against humanity in human history. It's a near certainty that Gates was filmed having pedophile activities at multiple of Jeffery Epstein's mansions and planes, that much is clear. Reports suggest this relationship existed in the early 1990s. Epstein's was a pedophile entrapment operation run by the Mossad to blackmail political figures and the billionaire class. This is confirmed by Ari Ben Manashe a former Mossad agent. Therefore Bill Gates' activities at Epstein's operation was filmed and Gates was likely under the control of Israel/US intelligence since then. He was directed to direct a massive bio-terrorism program whose purpose was to kill off non jewish populations via bio-terrorism agents disguised as a pandemic and vaccination response. The virus is manmade and NOT accidentally released. It was released by the same group who covertly orchestrated Bio-Terrorism as a methodology to strip the assets of the American people and enslave them. This was a Chinese conspiracy - THIS HAS ISRAELI MOSSAD ALL OVER IT!

This attempt to destroy our society and steal all its assets is a Mossad operation.

None of history make much sense until you understand history's biggest secret. That all our major institutions are instruments of Jewish money power.
And don't hold your breath for the FBI to investigate this claim - The FBI Director CHRISTOPHER WRAY IS THE PROPERTY OF JEWISH BANKERS! 100% That fucking scumbag is endangering our lives, our children and our future by pretending this covid bio-terrorism attack by the Jewish finance capital WHO IS RUNNING THE ENTIRE SHOW IN WASHINGTON is nothing to see, move along.

The Jewish conspiracy to dismantle our societies is focusing on children. All the pieces of the destruction of our children have been put in place one by one, and they are now moving at light speed to finish us off. The Jewish bankers pulling this crime against our families are laughing their asses off.

Its easy to prove this whole covid scamdemic is a fraud from top to bottom. Its just a race between those fighting to preserve our freedoms and the PIGLIKE JEWISH BANKER CLASS enlisting every low life con artist politician and government official to FORCE this Jewish banker slavery on our families.

Covid 19 is a Bio-Terrorist attack covertly coordinated and perpetrated at the very highest levels of our political and financial networks.
Primarily it is the desperate but foolishly rushed gambit by Jewish finance capital (Jewish trillionaires operating out of the City of London) and their vast array of obedient servants with names like Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Christopher Wray, - too many criminal conspirators to name. Its easy to prove they did it, and its even easier to show the breathtaking conflicts of interests. Its an array of conspirators but mostly facilitators, all of whom are promised fortunes as long as they play their part in the ENSLAVEMENT OF HUMANKIND.

Why isn't the FBI investigating and questioning gates' extremely suspicious ultra close relationship with Epstein?
Who in the American media and intelligence agencies are protecting Gates and covering up this explosive pedophile and bio-terrorist ties?
We need to focus on this enemy and ALL of this Bio-Terrorist pedophile's supporters. Anyone providing safe haven for Gates needs to pay and we need to start making the lists of who has been covering up Gates' crimes against humanity and what appears to be extensive proximity to persons and locations involved in child rape.
I urge ALL investigators to focus their efforts - lets get Gates! Let's get him! Gates needs to go down and then we get Fauci next!
Gates should have just enjoyed his billions, he made a big mistake. Gates thought he could run a global Bio-Terrorist eugenicist depopulation scheme. Thats where he reached too far and now he will pay.

Fauci is guilty of Bio-Terrorism, no doubt about that. Unless you're one of the thoughtless hoards who get your "beliefs" from the TV, in which case you think he's the "Father of Medicine" He is not, Fauci is a racist, genocidal, bio-terrorist and instrument of the billionaire ruling power structure.

Throughout history, scientists after scientists have been raising the red flags about the Billionaire's favorite genocidal bio-terrorist named Anthony Fauci.
We know he's a bio-terrorist, the proof is overwhelming, so the problem is the system who has chosen to have Fauci be their manager of death by virus.
The answer is a revolution of mind and of our society. Only then can we heal from the damage of the Criminals who are robing our society of its future, on behalf of their billionaire masters.

I don't sleep much these days. Sometimes I wake after only 3 hours of sleep with an unsettled mind. This is one such time.
It's OK though, I was born to fight and fight I will. To the end.

Jewish control of the world's money has put all our lives in danger. The Jewish controlled deep state who controls the persons and and institutions in the United States is racing to make their "final Solution" and enslave us forever. The next three months will determine if the Jewish cabal of money power can be more successful the next three months. We must stop their plans. We must fight their agents. We must secure our safety. Our lives and freedoms are in danger.

A great conversation with the guys at Revolution Radio about what is happening.

There is just too much chilling proximity that Mr. Bill "Needles" Gates has to incidents of illegal child sex for a thinking person to continue to ignore.
This video seeks answers to questions surrounding the arrest and apparent letting off the hook of Bill and Melinda Gates' "personal Engineer" who was arrested INSIDE GATES $145mil mansion with over 6000 images of child rape!
We must ALL get involved and demand FOIA and all information from the police and courts about what actually is going here.

We need to take control from the Jewish bankers.
They are sabotaging our society.

Bitchute is blocking all or part of this video - lots of people say it will not play.
Here is an alternate link: https://seed171.bitchute.com/qiSSqbll667s/wVkFHvIlbhMU.mp4
Fauci thought he could get away with it. He foolishly thought that by subcontracting out the creation of Covid 19 to his partner Peter Daszak in "EcoHealth Alliance" that he could evade responsibility. The walls are closing in on this bioterrorist who sits at the center of the biggest crime against humanity in the history of crimes against humanity.

Is he perpetrating this genocidal covid scam for profit or is Bill Gates being blackmailed by US/Israeli intelligence.
Gates' secretive relationship and multiple visits to Jeffery Epstein's Pedophile blackmailing operation gives us a mountain of undeniable evidence to focus on.

Details have emerged that point to Bill Gates' secretive relationship with the Jeffery Epstein Child Sex bribery network as being central to the Jewish controlled deep state's control of Gates for purpose of using his money and influence to pull off a global genocide of non Jewish human beings. All financial crimes and asset stripping operations underway support this thesis. It is most likely that Gates is part of a massive blackmail operation bu Israeli Mossad to kill off western populations and transfer its assets into the waiting hands of the Jewish hedge funds, bankers and asset managers drooling over their easy global takeover. But not so fast there Jewish bankers, your narrative is weak and only works with the idiotic soccer moms who watch too much TV, the rest of us are ready to fight and fight we will!

The Jewish mainstream Jewsmedia is lying telling us that half of the American population got the Jewish jab. But as we know the Jew media is 100% lies to trick the gullible into their own harm or enslavement. The Jew media can lie all day long but people are waking up and the truth is that only about 15% of the US population has received the Jewish poison. And now the Jewish controlled political class has a problem, what to do will all the Jewish poison that no thinking human being wants or needs. Their answer - MORE BULLSHIT - MAYBE THAT'LL WORK!

Interesting View and one that must be considered.
"The Contagious Trap. Thinking that diseases are contagious is false and blocks our peace of mind. We blame animals, other people and microbes for our diseases. If we blame others for our illnesses, including microbes within us, we trap our minds into thinking that diseases are not a part of us. We believe that we are helpless victims. Subconsciously we believe that we cannot and must not trust nature, creatures and our fellow man. When we believe that someone “gave” us a disease, we automatically think we must attack that person and our bodies to remove the disease. Everyone is scathed in wars, including victors. Reality is that diseases come from industrial toxicity only. And when toxicity accumulates, it often destroys parts of or entire systems in our bodies. I have heard so many people claim that an ex boyfriend or girlfriend gave them herpes virus. In cases of herpes, toxins such as heavy metals store in nerves. Everyone has metal in her/his nerves in our industrial societies. We may not know that we have metals in nerves because we do not have signals (symptoms). Often metallic minerals cluster and cannot pass out of nerve endings easily. However, when our bodies decide to detoxify metals from our nerve-endings and it causes painful sores, we discover we have herpes."

"The ongoing propaganda that microbes cause disease continues without scientific proof. The worst part of it is that people believe the microbe/disease myth the same as people believed the clergy that spirits and ghosts caused bad behavior and disease in people during the Inquisition. The all-encompassing beliefs were formed from FEAR, from imaginative stories of gross possession and, in the case of microbes, contamination. Fear makes most people irrational, illogical, non-pragmatic, ridiculous and even stupid. Yes, stupid is a harsh judgment but is it wrong judgment?--"

"Bacteria are responsible for 99% of all our bodies' functions. Anti-biotics destroy all kinds of bacteria, reducing digestive functions. They destroy bacteria responsible for ALL bodily functions. One 5-days antibiotic regime can destroy 1% of our bodies bacteria, destroying 1% of our bodies. We become weaker and sicker. Who benefits from that?"

"Anything the medical profession says, do the opposite 99% of the time and you'll be right."
Aajonus Vonderplanitz


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In Politics and Media - if the person is a Jew, that is the defining feature under which all other characteristics, behaviors, voting decisions, "beliefs"are subordinate.
This is not an antisemitic statement. It is an obvious easily proven statistical fact.
If the congressperson is Jewish THEY WILL SUPPORT ISRAELI AGGRESSION AGAINST POOR PALESTINIANS. THEY WILL SUPPORT A CLAMP DOWN ON FREE SPEECH. THEY WILL SUPPORT MASS SURVEILLANCE. THEY WILL SUPPORT DRAINING OUR TREASURY ON BEHALF OF JEWISH FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS. The pattern is unmistakable. It is insane to vote in favor of a Jew in public office. That Jew will NEVER work on behalf of you, they will always work on behalf of Jewish money power OVER you.


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The SJW Imposters and their moronic political correctness are the saboteurs of the true values of a liberal mind that our society was heading towards. They work directly for the ruling power structure and most are totally unaware who they are ultimately serving - the ruling power structure. They are in service to the very worst most dangerous threats to a free life and a free mind and most are eagerly cheering these ominous threats.

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