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Wind turbines, solar cells, and bike lanes were all supposed to save the planet.

The planet of course had nothing wrong with it before all these stupid ideas were cooked up and now I'm telling you that these bike Lanes have to go and here is how you do it.

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Kid Throws Snake Into A Woman's Car, Gets His Ass Kicked!

Need I say more? This kid throws a snake at a woman in her car FOR TIK TOK views - he then gets the surprise of a lifetime when her husband knocks his ass to the ground and he cries like a bitch!

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Cornell The Racist Snowman - Another Attack On White Children

Kids who wanted to show that they respect diversity built a non-white snowman and then had the school and the local radio station belittle them publicly.

The rules of the left are so convoluted that even they don't understand them.

Left-wing thinking is a mental disorder that requires eradication from our schools and institutions.

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What Are 15-Minute Cities? Why Should You be AFRAID and READY TO MOVE! - SPECIAL GUEST: CHRIS SKY

Tuesday, February 7, 2023 at 7PM #Calgary Time / 9PM #Toronto Time

#15 #15minutecity #15minutecities #chrissky #canada #yyc #yyz #communism #marxism #TrudeauForTreason

The former mayor of Mississauga is an old woman named Hazel McCallion. everybody worshiped her as some kind of a hero because they felt that she did a great job. I explained in this amazing show how she was successful and why and why she would never be successful running the city from a modern perspective in modern times.

We also explained the fact that she is part of the agenda 21 problem that her student, the current mayor of Mississauga Bonnie Crombie is continuing with agenda 2030.

If you have a house in the city of Mississauga you might want to sell and get the hell out now. the place is a dump and it's the fault of Hazel McCallion and Bonnie Crombie. if you don't believe me I couldn't care less.

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A Fat 59 Year Old Man Is Now On The Womens National Figure Skating Team

BREAKING: Finland has introduced the world's first transgender national figure skater, a fat 59 year old slob looking for attention...or....something I won't say here.

HE falls down in the first 45 seconds and no one is allowed to act like anything at all happened.

COMMUNISM has made it into women's sports - well done ladies on keeping quiet while loser males take your rights away.

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Hazel McCallion is Dead And Was Not A Great Person - Here Are Some Reasons Why by Kevin J. Johnston, the Real Mayor of Mississauga.

The former mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion has finally died at age 101. the running joke was that she was going to be alive when Mississauga became an independent city a hundred years from now.

Far too many people praise her as the greatest mayor in the history of man. I of course have a different opinion seeing that I grew up in the same city that she was the mayor of.

Mississauga had very recently become a city when a series of small towns merged into one unit. the city had thousands of acres of land to sell to Developers and that is exactly how Mississauga made all of its money. However, she decided to step down when Mississauga had no more land to sell to anyone and the tax base was no longer going to be able to be increased.

The alcoholic known as Hazel McCallion then proceeded to tell the people of Mississauga that it was a good idea to vote for Bonnie Crombie for mayor in her place. Bonnie Crombie is a criminal who got rich because her husband or now ex-husband was also a criminal. He's wanted by the American government for many Securities frauds. Bonnie Crombie is also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, a terror organization responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of people mostly Muslims.

Hazel Mccallion hated the poor and she made that very clear in public appearances all of the time. She wasn't really a fan of the middle class either. if you weren't able to line her pockets, you were beneath her. it's funny how the entire public knew that she was a hardcore alcoholic and everybody would let that go because they thought that she was doing a great job. She did an adequate job only because she became the mayor at exactly the right time for her particular style to work well. If she were to take over Mississauga today she would fail miserably and be a one-term mayor.

I will not miss this person and anybody with a brain in their head knows exactly what I'm talking about and will miss her even less than I do.

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Birth Rates Are Down All Over The World - Start Having Kids!!!

I hear a lot of people in this country state that they are not going to have kids because they don't want to bring kids into a horrible world.

The vast majority of the people that speak this foolishly are of course, White people.

The problem is with every generation that they always think everything is getting worse and that there won't be any hope by the time their children are born.

My grandfather rode on Horseback to fight the Germans in World War I he often said he regretted that he had three boys because he couldn't bring them up properly. By my own admission, my father and his two brothers had a horrible childhood based on the fact that Ireland was broke and short on food. However, all three brothers moved to Canada and made something of themselves without their father's help.

Human beings have had children in every single War and those kids have always grown up knowing something different than what their parents knew. that's life.

White people represent less than 9% of the world's population so I would think that it's time for each and every one of you to start having as many white babies as you possibly can.

I'm looking to have 10 more white babies. so if there are any gorgeous white women out there over the age of 30 who are looking to have some with an incredibly and devastatingly handsome man like me, give me a ring, would you!

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The Philadelphia Flyers have made a complete and total mockery of masculinity and the National Hockey League itself. They forced grown men to put on jerseys that have a flag on it that represents everything that is wrong with our modern society. The radical LGBTQ community has become a cult and a very dangerous religion that is pro-pedophilia and anti-American.

The Broad Street Bullies as they used to be called are an American National Hockey League franchise and an American-owned private business that sells hockey, jerseys, swag, crappy hot dogs, and warm beer and that is what they should stick to doing as opposed to telling the rest of us that we should abandon wanting to sleep with women and instead sleep with all the players they have on the ice.

No thank you. I have designed a new logo and Jersey for them which you can see at the link below.

WARNING: Podcasters Are Lying About The Power of the Canadian Bill of Rights - It Has NO POWER


There are an increasing number of podcasters in Canada who wish to criticize me when I warn you that the Bill of Rights has no power and then proceed to tell you that the Bill of Rights of Canada will get you out of arrest, prison, court and out of any charges that the government has thrown against you.

They couldn't be more wrong. I'm warning you not to listen to any of them who make this claim because they do not know what they're talking about. None of them are lawyers, none of them have any legal training and the one who does is most likely going to have her license pulled soon for sending Canadians down a very ugly and dark pathway. If you get arrested, follow these simple instructions: inform the officers that you want a lawyer and you do not want to answer any questions. Immediately demand to speak to the duty Council and if you already have a lawyer immediately speak with them instead. Do not answer any questions, do not have any conversations. Keep your mouth shut and let the lawyer do their job.

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Telling young ladies and teenage girls that a career is better than having children is the biggest mistake that we have ever made in our society, aside from praising pedophiles in Hollywood.

Once women hit their late 20s to early 30s they begin to catch on to the fact that the biological clock is ticking and it's ticking fast. There are far too many single women in North America who do not have kids and are absolutely desperate to find a man yet they are still wanting to also simultaneously believe that they don't need one.

This type of doublethink is obviously extremely confusing and inhibits ladies from getting done what they need to do in life to feel complete and that is have a good man in their lives and to have children of their own.

The more intelligent ladies out there can describe quite well how amazing a feeling it is to have a life grow inside of them and then experience the absolute Rush of love the first time they see their own child right after birth.

As a man who always wanted children, when I saw my children born it was the most exhilarating time of my life and you ladies out there can find a remarkable man like me if you stop listening to the man hating feminists of the world and start to recognize that your biology dictates that being a mother is the correctest thing you can do and abandoning motherhood for career is the wrongest thing you can do.

Being alone is a choice which far too many of you are making.

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There are so-called language experts in the world who are experts in language only because they say that they are who spend their days going through the entire English language and then going through the entire slang dictionary of the same language so they can find words to deliberately offend themselves and then they wish all of us to recognize the offense they take to these words and then they want us to stop using these words, but only if you're white.

Typically the morons who do this are white themselves. Naturally, we should be ignoring fools like this but somehow they always seem to make it to the front page of every newspaper going typically run by white editors and then the white editors proceed to scold white people for an infraction that never took place. I am so looking forward to the complete and total collapse of the western world because people this stupid will be recognized by the survivors of the collapse as a complete detriment to the survival of the species and they will be fed to the guard dogs.

The only insult there is to the dogs who would have to chew on the Gristle of stringy and lanky beta cuck males who write these rules in the first place.

I will apologize to the dogs in advance.

The new Democratic Party in Alberta is going to alleviate the responsibility of murder from everybody who recommended lockdowns, masks, shutting down of businesses, and the injection of poisons into people's veins.

This means that Justin Trudeau is simply going to appoint her to win and that means that everybody who works for all of these major corporations killing your children is going to get away with their crimes. How do you feel now Canada?

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Another threat came in the mail today, and I do mean my email box. Google will automatically demonetize anybody who makes videos about the Ukraine war being the complete con job that it truly is.

Also, if you state no matter how correct you are that the US election was stolen by the Democrats, the video will be deleted by YouTube and you will get a channel strike. I'm very happy that Google is laying off 12,000 people now if only we could get the corporation to collapse, we could probably get something done in North America.

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Joe Biden Will Be Out of Office As President This Year - Kevin J. Johnston

Joe Biden will be completely out of office in the year 2023. The Democrat Party has comprehended finally that he is of no value because the man can barely finish a sentence without trying to figure out where he is.

They will use one of the three tactics to get rid of him that I illustrate in this video. God help us when Kamala Harris is the president.

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Google Staff Are Being Fired And They Are Crying To The Main Stream Media About It.

Google through its really bad policies has decided to shut down all of the major YouTube channels that made money for both the Creator and Google itself.

They have spent a great deal of time shutting down some of their best customers and their best earners so that they could remain part of the crazy woke religion out there that so many of us hate.

They are losing money hand over fist and are set to lose 3.5 billion dollars in this calendar year of 2023, therefore they are cutting 12,000 jobs and they have begun informing everybody who is fired by email.

Those who are all far-left Marxist jerks anyway are complaining to the mainstream media about how rude they feel it is to be fired by email when they are part of the generation who breaks up with boyfriends and girlfriends by text!

I have no sympathy for any of them in fact I am ecstatic about this turn of events. if YouTube crashes the world will be a better place.

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Everybody out there has an opinion that typically is incorrect and is almost always unwanted, yet they continue to spout their opinions simply so they can create some type of conflict or drama.

I bought white pepper and jokingly stated to the man selling it to me that I preferred white pepper to black pepper as it is the superior of the two. Naturally, I'm talking about the flavor and the way that it burns when it goes down.

That is when a little Asian girl along with her white useless beta cuck boyfriend who had a man-bun began barking at me about how racist I was because I preferred white pepper and I made the statement that white pepper is superior to Black pepper.

My preference for white pepper is Nobody's Business and the conversation had nothing to do with anybody except for me and the merchant. When a business deal is taking place, nobody's opinions matter except for the people involved in the transaction.

Typically, I would say something clever to people like this but I realize that I am talking to a generation of morons who were instructed by a generation of morons in a moronic educational system that I knew was moronic the day I walked into school at age 4.

When morons are teaching morons this is bound to happen and when the unethical are teaching their unethicality to those who are not smart enough to create their own moral and ethical code, this is also what happens. just for the record, I just gave them a buzzing sound through my teeth while I waved them away with my hand. Yes, I got that idea from Chris Tucker in the movie The Fifth Element which I highly recommend you all watch.

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Ivan Provorov, defenseman for the Philadelphia Flyers refused to wear the radical leftist LGBTQ Jersey during warm-up. Like a man, he stated that he was dead set against the ideology and shows not to wear it. For whatever the reason even people that agreed with him publicly criticized him. How dare any particular group design themselves a flag and then tell the rest of us that we have to not only like it but we have to wear it on our bodies in public?

You do not have to wear the symbol of any ideology that you disagree with and we finally have a real man in sports standing up to the dangerous left-wing religion that is destroying the Western world.

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Old Age Homes In Ontario Are Locking Residents In Their Rooms All Day

You would have to be completely out of your mind to consider living in an old age home anywhere in Canada. They are all built like prisons and everybody who enters is a prisoner, not a resident.

In the city of Mississauga, people are locked down in their rooms all day and are not allowed to walk around even though they pay $8,000 per month to be there. They must eat their meals alone in their rooms and if they do not do what they are told they are punished by being locked in their room even more.

In many cases, they are not allowed to leave which I always thought was kidnapping. The only way out for these people is to stop paying their bills and get kicked out which I highly recommend each and every one of them do.

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#OldAge Homes Are #Locking #Elderly in Their Rooms #Allday and Making Them Wear #Masks All Day Even Though They Pay $8000 Per Month To Live There

Need I say more? Google is focusing on Artificial Intelligence so that it can lie about all of us more rapidly than ever before.

So, the good news is that Google Is Cutting 12000 Jobs - and all this little Marxist and Communist Leftists Are Going To Be Unemployed!

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The Romanian police illegally detained and arrested Andrew Tate. They stole his money and they stole his luxury vehicles. police around the world are no longer bound by any rule of law and the reason that Andrew Tate has been arrested in such a public and illegal fashion is that there are a set number of billionaires who do not like the fact that he has more influence of young men than they do.

Young men are not stupid and they know that they are being lied to you by every facet of our society. Young men want jobs that make money so they can buy hot cars cool clothes and have a hot chick on their arm.

Andrew Tate says just that and actually shows them how they can acquire it which Bill Gates and all the other beta cuck with lots of money just like him, want Andrew Tate and of course good looking guys like Kevin J. Johnston Behind Bars and quiet.

This is a very sad time in our history and it's going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.

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The Marxist hell hole no one has Toronto which is the birthplace of Canada's most phenomenal man, the astounding Kevin J. Johnston has proven to the rest of us that they do not give a damn about human rights and they have decided to put forward motions to ban tobogganing on All City hills.

The city of Hamilton already banned the public from visiting natural waterfalls that are all over the city. What's weird about people that live in that god-awful Toronto area is that all of you still believe that Toronto is the greatest city in the world. Remember, I'm smarter than most of you and I'm also from that City and I've seen it degrade from a great City into a far-left Marxist sewer filled to capacity with more feces than could possibly be held by any sewer in the world. Your city council is going to continue to strip away all of your rights and 50 bucks say none of you are going to do anything about it.

#Toronto is Going to #Ban #Tobogganing - The City of #Oshawa will Ban #Tobogans - #Communist #Canada is #Banning #Fun - #Canadians Need to LEAVE!

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There is more of this anti-white rhetoric being created every day. Now we have hardcore fundamentalist black lives matter members telling us as a society that being at work on time is racist and white supremacy. This is just another way of the outside world trying to convince the rest of us that laziness, slovenliness, uselessness, and outright pretentiousness is somehow good for our planet. I assure you none of it is and every single one of you black lives matters members who make these Brazen statements remember this, you're going nowhere in life and you are as racist as they come!

The Imminent Housing Crash In Canada and Perverted Cartoons For Kids - The Kevin J Johnston Show

The Canadian housing crash is imminent and the reason being is that everything in this country has to do with money laundering. If it wasn't for money laundering, there would be no economy at all in Canada. Mike Martins comes on in tonight to explain to us everything that you need to know about the imminent housing crash and how you can protect yourself.

We also give you a demonstration of artificial intelligence drawing incredible works of art on a cell phone on a $30 piece of software and discuss how terrifyingly dangerous this particular type of Technology truly is.

Let's not forget that the new perverted and vile, anti-white racist piece of trash Scooby-Doo cartoon called Velma has just been released and we show you screen captures from the show to show you just how disgusting the left wing has become.

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