Anthony Comegna returns to explore the wider history of the Loco-Foco!

In this, the 20th episode of the LocoFoco Netcast, Lee Waaks talks with criminologist Brendan Dooley about the links between crime and poverty -- and much, much more.

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Paul Jacob covers the big stories this week, as major media takes multiple DESERVED hits, and as corruption gets its just rewards, and Paul finds a silver lining to the mandatory mask nonsense.

Paul Jacob writes a column five days a week at ThisIsCommonSense.org. This podcast covers the last week of July 2020.

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Let's call Robert Wicks our Facebook Sensei and listen to what he says about the world-shaking aspects of increased communications through social media and other modern technologies. Gutenberg, Bell, Marconi? Move over. The world is rushing towards peace.

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For this episode of the LocoFoco Netcast, co-hosts Timo Virkkala and Lee Waaks query Rocco Lucente and Olof Af Yggdrasil about the nature of the pandemic and its panicky, political reactions.

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Philosopher Jan Lester explains why seeking a foundation or justification for liberty is a trap.

Books. Lots of books. Comics. Philosophy. History. UFOs!

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There is no need to take sides between deontological and consequentialist ethics approaches.


Philosopher Jan Lester explains the points he made in his essay "The Three Great Errors Most Libertarians Make," starting with the very basic issue, of epistemology and Critical Rationalism, which he defends in this first part of a four-part video series.

See: https://www.libertarianism.org/blog/three-great-errors-most-libertarians


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