The Doctor Reads The Doctor By The Doctor

Doctor Alex

Did you find the New Year left you lacking something special? Was Christmas missing something which the Doctor could not cure? Do you feel a void of Time and Space in your life? Then perhaps The Doctor Reads the Doctor By The Doctor series is for you!

This series was in part inspired by a friend of mine who is dyslexic, and who finds reading something of a chore as a consequence. He is also a fan of the same type of science fiction material. And so I decided to read some of my old published stories (which my former editor assured me had returned to me copyright-wise, as it is now long out of print ;) ).

These stories were written and published over fifteen years ago, so I hope you can be kind and tolerant. That same friend had suggested I could do a series just reading the dictionary. Hopefully this will be marginally more entertaining ;)

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9 months, 2 weeks ago
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