The jabs have always killed some vulnerable population:
- targeted Blacks, Gays, Hispanics
- targeted doctors & nurses, killed my colleagues!
It's all in our book Ending Plague:
Not Another Shot!
Full Interview:

Our 2009 paper exposed them. That’s why they kidnapped me & silenced me. Between 2014 -19 I exposed it all in vaccine court & they kicked me out because “I caught them!”
It's all in my book Plague of Corruption!
Full interview: WATCH -

It's infection by injection. The censorship for me is the biggest problem, since 2009 when the molecular biology didn't support the narrative. So they had to keep just spinning it.
I speak from data and never has anybody come back & shown a piece of data that disputes it. It's never been my opinion. I'm always quoting data, & never do they go to the data of the adverse events.
And yet, we've always had the solutions to those adverse events.

Full replay Dr Judy Mikovits with host Sasha Stone, and guests Del Bigtree and Naomi Wolf.

- Don’t eat Tuna because it has mercury!
Also OB-GYN:
- Take a shot that has 25K times the amount of mercury allowed in public water!
Why did the CDC ignore the data?
Fear not, keep a strong nutritional foundation:

Clip excerpt from Dr Tent's Presentation: "Memorable Patient Cases Part 2"

(anyone who knows the actual date of this speech, please share in comments)
RFK Jr address the public in front of Congress exposing how the CDC ignored the scientific findings linking heavy metals in vaccines to autism.
(The original video was removed from Youtube.)
This clip was extracted from Dr Tent's "Internal Overhaul" 2010 lecture:

When you inject other people’s viruses -aborted fetal cell lines- & all the shots have never been tested & neither been cleaned up!
THEY call it plausible deniability... it is not plausible!
Infection by injection!
We can heal you - it’s easy!
Live from th Healing for The A.G.E.S. conference in Dallas, TX, September 9th 2023.
Full chat:

We cured Ebola in 2014, even though Obama & Fauci meant it for evil, killed 21,000 Liberians to cover up William Thompson's confession!
"Called for Life"
Round 2 with Sherry B. Throwing punches! Gloves are OFF!

I will keep saying it. SARS-CoV-2 is a monkey virus manufactured in every polio vaccine in the Vero E6 cell line manufactured since 2004. ... All these lung diseases, every one of them is from all of the shots since 1986!

Watch the full interview:

Dr Judy Mikovits PhD and Rizza Islam discuss Dr Judy's whistle blower status, what it means in general and why she is a whistleblower.
In front of the CDC, Oct 10 2018, one day after the CDC announced 80,000 influenza death for 2017.

Back on October 10th, 2018, Dr Judy Mikovits and Rizza Islam stood in front of the CDC in Atlanta, discussing the true history of the vaccine programs to inform especially heavily targeted black communities.
This was before the COVID Plandemic.

I want to know, why does the Ventura County Star, on November 23, 2014, have my picture with my pen pointing to Covid/Syncytia. I want to know who paid for this article?
The VC Start is owned by Gannett, the largest publisher of newspapers in the United States, including USA Today.

Please, help me resolve this mystery: Who Paid for this article?

Watch the full interview:

In Tommy's PodCast I expose the corrupt scientific literature, with "science editors" who write editorials discrediting the work of actual scientists!
JAMA, Nature, Elsevier, The New England Journal of Medicine, etc.
Full replay:
My books:

Now is your chance to watch REMEDY Episode 6 for FREE (Aug 31 2023):
Exposing Pimps & Drug Pushers!
We have a God given immune system!
A remedy to strengthen your innate immune response: PAXIMUNE!

There is still time to watch REMEDY Episode 5 for FREE today July 31st 2023.
We address the TETANUS MYTH, a bacteria NOT from rusty nails!
Watch as we present natural remedies!
Please share!

We are not already cyborgs... & God reactions in our brain are much faster than AI!
Before heading to enjoy kayaking in the sun, Clay Clark asked me tough questions.
Watch the full replay:

Do you know the ingredients in the CDC Child Vaccination Schedule?

"REMEDY" launch July 26, presented by The Truth About Vaccines.
More info:

Instead of dealing with the issue of vaccine safety after many deaths following the DTP shot in kids, Wyeth in 1979 (now Pfizer) instructed the vials to be evenly distributed across the country in order to avoid obvious clusters of death & injury.
Watch Robert Kennedy Jr explain
Read the document here:
From Q&A at Godspeak Cavalry Church 2 years ago:

"Black boys who got the MMR vaccine ... had a 336% higher chance of getting autism diagnoses than children who did not get the vaccine."
2 years ago, Pastor Rob McCoy hosted Bobby & I for a Q&A at Godspeak Cavalry Church @GodSpeakCCTO

Watch the full Q&A:

Do your kids drink Gatorade ? Make a swap for a healthier option.
Gatorade contains Glyphosate: A leading contributor to chronic inflammation and DIS-ease
Learn from our course:
& Stephanie Seneff’s book: Toxic Legacy
Just choose instead from the choices of flavors from Nutritional Frontiers phytonutrients!
Pro Oranges:
Vanilla Protein Powder:
Pro Lean Greens:
Pro Reds:
Super Shake - Chocolate:
Best Whey - Vanilla:

Yes, correct, Dolores Cahill agrees SARS-CoV-2 & HIV do not exist “IN NATURE!” Changing the definition of words does not mean natural viruses don’t exist. SARS-CoV-2 is a pararetrovirus engineered in a lab.
How many new viruses have we created?
HIV was gain of function!
LAV was not HIV and GRID was not AIDS!
Watch the full replay:

We've all been lied to.
There is no climate change, it's POLUTION!, and "vaccines" are bioweapons!
Listen to the replay of my talk with Ernerst Hancock:

July 9, 2023: Pastor Rob McCoy announces an upcoming Dr Judy and Pastor Rob webcast and Dr Judy announces holding office hours for in person visits in the offices of the church.

No views Jul 14, 2023
With Clay Clark July 13 2023, I sent an invite to Joe Rogan:
"Dear Joe Rogan, Come to Newbury Park , CA at GodSpeak Cavalry Church the Weekend of Aug 4th, 5th & 6th." - Dr. Judy Mikovits
Miki Willis will be here as well!
Full episode:

The FDA will go away because they made false claims & they called it a vaccine!
Elon Musk is right, COVID helped speedup the advancement of synthetic RNA!
It's ok we know the game & we have patented curative strategies!

Thank you Clay Clark for always asking the right questions!
Full episode:


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Dr. Judy A Mikovits:
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Dr. Mikovits earned a BA in Chemistry from University of Virginia in 1980 and a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from George Washington University in 1992. In her forty-year quest to understand the causes, prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, she has co-authored seminal papers culminating at least a decade of research in each of four fields: Immunology, natural products chemistry, epigenetics, and HIV/AIDs drug development.

In 2009, Dr Mikovits led the team that first isolated and characterized a new family of human disease-associated retroviruses, XMRVs. Dr Mikovits has co-authored more than 50 peer reviewed publications and book chapters, and holds a patent for Combination Therapy for Prostate Cancer using Botanical Compositions and Casodex.

Dr Mikovits is a New York Times Best selling author of the books Plague, Plague of Corruption, Ending Plague and the Truth about the Masks.

In 2020 Dr. Mikovits started DrJSolution, a company focused, not only on education, but on providing solutions for prevention and treatment of autoimmune/auto-inflammatory diseases resulting from viral infection, drugs and environmental toxins. Her heart and passion is to focus on natural products chemistry and plant based drug and nutritional therapeutic protocols.

Her current focus is on medical cannabis with breakthroughs in understanding of the pathophysiology of neuroimmune diseases such as vaccine acquired immune deficiency syndrome = vaccine AIDS.