Pythons Staks Bobcat 01 Footage


First published at 04:50 UTC on June 9th, 2018.


A full grown python will not hesitate to prey on large prey such as white tail deer, feral hog, or even other apex such as the American alligators, Florida panther, bobcats and others. Pythons usually stalk their prey for some time but the actual killing takes usually a few minutes, while the actual feeding on such large prey can last for several hours.
The bobcat (Lynx rufus) is a North American cat, it ranges from southern Canada to central Mexico, including most of the contiguous United States. The bobcat is an adaptable predator that inhabits wooded areas, as well as semidesert, urban edge, forest edge, and swampland environments. It remains in some of its original range, but populations are vulnerable to local extinction by coyotes, domestic animals and the invasive Burmese python in Florida. Python stalks bobcat was filmed by Heiko Kiera in 2012.

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