Gaming Culture: Orchestras Suck


First published at 14:27 UTC on May 17th, 2018.

Orchestras Suck - Video game music can be amazing, astonishing, fantastic. But… there was a time when you could swear it all sounded kinda the same. With every big game using an orchestral score, with the same kind of instruments, it took away from the individuality that the soundtrack of a game used to have, and has since slowly regained. Let’s visit those dark times again.


Witcher 1 menu theme
Withcer 2 menu theme
Gothic 1 menu theme
Divinity 2 - Broken Valley Wakes
King's Bounty the legend - under the shadow of the oak
Daggerfall - Sunny Day
Doom 2016 - BFG Division
Heroes 2 - Main menu theme MIDI version

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