Horde Night 4 | True Survival | Lets Play | 7 Days to Die | Part 34

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  • Nov 14, 2017
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We have to fight the zombies off today: to be able to repair our horde defenses, and to get to the mini bike.
We pack our stuff up with a best guess of what we need in the short to medium term. This we if we needed to GTFO we would have our stuff.

The bike was in position, the ammo readied, the spikes all set and we sat there waiting. The horde did not disappoint. In the distance a pinpoint. Zs running to the house, breaking the walls. From down the stairs I could hear their calls. We won the day, but a burnt zombie wanted us to pay. That's when we drove away. We were attacked by those with an angry chromosome, but we did make it home.

7 Days to Die ALPHA 16 | The Survival Horde Crafting Game

ALPHA 16 is a large content drop with new buildings. It has new Radiated zombies, feral zombies and many old faces have new skins. There is also Electro-fricken-tricity (Electricity) with lights, generators, traps, sensors and timers. Painting so you can make blocks look like you want them to look if you have the right knowledge. New animals.
Wolves and Dire wolves and scary and the vulture (Buzzard) swoops down and tries to rip you apart.
There are also sleepers, the most engrossing part of the game now, they create a new sense of immersion that is really cool.

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