"Is Michelle Obama A Man?" Part 6, Michelle the Tranny

Nana Baakan

First published at 19:35 UTC on January 18th, 2017.

"Is Michelle Obama A Man?" Part 6, Michelle the Tranny
In this video we will take a look at the Homosexual/Transgender Phenomenon, its place in the African American Culture, lifestyle and community, particularly during the 60's, 70's and 80's. We will explore the nature of the social reality during the time when Michelle Obama was born and how probable her family would venture out to change their male child into a girl child.
We will also look at the discrepancies in the reports that say she "changed" during childhood while others say "she changed" in college. Her childhood, high school and college pictures should be enough evidence, but alas.. They still want to believe, Michelle Obama is a tranny.

This video is Part 6 of a series of videos that discuss this very interesting and controversial topic, "Is Michelle Obama a Transgendered Woman?"
There are several parts to this video series and each part will be placed in the Playlist entitled, "Is Michelle Obama A Man? Nana's Commentary."
Throughout this series, I will be sighting videos, articles and comments that I have researched on the Internet that related to this topic. The details, narration and links will be hosted in my blog post listed in the link below.
Along with many YouTube videos on this topic, I wish to add my perspective.
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NB Commentary: "Keeping that in mind, how would it even occur to a Black Family in those days to go through all the trouble of hiding the gender of their male child?

That is what is so amazing about people who purport to know what they know about Black Folks, they really know nothing about our communities, the way Black people think, the issues that affect black families and their social, emotional and political stances on many things. Michell..

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