THAS AMAZIN'! Atheism Is Unstoppable on Father, Stepmother, God, Men/Women, "Racism," TRUMP

Jesse Lee Peterson

First published at 02:40 UTC on May 17th, 2018.

May 16, Hour 2, GUEST: Atheism Is Unstoppable on parents, God, women, men, ‘racism,’ & Trump: YouTuber Devon Tracey talks about why he doesn’t believe in God, how he was raised with his father and kooky stepmother after his mother died when he was 5. He grew up in the 80s, Gen X in Los Angeles in the Boy Scouts, graduated from UCLA with a degree in history. He doesn’t think there’s evidence of God — Jesse says it’s a mistake to try to prove God exists to people. God and his son don’t care, they watch human beings make fools of themselves. Many young people are atheists, and most activist atheists are liberal SJWs, but some are not. Jesse asks him Biblical Question: How do you see women? He doesn’t see them too differently from men. He says he has a good relationship with women, unlike so many young people. He urges Americans to visit other countries. He discusses Jesse’s assertion that racism does not exist. He makes references to Cenk Uygur and The Young Turks, and Jesse growing up picking cotton on a plantation under Jim Crow. He believes there’s a lot of anti-white racism in South Africa and America. Jesse talks about The Fallen Messiah, Barack Obama, who divided the country. Devon mentions the Rodney King riots, the Watts riots, and the conspiracy theory of "White Supremacy." Jesse asks why atheists think they're logical yet pretend homosexuality is normal. Jesse references the radical homosexuals and radical atheists. Jesse asks him: What is a man? Surprisingly, he doesn’t like Trump or think that he’s a real man and masculine — and he questions Jesse about calling him The Great White Hope. Before ending, he thinks Jesse’s commitment to honesty is “amazing.”


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