What Happened to Prince Rogers Nelson? Ask A Psychic - Is He Really Dead

Nana, the Metaphysician

First published at 18:54 UTC on September 13th, 2017.

Greetings All, I made this video as the last and final attempt to share some information I have received from the oracles and from my dreams about, "What Happened to Prince Rogers Nelson, Ask a Psychic."
I consider myself a person who studies and explores the Metaphysical world. I strongly suggest that everyone has the ability to delve into the Metaphysical world through the use of Oracles and dreams. For those who shun using the Oracles, they cannot ignore that the one thing that we all tend to do, some more than others, is to dream. If we take our dreams more seriously, we will find that there is much adventure awaiting us there. Many inspirations that are manifested in inventions such as books, lore, myths, movies, art, health, etc., have been sighted as a result of a dream that someone had.
Dreams are Messages from the Soul. So step into the Dream Universe with me and enjoy the ride.
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