First published at 07:28 UTC on January 13th, 2018.

We Are Q

If you've been searching in the right places, you will have noticed some time ago Q's breadcrumbs have been there all along. Nothing Q has posted is new or a secret to patriots, especially to the ones who have worked tirelessly, some for decades, to get the message out to people that don't have the time to research the inner-workings of the deep-state and the unimaginable depths its tentacles of corruption and deception reach. Maybe, just maybe,
Q isn't one individual or even a group of individuals. Maybe Q is a state of mind. An awakening. A movement. A force that can no longer will be ignored.
On the campaign trail, Donald Trump was Q; he articulated the frustration and hope of Americans that had been stepped on and over for several decades by the self-serving ...


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