Are The Australian Greens Party really Communists?

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First published at 23:52 UTC on February 8th, 2018.

Are the Australian Greens communists? In this video I seek to answer this question once and for all by comparing the Greens to the Socialist Alliance and the Communist party of Australia.

The Greens formed in the 1970’s, about when the disaster that was Russian communism became known, the evidence showed it to be a horrible ideology.

Post-Modernism was one thing that came out of it but was it the only morph of the old ideology?

I go through the recent history of the post-modernist (aka, communist) movement and see where their tentacles have touched.

They may argue they are really socialists but the two terms are essentially interchangeable with other forms of Marxism.

Richard Di-Natale claims they aren't but he has a vested interest in saying that, what matters is the truth.

Video features clips from Jordan Peterson on Mark Steyn's show as well as Stefan Molyneux.

For full policies of the Australian Greens, the CPA and the Socialist Alliance see links below.


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