From the ChromaToast BodyPaint Event in Atlanta, Ga @ Ambient+ Studio
Models: Ebony and Miracle
Artist: Andre R.
LiveStreamed worldwide on MainEvent TV/Radio platform
Next event: https://galaxy9.net/events

BodyPaint posters featuring Grace from her first bodypaint poster session.
--> https://galaxy9.net/ii/40shop

Our creative agreement grants a share from each folder sold to those involved in that poster's production. This means director, photographer, models and artist (in addition to their pay for the session).

From our first Small-format BodyPaint Social Exhibit before doors opened
Next event: https://galaxy9.net/ii/1


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Most of the videos may be from events and shoots by Big 40, Galaxy9.net, plus some associates and co-conspirators.
Content range: Projects, experiments, and promotional material (shameless, shameful and otherwise). Understand that this all comes from artists, not drones and clones.