Not sure the purpose of this. A flu shot robot in a supermarket? I suppose it is doing checking of items maybe. It reads "flu shots? yep" on it.

Oregon Governor imposes new outdoor mask mandate, even for those "vaccinated".

It seems quite obvious they want to create food shortages in any way possible. It would be very wise to stockpile some food, at least 6months-year or more. Water is of course even more important. A gravity fed water filter and/or a water distiller would be a very good idea. generators, first aid and other supplies would be a good idea. Mirror from @Hatstruth

Done on purpose or not? probably.

Monkey needs to stop watching TV

I never asked for donations ever, but I am seriously broke and have uploaded for free for over 7months. If you feel kind enough to pledge me a few bucks I'd be super grateful, if not no worries.

This is insane, but people don't seem to be asking why did 4 newborns need life saving heart surgery in the first place?

Source quote: "The vaccine almost cost me my life. Traumatized my family and for what?? For me to have to give up nursing because of the lingering side effects that no one knows how to treat. If you want the vaccine great. If you don’t great. Do your research. I’m one that now is living with daily side effects of a vaccine I got 7 months ago."

Check the movie 'Songbird'. They have also said they would use constellations to name strains for when they run out of the greek alphabet...

All liars

Mainstream media lies yet again, A 100% track record of bullshitting the public !

Obese BBC tyrant Stephen Nolan wanting the government to "come down hard" on young healthy people opting not to be injected with the experimental covid vaccine, wanting them banned from enjoying life.

I never asked for donations ever, but I am seriously broke and have uploaded for free for over 7months. If you feel kind enough to pledge me a few bucks I'd be super grateful, if not no worries.

42-year-old NZ hip hop artist mocks lockdown protesters, dead 28 days after second Pfizer shot. Mr. Todd Williams, aka Louie Knuxx, received his second dose of experimental Pfizer mRNA on July 15. His vitriolic rhetoric and attitudes towards anti-lockdown protesters in Australia had been ongoing since at least May. He referred to thousands of protesters in Melbourne as “whiney fucking babies.” He said he wants to “punch one of these cunts in the jaw.” Mr. Knuxx woke up on August 13 and got on his treadmill, as was apparently a regular routine. But he suffered a heart attack while running on the treadmill, meaning blood flow was blocked (blood clots) to parts of the heart. He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

These are just a few of MANY - I don't know the location of most of these unfortunately, the ones I do are shown. A compilation of just some of the people that dropped down convulsing, with heart attacks or dead right after their 'jabs'. The one in Mexico reads "A healthy 46-year-old man dies just one minute after injection".

Religious man that isn't a satanist liar this time, speaks truth.

This is what happens when you believe the mainstream media narratives.


Australian Minister Victor Dominello is diagnosed with Bell's palsy after viewers spot his drooping eye in a New South Wales press conference. Even these are being maimed, some even dropping like flies from the jabs and still they get and promote the 'jabs'.

France - people not allowed into supermarkets without "Covid passports".
"You won't be allowed to enjoy concerts without the jab" has quickly turned into "you won't be allowed to eat". YOU COULD ASK YOURSELF IF IT WAS REALLY ABOUT A 'VIRUS' AND PROTECTING PEOPLES HEALTH, WHY THE F AREN'T YOU ALLOWED TO EAT NOW ?

It's about a virus and it's for your safety.

Paris, Bordeaux and Marseilles pictured here. Protests of France 22 August 2021

Because of the CV19 scam on humanity. I guess they feel important now, wtf.

Dan Andrews again..
"NO DRINKING WITHOUT A MASK" >> https://www.bitchute.com/video/JOV9Bgr8gfFP/


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