The Last Days With Jesus by brother Aaron Earnest

The Last Days With Jesus study for children

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7th SEALed In (about 20 minutes is missing from this presentation due to the workings of the enemy of souls, but you can see the complete study in the PowerPoint)

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Cross Bow - Enlightening The World by brother Aaron Earnest

EVER GREEN - Sermon/Study by brother Aaron Earnest

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Spirit Of Prophecy - Testimony Of Jesus In History - brother Aaron Earnest

Sworen In - Do You Solemnly Swear? - brother Aaron Earnest - October 02 2021

Estrellas Caídas La extraña conexión entre los Cristianos y los Ovnis (Starfall Spanish, 2021)

Starfall - The Strange Connection Between Christians And Aliens By Brad Burnham (2021 Documentary)

Marriage Parts 3-6 brother Aaron Earnest (Home Study)

Is the Qur'an from God or from Man - Jay Smith

Is the Bible corrupted - Adnan Rashid & James White [Islam-Christianity Debate]

Is Muhammad the Prophet Like Moses in Deuteronomy 18:18 A Reply to Zakir Naik

Is Isaiah 29:12 a Prophecy about Muhammad A Reply to Zakir Naik

Is Allah SATAN Islam Exposed.- Usama Dakdok


Inside the Kaaba

Incredibly Odd Teachings #2 (By David Wood)

I Believe in Muhammad (David Wood)

How Muhammad Ali Was Deceived by Islam

How Islam Can Prevent Sexual Abuse Scandals (Thanks, Qasim Rashid!)

How Can God Die - A Muslim Question

How Allah Got His Name Wrong (Islam Debunked)

Hollywood Condemns Muhammad

Marriage Parts 1-2 by brother Aaron Earnest (Home Study)

Great Britain Grants Asylum to the Muslim Brotherhood (David Wood)


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The Great Clock of Time:

God works upon the plan of 7, from Genesis 1:1 - 2:3 unto Revelation and the final scenes.

6 of work, and the 7th of rest, for even the devil knew how long he had to work, Revelation 12:12.

Age of the Earth (PDF) -

The Redemption of the Creation – 7000 Years And The Everlasting Gospel (Powerpoint) -

7000 Year Plan Of The Everlasting Gospel – Bible & Historical Quotations (PDF) -

The End Of Time – Vance Ferrell (PDF) -

Eternity Past to Eternity Future, & the 2300 Day/Years of Daniel 8:14 (Picture) -

7 Days – 7000 Years Chart (Picture) -

Feasts of the Lord Chart (Picture) -

Feasts of the Lord (Powerpoint) -

7 Branch Candlestick, Psalms 77:13, Encompassing Chart (Picture) -

Revelation 12 (Powerpoint) -

Daniel 7 & Revelation 13 Parallel Language -

Daniel 11:40-45, 12:1-3 -

Daniel & Revelation Structure (Psalms 77:13) -

The Daily Daily (with Images) -

Daniel 8:14 (Cleansed) -

Daniel 9:24 - 70 Weeks (Contiguous) -

Daniel 9:26 - The People Of The Prince That Shall Come -

20 Reasons To Apply The Day For A Year In Prophecy -

AntiChrist Seated -

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