The 2nd Amendment does not give you anything. It is a restriction on government and the people who comprise the government, as to where they cannot go.

There is no such thing as “2nd Amendment Rights”. The right to keep and bear arms pre-existed government and are your “natural rights”.

“Firearm” also is a slick political creation to work their way around their restriction by identifying arms as “firearms” just another commodity in commerce and then they proceed to abuse the commerce clause via 14th Amendment CommuFascist citizenship that didn’t exist until after the Civil War.

It is not the citizenship the founders created —— wake up

Original video -

Well, the Donald has been summarily removed but means that officially say he lost the erection... ooops, I mean election. Now while everyone who listens to my radio show or watches reports and some humor over here know, I have extracted myself from the false left right paradigm dog and pony show cult of personality religion of government. So while Trump was certainly more humorously entertaining as opposed to Joe “Pet my leg hair and jump in my lap” Biden’s uncomfortably grossed out humor so one doesnt cry - style, I am really removed so I am able to give an actual independent analysis.

In my OPINION... something stinks to high hell!

Special thanks to CNN for continuing to give us great cannon fodder and to Chuck “Freudian Slurp” Schumer, without whom this video would not be possible.

Music credit :
“Stuck in the Middle with You”
words ans music by Steelers Wheel
Performed by Tom Lacovara-Stewart

Video credit
Idiocracy the movie


Well Joe Biden is in denial and a good portion of liberals are brainwashed into believing false hoods, the crowd whining and complaining, well none of them care about why. The response is more censorship. Their answer to be in Pete fair and square is simply to cheat. By any means necessary, but not honorable.

Special thanks to Zeducation, Who’s clips on these tweets are priceless including the voice overs.

I’m fed up with the entire office of the presidency that being said at least Trump was entertaining this guy is walking corpse. And next in line is her highness Marxist in chief. It’s gonna be rough couple years Phyllis.

Music credit
“Stir It Up” by Bob Marley and the Wailers
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I do not deny there is a virus floating around the world. But I do absolutely question everything that is purported to be truth coming from government and private corporations that have been legally given total protection from liability while said Hegelian Dialectic response is so obviously offered. I recommend High Impact Flix / Brian Young’s analysis on the current state of affairs. What I do is analyze current events and compare them to historical events, statements, known agendas, and direct quotes.

As Patrick Henry once said...

“I smell a rat”

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This is a song written by Lou Reed and performed by so many artists including but not limited to Luciano Pavarotti.

Performed by Tom Lacovara-Stewart from the United States and Maarit Mähönen originally of Finland now Sweden.

This is a break from the insanity we usually have to cover on this channel.


As many of you know I’m not a big fan of Trump but then again I’m not a big fan of anybody who runs for the office of the president of this captured communistic democracy disguised as a republic.... but a special kind of creepiness goes to those who can support anyone who says stuff like this you have to have your head examined seriously ....

And I thought Q-tards were bad...

At least Trump is entertaining.

that is all...


An Oregon salon owner who opened her business in defiance of the state's lockdown orders accused Gov. Kate Brown of "retaliating" against her family in a $100,000 lawsuit, which details the damages she sustained due to extended closures and exorbitant fines issued against her. We are all told according to the Supreme Court that police and therefore the “state” has no duty to protect us, then that would also mean they have no authority to demand such from the public as they derive their powers from the people.

#NoDutyToProtect #COVID19

Also their obligations or duties can no exceed what we do not have to grant. As such all mandates and closures under Marbury v. Madison should be considered null and void.

Glamour Salon owner Lindsey Graham (not to be confused with the politician) reopened her salon in May and received a fine of $14,000 from the state. Graham claimed that Brown began to personally "terrorize" her family, and threatened to place her children under the care of Child Protective Services to "intimidate" her into closing her salon doors.
Because , you know, if you do not OBEY COMRADE PREMIER KATE of the PEOPLES REPUBLIC of OREGON then it means you must be disallowed the privilege of allowing the state to house its future Communist youth. As you can’t be trusted not to interfere with their state obedience and indoctrination training also known as the Oregon Public and manipulated Private School System.

This is really making me sick. I wish I would have said more in this video.

So the salon owner is suing Comrade Kate. I pray to the God these godless heathens are put into their place before it’s too late. L

I ask all of you to think critically. I am not making an argument here claiming COVID does not exist so the censors know. Just listen to the words of this career politician.

Compare them with what you see politicians doing.... while watching the complete destruction of the middle class who might be strong enough to rebel if they were not in permanent damage control as a result of political policies designed to “protect all of us”.


Meet Cardinal Burke. As a former Catholic I am always keeping a keen eye on the Roman Empire. And this Cardinal restores a tad my faith in many of my brothers and sisters still in the church. Needless to say I do not believe the Marxist Jesuit Pope would be too happy with this. In it he gives his thoughts on the
#NewNormal and #GreatReset short of calling those who comply akin to folks in Idiocracy, his only blind spot is the church in and of itself. For that I can give him a huge berth. It is his life. And I believe him to be a good man which is why he was demoted by His Supreme Pompousness.

The best castigation of Marxism by a Cardinal I’ve ever heard!


Regardless of your position on masks, one of the things that really grinds my gears over this entire COVID nightmare is the main figure behind the “final solution”.... Gates own words not mine is that his father was a well known Eugenicist who believes in population control. If someone demands that - well by all means we should trust in all he says....


We have undergone a really rough time. I how to be product but

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A simple message from an amazing man. Ladies & Gentlemen, watch what makes being taken to the woodshed look like a picnic.

Woe unto scribes and Pharisees you bow before the letter of the law, and violate the heart of the law.

Jesus - Leader of the Nazarenes

True story!

It amazes me that the folks who claim to be “all about science” often can’t even explain photosynthesis if asked. Or that most know about all of those “scientists in agreement” about “global warming” fail to take the most simple factors that we know of in addition to what they remain focused on : like the other planets in our solar system also are warming.

Is it irrational to think that much of this can simply be explained by that? I don’t know. Neither do most of you. Or Liberals.
They require the rejection of science in some areas to be dope on what’s popular science. From a generation of Tide Pod eating morons


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Credit : Sky News on Climate Politics

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. The Central Banking scheme is widely criticized yet here we are... The Federal Reserve has announced that they will not be printing money this year. Due to COVID.... right.....

TRUMP v. BIDEN - wouldn't calling this an Erection instead of an Election be more appropriate? Sorry. I'm fed up with all of them.

Music Credit - Rape Me - words and music by Nirvana
enhanced and performed by Tom Lacovara-Stewart

No one is singled out in this video or harassed so don't go there YouTube.
As for CNN's Chris "Fredo," Cuomo and Don (worst reporter ever) Lemon showed what a clueless bafoon he is... ...at least Cuomo knew the process.


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This is one of the most infuriating videos I’ve seen this month. I used to say this year, but the Totalitarian state is marching on.

Still think you are free? Think again.

Ding dong the wicked witch is dead. Do you guys want to do me a favor go to my 911 video that they immediately struck and then decided all of a sudden it was really kind of uncool to strike a firefighters video from 911 yeah they stopped it in the middle of the uptick so if you go back there and give it a watch and give it a thumbs up Scherret I’d be nice I appreciate it I did it as tribute to the firefighters lost lives anyway dingdong the wicked witch is dead.

Well this was an interesting exchange on Fox News. What I can say is that we have entered the anti anti Semitic twilight zone!

On September 11th 2001 I sat in the lounge of my firehouse in New Jersey. By the second crash all hands were on deck. You have never seen so many grown men cry whern we played back the audio and heard our brothers lives extinguished. Many of my friends such as @HighImpactFlix and @Know More News perhaps @The Last American Vagabond or @Vigilante Intelligence maybe even @Brendon O'Connell will cover the details today.... For the rest of the day I mourn and pray.

Heres to you boys.... #StillRiding #FDNY

Just when you thought that life was not already seriously odd.

I have read all the FBI documents and some of foreign police agencies as well as Interpol. If anyone tells you that strange uses or expressions of this subject matter is not suspicious they are ignoring the statements by the FBI ON IT.

The back story to Harris is strange. A fake Masonic Police force, support of occultists, and now this.

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There comes a time in life when the world around you becomes so absolutely insane that all one can do is laugh at it, then start kicking ass and taking names again.

Kamala’s father was widely known to be a Marxist. In fact he was sought out to teach because of it. It is mind blowing that we are allowing openly - those who are implementing a subversive agenda that is still illegal under Federal law and no one is calling it out or preventing it. Why?

You know my answer - we were overthrown long ago in my opinion.

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Global demonstrations - while these faux protests began prior to said demonstrations. Seattle, Portland ... testing grounds for this lunacy.

But mass global demonstrations seem to be winning in the sphere of convincing the people that government has become a threat to the world itself.

Time the people of the world do a re-set... and I don’t mean a financial one.

High Impact TV = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZYou8BTUFw
Richie from Boston https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_czBR38xfd0
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I’ve been nailed by what looks like a double poisonous spider bite. Fever, hallucinations, delirium... and as I was laying in bed for whatever reason these 2 clips made it my way. So this is a hello... I’ll be back shortly ... with a laugh.

Oh, I hate to get into it here , but the property that my business partner and zi live on in 2 separate units, that I made my studio on and was told I would have security and stability not having to move in return for all the repairs and remodeling we have done out of pocket, we were just informed that it is being sold out from under us. As we traded our labor for a “situation” by someone who claimed to support our network, my show and promised to never do anything to cause us harm, has done exactly that. We spent savings in materials and disposal and now we have to move. If you can please send whatever you feel you can. While Chris Switzer with Rachel Tobias will still be doing the radio show, this could be the end of the road for me for awhile. It’s been seriously difficult to maintain while we were working, I was hoping that right now would be the time I got to finally put some serious time back into it. The property owner claimed to be a supporter of Palestine and respect the conservative position I come from. It appears that he is not only not that, but a Zionist as well. That actually explains a lot. A Zionist would have no respect for the lives or efforts of others who literally they are fleecing for profit.

Please see description for an update on RTR’s current state. We need some eyes on a situation.

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Sorry to those whom I haven’t been in contact with... I was really really sick.

Still waiting and trying to sling CVID19 a web.... I think when I was hallucinating I tried to kiss someone upside down only right side up.... 😂

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It was difficult for me when I finally woke up. I'm not talking about being smarter than anyone nor what I've learned through books or newspapers are researching alone. You could be the smartest man in the room. You can have had an ivy league education. In fact I'm finding that your IQ in many ways can be a detriment to you actually thinking freely. When the education system itself has been seized upon by some of the most brilliant people in the world for common goal, cohesion is what makes the mind control the employ successful. Most universities have been infiltrated long ago. The world communist movement coordinated from Moscow has been successful beyond their wildest dreams. A defector of the KGB whose cover was as a journalist, revealed that the tactics of active measures. The infiltration and take down of the United States and the replacement of the Republic form of government with Marxist Leninist ideology was what has been being done. Some of the most successful names in journalism who revealed that the chaos going on around us is Marxist based will still never tell you the full truth about their most successful method of infiltration.They will, they will censor, they will coordinate, they will negatively influence those around us. By us I mean those who pulled themselves out of one of the most important things that the infiltrators need to succeed. The left right paradigm. The false paradigm. That which was needed to divide us and to initiate their plan. The plan being based on decades of human experiments. ..

- From The American Conservative:

On Tuesday, there was a horrific explosion in the port of Beirut that ripped through the city and killed more than seventy people as well as injuring at least 4,000:

Lebanon’s health ministry said that at least 78 people had died and 4,000 suffered injuries in the explosions and fire that shook Beirut on Tuesday.

The numbers climbed steadily through the day, and with the wounded still streaming into hospitals and the search for missing people underway, they were likely to go higher still.

The blast appears to have been caused when a fire set off a huge store of ammonium nitrate that had been confiscated from a ship and kept at the port for the last six years. Such a huge quantity of explosive material was a disaster waiting to happen, and the citizens of Beirut have suffered a devastating blow as a result. The Lebanese prime minister has vowed that there will be accountability for those responsible for keeping this material there. Initial reports and video show that the city’s port has been wrecked, and it is not known at this time how long it will take to repair and resume operations there.

Lebanon was already suffering from a severe economic and financial crisis exacerbated by U.S. sanctions on Iran and Syria, and the country was also coping with a serious coronavirus outbreak. Lebanon’s hospitals were already under strain because of the pandemic, and now they are being overwhelmed by the huge number of people injured in the blast. The port explosion affected the entire city and was felt as far away as Cyprus. The damage from the blast was massive and far-reaching.

VIDEO PRODUCED by CHRIS SWITZER RTR Host from The Freedom Ministry


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It would appear that attacking the food supply is a popular endeavor this year. Israeli was planes attack defenseless foliage and sustenance in Palestine, no doubt where terrorists were bunkering under the fruit and now have been turned into vegetables... sorry. This is so sad I have to make some form of lame attempt at humor.

Special thanks to my friend Marshall.

Tom Lacovara-Stewart
Chris Switzer (The Freedom Ministry)
Rachel Tobias

Fair Use claim on the content of this report.

Ammon Bundy and some concerned folks showed up at what by law is to be an open public meeting in which would be discussed and determined if they would mandate mandatory mask wearing. Nowhere is the govt. empowered to make such an edict.
In fact, they are prohibited from doing so as it probably is injurious according to OSHA.


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