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New world order or freedom
Knights of Malta” are the militia of the Pope.It is one of the NWO SECRET SOCIETIES that are determined to trample on the gool old USA. “The Knights of Malta is a world organization with its thread weaving through business, banking, politics, the CIA,other Intelligence Organizations, P2, religion, education, law, military, think tanks, foundations, the United States Information Agency, the United Nation and numerous other organizations.”
“The Knights of Malta have their own Constitution and are sworn to work toward the establishment of the New World Order with the Pope at its head. Knights of Malta members are also powerful members if the CFR and the Trilateral Commission”.
The first U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican was William Wilson, a Knight of Malta, His appointment was probably illegal and for a fact, highly unethical. Wilson could not have possibly represented the U.S. when his allegiance was sworn to the Pope. The Knights of Malta ALL have diplomatic immunity. The Knights of Malta is held up by a backbone consisting of Nobility. Nearly half of the 10,000 members belong to Europe's most oldest and most powerful families. This cements the alliance between the Vatican and the “Black Nobility”.Following the events of 9/11 Bill’s broadcasts went on to explain the Federal Government's foreknowledge and compliance of that fateful day. Bill’s final broadcast November 5th, 2001 was dedicate to his next book about his experience in Vietnam and was dedicating it to all those he served with during that time.That evening the Apache County Sheriff’s Department would come to Bill’s home at 11:15pm fully armed to serve a Warrant for his arrest. The local Eager Police Department was not notified until after Bill was killed.

Consciousness Shapes Reality(Oct22nd)
Another world is possible. You are invited to join your fellow brothers and sisters to come together to use our conscience our hearts on October 22, 2017 at 8pm US Central time to create the largest magnification in the frequency love that this world has ever known.

At that time either alone in your room or out in public with your freinds and community stop all that you are doing and silently use your mind to project feelings of love and peace. To envision a new world. Not thoughts of violent struggles to get there but of actually being there. Feel the freedom, the commuinity, lack of fear, feel the love. Do this for fifteen minutes and together I promise you we use the laws of physics to set our course right.

Organize flash mobs for that time. Have them take place in busy areas then all togther jsut drop down in silence and medotate, envision, create.

Think of it as a temporary occupation if you are outside. For those 15 minutes just disengage. Though it may appear as passive this silent act will speak loudly. You will be heard, For you are all creators.

Think 15 minute iccupations removes the threat of being arrested. There just isnt enough time. As soon as the minutes are up you go about your day. This removes the fear for the genreral public which has kept them from expressing their desires for a new world. This removes that fear and allows the masses to join in once again. So even if you are one who doesnt believe in the power of the mind you can see how this tatic is still useful for you to use or attend.

Afterwars keep it ging if you choose. Put forth the love in action. Do something nice, helpful, talk with those around you find solutions to our problems where we are the solution not some corrupt system.

Peace, Love, Namaste, Another World is Possible...

Las Vegas shooting possible false
Shots rang out at an open-air music festival in Las Vegas near the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on Sunday night. Multiple casualties have been reported.
Is it possible that the planned false flag for the mayweather mcgregor fight Aug 21, 2017 was moved because to many knew of the event

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