In this video I fight procrastination with an update on the broken bolt and front grill. I also touch up a couple of paint chips with left over paint from Smart Paintworx (Previous video) and I detail the wheel nuts.

Rim: 17 inch
Centre Bore: 56.1 mm
PCD: 5x100
Wheel Fasteners: Lug Nuts
Torque: 120Nm
Thread Size M12 x 1.25
Model Year: 2012 - 2016

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Honestly, the game has been reasonably stable compared to the initial release (Besides the continuing sound issues). I'm making the effort to finish the game now, as most of the bugs I'm encountering are variants of those we've already seen. Close to wrapping up the videos, unless I come across some cool stuff or until the free updates come out (Let me play as Col. Steve Austin). Put on your cyberware, let's go for a gawk...

1) Hover pants, I need them
2) Yes, like being taken off the Playstation store
3) Raving all night long, too tired for gravity
4) That's not how smoking works
5) Looking at you mainstream media
6) This drug makes you awkwardly irritating
7&8) Walking through structures, so hot right now
9) I've had a few
11) Hands up or I'll shoot, nevermind...
12) In-N-Out Burger tries a new approach
13) I have eye drops for that
14) Acquiring the Samurai Jacket, pretty cool except for the knobbly bits on the arms.
15) Social distancing guns
16) Picking up Johnny's Porsche
17) Cruising with Keanu, breathtaking

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Finishing the Beachhead expedition update (part 2) in No Man's Sky, nets you the Normandy Ship from Mass Effect as part of your frigate fleet. You cannot fly or land on it. You can send it on expeditions. I warped through the 5 rendezvous points to obtain it, missing the smaller quests. A new player may find this quite daunting. I usually skip these quests, but it was hard to pass up. You can use it across other saves also. Seeing it appear was cool, then I promptly fell down a hole...
Available until the expedition resets on May 31st 2021.

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This week's sparrow at the Destiny store seems to be a tribute to drag racing and a nod towards the anime movie Redline (Japan, 2009). Complete with a shaker on the engine, rear wing and what seems to be a nitrous bottle. One for the auto aficionado.

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Today, Jarrod from Smart Paintworx repaired the scratch on the rear bumper of my 86. A big thank you for a fantastic job. If you're in Adelaide and are in need of a scratch, dent or alloy wheel repair, give them a buzz. Cheers.

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Get a mirror finish on your exhaust tips (Stainless Steel). I used wet and dry sandpaper (Also water with a touch of dishwashing liquid). 800 grit, 1500 grit then 2000 grit, as the finish on my exhaust wasn't too bad. I then used Autosol metal polish, with a mild abrasive polishing tip, then finishing with a cotton polishing tip and clean dry rag. You may want to wear gloves to protect your hands.

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Complete the Polaris Lance Catalyst (Perfect fifth shot requirement) easily. Acquire the Polaris Lance Scout Rifle from the tower, if you don't have it already (Exotic Cypher available from Xur on weekends). The catalyst drops from completing strikes, crucible or gambit matches. Go about your daily bounties until it drops. You will need 500 general kills and 50 perfect fifth shots to complete the catalyst. My power level was 1316.

Perfect fifth shots are obtained by BURN DAMAGE AFTER the fifth shot lands. Watch for the Wolf Symbol below to the right on the reticule of your scout rifle to light up, this shot is the explosive solar bullet, when this hits and explodes, whatever dies from the burn damage after the explosion counts as a perfect fifth kill. If you reload your gun, it will reset the five shots needed, so reload before you attempt to light up the wolf symbol.

As of May 2021:
Step 1: Go to Europa (Load in at Charon's Crossing).

Step 2: Head to the Perdition Lost Sector

Step 3: Fight through to the final boss, shoot in the centre four times (Must have yellow damage numbers to count) wolf symbol lights up, shoot into a group of red bar enemies on the fifth shot. When the fifth shot explodes, back off and let the burn damage (hopefully) kill some enemies.

You can shoot red bar enemies to build up the four shots for the wolf symbol to light up also, I found it easier to shoot the yellow bar bosses first. You can do this at any point in the lost sector, I found it easier with the last boss, as the ground is level and it's easy dodge incoming gunfire.

Step 4: To reset the Perdition lost sector, run back to the entrance as shown. Repeat the Lost Sector until you have the 50 perfect fifth shots. It took me about an hour.

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Join me for another bad pun-fest in Cyberpunk 2077 (The story is actually pretty good, I get side-tracked easily). I also learnt not to delete video from the xbox, lest one-drive shall not receive it, thus losing all the footage. Live and learn. Cybernuts...

1) It's a dude in a box
2) Air-O-Sol Spray paint
3) Because you have it out for everyone?
4) Iron Chef audition gets creepy, featuring floaty keitai
5) Even the NPC's cannot be bothered existing
6) Being in a relationship is hard... and vending machines
7) Recreating a New York subway, circa 2021
8) If that involves pegging, then no, I'd rather be in the wall
9) We all float down here, including pizza.
10) Personal space exists in the mind in 2077. Also, wash your hands
11) Reebok pumps, it's like you're running on air
12) Waste recycles itself in the future
13) Some puns write themselves. Yes I do
14) When the story requires you take out the embedded sniper, it is not meant to be this literally...
15) Stormtrooper training camp
16) Nobody takes Garry's couch
17) Mime drinking coffee and reprising a David Blaine trick, this game has it all
18) Woody Harrelson keeps a knockin' but he can't come in

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As I was making this video, another hotfix dropped on the 28th of April (15GB). The sound problems in capture continue. It's an in-game problem I thought may have had something to do with the copyright options. I'm just a lowly council worker learning to code, so who knows. Onward cyberfreaks...

1) Well that's disturbing. Look at GTA 5 story mode, an 8 year old game.
Come on guys, less arms.
2) Where do all those vehicles go? They're coming out of the water,
Bond style, less fish.
3) I've trained my motorcycle to fetch my car. Nifty, eh?
4) Good lord, my ticker...
5) That's. Not. Right.
Remember The Extraordinary League Of Gentlemen? Dr. Jekyll?
6) Cyberanus
7) Nasal coffee, sinus blend
8) Physics are sexist
9) How after 200 hours, is my apartment a new area?
10) Damn in-game too?
Don't worry, I had sex in a tank afterwards (Long story)
11) And the winner for the 'Most Sultry Flare Drop' goes too...
12) Two for the price of one
12) You swam right through me, that really was something
13) Tom Cruise couch, give it a try

(Rejected sample, under fair use and parody - Flight Of The Conchords S02E01)
#Cyberpunk2077​ #CDProjektRED​ #XboxSeriesX​
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Sprucing up the engine bay, with some dress up parts from Grimmspeed.
Did some more detailing while I was at it. Things you do at three in the morning...

#Grimmspeed​ #Toyota86​ #Dressup​
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Since my last Cyberpunk video there has been another patch (20GB).
It's actually made things slightly worse on the Series Xbox X, in regards to pop in.
Most of this footage was taken around Megabuilding H8, my favourite place to hang out.
Stranger things indeed.

1) Yes, those boots are adorable
2) What a deep voice you have
3) I've stolen their Police car, let's see if they notice...
4) Door fail continues
5) Only wanted to ask why a horse, in a game called Roach Race?
Oh, and there's a dude stuck in your back...
6) Sharpie beard guy pretending he has a tablet and twinsies.
7) Ah, threesies?
8) What are the odds?
9) Kids and their new fangled dance moves
10) This guy has been laying there for a couple of weeks
11) it's all in the hips, she's gone to get them
12) Is it even possible to swallow floaty food?
13) Less litter with pretend cigarettes
14) Just popped in to drive by
15) Anti-grav chips, the future!

#Cyberpunk2077 #CDProjektRED #XboxSeriesX
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Adding the JDM Visor and taking out the gauge cluster to restore the plastic cover.

Part number: SU003 - 06622
Thank you to Link to product:​

#JDMVisor​​ #Toyota86​​ #GaugeCover​​
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A look at some seatbelt pads I picked up in 2019.
An inexpensive way to improve the cabin aesthetic of your 86.

I've also included a tip to check your fuel gauge without starting the car and detailing of the rubber bonnet (Hood) strip. Turns out it needed it.
Discovered a bolt that was glued on too, it will need to be replaced. Cars, eh?

#Seatbeltpads​ #Toyota86​ #Detailing​
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It's been a few months and captures with no sound, continue to be a problem on the Xbox Series X. The best solution I found recently was after a Cyberpunk update (Only game that has this problem so far for me, deleted a lot of good footage because of this), hold down the power button until it powers off, then unplug for five minutes. Upload test footage for a sound check, then play. A huge pain let me tell you.

All footage is taken after the latest patch update. The game looks cleaner, hair modelling still looks great, cars handle slightly better and the city is still cool. Anyhoo, without further adieu, let's delve into the wacky world of Night City.

1) Magic door still works. Left from your apartment, follow the corridor all the way around
2) Not a barrier, moreso a guideline
3) Cybermullet twins are back and spawn frequently
(Complete with weird swaying)
4) Non spill noodles, the future!
5) Texture pop in, texture pop out and shake it all about...
(Screen tear is my 10 year old computer)
6) Just heard Cyberpunk multiplayer is cancelled
7) Nice mask
8) Night City, the place to pee
9) Yeah, nah
10) Free willy
11) Posture pedic
12) Tesla hands free
13) You gotta put it somewhere. Marry me.
14) Yes this still happens
15) Never Valet park
16) Looks like them Duke boys are at it again
17) I told you
18) If it's rockin', don't come knocking
19) My first car (A Cortina 1600 GT) was defected for worn ball joints (Heh), This led to a litany of defects over the pit, resulting in having to sell it to the wreckers. True story...

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Formatting video to play on the factory head unit. The program I used was Format Factory, however any conversion software will do the trick. (Video will only play with the handbrake on).

Part Numbers in the part update:
Cover Intake: SU003-01532
Boot Terminal: SU003-02359
Cap Assembly: SU003-02731
Socket Assembly: SU003-02728
Big thank you to Peter Kittle Toyota, Adelaide.
#Toyota86 #FactoryHeadUnit #Video

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I bought these at the Mount Gambier show 30+ years ago. They have been broken and in storage for many decades. Nostalgia has me wanting to repair them. Some simple re-soldering should do the trick (and a few hours). Surprisingly, I actually fixed them. Yatta!
#LEDSunglasses​ #Retro​ #Repair​

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Replacing the Toyota 86 fender garnish with the Subaru BRZ version.
Most of the time was spent removing the old adhesive, it was really stuck on there.
I purchased the BRZ garnishes from Subaru Okayama, Japan, around 2014.
I've had the build planned in my head for a very long time.
Good to see it finally coming to fruition...

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Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) TRD fuel cap cover.
Ordered this in Japan thinking it was billet. It was not. At the very least, it's a good template for an actual billet version, with a laser etched 86 replacing the TRD logo. Would look pretty sweet, right? On the list...

Added some cleaning and polish updates at the end of the video for the buff crew.
#Cleanlife​ #JDM​ #Toyota86​

Big thanks to Toyota Okayama, Japan.​​​​​ Aearonjer Merch!
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Fitting the Whiteline Strut Brace. Purchased through​ way back in 2013. Started polishing some bolts, which ended up with installing the brace. Footage at the end for you polishing buffs.
Whiteline strut Tower Brace:
Part Number: KSB652

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The frameless mirror is standard on the Australian Toyota 86 in GTS Trim. They are unfortunately prone to delamination as mine had. Simon from Subaru Mentone, Melbourne, sent out a replacement, as well as a new tyre iron. Perfect.
Frameless rear view mirror part number SU003-07866 (MIRROR KIT IN)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Aearonjer Merch!
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Buying a used car usually means the points of contact will be showing signs of wear and tear. Today I replaced the factory gear knob... with a factory gearknob. I had a billet MOMO King gearknob to install, it didn't work with the cabin aesthetics however and I actually like the stock one.
Part number: SU003 - 08085 (TOYOTA: 33504F SHIFT KNOB)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Aearonjer Merch!
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Find a blue marker on the online map while driving/flying around online (You may have to buy the Kosatka submarine first). There are random spawns, I have found him on the pier a few times. Search the man and you will receive a key. During the Cayo Perico heist, head to the office, go to the drawer and pick up your Golden Gun Mr. Bond.​​​​​ Aearonjer Merch!
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Gotta get lucky sometime.
Couldn't paint it any other colour, as the door mirrors and handles wouldn't change... weird.
Nice looking car based off the newer Mustang fastbacks.
10/10 would win again. Aearonjer Merch!
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Repairing some rust in the boot (Trunk) before it gets out of hand. Eventually when the car is resprayed, I'll also have the boot professionally painted the body colour to match (Tornado grey). Included some detailing of bolts also. Wire brushes come in handy!​​​​​​​​​​ Aearonjer Merch!
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