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Bertrand Russell was a mathematician and philosopher who had a big influence on 20th century mathematics, logic, linguistics, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, computer science, philosophy of language, and metaphysics. Among his many books, he wrote The Scientific Outlook, Education and the Social Order, Marriage and Morals, and The Impact of Science on Society.

A (very) Brief History of Bertrand Russell

Cutting Through the Matrix

In part two of a 2009 film for Prison Planet, The Neo-Eugenics War on Humanity, Alan Watt talked about the very old eugenics plan to reduce the world's population, to get rid of useless eaters with "junk genes." He discussed the Club of Rome book, "The First Global Revolution," where we can find Alan's often cited quote from that book, "The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself." In this dense talk, Alan touched on the dropping sperm count, Bisphenol A, the polio vaccine, SV40 and cancer, and eugenics breeding programs.

Cutting Through the Matrix

Transcript - The Neo-Eugenics War On Humanity by Alan Watt

Horny Holy Man or Sinless Socialist? - by Not Sure

Alan Watt: The Neo-Eugenics War on Humanity - Thanks to Tri-State Electrical Supply for keeping this uploaded for so many years

Thanksgiving, Gathering of Family - Countries that Celebrate Thanksgiving or Harvest Festivals - Challenges of Life - Aunt Betty - Thanksgiving Disasters and Mishaps and Thanksgiving Horror Stories - 2023 Slasher Movie, "Thanksgiving" - Grindhouse Movies, Quentin Tarantino, "Inglourious Basterds," Barbarity - Revisionist History - The Denigration of Tradition - Year Zero, Toppling Statues, Defacing Monuments, Outrage Over Colonialism, Foundational Myths - Thanksgiving Day Disaster of 1900, Deadliest Disaster of a US Sporting Event Ever, Most of the Victims Were Young Boys - Aunt Betty's Thanksgiving Story - Shaker Song, "Simple Gifts."

Erntedank , Germany’s Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving Day Disaster

Thanksgiving Special - The Big Game Disaster of 1900

The Big Game Disaster of 1900

Sudden Death: Boys Fell to Their Doom in S.F.'s Forgotten Disaster

The Worst Thanksgiving Storms in US History

Ten Years Later, the Nazi-Killing Gore of 'Inglourious Basterds' Resonates More Than Ever

Thanksgiving (2023 film)

‘Thanksgiving’: Eli Roth’s Throwback Slasher Can Go Stuff Itself

"Real History" with Melissa - Ep 9 Betty and The Value of One US Dollar - March 16, 2023

Simple Gifts - Yo-Yo Ma and Alison Krauss

Preparing a Feast in 1820 - A Thanksgiving Feast - I’m Tired Now

Excerpt from "Meaning, Mentors and Masters (or) Seekers, Speakers and Sophists" - © Alan Watt Feb 21, 2007

Alan Watt - Composition: "The War", Written, Performed, Published, Copyrighted Dec. 25, 2020 by Alan Watt.

Videos used:

What is Evolution?

Auto Strike Riots - The Sit Down Strike (1937)

Children's Hospital In Liverpool (1920-1929)

A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Democritus and Leucippus | The Atomists of Presocratics Philosophy

Indian Village Life

IDF blow up a Hamas government building in Gaza

Born into the prominent Huxley family, known for achieving success in science and literature, Aldous Huxley was a writer and philosopher. His work explored control of the masses by a scientific elite, mysticism and the psychedelic experience. He was the brother of Julian Huxley (UNESCO.) Aldous Huxley wrote the dystopian science fiction novel, Brave New World, and Brave New World Revisited (non-fiction.)

Cutting Through the Matrix

BRAVE NEW WORLD (Full TV Movie Re-Edit) NWO Cut + Aldous Huxley Interview 1958 - 2020

Brave New World Official Trailer Peacock

Bernard Lenina Stricken Brave New World

Alan Watt, in a 2009 film for Prison Planet, discusses how the same laws are enacted at the same time across different countries under the structure of global governance. He explains the technique the elite use of moving people, like a domesticated herd of animals, by a series of contrived crises and revolutions: cultural, political, sexual or musical, so that the controllers can manipulate human behavior to their desired outcome. Alan discusses how populations are kept in a constant state of panic and terror, using psychological "shock and awe" to generate fear and helplessness, so they will follow authority figures who are supplied.

Alan discusses how sports provides men with a tribal identity and distracts them from their personal dissatisfaction and powerlessness. Women were given high fashion at accessible prices as a similar form of substitute. Drugs, sex, promiscuity and destructive lifestyles were also encouraged through music as a means of misdirecting the natural rebellious tendencies of youth. The ultimate goal of this process is to demolish the family unit - divide and conquer - so that humanity may be more easily ruled and oppressed by the state as vulnerable individuals, with no family tribe to stand up and defend them.

Cutting Through the Matrix

Transcript - Alan Watt: Shock And Awe - The Manipulation Of The Human Psyche

“co-operative,” i.e., to do exactly what everybody is doing. - by Not Sure

How Kids’ Sports Became a $15 Billion Industry

Thanks to Tri-State Electrical Supply for posting this in 2012 and keeping it available all these years.

Alan Watt: Shock & Awe - The Manipulation of the Human Psyche

Tri-State Electrical Supply's Channel

Adam in Germany - Alternative Media, "Capture" - Navel-gazing - Voices that are Late to the Party - "Everything was fine up until a certain point..." - Trendsetters, Operation Mockingbird - Conferences for "Activists", Feeling Like You're in a the Same Club, Having a Good Time - War in Middle East, Left/Right Politics - Jordan Peterson Conference in London, O2, Christianity, Conservatism, Aliance of Responsible Citizens (ARC); Peterson Interviews with Netanyahu - Alt-Right Heroes, Agents and Managers - The Con of Money, Profit Comes from Human Suffering - Alex Jones, InfoWars/Prison Film with Alan Watt - Alan had a Huge Impact on the "Alternative" World, Introducing the Concepts of History as a Horror Show, Money, Eugenics, Depopulation.

Meet the Renegades of the Intellectual Dark Web

Videos used in illustration:

Top 10 Places To Visit In Germany

10 Best Places to Visit in New Zealand

CAPTURE // original animation meme

1950's kitchen of the Future

1975 Church Committee

THOMAS DOLBY ☆ she blinded me with science

Ideal White 1950s Families Should Live In Suburbia

Choosing for Happiness (1950)

Eustace Mullins - The Greatest Health Threat: The Central Bankers

William Cooper - Lansing Michigan Lecture (1996)

Thrift Store Rescue #8 / Mid Century Furniture Restoration

Hollywood Homes of the 1920s (Part 5)

Chicken Dinner In Half An Hour | The French Chef Season 3 | Julia Child

Julia Child: Cooking Up Spy Ops for OSS

Aldous Huxley interview with Mike Wallace

Transcript of interview

Alan Watt talks about Aldous Huxley's 1958 interview with Mike Wallace, and then that interview is played. Aldous Huxley explains to Wallace how overpopulation is among the greatest threats to our freedom. As Alan Watt often spoke about, eugenics and the goal of depopulation is key to understanding The Agenda.

Huxley discusses with Mike Wallace his 1932 book, "Brave New World," where he warns of the various enemies of our freedom – media propaganda, future technology, the end of personal liberty, government totalitarianism – that he expects will pose serious challenges in the future. Wallace reads a passage on American political campaigns from Huxley’s Brave New World Revisited (originally written under the title Enemies of Freedom):

"All that is needed is money and a candidate who can be coached to look sincere; political principles and plans for specific action have come to lose most of their importance. The personality of the candidate, the way he is projected by the advertising experts, are the things that really matter."

There wasn't time this week to make a Redux intro or video. Please visit :

Cutting Through the Matrix

Bunker Buster Bombs are Beautiful - by Not Sure

Topics covered:

Fabian Socialism - Psychological Testing and Profiling of Children - Romney and Continuation of New American Century Agenda - IMF Downgrades Britain's Growth Forecast - World Bank, Depopulation - Drone Strikes - Former First Nations Chief Terrance Nelson to Meet with Iran's Ahmadinejad - Pretense of Democracy - Free Speech Versus Hate Speech - Demonization of the Enemy - Iran, Nuclear Weapons and Deterrence to Attacks.

Excerpt from "Meaning, Mentors and Masters (or) Seekers, Speakers and Sophists" - Alan Watt Blurb, Feb. 21, 2007

Alan Watt - Composition: "Be Still and Know...", Written, Published, Copyrighted Dec. 25, 2020 Alan Watt.

Long-Term Storable Food from Walmart - Update on Neil's Chickens - Bill Gates, Digital IDs - Iran, The List - China, Social Credit System - Victorian England Poor, Debtor's Prison - 50-in-5, Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) - Children's Safety Jeopardized by Technology - The Economist Magazine, Dec. 22, 2012-Jan. 4, 2013 - Hamas, Israel, Iron Dome - Ethnic Armenian Christians in Azerbaijan - Business Plans, China's Belt and Road Initiative - Israel's Special Unit to Track Down Planner's of Hamas Attack - Movie, Munich - Criticizing Israel, Anti-Semitism - Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS) Act; Criminal Conduct is an Essential Feature of CHIS - Ministry of Justice, Judges - Pearl Harbor Day - False Flags.

Cutting Through the Matrix

UN Says Bill Gates ‘Digital IDS’ Will Be Mandatory To Participate in Society

Munich-style spy unit hunts Oct 7 plan­ners

‘The Palestine exception’: why pro-Palestinian voices are suppressed in the US

Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Act 2021

Covert Human Intelligence Sources Bill Factsheet (accessible version)

When Do Chickens Start To Lay Eggs? 3 Easy Ways To Tell

China ranks 'good' and 'bad' citizens with 'social credit' system

The Hell of Life in Victorian Slums (19th Century London's Rookeries)


The Nagging wife song - Belated Valentine - DJ Electro Swingable Mashup mix

Edward Bernays was a nephew of Sigmund Freud, known for his work in propaganda, and referred to in his obituary as "the father of public relations". His best-known campaigns include a 1929 effort to promote female smoking by branding cigarettes as feminist "Torches of Freedom", and his work for the United Fruit Company in the 1950s, connected with the CIA-orchestrated overthrow of the democratically elected Guatemalan government in 1954. This is a quote from his 1928 book, Propaganda:

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, and our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of…. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind.

Cutting Through the Matrix

The Men Who Made Us Spend - COMPLETE 1st Episode

The Men Who Made Us Spend Episode 2

The Men Who Made Us Spend Ep 3 HD

How Consumer Propaganda Changed America

Plastic Galaxy - The Story of Star Wars Toys - FULL MOVIE DOCUMENTARY

War - Adapting - Israel, Pro-Palestinian Protesters - Ethnic Armenians in Azerbaijan, Nigorno-Karabakh - History of Middle East, Ottoman Empire, Turkey - China's New Silk Road - Brandon Turbeville's New Articles on Syria - Iran was on the List from the 1990s - Remember to Visit Website and See Official Sites Listed There - Please Donate and Order - Nudge Units, Behavioural Insights Teams - Depopulation, Austerity Agenda - Hegelian Dialectic - United Nations has Called China the Model State for the World to Follow - Shadow Banning - Bertrand Russell, Credit System - CIA, MK Ultra; Shocks, LSD to Depattern the Brain - Money, Central Banking Systems - Africa, Boer War, Claiming Resources (Diamonds) for Themselves - Rockefeller, Competition is a Sin - U.S. Soldiers in Iraq, "We've Come to Give You Democracy" - In Stores, Secret Surveillance Tracks Your Every Move - DNA and Facial Recognition - Data is Power, That's Why They're After It - Movie, Anon - Social Credit System is also To Do with Eugenics - Movie, Gattaca - Cold Spring Harbor - The Uniqueness of the Individual is the Target; That is Anathema to Conformity of the Social System - Well-Paid Teachers to Indoctrinate.

Original Audio - And by Peace..."Enormity of Conformity, Aimed at Majority, Modus Psycho Logical, Cunningly Diabolical." - June 23, 2019

Grok -- I am a Stranger in a Strange Land - by Not Sure

‘It Feels Like the New McCarthyism’: How the Israel-Hamas War Is Redefining the Limits of Free Speech

Last ethnic Armenian residents flee troubled Nagorno-Karabakh area by bus

Armenian-Azerbaijan Peace Might Finally Be on the Table

Armenia unveils Crossroads of Peace initiative as Silk Road forum kicks off in Georgia

Seymour Hersh Releases Leaked Pentagon/DIA Document - Syria Chemical Weapons Claims - Brandon Turbeville

FBI Hoovering Up DNA at a Pace That Rivals China

From face to DNA: new method aims to improve match between DNA sample and face database

How Does China's Social Credit System Work?

All Saints Day - Time and Flexibility - Propaganda - CBC, The Fifth Estate, Buffy Sainte-Marie - Song, Universal Soldier - Buffy Sainte-Marie Claimed to be Cree Indian from Canada Adopted by a White Family in the United States - Canada's Sixties Scoop - Buffy's Lawyer, Buffy Accused her Brother Alan of Sexual Molestation - Her Attorney was a Huge Music Industry Deal Maker, Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, The Doors - Gangsterism, the Entertainment Industry is a Giant Machine - Joni Mitchell, Manager Elliot Roberts - Inside the LC: The Strange But Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation, Dave McGowan.

"Real History"

Buffy Sainte-Marie

Who is the real Buffy Sainte-Marie?

CBC Investigation Says Buffy Sainte-Marie Has Falsely Claimed Her Native Identity

Indigenous Women's Collective calls for Buffy Sainte-Marie's 2018 Juno to be rescinded after CBC investigation

ABE SOMER, 1938-2023

RIP Abe Somer, 85, Lawyer At the Center of Every Important Record Deal of the 60s and 70s, Got the Rolling Stones Their Biggest Contract

George Harrison, Album Cover Idea, Los Angeles, 1972

Remembering My Dad, the Black Godfather

Sexual Harassment: Music

Oil campaign of World War II

Universal Soldier

Universal Soldier (song)

Behind the Song: Buffy Sainte-Marie, “Universal Soldier”

Universal Music Publishing Group

Elliot Roberts

Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation: Part I (2008)

Sigmund Freud was an Austrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis. In 1909, Sigmund Freud arrived in the United States on his first and only visit. As the George Washington pulled into New York Harbor, he supposedly remarked to Carl Jung, who accompanied him, “They don’t realize that we are bringing them the plague.” He was the uncle of Edward Bernays, a propagandist and an early promoter of "public relations."

Cutting Through the Matrix

Psychiatry, an Industry of Death

Who Commits More Healthcare Fraud and Abuse - 'The Quiz' - CCHR

Mental health experts ask: Will anyone be normal?

When Freud Came to America

Sigmund Freud, the Father of Psychoanalysis, Committed Suicide

Did Anna Freud's teaching help make Marilyn suicidal?

Egyptian Pharaoh Seti - Cities, the Beehive, Artificial Environments - Movie, Apocalypto - Alan Watt, Ancient, International Religion, Don't Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater - Julie, Book of Ours, "Challenge Accepted. Let's Talk About Israel" - Antony Blinken, U.S. Secretary of State, CFR, Aspen Institute, Support of Israel - Blinken's WestExec Advisors, CIA's David Cohen, Boeing, Facebook, Gilead (Remdesivir), Palantir (Peter Thiel) - U.S. Central Command - Constant Conflict by Ralph Peters - Statistics - Government Support of Mainstream Media - Unified by Fear, SAGE, UFOs - Intelligence Agencies, 9/11 - Politicians are Actors, Fronts, Psychopaths - People Expect Authorities to Reason for Them, Tell Them What to Do - Henry Kissinger, Military Dumb Stupid Animals to Be Used for Foreign Policy - Take Care of Yourselves and Each Other.

Cutting Through the Matrix - Transcript original blurb

Book of Ours/Julie Collins - Challenge Accepted. Let's Talk About Israel

Book of Ours/Julie Collins - China Wins the Bid To Control the Port at Haifa

Blinken says US is 'ready' to get involved in Israel-Hamas war if line is crossed: 'We won't hesitate'

How Peter Thiel-Linked Tech is Fueling the Ukraine War

What you need to know about Palantir, the US firm in line for a £480m NHS deal

The Military Origins of Facebook

Israeli military chief possible offensive action against Iran (2021)

Whether or not it ever made sense, the idea that Israel must remain out of Central Command was now clearly outdated. (2021)

U.S. Logistics to Transport Billion Dollar Military Hardware by Sea

The US Military is EVERYWHERE

Journalists paid by CIA to put out fabricated news

Constant Conflict - Ralph Peters

Free Groceries | Helping Others Stock Their Pantry

Long-time Listener Rodney, Mirror Site: - Experience in the Military in the 1990s - Always Questioning, Fluoride - Discovering Alan's Talks, Reading - Alan's Cutting Through books - Construction of Language - Rodney's Parents from the Philippines - Attended Rutgers University and Graduated with Music Degree, Works in Computers, Plays Music - Plays Soprano Sax, Upright Bass, Fretless Bass, Guitar, Drums, Hand Percussion, etc. - Injections in the Military - Music, Funk, Funky - The Impact of Alan's Work on Rodney's Life - TikTok, Social Media, Shortened Attention Spans - The Agents and Teams Behind Social Media Influencers - Dynamic Website Design, HTML, Static - Cutting Through the Matrix 101 - Palm Pilot - Startpage - Rodney's Palm Treo 700 Phone - Book of Ours podcast, Geofencing - The Superiority of Older Software - Myspace, Facebook - Angry North & Boris's Bitches - Rodney on Drums with Beethoven.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Sly & The Family Stone - Thank You

Turkish Rhythms on Drums

National Arab Orchestra - Wai'd (Promise)

Adam Ben Ezra - Downtown Blues - Live Session

The Freedom of Fretless Bass

2CELLOS - Thunderstruck

Eagles - Hotel California

How To Make A Website With Dynamic Images Using HTML CSS & JavaScript

Static vs dynamic website | Cyfuture

The New Model: Resilient Cities

Sidewalk Spy Kit

High-tech tools used to help solve 2018 homicide, detective testifies

Maggie MacFarland Phillips: Government use of 'geofencing' threatens our right to privacy

'Geofence' Warrants Threaten Every Phone User’s Privacy

The Middle East - Weaponized Ideologies - Mass Manipulation - The Individual.

Dynamic Independence podcast

Cutting Through the Matrix

Burning Conscience: Israeli Soldiers Speak Out

The Frankfurt School is a school of sociology and critical philosophy associated with the Institute for Social Research. Active in the Weimar Republic, the Frankfurt School was comprised of intellectuals, academics, and political dissidents dissatisfied with the contemporary socio-economic systems of the 1930s. The Frankfurt School perspective of critical investigation is based upon Freudian, Marxist and Hegelian premises of idealist philosophy.

Cutting Through the Matrix

Clooney at CFR Sudan Requires Sustained Work

Jolie Speaks at Council on Foreign Relations

A Brief History Of The Man Who Brainwashed America Edward Bernays

The Frankfurt School by Douglas Kellner

Aid into Gaza Strip - Offers Rescinded - Religions as Control Mechanisms - Gog, Magog - Eschatology - Astrology - Cornerstone - Arrest of Palestinian Singer - Beast System, Sign of the Beast - Shopping for Religion - Alan Watt poem, Matrix - Yahweh - British Israelism - Balfour Declaration - Catholic Pope,
Jesuits - Death of Pope John Paul I, P2 Freemasonry - Pagan - Child Sacrifice - Phoenicians, Venice - Mystery Religion - Law, Saturn - Arthur Koestler, The Ghost in the Machine - Cities - Spiritual Death.

Transcript - Alan Watt on "Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru - April 13, 2005

Original Audio - Alan Watt on "Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru - April 13, 2005

Matrix - by Alan Watt (2007)

The Rise of the Global Police State

Aid convoy set to enter Gaza a ‘drop in the ocean of need’ says WHO

A Prestigious Law Firm Rescinded Job Offers for Columbia and Harvard Students, but It May Reverse Itself

Leading US law firm says it rescinded job offers to students who backed Israel-Hamas letters

The Gog and Magog people are gone and it is time now for Isaiah’s visions

Rabbi Reuven Lauffer - Jewish Eschatology: Gog and Magog

Dalal Abu Amneh - Ehna Flestinia (We are Palestinians)

The Forgotten Truth About the Balfour Declaration

For American Evangelicals Who Back Israel, ‘Neutrality Isn’t an Option’

David Yallop, Writer Who Saw a Deadly Vatican Conspiracy, Dies at 81

The Vatican-Israel secret negotiations of 1993

The Macy Conferences were held between 1946 and 1953, bringing together scientists from many disciplines, including systems theory, cybernetics, and what would come to be known as cognitive science, to create the foundations for a general science of the workings of the human mind.

Cutting Through the Matrix

Rejected Art The 5 Most Controversial Exhibitions of All Time

Satanic symbolism in corporate logos

DECADE OF POP The Megamix (2008-2018) by Adamusic

120 Years of Cinema

100 Years of Punk, Goth, and Vamp Beauty Allure

9 Cybernetic Upgrades Everyone Will Want Unveiled


Best Music 2000 to 2023 Mix 🔥 Best Music Hits 2000-2023 (New and Old Top Songs Playlist)

Evolution of Boston Dynamic’s Robots [1992-2023]

Original Blurb Jan. 28, 2009 - Balfour Declaration, Rothschild - Dispensationalism, Premillenialism, Scofield Bible - Supersessionism, the New Covenant of Christianity, Spiritual Israel - Carroll Quigley's Tragedy and Hope; Anglo-American Establishment - Ronald Reagan, Jeane Kirkpatrick - George W. Bush, Gog and Magog, Nine/Eleven - World Religions and Bible Prophecy - World War I - Protests against Netanyahu - Iran, Baha-i Faith - Armageddon - Phospherous Bombs - Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House; Council on Foreign Relations; Cecil Rhodes, Milner's Kindergarten, Round Table movement - Edward Bernays, League of Nations - Mandate for Palestine - Global Citizenship, Rockefeller - Brzezinski, Mujahadin - Ronald Storrs, Milner Group, RIIA, Balfour, "Ulster in the Middle East" - Young Turks, Ottoman Empire - Zionism - Birth Control, Abortion - Radical Music - Peter Wright's book, Spycatcher, Rothschild.

This video is under Fair Use:
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act in 1976; Allowance is made for "Fair Use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. All rights and credit go directly to its rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended.

Transcript - Alan Watt "Cutting Through the Matrix" on RBN - Jan. 28, 2009

1844 - by Not Sure

Video: "Zbigniew Brzezinski to Jihadists: Your cause is right!"

Video: "Brzezinski on CFR, Bilderberg, and Trilateral Commission"

David Rockefeller’s Chilling 1991 Speech at a Bilderberg Meeting

"Inside the world's biggest prison" Irish Times - Jan. 24, 2009

How born-again George became a man on a mission (2005)

Baháʼí Faith website

The Baha’is, the United Nations and Universal Peace

Angry North & Boris's Bitches, Songwriter and Singer of Protest Songs including Cos Now You're Dead, I'm a Woman, Human Obedience Training - Immediate Suspicions of Operation Covid - Reactions of People around Angry, Completely "On Board" with the Official Explanations and Dictates - David Icke - Unwilling to Admit You've Been Conned - Masks - Playing in a Band - Lockdown Sessions - Songs, We See that You Agree; Operation Depop; Totalitarianism - Individual versus Collective - Song, It's hard (to make a living) - Transgender, Gender - Climate Lockdowns - Song, 15 Minute City - Limited Reach of Unauthorized Voices - Ed Sheeran, Oliver Anthony - Movie, A Face in the Crowd - The Sex Pistols, John Lydon Married Music Promoter Heiress - Bob Geldof, Bono, United Nations - Upcoming New Podcast, Angry North's Mad World.

Cutting Through the Matrix

Cos now you're dead - A song by Angry North & Boris's Bitches

We See That You Agree - A song by Angry North & Boris's Bitches

Operation DePop - A song by Angry North & Boris's Bitches

TOTALITARIANISM - a song by Angry North & Boris's Bitches

It's hard (to make a living) - A song by Angry North & Boris's Bitches

Human Obedience Training - A song by Angry North & Boris's Bitches

I'm a Woman - A song by Angry North & Boris's Bitches

15 Minute City - A song by Angry North & Boris's Bitches

Career Update!!

Oliver Anthony: WTF is all the fuss about?? Is this PROTEST MUSIC FOR THE DUMB MASSES??

Angry North & Boris's Bitches - Bandcamp

A Face in the Crowd (film)

Intelligence Failures - Fact Or Fiction

We discuss the aspects of the war that has erupted in the Middle East. Is this an intelligence failure? How could this have happened? Is it even possible? What will the results now be? Also, how do the politics of the matter play into this? Why do they believe they can fix a problem that is thousands of years old with modern agreements? Did the releasing of funds end up being the only reason this occurred? And, what are the wider geopolitical implications for the world? How is this tool of propaganda being used to foster narratives on both sides?

Cutting Through the Matrix

Dynamic Independence podcast

Part 2 of a Series of 6 from a talk Alan Watt gave in 2007.

Cutting Through the Matrix

The Cocktail Party

Don't Worry, Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin

Alan Watt Composition: "Alegría en el Dolor", Written, Published, Copyrighted Dec. 25, 2011


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