As I learn more about the world I become more politically neutral. AlsocI LOVE USA and Israel right now! Britiain..... I need to think about it. But I dont hate them.

I am trying to help distinguish the moderate liberal vs the radical ones.

I would call myself a moderate liberal (Yes we exist lol). I voted for Liberal party of canada in 2015 and I hated Trump in 2016. Also most personality and psychology quizzes tell me I am either liberal or Centre-left. Funny thing is I have enjoyed MOST things Trump has accomplished and I hate Justin Trudeau. But I still think I am liberal even if I will vote for a cetrist/right party in canada and I support Trump2020. I believe I didnt leave the left, I think SOME members of the left, left me!

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I dont want to make my channel political. I want to be as politically neutral as possible. I want to just protect western civilization and prevent a civil war.

I was born in Tehran, Iran. My Half my family is religious muslims the other half is secular muslim-ish. Most my family tend to vote for reform parties in Iran or not vote at all.
I voted for the liberal party of Canada in 2015, I voted for the conservative party of Canada in 2019.

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