Americas favorite food "The Bacon" found another great use. As a Jam. Today we take a look at "Better Than Good Bacon Jam". With a name like that it's has to be fantastic. Let's give it a taste test.

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Another weekend and another Goodwill game hunting. Today we take a look at the booty and see if we scored a few gems.

I'm a sucker for those all in 1 handhelds you connect to your tv. Sometimes you find a gem other times a giant pile of.....
This is the latter. Let's take a look at the 50 in 1 from dreamGear

Today we take a look at our Atari 2600 game collection. Lot's of inexpensive video cartridges available and a lot of fun to play. Retro collecting for the Atari 2600 might just be in your future.

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Another format war that has long passed by and we have a small piece of it in the collection. Today we take a look at the HD DVD player Microsoft released for the Xbox 360.

Today we take a look at the Wii collection we have acquired so far. There's a lot of Wii games out there and this is just a small collection.

Here's a game you might not expect to be a gem. Good sound, graphics, and a red and white Ford Torino make for a bit of fun.
Let's take a look at Starsky & Hutch on the Gameboy Advance.

What American doesn't like the TV game show Wheel of Fortune....well if you are the super fan and always wanted a taste of the game at home....this is for you.

Now not even a MAGA hat is made in America. Today we take a look at a knock-off MAGA hat straight from China.
Turn on your patented "Smell-O-Vision" and get both senses tickled as we take a look at this fine product.

Good ol' Goodwill. This great weekend of the birth of our great country we scored a bunch of sweet games and a few surprises....let's take a look.

I remember playing Atari 2600 games way back when so as they are re-released on more modern consoles I always need to grab a copy and relive to old retro gaming times.
Today we take a look at a sweet disc Activision Classic Games for the Atari on!

Microsoft did something really cool when they released the Kinect for the Xbox 360. Although not quite the hit like the wii did for motion controllers it was a ton of fun to play and the games were a blast.
Today we take a look at our Kinect collection so far.....

Today we take a look at the Xbox 360 video games I have collected so far. The Wiki shows 950 games for this console, so we have quite a way to go to get them all.....

There were a lot of games released on the Xbox360 so collecting them all will be a challenge.....but this is a start...………..

My favorite console the original Xbox from Microsoft. They got a lot of things right when they released this console and had a ton of high quality games. Today we take a look at my collection so far of games acquired over the years.

The joy of the Goodwill store, you never quite know what you will find there. I mainly hunt for video games and the last 2 weeks have been good....let's take a look

The old John Deere needs a new set of peepers so we got a couple of LED's to try out.

I'm a big fan of LED bulbs especially the fluorescent replacements, for the power saving and the high brightness. Today we take a look at some inexpensive ~7$ each T8 bulbs and see what you get for that price point

Link to Sunco LEDS:

A recent game pickup, Donkey Kong for the Intellivision with a surprise in the box. Let's take a look from way back in 82 at this version on DK.

Today we take a look at the uDraw Gametablet for the Xbox360. Seen these for the Wii and have a bunch of the Wii games but never for the Xbox360.....

Out at a local garage sale and picked up a Netgear Nighthawk R7000 for 2$ worth a risk....but found it just would keep rebooting.
Let's take a look and see if we can see what is wrong with this cool router.

It's time to get a new grease gun to lube of some of the toys. Today we take a look at a 20$ grease gun from Rexbeti (odd name) and see if it's worth the $.

Another cool video game related score. Today we had a "action figure' of Mario for the Gameboy Advance Super MarioWorld.

It's time to get a new grease gun to lube of some of the toys. Today we take a look at a 20$ grease gun from Rexbeti (odd name) and see if it's worth the $.

Link to the super greasy gun:

Just a quick video to show the latest video game haul from Goodwill and a couple of garage sales.


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