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One of my best videos (IMHO), this was a speech I gave in London in May 2017.

Karen Straughan, of the MRA community, seems to be coming around to some kind of white identitarianism.

Sargon's video:

NOTE: This was filmed using the Hauppauge Rocket recorder, and audio was recorded separately. As a result, the audio and video are occasionally unsynchronised. I tried to correct this, but it is a never-ending task. I did what I could.

[This video is not intended to condone violence or hate.]

[This project is my livelihood. Please see Thank you.]

After being prompted by various people, I am inviting everyone who enjoyed Millenniyule 2020 to give a little something in return for it. Incidentally, the streams are all elsewhere now, and linked from here:

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This is a clip from the New Year's Day 2021 AMA. I am uploading it separately so as to link it elsewhere.

For the avoidance of doubt... I don't think black men are bad, I just wonder why so many billionaires and advertising agencies want them to race-mix with white women.

In Vienna recently, I spent some time with Austrian identitarian intellectual Martin Lichtmesz. This is the second of two conversations that we recorded. Hopefully we shall meet again, and record more.

Note: due to technical difficulties, the footage is missing for the first quarter of this conversation, and the rest was filmed with a smartphone. My apologies.


[This video is not intended to condone violence or hate.]

[This project is my livelihood. Please see Thank you.]


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