Psi Science is the rigorous on-going scientific pursuit of experimenting and testing the validity and reliability of so-called psychic or paranormal phenomena. Common psi abilities include such things as mind-to-mind connections (telepathy), mind-over-matter interactions, (psychokinesis), perceiving distant places, people, objects, or events (clairvoyance), perceiving the future (precognition), prophetic dreams, déjà vu, spiritual healing, the power of prayer and intention, intuition, gut feelings, and the sense of being stared at.

The term “telepathy” was coined in 1882 by Frederic Myers, founder of the Society for Psychical Research, during his investigation into what was formerly known as “thought transference.” Reports and documented cases of thought transference abound in almost every culture dating back for millennia, but during the 20th century, the scientific method was applied and repeatable experiments were performed which proved, with combined odds against chance of trillions to one, that telepathy is indeed a genuine phenomenon.

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Nowadays and for the past five centuries, since the introduction of the heliocentric globe deception, all world maps and explorers have depicted and described the North Pole and surrounding region as being nothing but an arbitrary point in a semi-frozen tundra. Previous to this however, depictions and descriptions of the North Pole and surrounding regions in world maps and ancient explorers' accounts were very different. Firstly, before the 16th century, the North Pole was never once shown or thought to be just some random, ambiguous point amidst a low salinity Arctic Ocean as it is now. Instead, the North Pole was universally described and depicted, from diverse cultures all across the Earth, as being a gigantic magnetic mountain situated directly below Polaris. The prevailing belief was that compass needles the world over were actually pointing to a huge "loadstone mountain" made of magnetite at the Pole.

The following video/article "Ancient Polar Mythologies" is taken from my new book Flatlantis available here:

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After decades of ridicule and denial from the masses about the coming New World Order, suddenly in 2020, under the guise of a deadly kung-flu from bat soup in China, the world's richest and most powerful people have brought the world economy to its knees and their long-planned agenda to fruition. Please quickly download and share this important video before YouTube bans it like they have half of my other CV videos. Thank you!

If you're a flat-Earther or have searched the topic using YouTube's ridiculously biased algorithm, or allowed YouTube's auto-play feature to recommend your next video, or tried to send an Eric Dubay video to one of your globe-indoctrinated friends, you and they will likely have come across a "debunking" video by one of YouTube's most pushed globe propagandists, SciManDan.

The movie “Star Wars” is famous for its idea of “the Force” which is described as “an energy field created by all living things that surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together.” Though the Force is treated as fiction by Hollywood and most Westerners, in fact the concept has a rich history around the world. In traditional Chinese philosophy and medicine it is called “Chi.” Japanese mystics and martial artists call it “Ki.” Indian yogis and sadhus call it “Prana.” The Ancient Greeks called it “Pneuma.” Jewish Kabbalists call it “Nefish.” Christians call it the “Holy Ghost.” Muslims call it “Baraka.” And the Polynesians call it “Mana.” Chi has been studied and written about for over ten thousand years in diverse places such as China, Japan, India, Tibet, Nepal, Hawaii, and South America. It is the foundation of numerous health and fitness practices around the world including Chi Kung, Falun Gong, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Acupressure and Acupuncture, Reflexology, Orgone Therapy, Pranayama, Yoga, Feng Shui, and Martial Arts.

The Universal Life Force Energy was taken from my book, "Spiritual Science" available on Lulu and Amazon:

Flatlantis is an exploration into the history of Flat Earth, the mythology of Atlantis, and the mystery of Mount Meru, the alleged magnetic mountain ancient cultures worldwide believed existed at the North Pole. Beginning with a complete history of the geocentric flat Earth cosmology and subsequent gradual adoption of the heliocentric globe Earth model, Flatlantis then delves into ancient polar mythologies, early polar history/cartography, modern polar expeditions, and the myriad problems with claims made by Cook, Peary, Byrd, Scott, Amundsen, and other explorers. Finally, in a metaphysical twist, the book ends with research into Freemasonry, Christian esotericism, the Atlantean legend, Kundalini Yoga, ancient advanced civilizations and how they are all intimately connected to the North Pole.

As with all of my books, Flatlantis will eventually in the coming months be released free as a series of articles and videos available for everyone. If you're able to support me however, please help out by purchasing a copy or two for yourself and family/friends. Thank you!

Our brains are made up of tiny nerve cells called “neurons” which branch out and connect to each other forming a neural network. At each connection point, thoughts and emotions are incubated and holographically stored by associative memory. This means that all ideas, thoughts, feelings, and memories are interconnected and have possible relationships with one another. For instance the concept of motherhood is stored in all our neural networks, but each person’s concept is built from their own unique amalgamation of ideas, emotions and past experiences. Some people may have motherhood connected to unconditional love and forgiveness, so when they think about motherhood, they experience memories/feelings of happiness and acceptance. Other people may have motherhood connected to disappointment and ridicule, so when they think about motherhood, they experience memories/feelings of rejection and depression. We all build our own neural networks based on our own subjective experiences, how we perceive and what we believe...

The Biology of Belief was taken from my book, "Spiritual Science" available on Lulu and Amazon:

The following presentation is a response to "Professor" Dave's popular "10 Things All Flat Earthers Say" video that globe believers constantly share as if it's some home-run for heliocentrism. If you see anyone posting his video, please be sure to share this debunking with them for me. And if you are new to the subject of our level motionless plane Earth, take some time to visit the following links:

As a teacher of Pranayama Yoga deep-breathing techniques for over a decade, I am regularly asked about a man named Wim Hof and the breath-work practice he has labeled "The Wim Hof Method." This video is a response to this constant question I am asked, is intended to elucidate my position on the matter, and not meant as an attack on Mr. Hof who I appreciate for bringing widespread attention to the importance of proper breathing. Wim Hof has shown that through prolonged breath-work practice many seemingly super-human feats such as extreme cold resistance and rapid healing of illnesses is possible. The main issue I have with what I call "the Wim Hof Mouth-Breating Hyper-Ventilation Technique" is that he has essentially rebranded a less effective version of the Pranayama Yoga Breath of Fire and given it a new title after his own name calling it "The Wim Hof Method." To begin with, there are many beneficial breathing techniques known and taught by ancient Yogis for thousands of years, most of them focusing on slow, full, deep inhales through the nose and exhales through the mouth. Wim Hof focuses on only one such technique (the Breath of Fire) and irresponsibly tells everyone to breathe through their mouth! This is absolutely not beneficial for your health/lungs long-term.

“The organs of respiration have their only protective apparatus, filter, or dust-catcher, in the nostrils. When the breath is taken through the mouth, there is nothing from mouth to lungs to strain the air, or to catch the dust and other foreign matter in the air. Moreover, such incorrect breathing admits cold air to the organs, thereby injuring them. Inflammation of the respiratory organs often results from the inhalation of cold air through the mouth. The man who breathes through the mouth at night, always awakens with a parched feeling in the mouth and a dryness in the throat. He is violating one of nature’s laws, and is sowing the seeds of disease. On the other hand, the nostrils and nasal passages show evidence of the careful design of nature in this respect. The nostrils are two narrow, tortuous channels, containing numerous bristly hairs which serve the purpose of a filter or sieve to strain the air of its impurities, etc., which are expelled when the breath is exhaled. Not only do the nostrils serve this important purpose, but they also perform an important function in warming the air inhaled. The long narrow winding nostrils are filled with warm mucous membrane, which coming in contact with the inhaled air warms it so that it can do no damage to the delicate organs of the throat, or to the lungs.” -Yogi Ramacharaka, “The Science of Breath”

Mouth breathing has been proven to increase your risk of contracting communicable diseases, as well as worsening symptoms of pre-existing conditions, and in children has been proven to cause crooked teeth, gum disease, facial deformities and poor growth. Wim Hof should be telling people to ALWAYS breath through their nose except during extreme situations, but instead I have heard him irresponsibly say on many occasions that it "doesn't matter as long as you get the oxygen in." Secondly, Mr. Hof should have the humility and reverence to refer people to the Yogic "Breath of Fire" and the thousands of years old discipline of Pranayama, rather than rebranding it "the Wim Hof Method" and acting like he just came up with the science/method himself, when Yogis have been achieving the same feats/healing as he has for thousands of years before he started yelling "breathe motherfucker!" at everyone and propagating his mouth-breathing hyper-ventilation method. Lastly, I call it a "hyper-ventilation" breath, because the Breath of Fire/Wim Him Method is just that: a short, rapid, forceful breathing technique meant to increase internal body temperature for the purpose of burning off toxins and increased cold resistance. This breath has a very specific purpose and is not meant for everyday practice, especially not when inhaling through the mouth. The actual ancient Pranayama Yoga breath-work techniques which are meant for everyday practice involve slow, deep, intentional nasal inhalations filling your entire lung capacity, holding the oxygen long enough to suck out the sustenance, then slowly and fully expelling the resulting carbon dioxide out orally. To learn exactly how and why you should practice proper, effective breathing completely free, please follow the link in the description box to article and videos series entitled, "The Most Important Thing in Your Life." Thank you.

The Most Important Thing in Your Life:

Aristotle said "It is the mark of an intelligent mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." Tonight's guest will be discussing what he calls the greatest deception in human history, a taboo subject so well suppressed and censored that the majority cannot even believe serious conversation is warranted on the issue. Big thanks to John Thor for Re-Mastering this important video.

There is an entire legitimate and well-researched branch of medicine called psycho-neuro-immunology which studies the effect of thoughts and emotions on human biochemistry. Biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton actually left his tenured University position to pursue his research in this fascinating field...

Psychoneuroimmunology and The Placebo Effect was taken from my book, "Spiritual Science" available on Lulu and Amazon:

During the 1990s three independent scientific studies brought to light the importance of DNA and emotions in creating quantum reality. The first major study performed by Vladimir Poponin and Peter Gariaev at the Russian Academy of Science was deemed the “Phantom DNA Experiment” and yielded some fascinating results. First they created a vacuum in a specially designed test tube, and then measured the location of light photons inside to see if they were clumped at the bottom, clung to the sides, or dispersed all throughout. As expected, the photons were scattered randomly throughout the tube. When a strand of DNA was placed in the tube, however, the particles acted as if drawn by an invisible force and spontaneously arranged themselves around the DNA strand! Even stranger, when the DNA was removed from the tube, the particles stayed in exactly the same shape. This is notable because nothing in conventional physics allows for such an effect, yet now we have observable documented proof that DNA, the substance that composes us, can have a direct and powerful effect on the quantum world around us.

How Emotions Affect Health was taken from my book, "Spiritual Science" available on Lulu and Amazon:

Flat Earth has long been touted as the mother of all conspiracy theories, marginalized, suppressed and ridiculed for centuries as being an ignorant ancient unscientific worldview, but the facts of the matter are far from what you have been told. "How Everything Works on Flat Earth," elucidates exactly how the geocentric stationary plane model works and why the heliocentric spinning ball-Earth model is actually nothing but a pseudo-scientific deception.

"How Everything Works on Flat Earth" is also available on DVD here:
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If you told anyone in 2019 that come 2020 the world's governments would simultaneously enforce the shut down of all businesses, keep people locked down inside their houses, make wearing face-masks mandatory, and use police to force people in public never to stand within 2 meters of each other, nobody would have believed you, everybody would have called you a crazy conspiracy theorist, and yet here we are experiencing worldwide government orchestrated tyranny unprecedented in history, even beyond Orwell's 1984, and many people still refuse to wake up to the New World Order conspiracy reality:

Re-Mastered version of the ground-breaking interview where President of the International Flat Earth Research Society exposes and explains the globe hoax to Coast 2 Coast AM radio co-host

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200 Proofs Rap is a song made to promote the most popular Flat Earth book and documentary ever made, "200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball." 200 Proofs has now been translated into 26 languages and read/watched by tens of millions of people across the world.

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Big thanks to Matty Moses and Sasquatch Mind Control for the rap/beat!

Lyrics: Y'all say it's a distraction
but look what's happening
Truthers taking to the streets with the plan of action
Why would they fib about where we live?
Yo, what's the point man? It is what it is
Well how you think those captain's navigate the sea?
It's easy as plane trigonometry
Ask any surveyor or architect
if there's a lick of curvature that they can detect
Even civil engineers see we ain't on a sphere
Ask pilots what they see when they're up in the air
Saying that we're all monkeys on a ball spinning east
as if we don't belong or like we're some kind of disease
Now have you ever seen a river running uphill?
That's what I thought, and you never will
You want a nail in the coffin?
I'm sure you can have it
Take a good look at the second law of thermal dynamics

You got CGI?
We got 200 Proofs
You got NASA lies?
We got 200 Proofs
You got lights in the sky
We got 200 Proofs
We got 200 Proofs
Over 200 proofs

Yo, the Earth's flatter than a mat under a fat cat and
this rhyme's tighter than a dry hymen-lined vagina
your mind's kinda like a fine china dining item
ready to crack at the first sign of any pressure
so let's test ya with the best open-ended questions
consider first, don't just blurt out your worst suggestion,
what's shape's the world, is it twirling around, you reckon?
Take a second, you're gonna need a physics lesson
You've been taught that you ought not to feel the spinning
but I've got quite a lot to reveal this evening
It seems you bought an implausible false theory
'cause on a ball there's gradients involved,
it's not so simple as one speed for all,
thousand mile ph rate at the equator
with polar observers sitting softly at nil
and everyone between at different speeds still

You got CGI?
We got 200 Proofs
You got NASA lies?
We got 200 Proofs
You got lights in the sky
We got 200 Proofs
We got 200 Proofs
Over 200 proofs

Airy's Failure is just a play on words
No matter how they try they can't move the Earth
Is it on pillars or balanced on elephants?
Questions like that may seem like non-sense
Unless you're willing to clear your mind
of all the propaganda they use to confine
your own logic and levels of reasoning
We're always hearing, "explain the seasons"
See the Sun moves itself on a circuit
between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, ya heard of it?
How about the spire top of Notre Dame?
Ship captains cited seeing it 150 miles away
At that distance it would be a mile below the curve
Light refraction only accounts for 1/12 of that, ya heard?
They're changing the shape to an oblate spheroid
Sounds like the ramblings of a bloated schizoid

Over the years I have collected a bunch of great humorous and educational Flat Earth memes and people are always asking me where they can find them. Below is a link to a folder with all 1000+ of my favorite Flat Earth memes for people to download and help post/share on their social medias:

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(Original Music by Eric Dubay)

"Covidiots" is a remix of Radio FM DJ presenter Mark Devlin's epic, important rant today about the current state of the world amidst this CV hysteria. Please share and download as YouTube is actively and aggressively purging their platform of this content.

Mark Devlin's YouTube:

Exclusive, up-to-date commentary, videos, and articles regarding CV19 at IFERS:

There is a popular myth taught to school children (which most adults today still believe) that people in history have travelled in perfectly straight lines Eastwards or Westwards and eventually arrived back at their starting point. It is heralded as proof of the globe Earth, and claimed that hundreds of adventurers since Magellan have completed such successful circumnavigations, but the truth is that no one in history has ever set off travelling in a perfectly straight line and returned back at their starting point. All successful circumnavigations in history, whether by sea or air, have instead followed the same pattern, which is sailing or flying the most convenient route from port to port stopping for supplies and re-fueling until a complete circle has been made. Not a single sailor or aviator in history has (or could) travel only in the same one perfectly straight direction and magically arrive back where they began. This ridiculous lie becomes obvious when critically examined, but when taught to young children successfully bends and warps their minds into accepting globe indoctrination.

Unlike the cardinal directions on a compass rose, North, South, East, and West on Earth are not simply straight lines separated by 90 degrees. North, rather than being an upward shooting arrow, is actually a point - a centerpoint - THE centerpoint of the entire Earth known as the geographic North Pole situated directly below Polaris, the North Pole star, the only motionless star in the heavens which marks the exact Northern centerpoint of the sky. South, rather than being a downward shooting arrow, is actually every line tangent to the Northern centerpoint, or in other words, every straight line extending outwards from the North Pole heads due South. East and West, rather than being right and left facing arrows, are actually clockwise and counter-clockwise circles around the Pole. The Sun, Moon and stars all rise in the East and set in the West, making perfect circles over and around us every day. As you can observe, they travel in a circular Westwards path over and around the Earth, and do not all travel in a straight leftward direction as suggested by a compass rose. Likewise navigators since ancient times have used Polaris to guide their ships, knowing that Polaris was the heavenly North Pole, South was traveling keeping your back to Polaris, East meant traveling keeping your left shoulder 90 degrees to the Pole Star, and West meant traveling keeping your right shoulder 90 degrees to the Pole Star.

All circumnavigations in history have been Eastwards or Westwards and never Northwards or Southwards because the latter is geographically impossible. Likewise Southern hemisphere flights from Australia to South America, or New Zealand to South Africa, for example, never fly the shortest, most direct route on a globe which would be Southwards over Antarctica. It is claimed this is because such flights would allegedly be too cold for any airplanes to handle, but the reality is the routes are geographically impossible because Antarctica is not a tiny ice-continent confined to the underside of a spherical spinning ball-Earth. Antarctica is actually the outer Southern perimeter of our level motionless plane Earth and surrounds the other six continents. How far Southwards Antarctica actually extends and how it terminates or what exists beyond it are all unknown to and kept from the general public however, and as a result, no completely accurate, fully functioning flat Earth map exists or could exist without the people being first allowed full independent exploration of the Arctic, Antarctic, and every where else.

There are, however, several maps which work as good visual aids for approximating the geography of our flat, stationary Earth. The Gleason's 1892 new standard map of the world and Hammond's 1945 air-age map of the world are two such maps. These so-called "Azimuthal Equidistant" maps are used in practical navigation and can be found in the logos of the United Nations, World Health Organization, International Maritime Organization, and International Civil Aviation Organization. They purport these to be simply two-dimensional representations of a spherical Earth with the North Pole at the centerpoint and claim these maps were made by flattening the globe, but just the opposite is true, and the globe (specifically the so-called "continent" of Antarctica) was made by spherizing our flat Earth, and bundling the expansive outer perimeter into a cramped oddly shaped ice-continent under the ball, kept off-limits by treaty from the general public.

To learn more about our level motionless Earth, please visit:

CoronaVirus, listed in old encyclopedias as the common cold, is admittedly one of the weakest viruses known to man, and a common product of respiratory disease, found in 7-15% of patients. Respiratory illnesses, in fact, kill over 3.5 million people every year, yet the entire world has just been locked down, businesses shut, curfews and checkpoints instituted, with military on the streets, over an old, common virus, that has to date killed only 40,000 people. The following video shows how this egregious excuse of an overreaction has been a PLANdemic from the start, to benefit an elite few at the expense of everyone else. Please download and share this video before it gets censored/banned like half the links in my last CV video.

Another short-coming of traditional Western science is its inability to explain the existence of forms in nature. No matter how we magnify or manipulate the material world, no mechanical model explains the emergence of the variety of unique and semi-unique forms in nature. Every type of rock, plant, animal, organism, bacteria, all aggregate themselves into distinct and definite types with traits/characteristics semi-unique to their form and completely unique to them individually. For example each oak tree has many semi-unique features that characterize it clearly as an oak and not a pine, like the shape of its leaves, being non-coniferous, etc. These features are semi-unique as all oak trees share them, however on another level, no two oak trees are exactly alike either. Exact size, shape, dimensions, growth patterns, ring patterns etc. are completely unique to each tree. So what is the mechanism in nature which constantly creates these unique and semi-unique forms? Newton’s model, nor the 300+ subsequent years of material science since have been able to explain this. British biologist Rupert Sheldrake’s concept of morphogenetic resonance, however, seems to be our best current theory.

Morphogenetic Resonance was taken from my book, "Spiritual Science" available on Lulu and Amazon:

With less people affected and dying than from the yearly seasonal flu, this "virus" is being hyped way out of proportion on purpose as they are now testing out quarantining entire huge cities like Shanghai and Wuhan, and the sheeple seem to be following suit as expected. This is being used as a vehicle to push/test draconian government measures that would never be rolled out otherwise. They are now also developing a vaccine which will likely be forced on people one way or another.

Here in Thailand 90% of people are wearing face-masks, there are temperature checks to get into department stores, tumbleweeds blowing through airports, and the most disturbing to me is the biggest bank in Thailand just closed all foreign exchange branches urging the public to stop using paper money claiming it is helping spread the virus and is pushing for everyone to use cashless currencies. This CV is serving better than fake alien invasion as far as rolling out the NWO plan. Successfully quarantining entire huge cities with dozens of millions of people like Shanghai and Wuhan without a hitch is scary. And the scariest thing is how sheepishly the people believe everything their lying governments and medias tell them.

CoronaVirus Event 201:

Do Viruses Exist?

The Best CoronaVirus News You've Heard:

LockDown Song:

CoronaVirus is Deadlier Than You Thought:

In holograms, all parts are reflected in the whole and the whole is reflected in all parts, so if you chop a piece of holographic film into tiny bits then shine a laser onto any of them, no matter how small, you will still get a complete image. The “physical” world around us behaves much like a hologram. Just like a piece of holographic film, all quanta exist as interfering wave patterns. In and of themselves, these interference waves have no “solidity” – no definite properties or location – just like the squiggles/circles on holographic film. The image is distributed throughout the entire film, just as quanta are distributed throughout the entire universe. Then when a laser beam (the light of consciousness) is directed at those interference waves, seemingly solid particles (three dimensional images) appear before our eyes.

One of the first physicists to consider this “cosmic hologram” metaphor was David Bohm who defined the universe as an “undivided wholeness in flowing motion” which he termed the “holomovement.” He dubbed the implicate order an undivided holistic realm that is beyond concepts like spacetime, matter, or energy. In the implicate order everything is fully enfolded or entangled with everything else. By contrast, the explicate order world of ordinary observations and common sense emerge, or unfold, out of the implicate order. Bohm used a hologram as a metaphor to illustrate how information about a whole system can be enfolded into an implicit structure, any part of which reflects the whole.

For Bohm, atoms are not the “building blocks of matter” but rather just a term given to one aspect of the holomovement. The various forms we name, words and categories we create, are all ultimately arbitrary because at the implicate level of reality, everything is one. No two atoms, two rocks, two trees, or two people are any more separate from one another than whirlpools are separate from the river. The universe is a holographic oneness in perpetual motion, both created and navigated by consciousness. Matter is not separated by space and time; rather, matter, space, and time are always already ever-present and one.

To illustrate this, think of a DVD. At the explicate level of the DVD, you see a movie with people, places and events happening in space and time. For the actors on your television screen, they experienced everything happening in “real” time in the “real” world during filming. But for you the viewer, holding the DVD in your hand, you can see the implicate level of the movie where all the people, places, and events on it are mere projections of a single totality. You can rewind, fast-forward, slow-mo, or freeze-frame the entire realistic three-dimensional explicate world of the DVD because you are operating from the implicate world of remote control. The One, God, infinite consciousness, cosmic mind, or whatever you want to call it, operates at the objective, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent level of the implicate DVD, and meanwhile us humans, animals, plants, insects, and every other subjective entity in the physical universe are method actors in the explicate movie.

"The Holographic Nature of Reality" was taken from my book, "Spiritual Science" available on Lulu and Amazon:

Our new flat-Earth themed chill-hop album "Spirit Level," is now out and available on iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, Deezer, Amazon, and all major streaming services, free to watch/listen on LBRY, BitChute, Brighteon, Soundclick, Soundcloud and many other places but unfortunately not available on YouTube since they have already banned and given me supposed "hate-speech" strikes on several songs. I have also been banned from BandCamp, CD Baby, and just this week had the entire Flat Earth Movement Album banned from all major streaming services. Please support indie music while you still can and thank you so much!

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Our new flat-Earth themed chill-hop album "Spirit Level," is now out and available on iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, Deezer, Amazon, and all major streaming services, free to watch/listen on LBRY, BitChute, Brighteon, Soundclick, Soundcloud and many other places but unfortunately not available on YouTube since they have already banned and given me supposed "hate-speech" strikes on several songs. I have also been banned from BandCamp, CD Baby, and just this week had the entire Flat Earth Movement Album banned from all major streaming services. Please support indie music while you still can and thank you so much!

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