Slaves By Smoke Featuring Eric Dubay is the latest rap track off Smoke's upcoming EP released next week, available here:

Lyrics: I take a deep breath of some hot chronic smoke, the president is talkin', hawkin' war to all of the dopes, who won't ever acknowledge, everything he said was lies, while American jets in Iraq still crack the fuckin' sky. I'm surprised the people haven't brought it all to an end but the government's holdin' us hostage, it's not our fuckin' friend. Many pretend, but then again most are livin' in the matrix, spinnin' on some little rock, apes awaitin' a spaceship. My patience for the fantasy, it lessen every minute, "so what if it's a ball or flat? really what is the difference?" By the line of thought you become a frog on the pot, just chillin', "what's the difference if the water's cold or hot?" Blind belief in authority is not a form of science, it's just a religion, another system to justify the violence, silence feeds the tyrants who will always fight the change, that's why I'm rappin' with Dubay, we are not your fuckin' slaves

Same shit different day, livin' on the static plane, you can save it for some other goy, I'm not your fuckin' slave. Straight away as little kids they feed us all of the lies, be it evolution, dinosaurs or heaven in the sky. Try to question everything they told you to believe and every bit of media you ever see or read. Those that cry of genocide, inside an apartheid state, you can save it for some other goy, we're not your fuckin' slaves.

Hey Eric, why's it even matter if the world is round or flat or we revolve around the sun or if the sun revolves around us? I still have to go to work tomorrow and it hurts regardless. I still have to pay my bills and so I fail to see your logic. Please stop adding to the list of things in life that make me suffer. I don't wanna be empowered, I just wanna be a martyr. I would rather ask you why you think it matters than be honest, and admit the simple truth is that I haven't thought about it, and refuse to do my research. I don't even click your links, and when you ask me what I thought about them I don't even think. I just wanna pop some molly's, dance around and get my jollies, in a club or off in Bali. I don't wanna contemplate about the shape of where we are now. Human race mental state being raped and I like it, feels good, slavery is fine with me and now I've answered my own question, 'cause to people like me it just doesn't matter does it?

In the past 4 years, the term "Flat Earth" has shown a drastic exponential growth in Google trends, going from a mere few thousand results to tens of millions currently. The following presentation explores the reasons behind this sudden explosion beginning in late 2014, and the various figure-heads online who compose this blossoming Flat Earth community. To learn much more about the various people mentioned, please visit the IFERS controlled opposition forum where we keep meticulous record of their lies and disinformation:

The following is an instructional video showing how to do proper, effective Pranayama breathing, and how to use this practice to achieve states of deep meditation. To learn much more about the benefits and how to perform these techniques please also see the following video/article, "The Most Important Thing in Your Life":

As someone who has attended church since before I could walk, in a family comprised entirely of devout Christians, and having read the Bible cover to cover it has become increasingly clear to me that these holy scriptures were meant to be taken symbolically, not literally or historically. Things like talking snakes and bushes, virgins giving birth, eating the body of Christ, staffs turning into serpents, and many other biblical “miracles” are all actually ancient spiritual symbolisms, found in many cultures/traditions around the world, thousands of years older than the Bible, referring to psychological phenomena, not historical events. Of course snakes and bushes cannot talk, of course virgins cannot give birth, Christ isn’t a cannibal, wooden staffs cannot turn into living serpents, water cannot magically turn into wine, breads/fish cannot magically manifest from the aether, and humans cannot survive for days inside whale’s bellies.

2 Corinthians 3:6 clearly says the scriptures should NOT be read literally. Matthew 13:34 says Jesus never spoke unless it was in parables. He said people who took the word literally were like those who looked but could not see! Modern fundamentalist Christians who read the Bible literally with their over-active left-brains are missing the whole point. The reason Jesus cast nets to the right side, sits on the right side of God, and builds the door to the temple on the right side, is because he is leading us out of our lower left brains and into our holistic, symbolic, higher brain on the right.

The following full-length documentary featuring Eric Dubay, Pastor Bill Donahue, Pastor Ray Hagins, and John St. Julien explores the many esoteric symbolic hidden meanings in the Bible and sheds light on the deeper and more personal and practical wisdom hiding behind the church's literal interpretations.

In the Flat-Earth model, the Sun and Moon luminaries revolve around the Earth once every 24 hours illuminating like spotlights the areas over which they pass. The Sun’s annual journey from tropic to tropic, solstice to solstice, is what determines the length and character of days, nights and seasons. This is why equatorial regions experience almost year-round summer and heat while higher latitudes North and especially South experience more distinct seasons with harsh winters.

The heliocentric model claims seasons change based on the ball-Earth’s alleged “axial tilt” and “elliptical orbit” around the Sun. Their flawed current model even places us closest to the Sun (91,400,000 miles) in January when its actually winter, and farthest from the Sun (94,500,000 miles) in July when its actually summer throughout much of the Earth. They say due to the ball-Earth’s tilt, different places receive different amounts of direct sunlight and that is what produces the seasonal and temperature changes. This makes little sense, however, because if the Sun’s heat travels over ninety million miles to reach the ball-Earth, how could a slight tilt, a mere few thousand miles maximum, negate the Sun’s ninety million mile journey, giving us simultaneous tropical summers and Antarctic winters?

“The earth is a stretched-out structure, which diverges from the central north in all directions towards the south. The equator, being midway between the north center and the southern circumference, divides the course of the sun into north and south declination. The longest circle round the world which the sun makes, is when it has reached its greatest southern declination. Gradually going northwards the circle is contracted. In about three months after the southern extremity of its path has been reached, the sun makes a circle round the equator. Still pursuing a northerly course as it goes round and above the world, in another three months the greatest northern declination is reached, when the sun again begins to go towards the south. In north latitudes, when the sun is going north, it rises earlier each day, is higher at noon and sets later; while in southern latitudes at the same time, the sun as a matter of course rises later, reaches a lesser altitude at noon and sets earlier. In northern latitudes during the southern summer, say from September to December, the sun rises later each day, is lower at noon and sets earlier; while in the south he rises earlier, reaches a higher altitude at noon, and sets later each day. This movement round the earth daily is the cause of the alternations of day and night; while his northerly and southerly courses produce the seasons. When the sun is south of the equator it is summer in the south and winter in the north; and vice versa. The fact of the alternation of the seasons flatly contradicts the Newtonian delusion that the earth revolves in an orbit round the sun. It is said that summer is caused by the earth being nearest the sun, and winter by its being farthest from the sun. But if the reader will follow the argument in any text book he will see that according to the theory, when the earth is nearest the sun there must be summer in both northern and southern latitudes; and in like manner when it is farthest from the sun, it must be winter all over the earth at the same time, because the whole of the globe-earth would then be farthest from the sun!!! In short, it is impossible to account for the recurrence of the seasons on the assumption that the earth is globular and that it revolves in an orbit around the sun.” -Thomas Winship, “Zetetic Cosmogeny” (124-125)

Long before the theory of gravity was a glimmer in Newton's imagination, the natural physics of density and buoyancy already perfectly explained why apples fall down. Quite simply, objects fall or rise based on their relative density to the medium surrounding them. Apples fall because they are denser than the air, while helium balloons rise because they are lighter - no 'gravity' necessary. This is why raindrops fall down through the air and air-bubbles rise up through water! Everything seeks its relative density and rises or falls until settling accordingly. This is why a tiny pebble sinks to the bottom of the ocean, but gigantic cruise-ships and aircraft carriers stay afloat on the surface, because even though a pebble is so small, its mass relative to its volume (its density) is more than water, so it sinks, and even though a cruise-ship is so large, its mass relative to its volume is less than water, so it floats.

If Newton's apple had landed in a puddle instead of on his head, he would have seen the apple only fell through the air because it was denser than the air, but then floated on top of the water because it was less dense than water. Have you ever noticed how its easier to stay afloat with your lungs full of air than it is when they're empty? Submarines float on the surface when their ballast tanks are filled with air, but when the vents are opened and seawater floods in, they begin to sink as the submarine's density becomes greater than water. Depending what depth they wish to dive sailors simply adjust the ratio of air/water in the tanks, and when ready to re-surface they blow compressed air into the tanks forcing the seawater out, lowering the density, and thus causing them to rise back to the surface.

We can also prove this fact of relative density by filling a balloon with approximately half helium and half air. Since helium is lighter than the oxygen, nitrogen and other gases that compose the air around us, filling a balloon with just the right amount of helium to compensate for and balance out the density of the plastic results in a 'gravity-defying' levitating balloon at equilibrium that neither rises nor falls!

To learn more about our flat, motionless Earth, please visit:

It has been several months now since Neil DeGrasse Tyson agreed to a Flat Earth debate against Eric Dubay on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Joe announced the debate several times on his show, but in the many months since then has not once contacted me (Eric Dubay) to even touch-base or set-up this interview. So why did you two lie about this? Why did you announce this debate repeatedly and then never contact me to make it happen? Why, Joe Rogan, have you dedicated half a dozen of your podcasts to bashing me and my work, but refuse to engage with me?

Many years ago before having his own "Joe Rogan Questions Everything" TV show and before JRE was the world's biggest podcast, Joe Rogan was a vocal proponent exposing NASA's Moon landing hoax. He debated Penn Gillette, Phil Plait, Mancow, and many others brilliantly explaining the problems and inconsistencies with NASA's supposed Moon landings. Then one day, around Joe's Sci-Fi channel show premier, he had NASA spokesman Neil Degrasse Tyson on his podcast, praised him to a sycophantic degree, and back-peddled 180 degrees on his Moon hoax stance from stating unequivocally that (and I quote) "there is no way we went to the Moon," to stating equally unequivocally that, "there is no way that it was a hoax." Since this hypocritical 180, Joe has continued to have Neil Tyson and other establishment shills on his show, while simultaneously silencing and condemning people with anti-establishment views like his best friend Eddie Bravo.

Joe Rogan Moon Hoax Mystery:

Joe Rogan Vs. Eric Dubay:

Flat Earth Metabunk Debunked:

Eric Dubay Vs. Trevor Valle and Joe Rogan:

Eddie Bravo Questions Everything:

To learn more about our flat, motionless Earth please visit:

Earth is a level motionless plane with the Sun, Moon and stars revolving over and around us just as you experience every day. The North Pole is the magnetic mono-pole center-point with Polaris, the North Pole star situated directly above. Polaris is the only motionless star in the heavens with all the other constellations revolving perfect circles over the Earth every night. The so-called "planets," known to the ancients as "wandering stars," were named such because they were observed then as we can observe today to wander the heavens taking their own unique spirograph-like patterns making both forward and retrograde motions over and around the Earth during their cycles. Meanwhile the "fixed stars" were named such because they were observed then as we can observe today to stay fixed in their constellation patterns night after night, year after year, century after century, never changing their relative positions. If Earth was truly a tilting, wobbling, spinning space-ball as NASA and modern astronomy proclaim, rotating 1000mph on its axis, revolving 67,000mph around the Sun, spiraling 500,000mph around the galaxy, and shooting off several million more mph through the universe, the star patterns would never look the same two nights in a row, let alone be fixed in exactly the same constellations for thousands upon thousands of years!

The reality is that the Earth and Polaris do not move, while everything else in the heavens revolves over Earth and around Polaris East to West like in a planetarium dome. Our Earth planetarium, however, is so vast that perspective won't allow any observer to see all the stars simultaneously from any one vantage point. We can see Polaris, Ursa Major/Minor and other Northern constellations from every point North of the equator simultaneously, but conversely cannot see the so-called South Pole Star - Sigma Octantis, the Southern Cross or other outer constellations simultaneously from every point South of the equator, because they all sweep over a great southern arc from their rise in the evening to their setting in the morning. Facing North, the stars turn counter-clockwise, from right to left, facing South they turn clock-wise, from left to right, facing East they rise in front and set behind, while facing West they rise behind and set in front. So their apparent motion, angle and inclination changes depending where you are on Earth and what direction you are facing, but their actual movement is always East to West.

To learn more about our flat, motionless Earth, please visit:

In the Flat-Earth model, the Sun and Moon spotlights are perpetually hovering over and parallel to the surface of the Earth. From our vantage point, due to the Law of Perspective, the day/night luminaries appear to rise up the Eastern horizon, curve peaking high overhead, and then sink below the Western horizon. They do not escape to the underside of the Flat-Earth as one might imagine, but rather rotate concentric clockwise circles around the circumference from tropic to tropic. The appearance of rising, peaking and setting is due to the common Law of Perspective where tall objects appear high overhead when nearby, but at a distance gradually lower towards the vanishing point.

“Although the Sun is at all times above and parallel to the Earth’s surface, he appears to ascend the firmament from morning until noon, and to descend and sink below the horizon at evening. This arises from a simple and everywhere visible law of perspective. A flock of birds, when passing over a flat or marshy country, always appears to descend as it recedes; and if the flock is extensive, the first bird appears lower, or nearer to the horizon than the last. The farthest light in a row of lamps appears the lowest, although each one has the same altitude. Bearing these phenomena in mind, it will easily be seen how the Sun, although always parallel to the surface of the Earth, must appear to ascend when approaching, and descend after leaving the meridian or noon-day position. What can be more common than the observation that, standing at one end of a long row of lamp-posts, those nearest to us seem to be the highest; and those farthest away the lowest; whilst, as we move along towards the opposite end of the series, those which we approach seem to get higher, and those we are leaving behind appear to gradually become lower … It is an ordinary effect of perspective for an object to appear lower and lower as the observer goes farther and farther away from it. Let any one try the experiment of looking at a light-house, church spire, monument, gas lamp, or other elevated object, from a distance of only a few yards, and notice the angle at which it is observed. On going farther away, the angle under which it is seen will diminish, and the object will appear lower and lower as the distance of the observer increases, until, at a certain point, the line of sight to the object, and the apparently uprising surface of the earth upon or over which it stands, will converge to the angle which constitutes the ‘vanishing point’ or the horizon; beyond which it will be invisible.” -Dr. Samuel Rowbotham, “Zetetic Astronomy, Earth Not a Globe!” (85 and 231)

There is a ridiculous new counter-movement of carnist conspiracy theorists claiming that eating a plant-based vegan diet is actually unhealthy and a New World Order Agenda 21 conspiracy meant to undermine your well-being! Many of the people pushing this idea are also claiming that eating raw animal corpses is the correct, natural, healthy diet for humans. The following video shows how/why these people are not only dangerously wrong, but 180 degrees wrong, practicing the very opposite of what they preach.

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Flat Earth has long been touted as the mother of all conspiracy theories, marginalized, suppressed and ridiculed for centuries as being an ignorant ancient unscientific worldview, but the facts of the matter are far from what you have been told. It is a fact, not a theory, that bodies of water always seek and find their own level, from a beaker, a bottle, or a bathtub, to a pond, lake or an ocean, the natural physics of water and other liquids is to find and remain level. It is an unproven, unscientific theory with no observable, measurable, or repeatable evidence, to claim that bodies of water can somehow bend, cling to the exterior of shapes, and show convexity upon their surface. It is a fact that the majority of Earth is covered in such level water, thus making it an unscientific theory to postulate that Earth is actually a gigantic sphere with bendy oceans curving all the way around it. It is a fact, not a theory, that the horizon always appears perfectly flat 360 degrees around the observer regardless of altitude. All amateur balloon, rocket, plane and drone footage show a completely flat horizon as high as we can reach, over 20 miles, or 120,000 feet up. The only time the horizon ever bends is when viewed through a fish-eye lens or a curved commercial airplane window. It is also a fact, that the horizon always rises to the eye level of the observer as altitude is gained, so you never have to look down to see it. If the Earth were in fact a globe, no matter how large, as you ascended the horizon would stay fixed and the observer would have to tilt looking down further and further to see it. It is a fact, not a theory, that we are able to observe objects at incredibly long distances far beyond what would be possible if Earth were a globe, 25,000 miles in circumference as we're told. For example, it is a fact, that in Genoa, Italy, from just above sea-level, on clear days it is possible to see the distant islands of Elba, Gorgona, Capraia, and Corsica 80-125 miles away. It is a necessary theory that the globe-Earth must curve 8 inches per mile squared if it really be a ball 25,000 miles in circumference, but based on such a theory, these islands would all be completely hidden behind thousands of feet of curved Earth. In fact, the record-breaking longest distance zoom photograph ever taken recently showed Pic Gaspard from Pic de Finestrelles a whopping 275 miles away, at a height of under 10,000 feet, where, based on correct curvature calculations, the entire mountain should be invisible behind several miles of curved Earth. It is an observable, testable, repeatable, scientific fact of reality, that Polaris, the North Pole star situated perfectly over the North Pole center of Earth, never moves a single inch, night after night, year after year, century after century, with all the other fixed stars remaining fixed in their relative constellations revolving perfect circles around Polaris. It is an unobservable, unproven, unscientific theory to claim that thousands of years ago Polaris mysteriously did move and Thuban or other stars became the center of rotation. It is also an unobservable, unscientific theory to claim that the Earth is spinning a thousand miles per hour around an axis, while rotating tens of thousands of miles per hour around the Sun, while the entire solar system circles hundreds of thousands of miles per hour around the Milky Way, and the Milky Way shoots millions of miles per hour more off through infinite space, when we cannot see, hear, feel, or otherwise observe or prove any such motion, and we can see clearly for ourselves Polaris never moving and all the other stars revolving around it. Not only that, but such circular star trails around an unmoving Pole Star prove that it is the stars themselves moving, and not the Earth. If the Earth were truly a tilting, wobbling, spinning space-ball undergoing these multiple contradictory motions through the universe, you would only see irregular spiral-shaped star-trails and the night sky would never be the same twice. It would be impossible for constellations to exist whatsoever if Earth were truly undergoing these various theoretical motions. This is just a brief introduction to the many observable, testable, repeatable, scientific facts of our level motionless plane Earth that have been marginalized, suppressed and ridiculed for centuries, in favor of various unobservable, untestable, unscientific theories purporting we live on a tilting, wobbling, spinning, ball-shaped Earth. To learn much more about this most important and highly censored topic, please follow the links in the description box to my documentary "The History of Flat Earth," as well as my books, "The Flat Earth Conspiracy" and "200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball." The History of Flat Earth: 200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball: The Flat Earth Conspiracy and Eric Dubay's other books

Join Asbestos and the other 12 Heads in their spiritual and philosophical journey through life and death. Meet Pin Head the hyper-active, hyper-critical, hypocrite, Figure Head the mystic mathematician, Pot Head the shamanistic high school teacher, Dead Head the politically-active radical environmentalist, and a host of other unique personalities in this humorous and thought-provoking philosophical fiction novella.

To download free or purchase a hard copy of Asbestos Head or my other published works please visit:

Note: Asbestos Head was published over 10 years ago before I became the full-blown conspiracy realist I am today, so you will notice the "taking for granted" of certain things like the holocaust, the globe, or dinosaurs which I no longer believe to be real things, and the work is fiction anyway, so calm down trolls.

Around the turn of the 19th century there was a scientific revolution happening regarding the shape of the Earth, thanks to the work of people like Samuel Rowbotham, William Carpenter, Albert Smith, Thomas Winship, David Wardlaw Scott, and President of the Universal Zetetic Society Lady Elizabeth Blount. The following is a video compilation of Lady Blount's eloquent poetry exposing the truth about our motionless plane Earth.

To learn more about our flat, stationary Earth, please visit:

Incredible new footage from the Japanese Flimiwari 9 satellite has just been released zooming-in to reveal people, buildings, oceans and waterfalls all literally upside-down in Australia, proving it really is "the land down under" and finally shutting up these ridiculous flat-Earthers once and for all.

To learn more about the tilting, wobbling, spinning, sphere-pear Earth you definitely live on, please visit:

Freedom activist, comedian, and former People’s Voice hostess Elissa Hawke sits down with IFERS President Eric Dubay to discuss dinosaurs, flat Earth, conspiracies, controlled opposition, and to address and clear-up several slanderous lies, accusations and rumors regarding Eric’s background, family, and personal life.

TruthCenter has just released this excellent concise but comprehensive Flat Earth F.A.Q. which makes for a perfect introduction video. Please share this with all your friends, family, social medias, and subscribe to TruthCenter here:

1. What does the Flat Earth look like? (0:15)
2. Where’s the edge? (1:09)
3. Where is the Sun on a Flat Earth? (2:07)
4. What about ships disappearing over the horizon? (3:02)
5. Why can’t I see across the oceans? (3:47)
6. How is circumnavigation possible on a Flat Earth? (4:22)
7. What about the Felix Baumgartner Red Bull Jump? (4:57)
8. What is underneath the Flat Earth? (5:45)
9. Does the Flat Earth move? (6:29)
10. What about Satellites, ISS, and the Hubble Space Telescope? (7:23)
11. Why is the Moon upside down in the Southern Hemisphere? (9:02)
12. What about the pictures of Earth from Space? (9:39)
13. Is the Moonlight just reflection of the Sun’s light? (10:52)
14. What about stars and does Outer Space even exist? (12:18)
15. Why do the Sun and Moon appear to be the same size? (13:01)
16. What about eclipses? (13:48)
17. What about the Coriolis Effect? (15:23)
18. Are the other planets flat? (16:26)
19. What about Gravity? (17:26)
20. What about Seasons? (19:29)
21. What about Time Zones? (20:22)
22. What about the Moon and Mars Landings? (21:01)
23. What about seeing the curve from an airplane window? (22:20)
24. What about Foucault’s Pendulum? (23:11)
25. How do you explain North and South on a Flat Earth? (24:03)
26. What about meteors, comets, and craters? (24:55)
27. Is there a dome over the flat Earth? (26:39)
28. Is Flat Earth only for religious people? (27:32)
29. Does the Bible say the Earth is flat? (28:06)
30. What about the Flat Earth Society? (28:52)
31. Who is behind the deception? (30:16)
32. Why would they lie about Flat Earth? (31:17)
33. Are all Scientists, Pilots, Engineers, and members of the Government in on the lie? (32:26)
34. Who is spreading the Flat Earth message? (33:16)
35. Why does it matter if Earth is flat? (34:50)

For more info about our flat, motionless earth please visit:

A lifelong performer, UK artist Alex O has worked hard in the club and pub circuit singing and playing guitar, keys, and bass in numerous bands. After much conspiracy research and understanding more about the true nature of this reality, Alex has used his talents to write conspiracy music about the flat earth, gravity, satellites, the moon landing hoax, the so called ‘photos’ of earth and more. Alex created the character ‘Flat Earth Man’ for his music videos and songs, the character is a larger than life animated humorous country dude who clearly has a lot to say:

To learn more about our flat, motionless Earth, please visit:

Real Eyes Realize Real Lies is a new conscious rap track by Facu Rastafa featuring Eric Dubay

Lyrics: I started to question things like my own beliefs and my own existence like how does this work? What is the mind? There's this voice that keeps saying shit. What is the truth? What do I know? Am I the body or am I the soul? If I was to die, where would I go? Do I even matter if this is how it goes? But when I woke up you know what I realized? That I am the soul and this body is just my vehicle, and with that awakening came so much so much more information about the system and how it works. Because if you know the truth you regain self control, not even a remote chance to get programmed or deceived no more. You start to do some research, that's researching what you think you know, when you find out that the Earth is actually not a spinning globe. What the fuck are you saying? You're sounding sort of insane. But it's true we live on a plane, it's flat and stationary. The truth will set you free, won't go back to that mental cell, now I live my life in peace and couldn't change if you paid me.

Realize, there's real lies and real eyes, don't be surprised, you'll find the truth down deep inside. When I see the sky, the Sun, the Moon, they seem alive. Wish I could fly so I could see on my own with no CGI.

Tactical error, crack like a mirror, Eric Dubay bringing lyrical terror. Hate speech al-queda but my rhymes are tighter, I rap for the masses, tracks full of classics, masterful plastered with factual fanfare, banned but I'm back to attack with a fair share of crap that I can't bare 'cause I'm a care-bear. Where is the justice? We need a comeuppance. 19.5 billion per year is what we pay them just to hear we're spinning right round the Milky Way waiting on the sun to die one day, but that isn't happening, that is inaccurate. Stick to the facts not fear-mongering rocket-men. Masons are liars, NASA are masons, masons that lie like their snakes in the garden and the sun isn't dying, your soul is immortal, and so is the solace of solar return. You will ever remember in embers and flames, the end of December, dismemberment plan (That's a good band). By the way, watch what they say. Everything your government tells you is fake, especially anything about outer space. The only thing they could ever make I would rate is every politicians fucking head on a plate, but we're probably never gonna see that day, cause everybody's living in their rainbow way, with no real men left 'cause they've all turned gay.

Realize, there's real lies and real eyes, don't be surprised, you'll find the truth down deep inside. When I see the sky, the Sun, the Moon, they seem alive. Wish I could fly so I could see on my own with no CGI.

Subscribe to Facu on YouTube and SoundCloud:

For more music by Eric Dubay:

In December 2017 YouTube banned my entire channel of 135,000 subscribers and over 28 million views for a single "hate-speech" strike on my video "Adolf Hitler vs. The Jew World Order." This video was made shortly afterwards on my second channel. In December 2018 YouTube then banned my second channel which managed to accrue 55,000 subs and millions more views, this time for 3 strikes given to 3 old, random, innocuous flat Earth videos claiming once again "hate-speech" and rejecting all appeals:

For the past two years, comedian Joe Rogan has made repeated constant attacks against specific flat Earthers and the whole flat Earth subject itself yet refuses to engage in dialogue with any knowledgeable members of the community. The following video destroys Joe Rogan's illogical arguments, strawman fallacies, and general idiocy with regards to true natural science and his unsubstantiated belief that we are living on a tilting, wobbling, spinning blue testicle.

In the interest of preserving for posterity the wealth of flat Earth knowledge and research done during the late 19th and early 20th century, I will be starting a series of audiobook and PDF downloads to make them more easily and widely available. Today's selection is Gerrard Hickson's 1922 book "Kings Dethroned." You can download the free PDF here:

In the interest of preserving for posterity the wealth of flat Earth knowledge and research done during the late 19th and early 20th century, I will be starting a series of audiobook and PDF downloads to make them more easily and widely available. Today's selection is John Abizaid's 1912 book "The Enlightenment of the World." You can download the free PDF here:

In the interest of preserving for posterity the wealth of flat Earth knowledge and research done during the late 19th and early 20th century, I will be starting a series of audiobook and PDF downloads to make them more easily and widely available. Today's selection is William Carpenter's 1885 book "100 Proofs Earth is Not a Globe." You can download the free PDF here: Please like, subscribe, comment and share this important documentary with all your social networks!


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