Oh, how they contradict and eat themselves with their own words... honk.

Halsey invited me to be on his stream with Phil from The Doll House. Guys, I want your feedback on this. Did I talk too much? Did I parrot TFM too much? Some said I performed better than usual on Halsey's streams, do you agree or not? Feel free to be as vulgar as you want, all of your opinions are welcome.

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Seattle, once the happiest place on earth, is becoming more and more like San Francisco and India every day. Libtards can't do anything right, and in this regard, they can't get their [email protected]#% together, or cleaned up should I say...

Rushing out the door, I'll complete this desc later...

Because Youtube is getting lamer and lamer these days...

Uncle Ruckus reacts to the black female judge who throws a miniature tantrum and gets dragged out of court like an overgrown child.


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Figured I should do an outro for ruckus reactions. Hope y'all niggas like it!

Sigh, that's right... TFM got a strike before the end of last stream, and his stream got shutdown.

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Just hit a major milestone in terms of sobriety. This is a thank you to those who have motivated me to quit and stay sober. Also for those who have drinking problems themselves.

Let's tax everything and everyone because they are a bottomless pit of money!

China has now added "extreme feminism" to their list of things to censor and/or detain. But is it about being 'red pilled' or more about 'control and prevent opposition' as China has done for the longest already? You decide...


Bonus article:

The temptations and random opportunities to relapse are seemingly never ending, but I'm grateful to friends who motivate me to stay sober. Plus I was feeling ranty, so I ranted for a minute or two...

Want a government check? Find some way to prove that you were oppressed/a slave! Now, just [pretend to] be gay, and there you go! We masculine presenting transgendered lesbians may qualify too!


The Dems are looking to create, forgive and create more debt as well as incentivize people to take on more debt in hopes it will be forgiven, ruining the student loan business to start.

Hedge your bets if you want, but don't you dare bet your hedges! *Wink wink*


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Because people keep asking... I keep uploading based on what is asked. So here I am, doing a part 3.

Because sometimes you just gotta say "f**k it" when you're tired of the BS! I needed a good laugh, so I uploaded this. One of my favourite scenes.

All about the oppression points that can be traded in at the left wing democrat giftshop!

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Finnish government cucks to Islam to avoid dealing with Muslim pedophiles raping their children. Dear white people, are you done being cucks yet? Ready to take your women's rights away and nix the welfare state so they self deport? No?! Then you get what you deserve pussies. The beatings will continue until morale improves.

Think it's all about the porn? Think again! It's just an excuse to eliminate internet anonymity, not "protect the children"...

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A supposed leaked US AirForce briefing on the threat of the incel community, and the rumoured "Drone Strikes" to monitor and stop them from killing women. Reeks of BS, but it's important to read in between the lines and know that the term "incel" is a very broad term used nowadays which can be used against anyone who is actively against feminism or even simply staying single and/or avoiding #MeToo... so watch yourselves.


Plague Man (Megaman Rockforce OST): Mega Man Rock Force Music - Plague Man (Extended)

Hi-Macs Sim (PC, Free Download):

All of you must be aware of this! The massive attack on the minds of everyone perpetuated by Google, the left and big tech is real. It's not a conspiracy theory; don't be fooled.


A follow up to the previous video I did on the subject. If you haven't watched the previous video, please do so (link below). I gave them too much credit... the democraps are basically admitting that they have no plan, and that they just want your votes so that **if** they ever get to it, they will enact something. It's an empty promise; don't fall for the obvious [email protected]#%. They are just continuing to exploit the minority vote...

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