Peter from British Columbia, Canada - Discovering Alan Watt's Talks - China's Presence in Canada - Desmond Morris's Books, The Naked Ape and The Human Zoo - Assimilating to What We See on Television or the Internet - Breaking Taboos; Swear Words, a Lesbian Kiss - Normalizing Tattoos - Tribal Identification - Quebec, Cajun French - Michael Savage, Borders, Language, Culture - "Drill Down", "Unpack" - Surfer Lingo - Worked in Patient Transport for a Hospital at the Height of Covid - Peter's Last Mushroom Trip - Right and Left Hemispheres of the Brain; Iain McGilchrist Book, The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World - Serotonin, Dopamine - Corpus Callosum Between the Hemispheres - Alan Watt on Intuition - Buddhism, Ashoka the Cruel (the Great) - India's Caste System; The Wheel of Reincarnation - The Wild Man versus the Domesticated - MDMA (Molly, Ecstasy); Merck Pharmaceutical, the Serotonin Rush - Peter and Alcohol - The Gift of a Clear and Sober Mind - Peter Working at a Buddhist Vipassana Meditation Center, He Calls a Cult - CIA and KGB Involvement in Meditation, Hypnotism - Ex-KGB Yuri Bezmenov - The Beatles - David Lynch, Goldie Hawn Promotion of Transcendental Meditation for School Children - Canadian Greeting, "Keepin' Busy?" - Getting Love Bombed at Church or in Cults - Theresa Tam, Canada's Health Minister.

Cutting Through the Matrix

Yuri Bezmenov: The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion (1984)

The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World

What Is Serotonin?

Vipassana Meditation Worldwide

My exhausting meditation retreat: 10 days of Vipassana, silence and spiders

The illusion of free will in the Cult: Vipassana meditation taught by SN Goenka

Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl

Fujiya & Miyagi - Serotonin Rushes

The Shamen - Ebeneezer Goode

Green Velvet - La La Land

Elise LeGrow - Drinking In The Day

Donald Ewen Cameron was a Scottish-born psychiatrist, largely known today for his central role in unethical medical experiments, and development of psychological and medical torture techniques for the CIA. He served as president of the American Psychiatric Association (1952–1953), Canadian Psychiatric Association (1958–1959), American Psychopathological Association (1963), Society of Biological Psychiatry (1965) and the World Psychiatric Association (1961–1966).

Cameron was involved in administering electroconvulsive therapy and experimental drugs, including poisons such as curare and hallucinogens such as lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), to patients and prisoners without their knowledge or informed consent. Some of this work took place in the context of the Project MKUltra program for the developing of mind control and torture techniques, psychoactive poisons, and behavior modification systems; whether or not he was aware of this is unknown. Decades after his own death, the psychic driving technique he developed continued to see extensive use in the torture of prisoners around the world.

Cutting Through the Matrix

Dr. Ewen Cameron and Operation Paperclip.mp4

The Sleep room CIA-funded experiments on patients in Montreal hospital (1998) - The Fifth Estate

CIA Mind Control CIA Secret Experiments

Brainwashed The Secret CIA Experiments in Canada - The Fifth Estate

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This is a link to a good Krishnamurti talk:

Original Talk Feb. 9, 2020 - No Peace - Financial Crashes - Quantitative Easing - Always Living in Fear - Fake News - The World Economic Forum - The Rich People Running Things - Politicians are Reminded that They aren't the Bosses - Julian Assange - Brain Chip - Eugenicists at the Top - Cost of Robots versus Humans - The Insatiable Desire for Entertainment - Manage the Public Like a Herd, Animal Husbandry - Sex as a Weapon - Orwell's 1984 - Linguistic Minimalism, Swearing, Words don't Exist to Allow Revolution to Happen - Energy Units; Austerity - Free Trade - NAFTA, USMCA - China, U.N.'s Model State for the World - The War on (of) Terror - Rationing - Economic Warfare - Wartime Propaganda - Complete Quarantine - SARS, Coronavirus - Rothschild, Making Fortune when Blood is Running in the Street - Fake History in Real Time - Charles M. Lieber, Nanotechnology - Elon Musk's Neuralink - Zombie Movies - Ethnic Specific Viruses - Don't Panic - Jobless Recovery - Automation, Less Work - Those Who Use Fear to Rule You are Abusers - How Governments Use Crises to Push Through the Agenda - Have a Few Friends and Help Each Other Through the Tough Times -

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Ultra Small Neural Implants and Giant Pumpkins - by Not Sure

Bill Gates on how to "outsmart" global epidemics

Moderna Announces Funding Award from CEPI to Accelerate Development of Messenger RNA (mRNA) Vaccine Against Novel Coronavirus

Original Title & Poem

Waiting Game:
"Expert Advice Antiquated, Repeated, Expected,
Symptomless Spreaders Have Now Been Detected."
© Alan Watt Feb. 9, 2020

Misgendered Chicken - Flash Mobs, Retail Theft - Biometric ID - Forced to Work Post-Retirement - Social Media - Time is Precious - UK Energy Bill HL, Net Zero - Electricity, Smart Meters - VAT, Value Added Tax, Luxury Tax - Definition of Reset - Ways of Heating Homes, Coal, Wood - Forest Fires - Nearly Eighty Arsonists Arrested in Greece - Short Attention Spans - Stanley Plotkin, Vaccines Deposition - Psychopaths, Verbal Salad - Electric Vehicles, Replacement Batteries,
Explosions - Most People don't Care about Others - Angry North & Boris's Bitches - Oliver Anthony, Protest Music - Vince White, The Clash - Maui, Ukraine, Stimulus Checks - Finding a Useful Outlet for Anger - Boycott Businesses that Harm You - Get to Know Your Neighbors - Song, 21st Century Socialism.

Big name retail stores now targeted by gangs in organized hits

Tanzania: how can Goat, Papaya, Pawpaw test positive to Corona?

A stealth effort to bury wood for carbon removal has just raised millions

Those Damn Polar Bears Refuse to Die

Energy Bill [HL]

Energy Bill [HL]

Property owners who don’t comply with new energy rules may face prison

Deaths in London as a result of car emissions

Caroline Lucas calls for Britain to be on 'war-footing' to fight climate change

Stanley Plotkin, Vaccines Deposition, Under Oath, 9 Hour Full Video

Depopulation Through Forced vaccination: The Zero Carbon Solution.

Cos now you're dead - A song by Angry North & Boris's Bitches

Angry North & Boris's Bitches - Bandcamp

Angry North & Boris's Bitches - YouTube Channel

The Adverts - Television's Over

Stiff Little Fingers - Nobody's Hero

William Wallace Protest Songs - 21st Century Socialism

The Clash - We are the Clash

What Were You Doing September 11, 2021? - U.S. in Afghanistan, Guarding the Poppy Fields - General Wesley Clark, List of Countries to Take Out, PNAC - William "Bill" Cooper Predicted 9/11 - Socialism's Use of Fear - Patriot Act, Omnibus Crime Bills - Technology - Swine Flu, Vaccines - Scanners Ready to Go Immediately After 9/11 - Covid Vaccine Passports - Social Distancing Markers - Darin from South Africa, the Biochemistry of Group Adaptation, Group Dynamics, Compliance, Conformity - Scientism - Mass Formation Psychosis, Free Will - Scientific Indoctrination - It is the Individual Who Must Break Through to Reality - Genuine Communication vs. Going Through the Polite Motions - Alan Watt - Maurice Strong.

Dynamic Independence podcasts

Cutting Through the Matrix

BF Skinner was an American psychologist and behaviorist, considered the father of Behaviorism. Considering free will to be an illusion, Skinner saw human action as dependent on consequences of previous actions, a theory he would articulate as the principle of reinforcement: If the consequences to an action are bad, there is a high chance the action will not be repeated; if the consequences are good, the probability of the action being repeated becomes stronger. Skinner developed behavior analysis, especially the philosophy of radical behaviorism, and founded the experimental analysis of behavior, a school of experimental research psychology. He also used operant conditioning to strengthen behavior.

Cutting Through the Matrix

An example of Operant Conditioning - The hungry rats

B.F Skinner. Teaching machine and programmed learning

BF Skinner Foundation - Pigeon and Red Block

BF Skinner Foundation - Pigeon Ping Pong Clip

Psychology Study Baby in a Skinner Box (1960) Behavior Modification of Toddlers

The Little Albert Experiment

The Origin of the B.F. Skinner Air Crib as told by Julie Vargas #shorts

Social Media - CIA and the Patriot Movement - 77th Brigade - Netflix Documentary, The Social Dilemma - Operation Covid, Act II - Shadowbanning - Jan. 6, 2021 at the U.S. Capitol - Sentencing of Proud Boys Organizers Enrique Tarrio and Joe Biggs - Alan Watt Changed the Patriot/Truth/Alternate Media Whose Purpose is to Keep Listeners Involved in Politics and Voting - Brandon Turbeville's Article on the Coup in Niger - Original Talk from May 3, 2020 - World Economic Forum - Cleopatra's Needle, Obelisks - Food Rationing - If a Formula Works, it Will Work Down Through Time - William "Bill" Cooper's Death; Cooper on the Use of Fear - Pavlov, Adapting, Conformity - The All-Seeing Eye, The Pyramid - The CIA (and MI6, etc) and Media, Including Social Media - Deception - Ten Years Between 2009-10 "Pandemic" and Covid-19 - Edward Bernays, The Engineering of Consent - Philanthropists - Event 201 - The Semi-Hypnotic State of Most People - The Real Purpose of the Internet and Social Media.

Transcript - "Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt "We're the Fodder for Latest New World Order..." - May 3, 2020

Original Audio, Topics, Links - "Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt "We're the Fodder for Latest New World Order..." - May 3, 2020 (scroll down the page)

In Memoriam - William "Bill" Cooper - by Not Sure

UK Army Spied on COVID Critics — Whistleblower Exposes ’Most Secretive’ 77th Brigade (2023)

What Just Happened In Niger? - Details, Analysis, And Solutions

'Nobody can block it': how the Telegram app fuels global protest

Social Media – Why it Sickens the Self and Divides Society

Social Media – Why it Sickens the Self and Divides Society (video)

The new propaganda is liberal. The new slavery is digital. - John Pilger's 2013 article, talks about Pilger meeting Leni Riefenstahl

Triumph of the Will (1935) Leni Riefenstahl Propaganda Film for the National Socialist Worker's Party

The Cultural Cold War: The CIA And the Congress For Cultural Freedom - Keith Woods

Finding Your True Purpose, Meaning - Mary Visiting from South Texas - WWII Wives - Crazy Horse Memorial, South Dakota - Mary Learned to Fly and Got Her Pilot's License - Mary was Asked to Be a Band Director, Learned All the Instruments; Built the Band Up from 17 Students to a 125 Piece First Division Band - Moved to South Texas and Taught Music, Allowed Her to Get Teacher's Pension - The Hispanic Culture of South Texas - Mary's Friend Violet, the Computer Teacher - McAllen, Texas - Mary's Daughter and Son-in-Law Lived in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, for Many Years - After Retiring from Teaching, Mary Started Taking Sculpture Classes in San Miguel and Later in Austin, Texas - Lost Wax Process of Bronze Sculpting - Son is Great Drummer and Music Teacher; Grandson Winning Drum Competitions - For Many Years, Mary Ran a Business Doing Weddings, Cakes, Catering, Flowers; Has a Patent on One of Her Wedding Decorations - Mary's Peaceful Parents, Creative Mother, Got Strength from Her Mother - Patience to Try Things and Not Give Up - Seldom Gets Angry - Travels, Adventures and Misadventures - Find the Right Teacher and Keep Learning New Things.

"Real History" with Melissa podcast - Archives

Mary Thrasher Griffin - Sculptor

Instituto Allende - Visual Arts School

Ivan Pavlov was a Russian physiologist known in psychology for his discovery of classical conditioning. Pavlov noted that the animals salivated naturally upon the presentation of food. He also noted that the animals began to salivate whenever they saw the white lab coat of an experimental assistant. Pavlov discovered that by associating the presentation of food with the lab assistant, a conditioned response occurred. Alan Watt often said that humans are the most studied species on earth.

Dark Persuasion - The History of BRAINWASHING from Pavlov to Social Media

Ivan Pavlov's Experiments on Men. Archive film 97453

Orphans Trained to Mindlessly Obey Dark Matters

Pavlov Experiments In Conditioning

The Gruesome Truth About Pavlov's Dogs (And How His Findings are Commonly Misinterpreted)

Aldous Huxley - Brave New World Revisited (book)

Conformity within Groups - Darin from South Africa, Conformity and Invisibility of the Individual - Global "Climate Change" - Al Gore's "Goring" - "The sky is falling" - Aerial Spraying and HAARP pulsation. The sphere of our lives and what reality is - projections of reality. Effects and Forces - Laws of Nature - Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis. Life in Middle Ages - Feudal system of kings, queens, aristocracy, learned class - Illiterate populace - World run by all-seeing deity. Protestant Revolution - Reaction against suppressive old system - Protestant "work ethic". Beginnings of trade guilds - Price and wage fixing - Monopolies - Ownership of resources. Goldsmith - Gold - Money lending. Views of life and death in ancient times - In Greece, Egypt - Judaism - Christianity. Fear of death in Western world - Money spent on funerals. Looting and plundering buccaneers - Capitalism - Piracy - Monopoly making. Fads, fashion, education, indoctrination - Conformity to a group and its standards - Maintaining Elite and System. Animalistic traits vs. self-expression - Suppression of emotion - Neurosis in society. Commercialization and exploitation - Expensive placebos for "happiness" - Psychological warfare in media and advertising. Strength and happiness within - KNOW THY SELF. (Song: "Whose Garden Was This" by Tom Paxton).

Original Audio, Topics - "Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt - "Medieval Feudal Collective to Capitalist Monopolist. The Dilemma of Individualism in Stormy Seas." - July, 27, 2007

Transcript - "Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt - "Medieval Feudal Collective to Capitalist Monopolist. The Dilemma of Individualism in Stormy Seas." - July, 27, 2007

Stay out of ghettos, Jewish or otherwise! - by Not Sure

Al Gore on Extreme Heat and the Fight Against Fossil Fuels (Jul. 2023)

Darin from S. Africa, Joined by Joanne who Helps Farm Killing Activist, Petrus Sitho - Petrus Unable to Join the Conversation - Joanne Teaches English to Chinese Children - Joanne Knew a Couple Who Were Killed in a Farm Attack - Violence in Pietermaritzburg - Joanne Finished High School the Same Year Apartheid Ended, Raised by a Black Domestic Worker, Played with her Child - Growing Up, Had Little Understanding of the Reality of Apartheid - History of Tension and Violence Between Xhosa and Zulu - Shaka Zulu - Nelson Mandela, uMkhonto we Sizwe, the Paramilitary Branch of the African National Congress (ANC) - Winnie Mandela's Involvement in Kidnap of Four Youths, Death of Stompie - Winnie Mandela and Hillary Clinton - The Horrible Vigilante Execution Method of Necklacing, "Tire, Petrol, Matches" - Watching and Celebrating Public Executions - Death by Panga (Machete) - Rwanda Genocide - Racism - Julius Malema, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), "Kill the Boer" - Nelson Mandela Would Never Renounce Violence - Ramaphosa - Darin Talks About Warranted Violence by Blacks Under Apartheid - Liam Neeson on Rage Over a Rape, Racism - How Marxism Uses Race, Critical Race Theory (CRT) - Alan Watt on Blending Communism and Capitalism, Public-Private (Fascism) - Petrus Sitho Feels Called by God to Bring Awareness to South Africa's Farm Killings - Crowdfunding for Petrus - The Recent Trip Petrus Took to Protest at BRICS - Petrus Receives Many Death Threats, "I've Got Your Necklace for You." - Spread the Word about Petrus' Efforts and Farm Killings.

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Petrus Sitho's BackaBuddy Crowdfunding - Raising Awareness of Farm Killings

PPS Stop Farm Killings SA

Petrus Sitho - Facebook

Petrus Sitho - Tiktok

Petrus Sitho - WhatsApp +27 73 008 4105

Nelson Mandela - by J. Burmeister

UMkhonto we Sizwe - Revolutionary arm of the ANC

The other side of the story (Caution: Graphic Images)

Death By Tire Fire: A Brief History Of “Necklacing” In Apartheid South Africa

The dark side of Nelson Mandela

Winnie Mandela is found guilty (1991)

Act II, Operation Covid - Psychological Warfare - Mandates, Restrictions - Essential and Non-Essential Businesses.

Cutting Through the Matrix

Dynamic Independence podcast

Starsuckers is a 2009 British documentary film aiming to expose the "shams and deceit involved in creating a pernicious celebrity culture."

Cutting Through the Matrix

Starsuckers: 2009 British documentary explores mental health & media exposure

Baseball - Group Behavior - Transparency - The Media - Biggest Exercise in Mind Control and Mental Warfare on the Whole Population of the Planet - Psy-Ops and Revolution - Fauci, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - Black Lives Matter - Communism Hides Behind Covers - The Cold War, Billionaires - Covid-19 Wartime Scenario, Event 201, Rockefeller's Lockstep - Control of Media - Gangs Run the World; Big, Organized Crime - Bioethics - The Scientific Takeover of Society - Carroll Quigley, CFR, RIIA (Chatham House), Rockefeller, Milner Groups - Endless Wars in the Middle East; PNAC - Business Plans - Tax-Free Foundations and Privately-Owned Think-Tanks Run the World - Book, Foundations: Their Power and Influence - Norman Dodd, Reece Commission - Free Trade - The Basics, Food and Water - Videos on WWII Farms (Britain), Blossoming of Government Departments - Conditions During Industrial Revolution - Winston Churchill, a United Europe - Heads of BLM Admit They are Trained Marxists; Antifa - Genocide in Rwanda - Real History is Inside You - Soviet System, Troops to Other Countries, Settle in the Area, Breed into that Culture - Normans, Prima Nocta - Learning and the Leisure Class - Socrates, Subversion of Youth, Training them to be Revolutionaries - Inner and Outer Parties - Elitism - Movie, The Third Man; How Psychopaths View People - Eugenics, Euthanasia - Plandemic Series of Movies - Gates, GAVI - News Organizations Parroting the Official Script; Standardized Information - In the 1990s, Dumping (Weeding) Books from Libraries; Censorship; 1995 Article in Canada, They'll Tap Our Phones to Please Uncle Sam; Late 1990s Canadian Omnibus Crime Bill with Sweeping Anti-Terrorism Powers.

Original audio and links "Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt - "Elite's Working Complicity Toward Efficiency" - Aug. 30, 2020

Commission on Information Disorder - by Not Sure

Biden plans to ask Congress for funding to develop new COVID vaccine, may require shot for all

Tracking Orwellian Change: The Aristocratic Takeover of "Transparency"

Aspen Institute - Commission on Information Disorder (Nov. 2021)

Information Disorder Syndrome and its Management

Trusted News Initiative announces plans to tackle harmful Coronavirus disinformation (2020, Mar. 27)

Wartime Farm - Part 1 of 8

The Third Man (1949) - Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, Alida Valli, director, Carol Reed, writer, Graham Greene

Dr. William Makis MD, Oncologist, Immunologist, Nuclear Medicine - Substack Author, Analyzing "Died Suddenly" Deaths and Likely Cases of Vaccine Injuries - Came to Canada as a Young Child, Refugees from Communist Czechoslovakia - Running a Unique Cancer Treatment Using Medical Isotopes, Targeted Radionuclide Therapy - Ran a Program in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at Cross Cancer Institute - Persecution by Alberta Health Services When the Government Moved the Program Out of Alberta to British Columbia Under the Trudeau Administration - Big Pharma, Novartis Involvement in the B.C. Program - Questionable Use of Lipid Nanoparticles as Delivery for mRNA "Therapies" - Vaccine Mandates and the "Carrot and Stick" Approach - Analyzing Injuries and Death, Myocarditis, "Turbo" Cancers, Blood Clots, etc. - Canada Effectively Under Communism for at Least a Decade - UK Dept. of Work and Pensions Claims Shows Spike in 2021 and Greater Spike in 2022 of All Types of Claims, Particularly Psychiatric Diseases: Anxiety, Psychosis, Mood Disorders, etc. - Greatest Spikes in Neurological Issues, Psychiatric Issues and Cancers - Risk of Suicide and Suicidal Ideation - Hit Piece on Dr. Makis by Global News; Called a Lunatic - Intent to Harm and Kill by the Medical Establishment and Governments - Communism Always has a Bloody Quality, Major Loss of Life.

Dr. William Makis MD - Substack

William Makis MD -Twitter

Live With Dr. Makis & UK Disability Claims Data

The Soviet Story (with English subtitles)

Alberta physicians claim COVID vaccines to blame for deaths of five Toronto-area doctors (2022)

Psychiatric Injuries - COVID-19 mRNA vaccine induced Psychosis - 13 cases of post vaccination psychosis, mania & suicide attempts that will shock you...

Depression, Psychosis & Suicide Ideation - The Dark side of Pfizer & Moderna COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine effects on the BRAIN. I review 9 studies on Suicidality, 12 on Psychosis, 5 on Depression!

Psychiatric Injuries - Children who were injured by Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines - Hallucinations, self-harm, suicide attempts, permanent disability

Analysis of UK New Claims for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) by Underlying Causes, UK Department of Work and Pensions (DWP)

UK - Personal Independence Payment statistics April 2013 to January 2023

Michael A. Persinger was an American-Canadian professor of psychology at Laurentian University until his death in 2018. Persinger argued that all phenomena including consciousness, spiritual experiences, and "paranormal events" can be explained by universal physical mechanisms and can be verified using the scientific method. One of his notable experiments, spanning about three decades, involved a helmet ("the God Helmet"). Weak, physiologically-patterned magnetic fields were applied across the temporal lobes of hundreds of volunteers. Subjects claimed to experience intrusive thoughts and anomalous experiences.

Cutting Through the Matrix

Dr. Persinger's God Helmet

The Nature Of Reality - Psychotropic Drugs 15

Organized Stalking Microwave Weapon That Makes You Sleep or Insomniac

Michael Persinger on No More Secrets

DARPA advisor reveals conscious AI supercomputers utilized for mind control

101 - Why I No Longer Trust The Gateway Experience

Giorgia Meloni, Biden's Asset - Victoria Nuland - PNAC - Aspen Institute - Original Blurb Aug. 2, 2020 - SAGE; Hyping Up Fear, Demanding Media Lie to Public - Madeleine Albright, Death of Half a Million Iraqi Children was "worth it" - Psychopaths in Control - The Big Idea; a Real Religious Cause - Drugs, Flattening Emotions of Soldiers; PTSD - Prozac - Fentanyl - The Third Way, The Third Wave, The Fourth Industrial Revolution - EU, WHO, Panel on Vaccines; In Vaccines We Trust - Bolshevik Revolution - Judiciary Committee Hearing, Grilling William Barr; Same Group Behind Impeachment Proceedings Against Trump; a Show Trial - Albert Pike, Scottish Rite of Freemasonry; World Revolutionary Movement - Trotsky, Lenin, Bolsheviks - Bertrand Russell - The Poets Shelley and Byron - George Carlin - Turning Children Against Their Parents; Plato, Licensing of Musicians - The Revolution We are Going Through Now is The Elite's Revolution; Population Reduction; WEF, Reduce Energy Supplies - Bioethics, Life Worth - Margaret Sanger called Children Weeds - Julian Huxley, UNESCO - Euthanasia - Are You Essential to Business?; This is Eugenics, Bioethics, Redistribution of Wealth - Fauci, Gates; Fauci's Wife a Bioethicist - Video, In Vaccines We Trust; Humanism is a Religion - Brzezinski, Kissinger - Technocracy, Efficiency - Russell, Fichte, Education - Russell on Diet, Injections, Injunctions - Sterility, Abortion - National Health Services - Every Family is a Small Tribe.

Original Audio and Links - "Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt - "All Hail CapCom" - August 2, 2020

A Family Who Studies War - by Not Sure

“Divide and Rule”: Italy’s PM Giorgia Meloni Is Biden’s “Political Asset”. U.S. Behind Niger Coup d’Etat. America’s Hegemonic Wars Against Europe and Africa

Brandon Turbeville - Writes about Health, Economics, War, Government Corruption, and Civil Liberties - Brandon has Many Books Available, Including Poetry - Vanessa Beeley, Syria, White Helmets - Control of the Press -Russian "Disinformation" - White Helmets, Al Nusra - Graham Phillips, Sanctioned British Journalist - Pro-China Slant in Journalism - Information Warfare - Russia/Ukraine - Brandon's Latest Article, "Yes, We Can End the Ukraine War in 24 Hours - Here's How" - John Mearsheimer - Military-Industrial Complex - The Process of Waking Up - Brandon's Initial Start as a Writer - Writer Nat Hentoff - Tim O'Brien's book, "The Things They Carried" - Bob Dylan - Syria, and
its Culture - Libya, Gaddafi's Murder; Hillary Clinton's Psychopathic Glee - The Major Religions Co-Exist in Syria, a Secular Culture - Sanctions are an Act of War - Madeleine Albright - Smoking Guns - The Real Smoking Guns are Things That Alan Watt Shared, Club of Rome, "Global Warming...would fit the bill."

Brandon Turbeville's website

Brandon's Twitter

Vanessa Beeley's Twitter

Yes, We Can End the Ukraine War in 24 Hours - Here's How - by Brandon Turbeville

On Returning From Syria: More Convinced Than Ever Western Media Narrative Is Bullshit - by Brandon Turbeville

I Visited East Aleppo - There Is No Doubt Nusra And White Helmets Are the Same Organization - by Brandon Turbeville

Dispatches From A Dissident Vol 1 - Book by Brandon Turbeville

Dispatches From A Dissident Vol. 2 - Book by Brandon Turbeville

The Road To Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault On Syria - by Brandon Turbeville

Resisting The Empire: The Plan To Destroy Syria And How The Future Of The World Depends On The Outcome - by Brandon Turbeville

Foundation Influence on Education - Infiltration of the Educational Institutions by Marxist Radicals Dates Back to the Early 20th Century - Ford Foundation, Carnegie Endowment, Rockefeller Foundation are Some Early Foundations Shaping
Culture - Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone to Understand Reality.

Dynamic Independence podcasts

Cutting Through the Matrix

Alan Watt "Cutting Through the Matrix" - An "Excerpt" series video on the MK Ultra experiments. Project MKUltra (or MK-Ultra) was an illegal human experimentation program designed and undertaken by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and intended to develop procedures and identify drugs that could be used during interrogations to weaken people and force confessions through brainwashing and psychological torture. It began in 1953 and was halted in 1973. MKUltra used numerous methods to manipulate its subjects' mental states and brain functions, such as the covert administration of high doses of psychoactive drugs (especially LSD) and other chemicals without the subjects' consent, electroshocks, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, and other forms of torture.

Cutting Through the Matrix

The CIA's MK-Ultra program abused black prisoners with LSD

The Secret History of MK Ultra

An example of torture in the CIA's "MK-Ultra" program

MK Ultra

Brainwashed: The Secret CIA Experiments in Canada

America's War on Drugs: The CIA's Project MKUltra

CIA's secret brainwashing experiment: Former patients sue U.S. government (1984)

MK-Ultra: The shocking Cold War experiments hidden by the CIA

The Most Unbelievable Things the CIA Has Done

MKUltra: CIA Hypnosis, Magic and Killer Dolphins

Aldous Huxley to George Orwell: My Hellish Vision of the Future is Better Than Yours (1949)

Joe Biden, Climate Emergency - Sunrise Movement; Momentum Community; Saul Alinsky - Grand Solar Minimum, Little Ice Age - Original Talk from Alan Watt 16 Aug. 2020 - Redesigning Humanity - New Norms Embedded in Drama, Entertainment - Club of Rome, Climate Change, Blaming Humans - Energy, Technocracy - Public-Private Partnerships - Politicians, Intelligence Assets - Power, Gaining Control Over People - Hostile Takeovers - Experts Should Run the World - CEOs, TED Talks, Jingles - Behavioural Insights Teams - Slow Internet Speed, Shadow-Banned - In 1960s, CIA Set Up Patriot Radio; CIA Doesn't Let Go, Even in So-Called Peacetime - Interconnection of Intelligence Agencies, Big Business, Assets and Front Companies - Stratfor - British Mini-Series, The Last Enemy - Blackwater Bought One of the Big Genealogical Research Sites - Trilateral Commission, Public-Private - Milner, Taking Over Resources and Establishing Tax Bases - Power of Manipulation Through Artificial Intelligence - 77 Brigade, Britain - Millie Weaver - Trump's Speeches, Big Pharma - Epstein, Maxwell, Much Bigger Intelligence Operation Behind Them - ARPA, DARPA, Computer, Internet - Book, Political Ponerology - Actors, Follow the Stars, Miming on Stage - US Government and Yale Hold Clinical Trials To Test “Persuasive Messages For COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake” - WEF, Great Reset - Video Games Funded by Military-Industrial Complex, Desensitize Troops.

Transcript - "Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt - "The New Freedom" Aug. 16, 2020

The Gang of Five (14 May 2023) - by Not Sure

Climate activists outraged over Biden claim he ‘practically’ declared US emergency

The Climate President's Emergency Powers

Varshini Prakash

Pritzker Emerging Environmental Genius Award

The World's 50 Greatest Leaders - #28 Sara Blazevic and Varshini Prakash

Momentum Based Organizing: Turning Moments into Mass Movements

Momentum Community

These Activists Are Training Every Movement That Matters (Paul Engler, co-founder of Momentum Community)

Changing the ‘world as it is’ into the ‘world as it should be’ (about Saul Alinsky) - by Mark Engler and Paul Engler

Prof Valentina Zharkova

Sun effects on terrestrial environment

#42 - Valentina Zharkova: “in next 30 yrs, global warming prob. will be last thing in our mind”

Trilateral Commission Declares “2023 is Year One of this new global order”

Big Tech collusion with intelligence agencies has become a pillar of gov’t surveillance

How SAGE and the UK media created fear in the British public

Amazon lines up $10 billion for satellite-based Internet project Kupier

Canada Inks Deal With Pfizer and Moderna To Prepare The Nation For “Mass Vaccinations”

US Gov and Yale Hold Clinical Trials To Test “Persuasive Messages For COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake”

Broken Air Conditioners - Keeping the Bees Cool - Watching the Hens Grow - Garden Update - K-nep Environment - Going Back to Work Driving, Amazon - Unionizing Drivers - The "Alien" Letter to "Congress" -- Advice from the Extraterrestrials - Movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still - UFOs and Benevolent Aliens - Twilight Zone episode, How to Serve Man - South African Politican, Julias Malema, "Kill the Boer" - Elon Musk, White Genocide and the Farm Killings - South Africa's Problems - Food Shortages, Famine, Starvation, Food Inflation - Cooking and Home Economics No Longer Taught - 13 Countries Nations Agree to Abolish Farming to "Save the Planet" - Dutch Farmers; The Global War on Farmers - UN World Food Programme's David Beasley; Millions Marching Towards Hunger - The Show of Philanthropy; Bono - Trained to Worship the Wealthy - The Millionaires Buying Beachfront Houses Despite "Rising Sea Level" - Lying Politicians - The Aspen Institute, Lifetime Trustees, CFR and Trilateral Commission; Henry Kissinger, Crown and Pritzker Families from Chicago - Illinois Governor JB Pritzker Signed Bill Allowing Non-Citizens to Become Police Officers; Peacekeepers - Transgender Double Murderer, Breast Augmentation on Taxpayers - Urban Alchemy Nonprofit, Ex-Convicts Clean Up Homeless - Psychopathy - Bill Gates, Mosquitos, Malaria - Disease X; Porton Down - Neil's Upcoming Trip to Scotland - Angry North and Boris's Bitches song, "I'm a Woman" - Edwin Black's book, War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create a Master Race - Next Week, Brandon Turbeville (Neil has Interviewed) - Grow a Garden.

Cutting Through the Matrix

I'm a Woman - A song by Angry North & Boris's Bitches

Alien Confused As Earth Leaders Try To Explain All The Human Genders (Babylon Bee)

South African political leader calls for violence against White citizens at rally: 'Kill the Boer, the farmer'

13 Nations Agree to Abolish Farming in order to 'Save the Planet'

JB Pritzker signs bill allowing noncitizens to become Illinois police officers

“Disease X” Was Rehearsed at “Clade X” Are We About to See A New Plandemic?

The Stanford prison experiment (SPE) was a psychological experiment conducted in the summer of 1971. It was a two-week simulation of a prison environment that examined the effects of situational variables on participants' reactions and behaviors. Stanford University psychology professor Philip Zimbardo led the research team who administered the study.

Participants were recruited from the local community with an ad in the newspapers offering $15 per day to male students who wanted to participate in a "psychological study of prison life." Volunteers were chosen after assessments of psychological stability and then randomly assigned to being prisoners or prison guards.

Cutting Through the Matrix

The Dark Side of Science: The Horrific Stanford Prison Experiment 1971 (Documentary)

The Untold Truth Of The Stanford Prison Experiment

Blurb from April 16, 2006 - How Structures are Built in the Mind - A Big Idea - Culture Creation, Drama, Fiction, Symbols, Architecture, Painting - Music is a Powerful Force for Directing the Young - Plato, Licensing Musicians - Socrates, Teaching Youth to Rebel and Bring in Utopian Order - Hollywood, Mixing Fiction and Reality - Science Fiction Authors - Counterintelligence - Medieval Catholic Church, Fears and Terrors of the Subconscious Mind - Function of the Architecture of Churches, Gargoyles - Lilith - Anunaki, Reptilian Creatures - Arthur C. Clarke's novel, Childhood's End - Erich von Daniken's book, Chariots of the Gods? - A Higher Form with More Reptilian Genes - Movie, Enemy Mine - The Machinery Behind Promoting a Book - 1983 TV Miniseries, V - 1984 V Series - von Daniken Exposed as a Fraud - News Today is Half Hollywood - Dusty, Old Books that Contain No Speculation - The Alien Series with Sigourney Weaver, Reptilian Type Creature...Anunaki - Going Through the Biggest Changes Since the Industrial Revolution.

Transcript - Alan Watt - Blurb - "Tales From The Croc-Pot" - April 16, 2006

A Tongue-in-Cheek Question - by Not Sure

Transcript - Alan Watt - Blurb - "Tales From The Croc-Pot" - April 16, 2006

A Tongue-in-Cheek Question - by Not Sure


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