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Almost every time I come to the NF Range at Craig’s Creek in SW Virginia I am witness to property damage and a plethora of trash left by folks that are lazy. Please, pick up after yourself and leave the places you visit in a nicer condition than you found them. It only takes a few minutes.

If you see someone unsafely handling a firearm, destroying property, or leaving their waste behind, please confront them about it; everyone is a range officer.

So, here we are back at it again with the 458 SOCOM upper build. So far I have had to tweak and tune a magazine and action resistance to get the gun to start cycling. My conclusion from this testing has been that a H3 buffer and dedicated factory 458 SOCOM mags are the answer. Stay tuned for more updates on tge 458 and all other projects here on American Arms Channel!

God Bless and Keep Your Powder Dry

Here we take a non-scientific look at comparing a fairly mild .460 Rowland Load to some hot, and some standard loads for 4 other popular cartridges. The velocities recorded provide us with a data point on energy generated, and the water jugs give us a comparison to what sort of energy is being transferred to the target.

The loads used in this test are as follows:

9x19mm Parabdlum - Speer LE Gold Dot 124gr +P

.45 Colt - Winchester Super-X 255gr LRN

.40 S&W - HANDLOAD: 155gr Hornady XTP 7.2gr Autocomp

.357 Mag - American Eagle 158gr JSP

.460 Rowland - HANDLOAD: 230gr Gold Dot 9.9gr CFE Pistol

As always, thanks for watching! God Bless and Keep Your Powder Dry.

This topic is near and dear to my heart. In late 2017 my Airedale Terrier, Jazmyn, was bitten by a Deer Tick out of our yard that was carrying the Borellia bacteria. This lyme causing bacteria brought on a nearly fatal affliction of Myasthenia Gravis in our beloved pup.

Through the loving care of Dr. Lee of the Central City Vet Clinic, we were able to save her. Fast forward to late March of 2019, and Lyme caused acute Kidney failure in Jazmyn, resulting in having to make the terrible choice of helping her slip easy into the next life.

If Jazmyn had been up to date on her flea and tick preventative, she may still be with us here in 2019 and further into the future. Don’t risk your critters, make sure you keep them protected with a preventative and vermin repellent. We use Seresto collars, and I recommend them over every topical we’ve used so far. Just make sure whatever you use is best for your pup or other critter!

Hey folks! Just a quick channel update featuring some of my critters, where to find the channel if youtube axes it, and what’s in the works! Hope this gives you some insight and keeps you tuning in. God Bless, and Keep Your Powder Dry!

- Drake

My final verdict on the SBE3 is out: it is exceptional! If you were looking for that final push to go out and buy an SBE 3, this is it. Over almost 2 years and 4,000+ rounds of ammunition, the SBE3 is still taking a lickin’ and keepin’ on tickin’!

The first 5 shots out of the new .458 SOCOM build. Thanks for watching!

Here we take the M3020 out for a pattern testing session with 3 different brands. All brands are a 7/8oz charge of #2 shot. Shots are taken at 15 and 30 yards respectively for each load.

First looks at the MIGHTY 460 ROWLAND! I’ve created a monster. The venerable SR1911 has become beast with the Clark Custom Guns 460 Rowland conversion kit dropped into it. Stay tuned for many videos featuring this exciting handgun cartridge.

I’m back with another video on the PSA “Poverty Shorty!” 821 rounds in and she’s ticking right along! This is a long video, but bear in mind that it is focusing on the full report of performance thus far and what the internals are showing for wear.

Ruger SR1911 (standard version with 5” barrel)

Hornady 230gr LRN
Hogdon Triple Seven 16.5gr (35gr Volumetrically)
CCI Large Pistol Primer
Mixed 45 ACP brass

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Just a quick and fun video showcasing how a semi-automatic handgun can still function with black powder and black powder substitutes.

Load data:

-Winchester 45 ACP Brass

-Hogdon Triple Seven FFFg Equivalent (16.5gr by weight, 35gr Voulumetric)

-CCI Large Pistol Primers

- Hornady 230gr Lead Round Nose bullets

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I got a new handgun! That shouldn’t be a surprise, haha! This SR1911 will be put through its paces, and the first 100 rounds were excellent! Stay tuned for updates and a full review!

Here we take a look at and discuss the CZ P-07. I give my initial impressions, current round count as of the date of this video, and a general overview of the handgun.

Thanks for watching! God Bless and Keep Your Powder Dry!

Here we just take a quick look at an outstanding example of a 1973 Plymouth Road Runner.

Here I take my first shots with my wife’s new concealed carry weapon, the CZ P-07 in 9mm Luger. Initial impressions are that I love this handgun and it definitely has a better feel to me than any other handgun in its size/class. I still prefer my M9, but I do want one of my own!

Light attached is the Streamlight TLR-7.

First 5 shots are Speer Gold Dot Hollow Points 124gr (standard pressure), the second Mag is Tulamo 115gr Range fodder)

This is a raw out-take of the footage for BCW Ep.2: Wild and Wonderful Woodies. I make a quick and solid shot on a group of passing woodies, selecting the outside Drake as my target. To my astonishment and pleasant surprise, the downed bird is not just a beautiful Drake Wood Duck, but he is Banded!

Firearm Used: Benelli Super Black Eagle 3
Choke Tube: Hevi-choke Medium Range (Carlson's Cremator, Modified Constriction)
Ammunition Used: Hevi-Steel 3" 1-1/4oz. #3 Shot 1500 FPS
Season: West Virginia Early Waterfowl (Oct. 1st - 13th, 2018)

Bird Details:

Species: Wood Duck
Sex: Male
Age: Hatched in 2017 or earlier
Banding Date: September 14th, 2018
Banding Location: Whitneyville, Washington County, Maine, USA
Date of Recovery: October 4th, 2018
Location of Recovery: Southern West Virginia

Here is a compilation of b-roll I figured I’d share with y’all on the Palmerto State Armory 10.5” Phosphate Magpul MOE Pistol build. This kit was shipped as you see it, minus the Anderson Mfg. virgin lower receiver, Daniel Defense rear sight, and other accessories.

So far, I am impressed with the kit. While the pistol does recoil more than anticipated, it is noting that can not be managed by an experienced and competent shooter when the need for rapid fire arises.

Here we take a look at how to disassemble the Action Spring Tube on the SBE 3.


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