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I made this video more for personal catharsis than anything else. I am under no illusion that I'm making some big difference by putting this out. But with that said...

Daniel Lombroso has a new documentary coming out about his time "embedded" within the "Alt-Right." Quite shockingly, he found out that White people are uniquely evil, so we can't be allowed to live together undisturbed. But it's okay, because he's figured out as well that White Nationalism is just incoherent babble from lost souls who can't find meaning on their own.

The documentary comes out this Saturday, June 20th.

Here's a link to the article:

Here's Daniel's other documentary on Israeli Settlements:

No, I don't like Charlie Kirk. But...I did like the tone of his Jared-Taylor rant, so I used it. Also, this is NOT a call to counter protest or form another retard rally. This is exactly what they want us to do. Our focus right now should be on explaining to as many confused White people as possible what is happening and why.

Part six of a six part series on the "anti-Jewish" policies of Visigothic Spain.

Chapter 16: The Downfall
Chapter 17: The Arab Sources
Chapter 18: The Jewish Role

Script with notes and sources:

Part five of a six part series on the "anti-Jewish" policies of Visigothic Spain.

Chapter 12: The Rebellion Against Wamba
Chapter 13: Erwig's Conspiracy Against Wamba
Chapter 14: Egica Enters The Scene
Chapter 15: A Figment of Egica's Imagination

Script with notes and sources:

Part four of a six part series on the "anti-Jewish" policies of Visigothic Spain.

Chapter 10: Chintila's Fear of Usurpation
Chapter 11: Chindasuinth's Persecution of Goths

Script with notes and sources:

Part three of a six part series on the "anti-Jewish" policies of Visigothic Spain.

Chapter 5: Jewish Proselytism
Chapter 6: Forced Circumcision of Slaves
Chapter 7: Female Slaves of Jewish Men
Chapter 8: The Abrupt Policy Changes of Sisebut
Chapter 9: The Fourth Council of Toledo

Script with notes and sources:

Part two of a six part series on the "anti-Jewish" policies of Visigothic Spain.

Chapter 3: The Visigothic Kingdom in Spain and Gaul
Chapter 4: The Laws Under Alaric

Script with notes and sources:

Part one of a six part series on the "anti-Jewish" policies of Visigothic Spain.

Chapter 1: Ancient Iberia and Gothic Origins
Chapter 2: Jewish Origins and Their Arrival in Spain

Script with notes and sources:

Reupload from my censored YouTube channel. Originally released in November of 2018.

This had almost 400,000 views and over a 90% positive like/dislike ratio.

Reupload from my censored YouTube channel. Originally released in November of 2018.

This had almost 800,000 views and over a 95% positive like/dislike ratio.

(The spelling mistake in the intro "autistism" was not intentional. I was fiddling around and slipped up.)

I threw this together today, since it's 911. I'm working on a video about the Visigoths and Jews in the Iberian Peninsula and the subsequent reconquista.

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Emma Lazarus was a Jewish elitist, whose family had a history in human exploitation and slavery. She only advocated on behalf of immigrants in the 1880s, because those immigrants were fellow Jews. Yet the mainstream press has slowly turned her into a champion of human rights. Had it not been for her father paying to have her work published, she might never have gained any notoriety, after she died a spinster in her late 30s. Curiously, her rise in fame corresponded to efforts on the part of American Jews to change immigration policies in the 1930s onward.

PDF script with sources and notes:

Suggested reading:

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon OST
Conan The Barbarian (Basil Poledouris)
Power Glove
This War of Mine OST
Carpenter Brut

It's amazing how Blacks and Native Americans were enslaved by such mentally ill and incompetent people who go around mindlessly shooting every thing. It must have been the unearned privilege of a harsh, but stable ecology and a higher standard deviation.

In all seriousness though, I can't help but think that most of the shootings with manifestos are False Flags of some kind. None of them make any sense in terms of what they supposedly set out to achieve. Also, it seems kind of suspect that Epstein just committed suicide shortly after this whole Dayton/El Paso thing.

...Oh and to state the obvious, don't go shooting up anyone. Beyond it being immoral, it achieves nothing. Also....if you have a person in custody who could incriminate half the world's leaders, don't let him commit suicide in his jail cell.

Don't worry. She's a professional. For a small price, you too can purge your franchise of melanin deficient women.

Note: Before my YouTube channel was deleted, this video had over 200,000 views and a 98% positive like/dislike ratio.

Yeah, I know. I'm a bad person. But hey, I read Primo Levi's "If This is a Man" in the original Italian. Shouldn't I get some good-guy points for that?

Note: Before my YouTube channel was deleted, this video had well over 100,000 views and over a 95% positive like/dislike ratio.

Hur dee, dur dur out for them dog whistles. Oh and don't show any concern for your ethnic group, cause that's racist....

Seriously though, don't hate people for simply taking advantage of a situation we've passively helped to create.

In short, a mediocre game with great gunplay, ruined by an insatiable political feedback loop...

Like a spoiled child crying out for guidelines, these thots will never stop until men become men again.

But don't forget to get your skin flakes first though:

We may have to all start wearing pull ups if we keep drinking all these soy lattes.

If men can receive tax-payer funded hysterectomies, surely White people can be allowed to have an in-group preference?

Music by Xurious:

Sorry about all the French.

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IQ percentile chart:

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$6,900 GDP per capita (Purchasing Power Parity), according to the IMF
Murder rate: 3.3/100,000 (2012 WHO Estimate) (page 128)
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$23,000 GDP per capita (PPP), according to an article presented by The Atlantic (a mainstream left-leaning outlet), citing IMF/US Census figures
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The Herodutus quote is from Histories 3:38. (tr. Aubrey de Sélincourt) Herodotus was suggesting that kings and conquerors should tolerate their subjects’ cultures, not that people should tolerate cultural change/invasion in their own land.

There's a lot of stuff I couldn't fit into this, but I might make a follow up video if this one is received well or if people tear it apart.

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Interesting article on the Pinkertons:

Originally uploaded to YouTube in February of 2019.

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"You Gentiles" by Maurice Samuel

Stephen Steinlight's article "The Jewish Stake in America's Changing Demography"


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