In short, a mediocre game with great gunplay, ruined by an insatiable political feedback loop...

Like a spoiled child crying out for guidelines, these thots will never stop until men become men again.

But don't forget to get your skin flakes first though:

We may have to all start wearing pull ups if we keep drinking all these soy lattes.

If men can receive tax-payer funded hysterectomies, surely White people can be allowed to have an in-group preference?

Music by Xurious:

Sorry about all the French.

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$6,900 GDP per capita (Purchasing Power Parity), according to the IMF
Murder rate: 3.3/100,000 (2012 WHO Estimate) (page 128)
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$23,000 GDP per capita (PPP), according to an article presented by The Atlantic (a mainstream left-leaning outlet), citing IMF/US Census figures
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The Herodutus quote is from Histories 3:38. (tr. Aubrey de Sélincourt) Herodotus was suggesting that kings and conquerors should tolerate their subjects’ cultures, not that people should tolerate cultural change/invasion in their own land.

There's a lot of stuff I couldn't fit into this, but I might make a follow up video if this one is received well or if people tear it apart.

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(A number of American historical societies tell the same story as this author)

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Please download and mirror.

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