This meditation continues the development of the Healing and Prosperity Circle by adding the solar plexus chakra energies. In this meditation we really begin working with the energies of healing and prosperity. This is a very powerful meditation and grows even more powerful as people get used to working with it!

In this video meditation we open a portal with throat chakra energies and actually begin doing healing and prosperity work for the first time. Very powerful and very easy!

In this meditation we explore the creation of the Healing and Prosperity Circle for the first time as we begin working with the energies of Source to cleanse it. Things begin to fall into place as more permanent energy links are established.

Some things that we need to at least mention before starting any serious group work such as healing and prosperity circles. This is an overview of some important characteristics of the astral planes and what to expect when trying to empower ourselves through group workings.

This final video pretty much concludes what I have to say about Gaia's ascension and what we can expect now and in the immediate future. Gaia has won! Life has won! Is there really any more that needs to be said? Gaia is now empowered and the question becomes how can we empower ourselves in this new world. How can conscious awareness connect and communicate with our own deep cellular levels of reality?

Gives an overview of the preceding videos and describes how the ascension process is now completely controlled by Gaia at the cellular level while the war is being waged at the mental levels! Full Spectrum Ascension means that for the first time the astral and physical worlds have completely joined and the entire spectrum of existence can be explored and experienced by both males and females who share common values and arrive at similar conclusions. This is the union of opposites in a divine dance of love and harmony!

Part 2 continues an over view of the full spectrum ascension process and how so called physical reality has now blended with the so called non-physical astral planes to create one unified experience! This also explores the concept of duality as an attractive, loving force that acts as male and female offering stability and balance to all of life. Lastly this video explores for the first time the true nature of the polar opposites, unity as the photon/light and unity as the yin/yang balance of individual parts that collectively create a third unified creation.

Ascension is finally here and now! It involves wrapping our minds around some very new concepts though...I'm finding it difficult to put these things into words that are meaningful to others. This video brings up questions like: why is the narrative so important in the news cycle? Also, what if we never truly leave physical reality?

This is a major breakthrough in understanding Gaia's ascension process and how it affects the entire universe as something that has never been done before, Full Spectrum Ascension, the lifting up of the very essence of life energy itself! Forget 3D, 4D, 5D and all that stuff. Those are the old way. This is entirely new and sets the foundations for an entirely new game of soul development now available to all species!

To collectively create doesn't mean that we need to be the same, believe the same or think the same. That is the old way and MSM keeps trying to sway and influence the masses like they have done in the past. It doesn't work any more. The new way is to simply be on the same frequency and be supportive of each other as this meditation proves. This is a group meditation that will help each person to connect to Source and create a permanent link.

Our society does not recognize the reality of non-physical realities and the problems people confront at the moment of death when the soul is released from the physical body. In this video I share some personal experiences as a "door opener", one that helps souls return to the spiritual light of Source.

Our society is experiencing signs of mental illness and it is time to begin talking about some things that need to be said. This video shares part of my personal story as an introduction to much needed subjects. It is time to recognize the unseen reality and the true nature of the soul itself.

Nonphysical aspects of the elements within our DNA create the seven possible astral bodies. They exist within everyone but are seldom consciously realized and activated. For most people they remain dormant and unclaimed.

How does the soul hold together after the death of the physical body? What are soul fragments and masks? How important is it to have a strong ego and a strong sense of self? What are the dangers of identity politics? How important is it to follow your own heart? These questions and more are today's subjects.

Gaia's ascension through music and how we can help. Connected to all things, but always unique and alone. The importance of self esteem and a strong sense of self in the development of the soul.

This video describes the importance of the ego or sense of self in the development of the soul and spirituality in general. Spirituality is not the abandoning of the self as many believe, but the integration of self awareness to that it can continue holding itself together upon the death of the physical body.

An update on the ascension energies since the spring equinox and some of the new mind expansion things that have been going on since then.

Recent ascension energies include the transition from astral bodies to pure energy gestalts or points of individual awareness. The astral planes have newly crystallized frequencies that are harmonics of each locking each level into permanent and stable interlocking frequencies.This is the peak of the ascension energies as final adjustments are made and ascending souls are lifted into pure energy bodies and those not ascending are further enmeshed in physical and astral bodies. Magic has returned to Gaia for those able to make use of it.

Every new age begins in a magical way with intense organic vital life force energies that belong to nature and to life itself. We are now seeing and experiencing the emergence of these magical life force energies and it is possible to work with them to enhance our own physical and non physical bodies and empower our souls. This is the time of the shaman and shamanic energies. This is the time of the return of magic into our world!

Part 2 of this series brings us up to date on what is really happening energetically in today's world. Mentally and psychologically we are being prepared to be creators with the ability to do heroic things to change our personal worlds in ways that only we can do in our unique and individual ways.We are currently fighting a war for free will and we are fighting this war against those elite that wish to suppress and enslave us as well as those who demand we conform to collective pressures. The surprising thing is is that we are winning this battle against all odds! Free will of each individual and the ability to follow individual conscience will remain the most important factor in our newly ascended world!

The first in a new series of videos exploring ancient and modern mysteries and tying them to our everyday world in practical ways. This first video explores the recent discoveries of the actual site of ancient Atlantis, the meteor crater beneath the Hiawatha glacier in Greenland, and the disappearance of ancient civilizations and various species about 12,500 years ago. This information is placed in context of Gaia's current ascension movement into new energetic realities.

Gaia's ascension process has increased the collective vibrations enough to give clarity to an enormous lie and deception that people have been fooling themselves with-the SJW or Social Justice Warrior. As the mirror of self realization is held to their own faces many are seeing the image of the NPC or Non Player Character reflected back at them. That is why this new meme has become so powerful and feared. It fits! It is commonly understood as well by almost everyone and shatters the communication barrier with laughter and humor! It's time to laugh at ourselves!

This video deals with those elite bloodlines that seriously concern themselves and empower themselves in non-physical or magical ways. While the spiritual and astral war for Gaia has been won, the physical results are still coming in and the midterm elections will show the new direction that our world is heading in. Not much more can be done to alter these events so stay in your heart and don't get trapped into a negative self-destructive spiral!

Gaia's ascension is proceeding and the energetic activity is now on the etheric planes, very near to physical manifestation. In fact, the physical manifestation of events is now beginning to happen in a very big way! Prepare for a very exciting October and November leading up to and after the midterm elections! Remember, we have chosen the quickest route to the advancement of humanity, not the most comfortable! Plenty of toes are being pinched these days!

The ascension energies are now active on the lower emotional planes which most people can feel but are not directly conscious of. These emotional energies will reach a peak during the mid term elections when it will become obvious to all which direction the future will take us in!


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