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Unlike my other videos, I wish to reach a wider audience for this particular video, so, although my previous videos were targeted only towards a specific group of people, this video and the information presented here are targeted towards WHOEVER.

For further information and deeper research in regards to what was mentioned in the video:
About the chakras:
About the aura:

About the word "Daemon" [Demon] and about Demons:
About the ways the christian religion has suppressed spirituality:
About the mind, meditation and the soul:

The One-Minute Cure (also known as Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 35%): as well as: (do a google search on where to find this product in your area)
The cure for cancer: (the video begins at 6 seconds; it's in english with Greek subtitles)
Documentary Food Inc: [if the video doesn't work, just search it on youtube or google].
An amazing video/speech in regards to "What is a healthy diet?":
My personal advice on this would be to do the Ketogenic diet, but it's best that you do your own research.

Finally, links in regards to the meditations talked about in the video (aura cleaning, cutting off the links etc):
(from the above: Do not wait until your life is out of control or where problems are so bad that you are in deep shit. I know from years of experience, spiritual attention to a specific problem, such as healing; if it is caught in the very early stages, it takes much less energy and less time to get under control. When something grabs a foothold so to speak, in your life, then dealing with it spiritually, using your powers, can be much more time consuming and difficult and it will require much more energy.)

Future videos for opening the chakras will come in time. :)

For the name Satan, I actually rushed it up in the video, without giving detailed information... This name existed long before christianity was invented.

You can read more about the name Satan in the following articles:
Name of Satan --
Gods Explained: Their Names and Aliases --

Shiva Is The Name Of The 666 In Revelations --
Satan Is The Word Of Life, Name Of The Original Religion --

Satan Is The Divine Name --
SATAN Is The Original Name Of Godhead --

And finally, in regards to Demons' names: Different Names...Same Beings - Same Gods... --

The websites mentioned in the video are: and
Happy reading.

You can read this meditation here:
The audio by HP Maxine and some more info about it is... um... I can't really seem to find it... :/ :/ (the website is down)
If someone has a link to it or can reupload it somewhere, please post it in the comments!

This video is in many parts! :)
00:17 - 01:53
Part I: Taking one step at a time
01:54 - 02:28
Part II: Individuality
02:28 - 04:30
Part III: Helping Our Creator
04:31 - 06:04
Part IV: Astrology, The Planets & The Moon
06:05 - 12:45
Part V: Enemy Attacks & Protecting Yourself

Links/References: - Timing your magick with the moon - The Void of Course Moon - Aura of Protection - Runes - Azazel's Astrology for Satanists - Severing the Enemy Link (with the electric blue fire) + - The phases of the moon and in which sign the moon currently is.

The program ChronosXP is perfect for keeping notice of the Planetary Hours and Days.

For further information on Spiritual Satanism, study: and

This is how to enter into a Trance:
These are the shoulder chakras' location:
These are the hips chakras' location:

Lastly, if you'd like to just 'read' this meditation, it is written on the JOS site here:

If you have any questions feel free to ask. :)

Links for the hoax religion information: (this is the main link; there's lots of information in there) (stolen Satanic holidays) (stolen Satanic symbols) (for more information on Spiritual Satanism, and how {and why} christianity wants Satanism and Satan to look like the "bad guys")

Links for the meditation:
This is how to do the Foundation Meditation:

If you would just like to 'read' this animated meditation, is it written here:


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Hello! My name is R and I'm here to help Spiritual Satanists with meditations. :)
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