Hello and welcome to empowering knowledge. This 1st generation vaccine never tested on humans before is a evil mass testing program designed to control the masses with technology you have never heard of, then alone its capability to alter your DNA and genetics beyond your comprehension... and they want us to trust them in their agenda. Have a listen to this and I suggest you reassess your priority on your health Dear Ones.... Namaste & Blessings

Come and join me in my kitchen. Here you will understand food energy and dynamics.... Enjoy Blessed Ones, Love Love Love

This Priest from Rome knows the history, and knows what he sees and experiences. Hear his words and knowledge... We Have Been Warned...

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Hello Dear Ones. This is the final meditation of the series. In this meditation you will integrate thru intent and will feel the difference in your abilities, feelings and sensitivity overall. Enjoy your new you...
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Hello and welcome to part 2 of this series of three meditations. In this meditation we stabilize energy fields and downloads, readying them for integration within existing light body and auric fields... enjoy Love & Light... Paulio

In this series of meditations, you will experience activations of the downloads of your light body by consented coherance of your journey into activated awakening... We are all with the intuited ones.... namaste Dear One.... With Love & Guidance, the Arcturians, Pleiadians & Sirians

The Vatican placed this huge statue of Molech at the entrance to the Roman Colosseum in Italy. Molech demanded that children be given to him for sacrifice in his burning hands of furnace pain and suffering before death... Why would they do that?
In this video I speak about the history of the Old Roman Empire and it's current day quest, of complete control of humanity. Many of us all know about other planets and star systems run and nurtured by other cosmic beings. Only the present moment we are dealing with the few whom wish to take this planet for their own selfish and pathetic purposes.... namely the Vatican, Illuminati and its bought for allies....

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Daniel Scranton channels the 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council for me. Here I ask a series of cosmic and personal questions that will raise your understanding of the cosmos, our galaxy, and life on Earth... enjoy

Hello Dear ones of the light... for those who wish to understand the physics of our phenomenon, here it is...

Hello Beloveds. In this video we discuss the most basic grounding techniques to help you along your journey of Ascension. Some people I have been coming across have been feeling very hazy with a turmoil of emotions, not understanding the importance of grounding these high frquency energies that we have been receiving via the Schumann Resonance, that are prompting us to heal and expand. Enjoy...

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In today's channelling, we speak of the importance to nurture the self through these trying times of downloads and activations from the cosmos. They are designed to help you heal and awaken to the misfortunes of the past of which we all created, collectively. We now help eachother and ourselves to raise one's frequency and conscious awareness, into the next echelon of our existence, and it starts with supporting our own biological bodies on many fronts... Enjoy your video... Namaste Dear Friends of the Light

Hello Folks,
We are living in interesting times indeed. Extraterrestrial contact is on the rise across the planet. We are being introduced. Namaste Beloveds

Hello and Welcome... In todays video I share a little about my own personal experiences of late with the dynamics of the energies we are all processing at this time, clearing out trauma, bad relationships and adjustments. I move on to talk about ET contact that is occuring daily on our planet with a channel from my soul family Commander Tenko. We discuss what is required for full and open contact. Namaste Dear Ones... with Love

The whole planet is experiencing an upgrade of energies designed to reconfigure our biological organic structures. We will be operating purely from our One Heart Chakra within 10yrs on our current timeline. It is important to be aware of what is going on should the initiate wish to pursue activations within their light body and cellular structure, using intent and commands.... Welcome to the Galactic Federation of Light and its affiliates... Namaste

This is numerological contrast you have never seen before. I have not witnessed anyone providing this context. This information I explain to it's fullest in order that you grasp the intricacies of what is presented.... I love you all... Namaste

Our ascension process is composed of many parts, let me break some of it down for you

We are all receiving gamma light energy downloads... which is measured by the Schumann Resonance recording stations around the world. The impact is on our DNA.

Welcome and Namaste. A message from the Galactic Federation of Light channelled by Paulio and Elektra. Two separate messages of enlightenment, love, and peace, to help you through these times of trouble and challenges. The global virus epidemic has us in lockdown and isolation, so now is the time to reflect on what is important and to nurture ourselves and our families... Love with you all

Hello fellow human... Want to know what we are doing here? The plan from the Pleiadians are revealed here. Enjoy, and please subscribe if you resonate with this information to receive further messages and information. Namaste and Love Dear Ones...

Listen to this and absolve the love that you are Dear Ones

Welcome Dear Ones... Airl was captured at Roswell New Mexico in 1947 after an electrical discharge in the sky brought down 2 ET ufo's. Airl survived because she had a synthetic body. The other alien beings had organic bodies, and subsequently died in the crash. This 6 week transcript of the interview with Airl by the "intelligence community", will open your eyes into the reality of which we all reside in. Also worth noting, Airl is one of my soul family members, beautiful parts of myself I feel lovingly overwhelmed with. I Am one of the 3000 they speak of, so too is Matilda. I do pray you enjoy and receive great knowledge of what you are about to hear and receive... much love to all my fellow human beings. May great prosperity endow you all... Namaste Beloveds

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Hello, I Am Paulio the Arcturian. I Am here to share enlightened news from our Galactic Families, Angels, and Light Beings that support and surround us. The Galactic Federation of Light has members of my Soul Family present and active within it's agenda's, and we are here to help and support your ascension with valuable and informative knowledge. We do hope you gain great benefit from our transmissions. With Great Love... Paulio