Time for some new stuff, so let's do a little farming. This might not be the highest gold/hr farm but it's my personal favorite because of the scenery and overall enjoyment of killing undead as a paladin.

Hey guys, bit of a different video here. I just wanted to talk about something that I've been seeing a lot in guild advertisements and recruitment discords. Many guilds coming from Retail that don't have any vanilla experience are copying what worked from private servers to build their foundation. While this is a logical approach on the surface, I feel like people are underestimating how cut throat this game can be. There's a lot of context associated with the PvE meta from private servers that is being ignored, and that's what this video seeks to discuss.

Also, my apologies in advance for the plosives in this video. This isn't quite up to par with the audio quality that I'm aiming for in these paricular speech only videos and I'll look into fixing that going forward.

This is the end of the road as far as leveling dungeons go. It's been fun doing this series, so I'll defiantly be doing something similar with the end-game dungeons.

This section of BRD is quite popular right now in the dungeon farming meta. It's a great place to farm as prot since the pulls are easy and the gear here is Best in Slot or equivalent.

Episode 6 of the pally tank dungeon series. This one is short because ST doesn't have a lot going on. After this dungeon, it's about to get real with BRD in episode 7.


Hey guys, this one is a bit shorter than usual as there's not a lot to say for this one. I do want to post all the dungeons I've run tho, so this and Sunken Temple will be about the same length. I'll go more in depth on BRD when I get to finishing the editing in a few days.

Howdy neighbors, time for another meta dungeon. This one is probably the most fun!

Keeping the series alive with part 3. I feel like Uldaman is worth mentioning even tho people don't normally consider it to be an AoE Dungeon. There is still some potential to be had here, especially when combined with quests.

This is part 2 of the series where I cover how to be a dope prot paladin in dungeons.

Howdy all, this is part one of the Aoe Dungeon Tanking Guide, where I will be going through all the dungeons and explaining how to handle pulls and maximize your effectiveness as a protection paladin in Classic WoW.


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