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Who is Rey? It has been a question since The Force Awakens and continues. Kylo Ren claimed In The Last Jedu that Rey's parents were nobodies buried in the Jakku desert. Was Kylo telling the truth or lying to turn her to his side? The scene was a callback to the scene in The Empire Strikes Back when Vader tells Luke he is his father. Was Vader lying to Luke? The fans would not know until Yoda confirmed in The Return Of The Jedi. Have clues been laid out from Episode IX leaks that Rey is a Skywalker, but not who the fans expect?

Strong beers can be aged and World Wide Stout from Dogfish Head is a great one to do such. But what about the Oak Aged Vanilla version? How well does this stout age? Nearly two years on, Brainmuffin reviews the 2017 version of Oak Aged Vanilla World Wide Stout.

Strong beers can be aged and World Wide Stout from Dogfish Head is a great one to do such. But what about the Oak Aged Vanilla version? How well does this stout age? Nearly two years on, Brainmuffin reviews the 2017 version of Oak Aged Vanilla World Wide Stout.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has had some pretty good origin movies over the past 11 years. Movie goers watched Tony Stark build his Irom Man suits, Thor earn the right to yield the Hammer Mjölnir, Doctor Strange learn and harness magical powers, and T'Challa fight to be the rightful Black Panther. With all that background, how well did the Captain Marvel handle Carol Danvers backstory and path the her powers? Did it sit well with audiences? Did Captain Marvel inspire young women? It is time to find out.

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Do vegan protein bars have to be really dense and loaded with soy? No says Vega brands. Made from rice and pea protein sources, Bryon Lape reviews the Chocolate Peanut Butter flavored protein bar from Vega. What will this meat eating heathen think of a vegan approved protein bar?

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The plot sicken at Rotten Tomatoes. The Purging of bad Captain Marvel reviews has begun. Disney strikes again at the fans. Rotten Tomatoes is done.

Disney has decided to fight the fans and strike bad reviews of Captain Marvel from Rotten Tomatoes. Fandango owns Rotten Tomatoes and it is run by former Disney executive Paul Yanover (his Linked In page: One hand washes the other and Disney knows how to play this better than anyone. This is Bob Iger at his best, forcing fans to pay for crap they do not want. As a site, Rotten Tomatoes is done. They would rather burn a site down than let the fans speak their mind. The Fandom Menace is strong with this one.

Will Jeremy of Geeks and Gamers finally disavow Disney and give up his yearly pass to the parks? Will Jeremy stop supporting Disney and their tyranny over entertainment? It is up to him. He can do what he wants, but I'm sure this will make it more difficult for him to look the other way. He already doesn't like what Bob Iger is doing to the attractions in the park and making everything an IP. Splash Mountain will be gone soon as it is tied into Song of the South. The future is here and it is bleak.

Think it is only conservative minded people who are upset? Tim Pool has a great video calling Rotten Tomatoes out on this. You cannot get much more Liberal than Tim Pool. All sides will now converge on Disney.

The plot sicken at Rotten Tomatoes. The Purging of bad Captain Marvel reviews has begun. Disney strikes again at the fans. Rotten Tomatoes is done.

The SJW crusaders may have to put down their mugs of Fanboy tears and encounter a little bit of reality. The latest rumor out the Marvel Cinematic Universe is much of the cast does not like Brie Larson and Captain Marvel entering the scenes at the last moment to defeat Thanos. They have been on this ride for several movies and are not getting their own movies. One in particular, Elizabeth Olson, is rumored to be unhappy being pushed to the background and soon to be low budget shows on Disney+ stream service. Is this any way to treat the cast members Kevin Feige and Bob Iger?

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As the human body ages, various organs start to work less well, including the brain. Here are three ways to keep the neurons firing properly and keep neurogenesis working properly. Yes, it is possible to fight cognitive decline. Listen to Bryon Lape show you how.

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Nutritional supplements are in constant change and flux. The formulas that were popular yesterday may not be so tomorrow. RevUp Nutrition has gone back to the drawing board and formulated a new pre-workout. It promises the energy and focus, without the jitters and the crash. Watch Bryon Lape do a taste test and then hit the gym for a high volume workout. The flavor is rainbow candy. Can you taste the rainbow?

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Is the human body a marvel of design? Or is it seriously flawed to survive in today's world? From easy sports injuries to upright mobility that doesn't seem efficient, here are several ways in which the design of the human body is flawed.

In the movie Avengers: Infinity War, Dr. Strange is very specific about the number of possible futures he has witnessed. He states to Tony Stark, Peter Parker, and half of the Guardians of the Galaxy that he has reviewed 14,000,605 and only one had a successful outcome. Why this number? Why not more? Why not less? A new fan theory looks inside the numbers. Here's a hint, it is based on powers of two.

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The reviews from real, professional movie critics fro the Captain Marvel film are finally in. No need to listen to The Fandom Menace nro any Geeks nor any Gamers nor Comicsgate nor any other Fanboys. It is time to see what the professionals have said and it is Marvelous. Brie Larson is going to be burning up Phase 4 of the MCU for years to come. Move over Gal Gadot, your skinny butt isn't needed anymore. Sorry Shazam! You ain't gettin' any.

Barely a day goes by without Brie Larson verbally accosting or antagonizing the main audience of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Early projects for a huge opening weekend for Captain Marvel have shrunk by as much as 60%. Will this be the first failure of the MCU? Is the Captain Marvel full of identity politics or is this Brie Larson virtue signaling to keep from being doxed or trolled by SJWs? The world will only know after the movie is in the theaters and the audience has watched it.

Politics and entertainment can mix. The best results come when the movie maker creates the audience as knowledgable, but lacking in full understanding. Present your side open and honestly, the audience will listen.

As Star Wars episode IX nears, J. J. Abrams has reflected on the fans since the division created by The Last Jedi. The Force Awakens was a soft reboot of the original trilogy and direct copy of A New Hope (or just Star Wars to us old fans). Many expected answers to who Snoke is and why Rey is so powerful in The Last Jedi. Instead, Rian Johnson destroyed everything J. J. had built and ripped the fandom apart. From this, movements like the Fandom Menace grew and now there is much pressure of J. J. Abrams to bring it all back together with Episode IX.

Not one to stop copying the success of others, J. J. Abrams has now brought Billy D. Williams back into the Star Wars cinematic universe. It may seem odd to have Lando Calrissian back now that Han Solo and Luke Skywalker are dead in the films and Carrie Fisher is dead in real life, after all Lando did have a thing for Leia in The Empire Strikes Back, so J. J. Abrams is hopeful that fans will see Lando's inclusion as a good thing and wants fans to be satisfied. With the Star Wars Fandom so split, this is a very tall order for J. J. Abrams and no amount of Mystery Boxes will satisfy the hunger. The fans wants answers and closure, something J. J. Abrams has never done in his life. J. J. is only good at starting world and story building, he is not good at bringing it all to an end.

Are you tired of putting off tasks till it is too late? Don't want to repeat the late nights and stress of coming in under the wire? Take a deep breath and know that you are not alone. Bryon Lape reads an article with multiple ideas on how to beat procrastination and get yours tasks complete. You may just save your life.

Brainmuffin may not know how to properly pronounce Boffo from Dark Horse, but he knows how to review the brown ale style. Watch and try Boffo Brown Ale for yourself. Do you agree with Brainmuffin's review? What else do you like from Dark Horse Brewery? Comment below.

A good for you protein bar that tastes like a glazed maple doughnut? Surely, this really cannot exist. Bryon Lape taste tests and reviews such a protein bar from ONE Bar and it has only one gram of sugar. Believe it.

All porters are ales. All stout are ales. Some stouts are porters, but not all porters are stouts. There is a different between porters and stouts, despite what some believe. From Founders comes a dark beer that distinctly a porter. It does not skirt the porter/stout boundary, nor does it flirt with being a brown ale. This one is all porter. Behold, the Founders Porter Review by Brainmuffin.

The commercials are all over the Internet for SixPackAbs.Com. Bryon Lape was particularly interested in the Abs Over 40 offerings. But how good is it? Time to review.

Oh for the transmigration of souls into a better double IPA may we not rest, dear Orpheus, until all have moved. Not all canned beers are alike and this double IPA from Orpheus Brewing in Atlanta, Georgia is like no other. Brainmuffin reviews the Transmigration of Souls and has a religious experience.

During the fight between Finn and Rey in The Last Jedi, Anakin Skywalker's Lightsaber was broken into pieces. In the closing shots of the movie, Rain Johnson revealed that Rey had the pieces on the Millennium Falcon. One theory on how Rey will fix the lighsaber in episode 9 with parts found from Ezra Bridger's saber? Could this possibly happen? Who is Ezra Bridger? What has become of Star Wars?

Is it the Eldorado hops or did Breckenridge put real mango in this one? These days it seems everyone is making a mango something or the other ale or lager. Brainmuffin reviews the Mango Mosaic ale from Breckenridge.

J. J. Abrams and crew have finally wrapped filming on Star Wars Episode IX. Hey wait. Doesn't this film come out in a few months? Yep, its gonna be a rush edit now too. Is it any wonder this movie doesn't have a title yet? Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and his lover Poe share a group hug before leaving the set for the final time. Too bad their Star Wars movies are horrible.


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