The Metrosexual phenomenon has become the modern cucked male, but do women really like these men? Two psychologists decided to use some science to find out. The result? Women, even the flaming feminists, prefer men who are sexist and will protect them over those who are woke and support women independence. Will the SJWs deny science, again?

In Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati, there are several craft beer brew pubs. One is named after President Taft. Being this is an historical German area, one might expect their beers to be of the Lager variety. While they do have some, there are also ales, one of which is Gavel Banger. Brainmuffin reviews a can of this American IPA. What do you think? How would you review this beer?

For 11 years, the MCU has grown and become part of modern culture. With Avengers Endgame, most of the MCU will come to a close. Robert Downey, Jr (Iron Man) and Chris Evans (Captain America) will not be back. Several other actors are doubtful. The upcoming Captain Marvel movie will both determine the MCU direction after Endgame and who will lead the efforts. Can Captain Marvel live up to the weight being put upon it? Can Brie Larson lead a large cinematic universe?

Everyone can benefit from lifting weights for strength training. Resistance training, weight lifting, builds not only strong muscles, but strong bones. It also helps people to do daily tasks like standing from a chair or carrying groceries. Here are three exercises everyone should be doing.

Does the idea of setting a goal terrify you? Wonder how to overcome obstacles or why there obstacles in the first place? Wonder how to create the path? Get a very clear goal. Overcome each obstacle. The path will be created.

These three exciting facts about goals are ones no one talks about. This short article by Benjamin Hardy is packed with insights that will make setting and discovering goals something you will want to do instead of just endure.

Benjamin Hardy's article link:

Sour beers are usually a version of a wild yeast Belgian or Saison. Epic Brewing took the IPA and turned in a bit to give sourness a new direction.

Ever wonder about the person behind the camera taking the images of an Instragram Influencer? What to know what it is like to be an Instagram Husband? It is time to explore the world of the people behind the scenes. What are their hopes and dreams? But what about a more gender neutral wording? Shouldn't that be Instragram Significant Other? Yeah! The Modern ISO.

Is the Instagram Husband really a revolution or is this an old idea which has been made new again? Sony and Cher, anyone?

People will judge you by the words you use, whether in speaking or in writing. Don't be tempted to use words that are unfit for the occasion. Quite often, the simpler approach is the one best served.

The beautiful and gorgeous Elizabeth Hurley seems to defy aging. At 52, she broke the Internet with a picture of her wearing a pink bikini. Evey year, she grows in beauty and healthfulness. What is her secret? Bryon Lape reads an article to find out.

The hazy and juicy New England IPA is all the rage these days, so it was only a matter of time until Sierra Nevada made one. How good is it? Listen to Brainmuffin's review and comment.

Bryon Lape reads an article making claims about new toys for Avengers: Endgame. Do these leaks spoil the new Marvel movie? Does Iron Man survive? When will Spider-Man come back to life? And what about Captain America's lover Bucky? Surely, Captain Marvel will save the day, time travel back to when Dr. Strange was alive, make copies of all the stones, and head back to the future.

There are many pre-workout supplements on the market. Some are just hype, but many are formulated for specific types of training routines and fitness goals. Which one matches what you want from your workout?

Bryon Lape reads an article from Emily Abbate on about this very subject. Emily tried several pre-workouts and gives her results. Fitness training is not just for men, training is for women too.

How to grow a YouTube channel? There seems to be as many experts on this subject as there are channels. Everyone grows differently and for different reasons. Are there some tips that anyone can use?

From daily content to using SEO keywords, here are 10 tips for growing your YouTube channel. How many are you doing?

Many people fear the dark beers. They don't know what they are missing. The stout is often the most flavorful of the darks. From Bell's comes Kalamazoo Stout and Brainmuffin's review.

Disney and Lucasfilm are the gifts that keep generating memes and the start of 2019 is no exception. After J. J. Abrams restarted Star Wars with the Force Awakens, copying A New Hope every step of the way, the fans have been turning against Kathleen and company at each step. What can they do to recapture the George Lucas Star Wars magic? Why not return to Tatooine, where it all began? Perhaps the Mystery Box is buried there.

Tatooine - it is the boyhood home of both Anakin and Luke Skywalker. So much has happened there, Jar Jar must return.

At the movies, Marvel has been owning DC for years. Only Wonder Woman and Aquaman felt like rays of hope to the DC faithful. But that is in the theater, in the comic book scene, the world is very different. Marvel has been struggling with SJWs destroying the brand, while DC Comics has been flying high. 2018 belonged to DC Comics.

Monks and berries? Sure, why not? Weyerbacher Berry Monks Review

Does your manager give you clear directions and goals? Do you have competing and conflicting priorities? Here's an article that just might help you understand how and what to prioritize.

It is 2019 and that means the last installment of the Jar Jar Abrams Star Wars trilogy will be released in December, but what will the title for the movie be? Surely, it's not Episode 9 From Outer Space.

Over the years, Brainmuffin has reviewed several quads, but nothing like the Kasteel Barista Chocolate Quad. It is good to mix flavors in a Belgian beer? Isn't this against some beer law or something?

The TV series Game of Thrones has become a phenominal success. Ommegang has made a series of beers inspired by the characters and places in Game of Thrones. Up for review by Brainmuffin is the smoking Mother of Dragons.

Tired of protein bars loaded with sugar? Detour has created a lower sugar line just for you, but how good do they taste? Watch and find out.

When people think of Sam's club brands, they usually imagine cheap products without great flavor. Their Member's Mark line of High Protein bars are next up for a live taste test from Bryon Lape. How good is the cookie dough?

Some really love The Last Jedi for breaking new ground. Some really hate The Last Jedi for how it broke the existing lore and stopping the new trilogy in its tracks. But is it boring? Does it play is safe? One author thinks so.

It is a new year and Brainmuffin is breaking into new beer ground with a NEIPA from Shorts. This one is called Into the haze.


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