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Fans of Star Wars will know that George Lucas had treatments for the sequel saga before he sold LucasFilm to Disney. His belief was Disney and Kathleen Kennedy would use the ideas to make the next Star Wars trilogy and bring a satisfying conclusion to the Skywalker saga. Disney hired J.J. Abrams to make the new trilogy and he immediately threw out all of Lucas' ideas. Or did he?

J.J. Abrams is not know for doing anything original. He rebooted Star Trek and divided the fan base. He was hired by Disney and LucasFilm and did the same reboot to Star Wars by remaking A New Hope nearly shot for shot. George Lucas had an idea on how to end the new trilogy as well. Should Disney and J.J. Abrams have used George Lucas' ending for The Rise of Skywalker instead of the convoluted mess they created?

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Previously it was reported that Kelly Sue DeConnick was writer for Captain Marvel 2. Not much was known about Kelly Sue DeConnick and the article on SausageRoll even had Comicsgate incorrect. The latest reports now have Megan McDonnell as the writer. Megan is a writer for the Disney+ show WandaVision and has some familiarity with the MCU and the Marvel characters. How well will she writer for Captain Marvel 2?

Kevin Feige has stated which MCU properties will be a part of phase 4 and phase 5. It has also been released by Marvel which ones will be shows on Disney Plus. Interestingly, where Captain Marvel 2 fits into the plans has not been revealed. The best guess is that it will be in MCU Phase 5.

The Hollywood Reporter is one of several sources for Megan McDonnell being the writer for Captain Marvel 2. Here is the source article from the Hollywood Reporter:

Channel Dad is a long time fan of comic books, though it has been years since he last bought one. He still follows pop culture and reports on the oddest of items in the MCU. Channel Dad does not have a comicbookcast. Channel Dad of the Fandom Menace create videos that are different than anyone else. Channel Dad is not a copy-cat. Channel Dad is his own thing. One might say Channel Dad is a Brainmuffin too.

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The Disney Star Wars trilogy has divided the fans of the original movies into many camps. No other movie is more divisive of the fans than The Last Jedi. Many fans did not care for Rian Johnson's subversion of expectations and a measuring contest with J.J. Abrams. The Last Jedi closed many of the things The Force Awakens left open, perhaps the most egregious being the removal of Snoke which left a hole were the main antagonist had been. Once people watched The Last Jedi, many wondered where the story could go next. Was the Disney Star Wars trilogy actually over now?

Enter The Rise Of Skywalker.

J.J. Abrams retconned and undid many of the failings of The Last Jedi. So much was rushed and packed into The Rise of Skywalker, many viewers left the theater out of breath. Once she had taken the last movie of the Disney Star Wars trilogy in, Donna Dickens returned to The Last Jedi and re-evaluated the movie Rian Johnson had created. Through the backward lens of hindsight, Donn Dickens was able to appreciate the Last Jedi in a new light, including learning to love old grumpy cat Luke Skywalker. So much so, she wrote a blog post about the experience, using Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb as inspiration for the title. By the way, if you have not seen Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, you do owe it to yourself to watch it. Peter Sellers is fantastic.

Join along as Brainmuffin reads Donna Dickens' article about what she now sees in The Last Jedi. Is she reading too much into the Rian Johnson film? Are these connections with the Rise of Skywalker and the Force Awakens really in the film? Are these connections nothing more than well created fan fiction to help understand a horribly written and edited movie? Are Rian Johnson's subversion of expectations brilliant plot devices or should they be seen as incoherent ramblings of a mad man? Listen to Brainmuffin read the article and leave your feedback in the comments.

Donna Dickens article might push too far into Star Wars explained, though she does let JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson's movies align more than many fans, most notably Geeks and Gamers, allows. Kathleen Kennedy was the overseer of the sequel Star Wars trilogy and she approved the approaches and the stories. Kathleen Kennedy fired nearly as many directors as who finished their movies. The ride through the new Star Wars era has been and odd one. While the movies brought in good money, except Solo: A Star Wars Story, the merchandise sales have plummeted to all time lows and Disney is not getting the money they expected when they bought the cash cow from George Lucas.

Young adult fiction fans really want Kylo Ren and Rey to be together romantically. If Kylo fully turned back to the Light side of the Force, should be now be called Ben Solo? If Rey was honoring his sacrifice and she was aligning to her statement to him as wanting Ben's hand, should she have said her name is Rey Solo instead of Rey Skywalker at the end of The Rise Of Skywalker?

Want to follow along with Donna Dickens article yourself? Here is the link.

Do you like Brainmuffin reading articles? Would you rather have Channel Dad read them? Have ideas for articles to be covered? Leave a comment below and let these old men know.

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In 2012, Kate Upton had her first cover on Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and the press started to hound her. While some were positive about Kate Upton's body and shape, many were negative, some calling her fat. The negative comments tugged at Kate Upton's insecurities and tarnished her body image. After the experience, Kate Upton didn't want to wear a bikini in public for fear of the finger pointing and the creepy comments.

Now Kate Upton is 27 and a mom. Being positive about her curves and striving for fitness over thinness, Kate is making an impact with her #ShareStrong Instagram campaign. She believes curvy women need to be body positive and use fitness not as a way to get skinny, but to be healthy. Being a sexy model starts with attitude and belief in yourself. Nina Agdal also uses fitness to stay healthy, without being in the gym constantly.

Kate Upton joined the Skimm'd From The Couch hosts Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg to talk about her experiences as a model, being a mom, and reaching fitness to help with being healthy and curvy. Is Kate learning to use fitness and health as a way to find fulfillment?

Source article from

Article from

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To move forward in Life, one must Learn and Grow. Set Goals and move toward them, small steps and evaluate from time to time. There is no need to strive for Perfection first. Believing you need to be perfect at some task before you can begin in a complete Lie. That is the Perfection Delusion and it can be a huge stumbling block for growth. Don't do it.

There are many ideas and beliefs that hold people back and Perfection is one of the most prevalent. Do not get caught in the Perfection Delusion. Set a big goal, then divide that into small steps. Move forward and then evaluate where you are. Did the goal move? Do you need more information or training in an area? Do you need to practice more? No one learns a new skill by not practicing and performing. There is no need to be Perfect before starting. Just go. Just do. Just move.

The Law of Attraction states that when your energies, beliefs, and actions are aligned, you will get the things you want. Do not forget the Action portion of that equation. Paul wrote that "Faith without Works is Dead". If you set goals and believe you can obtain them, even if you do not know how, but take no action toward those goals, they will remain dreams that are never realized. Too many unrealized desired can lead to bitterness and resentment. Do not let the Perfection Delusion cause you to fall into this trap.

Understand and cultivate what matters. Learn from the wisdom of others so you do not waste time chasing things of little value. Some may believe they need a Passion Planner. If that is what is required for you to set 2020 goals and stick to 2020 resolutions, then create a Passion Planner and set to it. The secret to Life Coaching is taking action against the ideas you have learned. Your subconscious mind will push back. Your friends and family will also push back, often without realizing. The familiar, no matter if it is positive or negative, is comforting to most people. In the familiar lies Death. Create a new Experience and a New You. Open your horizons and see past the Perfection Delusion.

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Growing an audience can be tough, in particular if you are trying to compete in a Red Ocean with many already established channels and patterns. Instead of trying to get a small piece of a contracting pie, create a new Blue Ocean market.

A new market does not have to be a completely new and unique product or service. Find a new way to do an old ideal. Find a new spin or make something more efficient. Combine parts of several ideas into a new and exciting avenue. Like how several different channels do their content? Mix and match to your personality, values, and objectives and produce an new stream. Creative energy is a far more dynamic approach than trying to destroy your competition. More vibrant energies will attract more people to your view and has a better chance of turning them into customers.

You may not think you are marketing when creating an audience, but you are. A clear strategy is important in creating and writing your goals. Disrupt design education into thinking you need to know everything to get started. Take a small step and evaluate your progress. Are you going in the right direction? Has your goal moved? Did you learn something about yourself? Take another step and repeat the process. Trust the process.

This first video from Channel Dad is not a Blue Ocean Strategy book review, but it is long overdue. Bryon Lape started his Blue Ocean Shift late last year when the audience for his YouTube channel was contracting. He started to creation a Blue Ocean around Fulfillment and started to Align his videos to meet that ideal. He reread and revisited concepts such as the Law of Attraction and started to understand that his energy and beliefs needed to be aligned to goals. If your subconscious cannot or does not believe you can do something, it will fight you, no matter how you try to use the Law of Attraction. This is often why many believe it does not work, despite the evidence to the contrary.

The Blue Ocean Strategy audiobook is also available. It is a good companion to get through the ideas, but reading them puts them in your brain in a more compelling way. The printed book also allows for better random access than audiobooks. The Blue Ocean Strategy and Shift books by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne are a real game changer for anyone wanting to create new markets for whatever they want to offer. The product may be you, or it may be something more tangible, it doesn't matter. Make the Shift from the Red Ocean and get out of the zero sum competition that will ultimately lead to failure. Create a Blue Ocean that is open to the future and succeed.

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How does Quest Nutrition do it? The Mint Chocolate Chunk protein bar not only tests great, but it is Keto approved! Yes! Get a great tasting protein bar from Quest Nutrition and stay in the Keto diet plan.

The infamous Bryon Lape taste test and protein bar review continues with another Quest Bar. These bars come in many different flavors and Chocolate Mint Chunk is a crowd favorite. As Quest Bars are Keto approved, put these protein bars on your Keto snacks list. A Keto Protein Bar that tastes good? Is it possible?

Among people that know Bryon Lape in real life, the Quest Bar Review is becoming quite popular. Share these videos on all your social media pages to make them the best protein bar reviews available anywhere.

Low carb diets are a good way to get your body to burn more fat. Keto has become quite popular with those who have struggled with losing fat with other ideas. Being able to have a handy Keto approved snack during the day helps someone with a busy schedule. Quest Nutrition bars not only taste great, but they are Keto approved. Try the Mint Chocolate Chunk bar yourself and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Though tasting great, the Quest Nutrition Mint Chocolate Chunk bar will not add much to your net carbs for the day. Watch this Quest Review and try the bar yourself. Be sure to leave your comments on how much you like the bar. Also let Bryon Lape know which other Quest Nutrition products you would want to see him review. Have other Keto approved products you would like to see him try? Leave those in the comments too.

Being in shape and having a healthy lifestyle is all a part of Fulfillment in Life. Staying healthy and living a long time to impact as many people as you can is one of many goals for those who Live Awake. Do you watch Tom Bilyeu videos and wonder how you can put his principals to use in your Life? Wellness in your Mind starts with Wellness in your food. Stay Keto and Live Well.

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No date has been given yet for Captain Marvel 2 (most likely years seems to be 2022), but the fans of Brie Larson and the first film are making known the things they do not want to see in the sequel. While more 90's nostalgia may be fine, in particular if more music from the 90's is present in Captain Marvel 2, but fans of Brie Larson and Carol Danvers do not want to her team up with anymore Avengers. Fans want Captain Marvel 2 to be all about Carol and her past, no crossovers or team ups. Fans want to see Brie Larson shine in a solidly written script that keeps Caro Danvers front and center and allows Captain Marvel to shine brighter than anything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While Wanda Maximoff and Vision are doing their own thing with side adventures, Ant Man and the Wasp teaming up to fight crime, and Black Panther defending Wakanda, fans want to see Captain Marvel handle the Kree all by herself. No hope from the Hulk, Thor, or War Machine. Scarlet Witch does not need to offer her magical mutant powers either. Black Widow is dead, so there's no need to wonder about Scarlett Johansson stealing time from Brie Larson.

What about Ms. Marvel? Could she help out? Imagine Captain Marvel finding and training a young Kamala Khan to become Ms Marvel in the next movie. This would not be an Avengers team-up, would not take away from Brie Larson's character, and would establish Carol Danvers as the quintessential leader of the Avengers and A-Force.

Fans of the comic books will not get Crisis on Infinite Earths and Marvel Phase 4, but the normies might. The more Marvel does to differentiate their MCU from DC Comics and Warner Brothers DCEU, the better.

The Women of Comicsgate may believe the drink the milkshakes of Geeks and Gamers and Comic Artist Pro Secrets (Ethan Van Sciver), but the proof will be in the bottom line. Fans of Brie Larson keep telling the general audience that she can carry the Captain Marvel movie herself as Carol Danvers. If the same fans have their way, Brie Larson just may get the chance to prove it.

#CaptainMarvel #BrieLarson #MCU

The tears of the fanboys are about to fall. Though no release time has been given, the writer of Captain Marvel 2 is known. According to Erina Rose at, Kelly Sue DeConnick will be writing the Captain Marvel sequel. Who is Kelly Sue DeConnick? She is a self-proclaimed uber feminist, never Trumper, pro-Iranian and Islam activist. Yeah, those don't go together very well, so imagine how good the script for Captain Marvel 2 will be. What adventure for Carol Danvers will Kelly Sue DeConnick create?

Some have wondered if Wanda Maximoff will join Carol Danvers for a portion of the movie. The MCU has had many crossovers, often little more than cameos. Should Captain Marvel have a crossover? What is the time setting for Captain Marvel 2? Will the movie be a part of Marvel Phase 4 or Marvel Phase 5? Before or after Black Panther 2? Maybe it should be MCU Phase 5.

Source article:

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The original "Meet the Writer" video on YouTube:

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Want a great beer for your summer cookout, but don't want some watered down swill from a megabrewer? AmeriCannon from Heavy Seas Brewing is just want you need. A very flavorful American Pale Ale, AmeriCannon is a well balanced ale that goes with any type of food, in particular the summer cookout fair. The next time you cook up so burger, steaks, chicken, and roasted corn, pour an AmeriCannon and enjoy the mix of flavors.

Nearly redundantly name, Americannon American Pale is great with American food. It is hoppy, but it is not overly bitter. Well balanced and enjoyable.

Each week, Brainmuffin releases a craft beer review. The American Pale Ale style is a combination of malty pale ales and India pale ale. An APA can be quite hoppy, though they tend to be clearer than an IPA. Do not confuse this style with a New England Pale Ale which is cloudy and juicy.

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Need to get into shape, but don't have hours to spend in the gym? No problem. Coach Zach Even-Esh has several great workouts that are only two exercises and only take 30 minutes. Several of the exercises don't require equipment as well. These workout routines are efficient and will get you results. Bryon Lape reviews the workouts and the rotations. Be sure to do the exercises well and with good form.

The workout routines can be viewed on the Muscle and Fitness website. Review the individual exercises and make sure you understand how to perform each one and which muscles they target. Spend the time to get the most out of the training sessions.

Zach Even-Esh is the founder of Underground Strength Gym and the head strength and conditioning coach of the Rutgers University wresting team. Coach Zach knows how to build strength and keep athletes in prime condition during the season. His name is sometimes written as Zach Even Esh, but it is still the same person. Use his advice and expertise letting Zach to be your strength coach.

These full body workout routines can be used by both men and women of any age. Body weight exercises are a good introduction to strength training for women. Do some squats and eventually add some weight to push past sticking points.

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Within the galaxy of Star Wars, there are many beautiful women. In each of the trilogies, there has a been a single female who stands above them all. In the original trilogy there was Princess Leia Organa. For the prequels, Queen Amidala (Padmé) rose to the top. In the Disney Star Wars trilogy, Rey Palpatine Skywalker was the beautiful woman. But who in the galaxy of Star Wars is the hottest woman (or gal if you are Melissa Kay).

From the website comes a list of pictures of why Daisy Ridley is the hottest woman in the galaxy. The pictures of Daisy Ridley that Melissa Kay shows in her article range from public candids, movie premiers, and photo shoots for magazines. Is that the Star Wars galaxy or the entire galaxy? Melissa Kay says Star Wars' Daisy Ridley hottest in the galaxy. The entire galaxy. Not just Star Wars.

Daisy Ridley is not just in the Rise of Skywalker. The beautiful and talented actress is also in Ophelia, Murder on the Orient Express, The Force Awakens, Scrawl, and The Last Jedi. The fans should ask JJ Abrams why he puts Daisy Ridley into such dopey costumes. J.J. Abrams seems to really dislike powerful and beautiful women.

Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi not only made the audience sick, traveling around and promoting The Last Jedi made Daisy Ridley sick.

Last year Daisy Ridley became engaged to her boyfriend Tom Bateman. Some were quite happy for her, while others speculated that Daisy Ridley was pregnant.

Read Melissa Kay's article for yourself and let her know what you think of the list:

Comment below on the list and the pictures.

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Part of creating fulfillment in your life is keeping fit. Some days you may not have the energy to training according to your course alignment. Out of Australia, Muscle Nation sells workout clothing and supplements. In their supplements category, they make LEGACY pre-workout. How well does it work?

The active ingredients may align to your energy needs and help give you a fulfilled training session. Bryon Lape takes LEGACY pre-workout, gives thoughts on the taste, and then hits the gym for some heavy squats. How well will his legs survive the training session?

KSM-66® Ashwagandha, AstraGin®, and Tyramine are among the active ingredients. Get the pumps, power, and energy you need for all your training needs.

MuscleNation Legacy not only gives you energy, it keeps you focused on your training session, allowing your motivation to stay full. Review the rest of the MuscleNation catalog for some inspiration.

For more information about the LEGACY pre-workout from Muscle Nation, please read their website:

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There are many people who do not like the comic books for Captain Marvel. This comic hero has seen her story rebooted again and again. Some of these comic book fans do not like the onscreen version of Captain Marvel due to Brie Larson's bashing of fans. There are a few, a very few, who do not like that she did not smile in the trailer. Variety conducts a Brie Larson interview and gets her to respond to the horrible Captain Marvel comic book fans. Matt McGloin of Cosmic Book News summarizes Brie Larson's response.

What is it about captain marvel that fans do not like? The comic books has been rebooted many times over the decades and a dozen times in half as many years recently. Where are the die hard, long life Captain Marvel fans? Will the Brie Larson fans read the books and become Captain Marvel fans as well? What are the Captain Marvel best moments that Brie Larson fans love?

Carol Danvers and Peter Parker share a moment in Avengers: Endgame. Spider-Man has been battling Thanos with the Avengers and is nearly spent when Captain Marvel in Binary Form destroys the spaceship raining fire upon the heroes. Will this moment lead into a Captain Marvel/Spider-Man movie?

Fans of Brie Larson have been countering the various points made by Geeks and Gamers, Comic Artist Pro Secrets, Merry Mayhem, SC Reviews, That Star Wars Girl, and even TheQuartering. Should the Captain Marvel fans have been creating a more positive force for the MCU? Imagine if Marvel and Sony would allow for a Spider-Man and Captain Marvel crossover. With Captain America and Iron Man gone, who will lead the MCU fully? Phase 4 will tell the fans.

#CaptainMarvel #ComicBook #BrieLarson

It has hard to think of a 50 year old woman as beautiful and fit as Elizabeth Hurley. She's the darling woman on Instagram and shares many pictures of herself in bathing suits and glamorous dresses. Out for the Holidays is the stunning Elizabeth Hurley in a Ninja outfit you will not find in a Chuck Norris movie. Have you ever seen a more sexy Ninja than Elizabeth Hurley?

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Each year for Christmas, Short's Brewing creates a Very Hoppy Christmas beer pack. Many people find fulfillment in beer by drinking dark bourbon barrel aged beers, while others seek the enjoyment of the hops. Taken from the 2019 version of a Very Hoppy Christmas, the $plurge is an eruption of hop variants upon the tongue and taste buds. Your palate will be dancing wit the flavors of this very hoppy beer. Feel the fulfillment.

Here is the description of the $plurge taken the Short's Brewing website:
$plurge is a Double IPA made with a lavish blend seven varieties of hops. Slightly hazy and light copper in color, the frothy white head has huge aromas of tropical hops. Leading with super fruity citrus and pineapple flavors, this medium-bodied beer is deceivingly smooth for the higher ABV. Treat yourself to this indulgent, tropical hoppy brew!

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Dehydrated after a workout? Need an amino acid boost? RevUp Nutrition has a great supplement that will help: Tune-Up. Not only formulated to give you the Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) you need after a workout, it also gives you Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) and a Hydration formula that helps keep you going. Drink it during and after your training sessions to get the most out of every rep.

Bryon Lape taste tests the Bomb Slushy flavor. How well does it mix? What should you look for in a BCAA supplement? Who should take Tune-Up and when? Watch and comment.

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On the big screen, Brie Larson portrays the superhero Captain Marvel. Hollywood movies are not real life, so can Brie Larson save Womankind for real? Rebecca Keegan of the Hollywood Reporter writes in her article how Brie Larson is trying to save Womankind. Do you believe Brie Larson can save Womankind? Will Captain Marvel step in and save the women of the World from the oppression? Comment below.

Cecil likes to make memes of the superhero Brie Larson. Surely he will watch the videos in the Hollywood Reporter article and comment on the next Rye Council. If you are a listener of Cecil Says, send him this video. He will find entertainment for hours.

Perhaps Captain Marvel should save Womankind in Phase 4 or Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On the big screen, Captain Marvel can prevent the Oppressors of Womankind from going up and stopping the growth and freedom of Woman. Who knows how this would actually come about, but the writers of the MCU can create something that will pull in a billion dollars like they did for the first Captain Marvel movie. Brie Larson previously saved the Avengers from the likes of the Kree, so saving Womankind should be well within Captain Marvel's abilities.

#BrieLarson #CaptainMarvel #SavingWomankind

The mega-beer Coors Light is made in very large vats with the cheapest of ingredients. Everything about the process is made to save money and make the most profit. Does that mean that the process itself is poor? No! With the very light profile of the America Diet Lager, there is nowhere to hide any imperfection. The Beer Snob Bryon Lape reviews Coors Light in two different ways. The first is against the BJCP guidelines for American Diet Lager and the other is against beers in general. How will he rate Coors Light? Do you agree with Bryon Lape? Do you enjoy Coors Light? Let him know in the comments below.

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It has been more than a year since Jeff Hicks of World Class Bullshitters dubbed Bryon Lape as Channel Dad. At first, the title was given along side being the Fifth Bullshitter, until Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. The latter title was passed to someone else and Channel Dad Bryon Lape became the only moniker.

While at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, Channel Dad Bryon Lape met several others within the Fandom Menace, namely, Jeremy of Geeks+Gamers, Ethan Van Sciver, Anna That Star Wars Girl, Jessi Milestone of Mindless Entertainment, and the unforgettable Andy From The UK From The UK. Many ideas were branded about and it seemed as though Channel Dad would perhaps make an appearance from time to time on these other channels. Alas, none of that came to be. Throughout 2018, Channel Dad appeared nowhere else. What about sending a superchat during The High Council? Bryon Lape tried that as himself and as the Fan Caste. There was zero reaction from anyone. A video about rumors stating the MCU Cast hated Brie Larson's Captain Marvel hit over half a million views and still no shout out, no congratulations, no nothing. Other Fandom Menace channels started and would get some kind of call out. Channel Dad started to feel rejected.

During the summer, several people on Twitter started to collect a list of all the Fandom Menace channels. No first or second list included Bryon Lape's YouTube nor BitChute channels. Channel Dad Bryon Lape is OG Fandom Menace. He disliked The Force Awakens and uploaded a "The Force Awakens Sucks" video on 24 December 2015. It is through this video he found World Class Bullshitters and eventually Geeks+Gamers. Bryon Lape didn't need to wait for The Last Jedi to be released to know Disney Star Wars was bad and yet, there was no recognition from the Johnny Come Latelies. After many tweets trying to get on the Fandom Menace Channel list, Bryon Lape was added, but with no increase in traffic. He was quite dejected.

The latter half of the year was one of soul searching for Bryon Lape. He would learn the World Class Bullshitters needed him to drive them or be a part of a convention by listening to the program, not by being contacted directly. He was confused about the nature of the relationship and wondered if he really wanted to continue. A day after the Rise of Skywalker livestream, Bryon Lape decided he was going to stop trying to be a part of a group that didn't want him and announce he was leaving the Fandom Menace. How to do this? What should the video be called? It is not that he dislikes most of the people in the Fandom Menace and he does applaud their success, but being rejected repeatedly hurt and he wasn't sure what exactly to make of it.

Then he had a realization.

Jeff Hicks had correctly titled Bryon Lape as Channel Dad. This was not only his titled in conjunction of being with the World Class Bullshitters. Bryon Lape is Channel Dad to all of the Fandom Menace. But what did being Channel Dad mean? Quite simple. It means you help others to be more successful than you. It means you drive them to practice so they can perform on game day. It means being on the sidelines and being supportive. Bryon Lape is Channel Dad Of The Fandom Menace and he likes it.

Bryon Lape's YouTube channel:

Bryon Lape's BitChute channel:

The Fan Caste YouTube channel:

#ChannelDad #FandomMenace #WorldClassBullshitters

SINFIT nutrition has started a small revolution in the area of protein bars. No longer hampered to either high sugar or no sugar, SINFIT aims for the middle with a balance of good taste and clean protein. Bryon Lape tries the caramel crunch bar. Have you tried the caramel crunch bar from SINFIT? Do you agree with Bryon Lape?

#SINFITNutrition #ProteinBar #Review

Recently, Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson, hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live and wore a fantastic dress. One may even say the dress was Marvelous! Brie Larson smiled from ear to ear and showed how much emotion she has locked inside of her. No need to make memes of this appearance! Brie Larson did a fantastic job hosting.

Out there somewhere are members of the Fandom Menace. Surely they will appreciate how Brie Larson looked. Surely they will comment on her warm smile. Some may even take note of her toned body. After all, she trained for months to be Captain Marvel in the MCU and it now shows. What will That Star Wars Girl think of Brie Larson now?

Do you like Brie Larson's fabulous and marvelous dress? Comment below.

#BrieLarson #CaptainMarvel #JimmyKimmelLive

The World Class Bullshitters don't call him Channel Dad for nothing. Arriving home straight from the WCBS livestream, Bryon Lape gives a quick run down of The Rise of Skywalker and rates the movie. Warning, there be spoilers here.

The Force Awakens was a rehash of A New Hope. Will the Rise of Skywalker be similar? Is it better than The Last Jedi? Does Rise of Skywalker borrow from The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi? How well did the Disney Star Wars trilogy end?

#TheRiseOfSkywalker #TheFandomMenace #StarWars

On the west side of Edinburgh lies the Innis and Gunn Brewery. Making various Scottish style ales, the Blood Red Sky is also aged in barrels. The Famous Brainmuffin review.

#InnisAndGunn #BloodRedSky #Review

You say you want a Revolution, well we all want to change the world. Ok comrade, the Ant-Hero IPA just might be the beer to start it.

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