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It is the end of the Avengers as we know it and time for the next wave of superheros to take up the mantel. Are you ready for Brie Larson's Captain Marvel to replace Captain America as the leader of the New Avengers? Will Spider-Man finally step into the role created by Robert Downey, Jr's Iron Man? What about the rest of the Avengers?

Far From Home was the end of Phase 4. Tom Holland's Spider-Man deals with the reality that Tony Stark is gone and the rest of the Avengers are moving on to other problems. He will be joined by Brie Larson as Captain Marvel and no doubt Doctor Strange will have a part. Who will be the other superheros to fill the role of the New Avengers? Will there be a complete A-Force lead Avengers? What about Falcon and Black Panther?

In the Endgame movie, Captain Marvel had a key role in destroying Thanos' ship and getting the gauntlet to a place Tony Stark could use his technical wizardry to fool Thanos. Captain Marvel's strength showed in being so great against Thanos, that he had to use an Infinity Stone just to push her away. Though Scarlet Witch was able to hold Thanos off while she destroyed an Infinity Stone, she did not show quite the strength of Captain Marvel. It may make perfect sense to have Captain Marvel lead the New Avengers, though she has not been a part of the Earth defense for more than two decades.

Why does no list of the New Avengers mention Ant Man nor The Wasp? Nothing has been announced that they will be on the MCU shows created for Disney+. Will a third movie really be the correct move? Imagine an Ant Man and the Wasp team up with Falcon or Hawkeye!

Cheat Sheet is up to the task of listing 7 superheros from the MCU who will most likely be a part of the upcoming New Avengers. What do you think of the list? Who are your 7?

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Bryon Lape may be old, but he does like to get Bucked Up from time to time. From DAS Labs comes a pre-workout with a clinical dose of Citrulline Malate. Yes, a full 6 grams in a single serving, not some double scoop nonsense. The Watermelon flavor is tried here and then Bryon Lape hits the gym for some dead lifts.

Want to try some yourself? Visit the Bucked Up site and use the code Blake23 to get 20% off:

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While there are many Star Wars fans that do not like the sequel trilogy from Disney, there are a few who believe that Rey and Kylo's story is far better than not only the prequels, but the original Star Wars movies from George Lucas in the 70's and 80's. From David Priest of C|Net and Jessica Mason of The Mary Sue come two very different opinions on what the J.J. Abrams created Star Wars Sequel Trilogy is worse and better than George Lucas' Prequel Trilogy from the turn of the millennium.

Where do you stand? Is the Force Awakens and the Last Jedi much better than the Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones? What about A New Hope and the Empire Strikes Back? Will the Rise of Skywalker end the sequel trilogy on a high note and show the Fandom Menace that they are full of it? Or do you see the Last Jedi as the worst movie ever made and are done with Star Wars forever? Should Disney sell Star Wars back to George Lucas?

Captain Marvel and Brie Larson fans are no doubt happy Bryon Lape has moved on to Star Wars and complaining about Rey and Kylo Ren. It can be hard to keep it real when Brainmuffin does not understand nor see the brilliance that is Brie Larson. Will the love struck couple finally come together or will Rey dump Kylo for BB-8? All will be revealed in The Rise Of Skywalker, that is if Kathleen Kennedy every allows J.J. Abrams to release it.

#StarWars #Prequels #Sequels

Bryon Lape just found out about the sad news of the passing of Emily Hart. The police have not given many details, but she was riding an e-scooter when hit by a truck (lory). At one time, Bryon was a subscriber to her channel. What will the MGTOWs do now?

Thanks to Pete and MJ, Bryon ordered some sample of pre-workout from Bucked Up. Time for an unboxing video. Bryon did a video on Brie Larson's heroic workout. Do you think Brie Larson could use some supplements? Could she use a protein powder of a pre-workout? What about if Brie Larson did a supplement review? Would you watch it?

Will be sampling some two year old 120 Minute IPA from Dogfish Head. How well has it held up?

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It's a German beer, so let's sing the song:

In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus:
Eins, zwei, g'suffa
Da läuft so manches Fäßchen aus:
Eins, zwei, g'suffa
Da hat so manche braver Mann:
Eins, zwei, g'suffa

Brainmuffin and Kelloggs review the Hefeweizen from Hofbräu München (Munic), Germany.

The puppies Dozer and Egg show up in the post credit scenes.

#Hofbräuhaus #beer #review

The new Star Wars merchandise is hitting the shelves and there is a distinct lack of a certain character from The Last Jedi: Rose Tico. Assigned to guard the escape pods, Rose subdues a fleeing Finn, goes on an adventure with him, and falls in love with Finn at the end of The Last Jedi. She also saves Finn from certain death. Kell Marie Tran endured mistreatment on Instagram for her character Rose Tico, so much so that she left. Why isn't she on the merchandise anymore?

Did Disney and Lucasfilm bow to a vocal minority of fans? Did the analytics come back and showed Rose Tico merchandise would not sell well? If the forecasts were bad, why would they put the Rose Tico character on the proofs? Kelly Marie Tran deserves to know why her Last Jedi character is being mistreated by Disney and Lucasfilm.

Kelly Marie Tran is of Vietnamese decent. Is it possible that sales in China have something to do with it? The Last Jedi did not do well in China and Rose Tico and Finn had something to do with that.

Has the racism and sexism that has permeated Disney and Lucasfilm for years finally been exposed? In the past, Disney produced such films as "Song of the South" and created very racist cartoons of the Japanese during the war. Lucasfilm has mistreated minorities for years, in particular women. Is it possible that someone inside of Lucasfilm has something against Kelly Marie Tran and removing Rose Tico at the last minute from merchandising was all their plan? Will the fans ever know the truth?

Marvel superstar Brie Larson has stated recently that she wants to be in a Star Wars movie. With her buddy Kevin Feige moving the Disney, it is quite possible he will put her in the next Star Wars trilogy set to be released in 2022. Will Brie condone or condemn the actions of Lucasfilm in removing Rose Tico from the merchandise? Will Brie Larson use her Captain Marvel pulpit to speak the word of truth on the mistreatment of Kelly Marie Tran and Daisy Ridley? Come forth Brie, the Internet is waiting for your answer.

#WheresRose #WheresTico #StarWars

There are many who didn't like the Captain Marvel movie. Each has their own reasons, but they really don't know. ScreenRant writer James Hunt is here to tell all the those who disliked the Captain Marvel movie why they didn't. Listen and you too can find out why the Captain Marvel was a miss with so many fans.

#CaptainMarvel #BrieLarson #Fans

Look at the shelves in the grocery store and you will find scores of chocolate based protein bars. Though are many varieties of these chocolate bars, but eventually it gets tiresome. From Pure Protein there is a good tasting protein bar that isn't chocolate or a birthday cake. Bryon Lape reviews the Lemon Cake Bar.

Unfortunately, Brie Larson was not able to make this protein bar review.

#PureProtein #LemonBar #Review

Stone Brewing is known for incredible beer and odd ideas. Brainmuffin reviews the Scorpion Bowl IPA. Will he get stung?

Why does Bryon Lape do these beer reviews by himself? Doesn't he know that the ones with World Class Bullshitters are the most watched? And why does he do them as Brainmuffin? Who cares in Brainmuffin drinks beer? Why is it always craft beer? Bryon Lape should look at his analytics more closely. According to the YouTube stats, Bryon Lape needs to do beer reviews with Brie Larson. After all, Brie Larson and the MCU Cast is the main topic of his most watch video.

#StoneBrewing #IPA #Review

Now that Captain America has left the Avengers, they will need a new leader. Tony Stark died in Endgame, so cannot do it. Thor is off with the Guardians of the Galaxy and needs to rebuild Asgard. Black Panther also has a kingdom to run. Spider-Man's attendance in the MCU is too sketchy given Sony's greed. That leaves only Captain Marvel as the new leader. Look for Carol Danvers to lead the New Avengers in Phase 4.

Will the X-Men soon arrive? Does Brie Larson have what it will take to be the lead actor for the MCU?

#CaptainMarvel #TheAvengers #BrieLarson

Axel Braun is known for his parody's of a certain nature. Just released is the Captain Marvel movie the fans wanted! Kenzie Taylor replaces Brie Larson in a parody of the Captain Marvel movie that shows more heart and is closer to the comic book than the crap Disney made.

Here's the link to the Work Safe Trailer:

Thanks to Jeremy of The Quartering for bringing this parody to the attention of the Fandom Menace. It is highly doubtful that Kenzie Taylor's portrayal of Carol Danvers will have the same affect on the fandom as did the deadpan version given by Brie Larson. Whichever version of Captain Marvel you prefer, enjoy it to your full capacity. Be sure to like and subscribe for more content.

#CaptainMarvel #BrieLarson #AxelBraun

With a line of pre-workout supplements that seems to vary depending on the store, BPI Sports has several versions of the One More Rep (1.M.R.) brand. From the shelves of Wal-Mart comes the simple One More Rep supplement. Bryon Lape takes the pre-workout, evaluates the taste and mixability, then hits the gym to see how well it performs.

#BPISports #Preworkout #Review

The various excuse media writers and apologists have decided that opinions they do not like are toxic. They write sycophantic articles in the hope of curing favor with the entities they defend. Some seem to want to be friends with Brie Larson and they will tell the detractors they are not allowed to have opinions and to stop spreading rumors. The apologists do not offer evidence that the rumors about Brie Larson and Captain Marvel are false.

Yes, there are more rumors around Brie Larson and whether or not Disney is losing confidence with her as Captain Marvel. Does it matter that the Captain Marvel comic book has been rebooted 11 times in 6 years?

Did Overlord DVD troll the excuse media? Are his rumors true or did he invent them for theatrics? Will the excuse media provide actual proof that Disney has not lost confidence in Brie Larson? Rumors are one thing, but actual evidence can help end them, not blind defense of the target.

#CaptainMarvel #BrieLarson #Rumors

Testing Animate blocks using DAZ Studio with Genesis 8, the Aisling character, and the SHSDR Dress.

#DAZStudio #CGI #Animate

There are so many articles for The Rise Of Skywalker, it is time for a Star Wars roundup to go through them. Long time fans of Star Wars want to know if J. J. Abrams will fix the mistakes in The Last Jedi. Are Rey's parents really nobody? Will we learn the real "dealio" by the end of The Rise Of Skywalker? Teaser trailers have already shown Kylo Ren's helmet fixed and Rey wielding what looks like Anankin's lightsaber, so sure some things will be corrected from Rian Johnson's mess!?!?!

Join Brainmuffin at the movies to discuss 5 articles about The Rise of Skywalker. How many of the leaks and rumors do you believe? What do you think will be in the movie come December 20th? Will fans return to Star Wars and give Disney a real winner, or has the chasm that was opened by Rian Johnson become too big? Is there anyway Star Wars can warm the hearts of fans and return to glory?

A few times, there have been rumors that Daisy Ridley is pregnant. If these rumors are true, could J. J. Abrams make Rey pregnant in The Rise of Skywalker to carry on the legacy? Will that child be sent back in time to become Shmi Skywalker?

#StarWars #TheRiseOfSkywalker #Rumors

Not sure what happened with the Rookie Critic downloaded the video, but here it is raw from the camera.

#OdinsMovieBlog #Birthday

An IPA with a champagne-like finish? Brainmuffin reviews Brut-Hero IPA from Revolution Brewing. It is effervescent with notes of white grape, passion fruit, and lemon.

#RevolutionBrewing #IPA #Review

Cruise around YouTube and will find all manner of videos disliking Disney Star Wars and Brie Larson's Captain Marvel. Very few content creators, however, are as entertaining as Overlord DVD. A few days ago, Overlord DVD published a video outlining a rumor that Marvel and Disney are losing confidence in Brie Larson to carry the MCU, in particular light of Sony pulling Spider-Man out of the mix.

Fans of the Marvel movies noticed that Captain Marvel is taking the reigns from Captain America, while Spider-Man is pulling the same from Iron Man. With Tony Stark dying in Endgame and Peter Parker lamenting the loss in Far From Home, the connection is obvious. Thor has no interest in leading the Avengers and is going off with the Guardians of the Galaxy to rebuild Asgard. Captain Marvel is the obvious choice left. The banter between Carol Danvers and Peter Parker would have be good. Now, it is all gone and Disney does not believe Brie Larson can do it on her own.

Is Overlord DVD (Doomcock) right? Are these rumors about Brie Larson and the MCU cast true? Has Disney and Marvel lost confidence in the Captain Marvel character and Brie Larson's portrayal? Why is Disney's excuse media out to get Overlord DVD? He is entertaining and never claimed to be a journalist. Why are the discontent? Will there be a Captain Marvel 2?

#BrieLarson #OverlordDVD #Disney

After the sale of Lucasfilm, George Lucas was shown what Disney had in mind for the sequel trilogy. He was not happy and felt betrayed as Disney had no interest in the ideas George proposed. After the Force Awakens came out, the reboot of Star Wars was underway and the fan revolt started. The Last Jedi set the revolt on fire.

#StarWars #GeorgeLucas #Disney

A week hardly seems to go by when a Sport Illustrated swimsuit model is melting down Instagram with some hot hots. Myla Dalbesio is no stranger to hotness and now it is her turn to stop the lookers on Instagram for incredible bikini shots.

#MylaDalbesio #SportsIllustrated #Instagram

Experimenting again with the Nikon D7000. Recorded in one long shot on manual settings, the exposure seems to change a bit. White balance was set via Kelvin and not auto as before. Anyone have pointers on keeping the light consistent?

The was edited and rendered in Final Cut Pro.

#Nikon #FinaCutPro #VideoTricks

Over the last few years, the comic books for the Captain Marvel character have been rebooted several times. She has been made unlikable and the Marvel movie didn't change that. Numerous reports of odd ticket sales and empty, but sold out theaters added to the problem.

The Internet has become all abuzz over a video created by Overlord DVD. In it, he claims several sources tell him that Disney is losing confidence in Brie Larson and Captain Marvel, in particular with the loss of Spider-Man in the MCU. Is the high ruler being serious or is this just a great troll video.

Watch Overlord DVD's entertaining video here:

#CaptainMarvel #Spiderman #Disney

Time to review another IPA, this time with grapefruit infusion! From BrewDog comes Elvis Juice IPA and here is Brainmuffin to review it.

#BrewDog #ElvisJuice #IPA

For more than two decades and through numerous presentations, including one for Ted Talks, J. J. Abrams has shown his mystery box. The claim is that it contains some wonderful magic tricks inside, but it has never been opened. Now all the way in Egypt, another box of mystery has been opened. Found in the tomb of Tutankhamun by Howard Carter, it belonged to the Pharaoh's wife and is the only artifact of hers that is known to exist. What incredible treasures does it contain?

#MysterBox #JJAbrams #Egypt

These days, fans like to ship the actors in their beloved movies. Recently, some fans have place Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver together as their Star Wars characters Rey and Kylo Ren (Ben Solo), respectively. Rumors and wishes are swirling around Brie Larson and Chris Evans. Are the two together? Should Brie and Chris be together? Jimmy Fallon seems to want these two together. What do you think?

#CaptainMarvel #CaptainAmerica #Shipping


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