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Jar Jar Abrams once again shows he knows nothing about Star Wars. In the original trilogy, George Lucas stated that lightsabers are to be wielded like broadswords and they have weight. Not according to J. J. Daisy Ridley reveals the use of lighter props in The Rise of Skywalker and this allows the lightsaber duels to be epic!

Shout good morning to pop culture!

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Nearly thirty years ago, object oriented programming promised a panacea of reusable objects and code reuse. Application systems would be more organized and less complex, though they would do more. Has this really been the case with object oriented programming or has it all turned into a disaster?

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"He's Rounding Third an headed for Home" is the call of Marty Brennaman on the Reds Radio Network. MadTree has turned this call into an American IPA beer worthy of praise from the Cincinnati faithful. Brainmuffin reviews Rounding Third and gives a food pairing worth the wait. What is your opinion?

Yes, the dogs appears in this one.

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During her visit to Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland, Brie Larson totally geeked out on the things fan do. Now she seems ready to play a Jedi in the next Star Wars trilogy from Disney. Set to close out the Skywalker saga once and for all, episode IX will be the last Star Wars movie with direct ties to George Lucas' creation. Come episode X, a new line of Jedi will take to the screen and Brie Larson wants to be a part of it. After all, she was allowed to touch Samuel L. Jackson's light saber from the prequels on the set of Captain Marvel. This happened on Star Wars Day (May the 4th) or all days! It has to come to pass!

#BrieLarson #StarWars #BrieLarsonVideoChallenge

The month of June has rolled around again which means Elizabeth Hurley has had another birthday. Every year, she breaks the Internet with a picture of her in a bikini, this time in a glorious yellow number. Elizabeth Hurley not only looks hot at 54, did you know she has her own swimwear line?

Good morning pop culture. Time to wake up with pictures of the fit and fabulous Elizabeth Hurley! She may be 54, but she will get your blood pumping.

#ElizabethHurley #Fitness #Bikini

Did you see the Elevation Protein Powder review? It is one of Bryon Lape's most popular supplement reviews. Now from Alidi is Elevation Peanut Butter Cookie Bar. It is a non-GMO, Vegan fruit bar. A delicious taste of peanut butter without being too sweet. Watch Bryon's taste test and review. Do you agree? Comment below.

Hollywood seems fully bent on pandering to various groups, while not actually creating new characters that represent various lifestyles. Recently, Tom Holland stated he would not mind if Peter Parker was gay in the new Spider-Man and MCU movies. He did not receive any fan backlash, but when Brie Larson said something similar, she did. Why? Was it fair or did her smack down on the fans start it?

#Spider-Man #CaptainMarvel #MCU

Spike Valentine started a petition a few months back to have Brie Larson replaced in the Captain Marvel movies with a woman of color. After all, Monica Rambeau was the first female Captain Marvel in the 1980s. She was black in the comics, so why shouldn't she be black in the movies? Spike is nearing his goal of 25,000 signatures. Will Disney listen?

#CaptainMarvel #BrieLarson #MonicaRambeau

Recent medical studies have shown a possible link between high blood sugar and Alzheimer's. When individuals had diabetes as well, the chances of getting the terrible brain disease were higher. Some have even proposed that Alzheimer's be called type 3 diabetes. Why would high blood sugar and Alzheimer's be linked?

#Health #Medical #Wellness

Many fans of The Empire Strikes Back noticed the simularities between it and The Last Jedi. They moaned how the second movie of the sequel trilogy again ripped off the originals, but was a far worse film. The Force Awakens was a slap in the face to George Lucas and the fans of A New Hope. The Last Jedi was a slap in the face to everyone.

Take a minute to say good morning to pop culture and see in how many ways The Last Jedi was a copy of The Empire Strikes Back.

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The Oscar award winning actress Brie Larson not only plays a larger than life superhero in the character Captain Marvel, she's a real life superhero to people. Ripped from today's headlines and into a video, here are 6 times Brie Larson was a real life superhero. Do you agree? Do you applaud? All comments are welcome.

#CaptainMarvel #BrieLarson #VideoChallenge

Under Bob Iger, Disney has become an evil empire. Not only does Bob want to own every Intellectual Property there is and milk billions of dollars from it, he will deny a dying child's wish to have Spider-Man on his tombstone. If you believe Disney has gone too far, please sign the petition for Ollie Jones.

#OllieJones #Spider-Man #Disney

Many people want a whey protein powder with good chocolate, without tons of sugar. Dymatize makes a whey isolate protein powder with a Rich Chocolate taste. Bryon Lape does a live taste test of Dymatize ISO 100 Rich Chocolate Protein Powder.

Lando Calrissian was a pivotal character in The Empire Strikes Back. Believing he had no other choice, he turned on his long time friend Han Solo and betrayed him to the Empire. It was Lando's decision to create his own opportunity that lead to rescuing Luke Skywalker and setting up Jedi. The sequel trilogy has not dealt with the male characters of the originals very well. Rumor has it that Billy Dee makes and extended cameo in Episode IX and that is all. What do you think? Say good morning to Pop Culture and be heard.

#StarWars #EpisodeIX #LandoCalrissian

The hotter days of Summer call for a lighter beer to be enjoyed. From Great Lakes comes Holy Moses White Ale. Is it worth the efforts? Brainmuffin reviews and gives feedback. What do you think?

#GreatLakes #CraftBeer #HolyMoses

Brainmuffin is finally doing a live version of his beer reviews, with the help and expertise of fellow beer reviewer Afro.Beer.Chick. What beers will they review? What will be good? What will be bad? Tune in and find out.

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The Beers
Tapistry Brewing - Northern Trippin'

Taft's Ale House - Citrus IPA

Unibroue - Trois Pistoles

Deschutes - Fresh Squeezed IPA

#BeerReviews #MidWest #CraftBeer

Another good morning and another Pop Culture Minute. come is reporting that Robert Pattinson has dropped the Batman movie project due to scheduling conflicts. Is this news correct? Has Robert Pattinson dropped the Batman? Is it really scheduling conflicts and not the horrible DCEU? What's the truth? Say good morning to the Pop Culture Minute for July 2nd and find out.

#Batman #RobertPattinson #Movie

A hoppy Belgian beer? How will Brainmuffin like it? In Maryville, Tennessee lies Blackberry Farm Brewery. Brainmuffin reviews Boundary Tree Beer.

#BlackberryFarm #craftbeer #Tennessee

It is with the saddest of news that Anna (@thatstarwarsgirl77) took to Twitter with an update on her sister Ellen. Her sister has passed away. No details at the moment, but please send your love to the family.

There is a GoFundMe to help with funeral costs. Here is the link:

Anna's Twitter:

Monetization has been turned off. If you see an advertisement, it is YouTube doing it.

#Family #Love #Joy

Did you see the Elevation Protein Powder review? It is one of Bryon Lape's most popular supplement reviews. Now from Alidi is Elevation Apple Pie Bar. It is a non-GMO, Vegan fruit bar. There isn't much protein and the sugar is fiber bound in dates and dried apples, so it should be good for some energy. Watch Bryon's taste test and review. Do you agree? Comment below.

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Listen up nerds. Stop complaining that developers are making the boob sizes of women in video games smaller just to appeal to the SJWs. Tifa Lockhart is wearing a sports bra in the latest Final Fantasy game and that compressing them against her body.

Kallie Plagge explains how bra size works. It is a combination of band and cup sizes, with a larger band and a smaller cup size being the same as a smaller band and larger cup size. The underlying breasts are the same size, you nerds. My god, have you ever touched a woman's boobs? With her consent, mind you.

Thank goodness all of this has been cleared up. What was the world of gaming geeks going to do?

Is this controversy real or was it manufactured to create clicks for articles? It sure got the nerds' attention.

#TifaLockhart #FinalFantasy #BraSize

In April, members of the MCU cast were conducting interviews for the release of Avengers Endgame. Brie Larson was paired with Chris Hemsworth and Don Cheadle. It did not talk long for the rumors of unrest among the MCU cast with Brie Larson to come forward. The body language of Don shows he did not want to be touched. Chris ribbed Brie about doing her own stunts and wanting to be like Tom Cruise. At the MTV movie awards, Brie Larson praised her two stunt doubles in helping her to bring Captain Marvel to life. Yes, Brie Larson had not one, but two stunt doubles. No wonder the MCU cast does not like Brie Larson.

#Avengers #CaptainMarvel #BrieLarson

Do you remember the Commodore 64? Do you play the game Minit? Well, just like peanut butter and chocolate, they are finally coming together. Say hello to pop culture in a minute.

#Commodore64 #Minit #Ports

The "Why did you say Martha?" scene in Batman v. Superman became a meme generator by those who didn't understand it. The scene was very important to get Batman to realize he was wrong in how to handle Superman and had gone too far. Now from DC Comic of Batman comes a Martha scene that is wilder than what was in the movie. Spoiler alert.

#Batman #Martha #Spoilers

In a recent short interview, Mark Hamill said he hopes he is done with the Star Wars franchise. He also made comments about Jedi coming back as Force Ghosts for actors to make their last curtain call. Did Mark Hamill confirm that Luke is a Force Ghost in The Rise of Skywalker? Is Episode IX the last of Luke?

Wake up and say good morning to some pop culture news.

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