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The Battle of Short Hills occurred on June 26, 1777 in what is now Middlesex and Union county NJ. This was the last foray by the British who had twice moved on the rebels earlier in June. Howe who wished to March on Philadelphia wanted supply lines through New Jersey to secure his force moving inland on the Capitol.

The British under Gen. Howe marched from Perth Amboy in two columns in an attempt to force Gen Washington into a pitched battle against a force more than double the colonial troop strength. More over the British were equiped with better arms and cannon boasting one of the best trained armies in the world.

However, the Americans had success earlier in the year in winter campaign known as the Forage War. They had denied local supplies from New Jersey in a series of well executed skirmashes and preemptive raids. The large force of the Crown had to rely on shipping from Britain and the Carribeanto feed the vast numbers of their army with sub par rations. The winter through spring months of poor food and being beat to the punch by the colonials for forage had a negative effect on troop morale but more over, in our estimation, would hinder them in the long chase in this action.

The American left Flank commanded by Lord Stirling with Gen Maxwell's Jersey Line, Major Gen. Vaughns rifles, and a battalion of Pennsylvania German's would hold Gen. Cornwallis's column with eventual support from Gen. Howe in a pincer move for two hours. This allowed Washington's main force to escape and Howe to give up New Jersey.

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This episode Rocks Literally!
Ant Tempalsky recieves the Ballantine award for Blistering Solos, Hex Lubinger's new track "Western Man" (video from the Pit here on phiszabo2 and an of color animation!

The animation is a fictional parody between the two highlighted douchebags and no way depicts anything factual. We do not make light of Allegations here on GHI and the woman Joan Tarshis honestly receives our sincere prayers for what happened to her. She carried herself admirably well during the interview and showed nothing but obvious credibility. That said it worked to lambaste the two CNN Highlighted Douchebag assholes.

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This weeks DOC MEME of the week, J takes on W's Divorce cake Bear made out and wonders how the population has so little empathy for small business owners. Hey fuckers!

This little animation was made to put up some of our old recordings that never quite made it to the show.
I speaks about voter ID laws and how ignorant some upper middle class people are. How they seem extremely bigoted towards some people they needlessly champion. Also How I was relegated to the back pages on google for an extended period of time.

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Hex is back with loads of new material! This is one of my favorites of his new recordings!

I put together some simple animations along with old footage....That's not important it's all about the track!

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Join our Very own J through her trials and tribulations of moving day.
Try not to laugh to hard

Finally on Camera, G and I take it up a notch!

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A short Clip of a discussion between W and I

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Episode 1 of MCC's second season.

Since I was late getting the new season underway this was an impromptu video aided by my #1 apprentice. We make a quick but delicious pineapple BBQ marinade, cook some potatoes in the fire pit as well as corn in a grill pot. A couple tips included and some fun time with the little one.

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Our second you tuber we like...The Ramones Freak.
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Shannon is a You Tuber We Like

Both sides are wrong about abortion. I highlights how mistakes by the left are the cause of the backlash as well as how the right making it a black and white issue is unrealistic. Please commentThis is a 10 minute rant by GHI's I about how the right a left are both wrong about abortion. I highlights how mistakes by the left are the cause of the backlash as well as how the right making it a black and white issue is unrealistic. Please comment

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Having some fun with an old MDMG Tune written by Anthony Tempalsky originally for Precision Shock. It's a "Pit"/GHI Crossover video enjoy!

Teaser for upcoming TTACL Extra video

This TTACL Update is a special one as it is the first one we are releasing with bits for the actual film! This is the script for the short dutch synopsis.
We will be using different visuals for the final but much of that flavor is still being worked on. With rights to more images we will be able to have a much higher resolution which is a big lacking aspect of our updates.
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Thanks for watching our new phiszabo2 segment "You Tubers We Like" We are a small channel and yes these segments will probably help with traffic. We also hope we have let our subscriber in the know for an interesting and entertaining researcher and historian. I am reading his first book "In Search of the Origin of Pyramids and the Lost Gods of Giza" Perhaps after this season of Youtubers we will vlog a review.

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Old Book

This Weeks DOC Ballantine Winner, Vote in the comments below for MEME of the week and some extremely quick DOC News

A short response on the attacks from I. His thoughts and insights.

This update is on the indigenous tribe of Lenni Lenape, Algonquin speakers who inhabited what is now Linden and Roselle prior to the colonization of the Americas.

This video is Educational and we claim fair for two Lenape songs used in this video links below.

We will follow up with a TTACL Extra with more on the Tribe


butterfly dance above


lenape spirits

This weeks The Truth about Colonial Linden update is on a near unbelievable figure whom's unscrupulious deeds are verified by more accounts than any of our previous highlights. The Son of Colonel Cornelious Hatfield veteran of the french and indian war and Elizabethtown first prespytrian church elder ,Captain Cornelious Hatfield the II is Said to be The most infamous of all the Elizabethtown Loyalists. Hailing from one of Elizabethtown's oldest families which became split over the issue of independence. The Hatfield family spread all over Elizabeth town many family farming plots located in what is now Linden.



GHI Serious discussion about the effects of modern biopersistent poisons on evolution. H links this to autism in a personal theory not experimented upon....yet.

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