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Having some fun with an old MDMG Tune written by Anthony Tempalsky originally for Precision Shock. It's a "Pit"/GHI Crossover video enjoy!

Teaser for upcoming TTACL Extra video

This TTACL Update is a special one as it is the first one we are releasing with bits for the actual film! This is the script for the short dutch synopsis.
We will be using different visuals for the final but much of that flavor is still being worked on. With rights to more images we will be able to have a much higher resolution which is a big lacking aspect of our updates.
I also will not be the narrator. This role will be filled professionally as we as recorded in a sound studio....not on my laptop.
Thanks everyone!

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Thanks for watching our new phiszabo2 segment "You Tubers We Like" We are a small channel and yes these segments will probably help with traffic. We also hope we have let our subscriber in the know for an interesting and entertaining researcher and historian. I am reading his first book "In Search of the Origin of Pyramids and the Lost Gods of Giza" Perhaps after this season of Youtubers we will vlog a review.

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This Weeks DOC Ballantine Winner, Vote in the comments below for MEME of the week and some extremely quick DOC News

A short response on the attacks from I. His thoughts and insights.

This update is on the indigenous tribe of Lenni Lenape, Algonquin speakers who inhabited what is now Linden and Roselle prior to the colonization of the Americas.

This video is Educational and we claim fair for two Lenape songs used in this video links below.

We will follow up with a TTACL Extra with more on the Tribe


butterfly dance above


lenape spirits

This weeks The Truth about Colonial Linden update is on a near unbelievable figure whom's unscrupulious deeds are verified by more accounts than any of our previous highlights. The Son of Colonel Cornelious Hatfield veteran of the french and indian war and Elizabethtown first prespytrian church elder ,Captain Cornelious Hatfield the II is Said to be The most infamous of all the Elizabethtown Loyalists. Hailing from one of Elizabethtown's oldest families which became split over the issue of independence. The Hatfield family spread all over Elizabeth town many family farming plots located in what is now Linden.



GHI Serious discussion about the effects of modern biopersistent poisons on evolution. H links this to autism in a personal theory not experimented upon....yet.

In the conversation vote for the meme of the week next week! out of the two tasteless vile memes on the cover

just laughing in Linden NJ

Enjoy a Ballanine and Watch GHI Podcast the Death of Comedy this Sunday night

In this clip recorded 4/6/19 H, J & I discuss a few different topics, The cast video is loaded with memes including a Meme of the week found by J.

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A busy week for S&M Productions and GHI Podcast. We introduced new personalities. Had some funny discussions some serious new animations come give a listen!

3 episodes of butcher bear programming. GHI new release also including 2 of The Truth About Colonial Linden Updates

G and I talk about wanting to do a Ballantine ale Campaign. J and G meet and J wows him on her views on modern Feminism.
GHI getting bigger, more view points, more facts, more keeping it 100, laugh cry or get by

GHI PODCAST Clip 3/25/19
H and I Talk about Al Sharpton our Highlighted Douchebag this week, Indian Man on a visa starts petition against Amazon for selling bath mats with Gods from the Subcontinent on them, H uses a drinking stories of I's past to show how everything is not racist. Even if it mat seem at face value!

This is part two of our two episode look into The Clarks. Obviously we look into the last two generation in the colonial period. Don't fret we will be adding much more on this family in the documentary

These update will be churning out at a slower pace as our meat cutting creations show season two starts next month as well as more "Pit" documentaries and videos

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Watch and See our Highlighted Douchebag. A fake ass, drug pushing, hypocrite. Watch to find out who
Finalists for Mueller Report MEME of the Weekend!
We give Big Bear Owen Benjamin the Ballantine award for his efforts to save Comedy.
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This is a very short DOC this week cause this douche bag is such a friggen POS that we only had to make one statement.


This is GHI's first interview. We were extremely happy to have John Kaczor on as out first guest. He is a social media personality and has become somewhat of an activist/comedian in our home town. Yes that is a brand new thing. John is good like that. However this interview focuses on a documentary short starring John about his recovery from Drugs and Alcohol . This is a clip from this Weeks whole episode.

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In this edition of The Truth About Colonial Linden Update We highlight Abraham Clark, Patriot husband, father, founder, farmer, lawyer, politician, and inspiration. Usually we highlight an entire family in an update or a colonial period of a family but for this one we highlight a man we consider to be the most influential of all the Elizabethtown Patriots. Why? not merely for signing the Declaration of Independence, sacrifice, long time service to colony then state and country or even the fact that he was born in Wheat Sheaf and his farm stretched along Morse's creek from Present day Roselle into Linden but for seeing a birth of a new nation, a new way of life through to realization of the ideals fought for. Perhaps his most important work happened after the colonial period during the early republic being one of the most noted fighters for the inclusion of The Bill of Rights into the U.S Constitution. This is Part 1 we will highlight two of his sons in our Clark Patriots update. The Clark family came to Elizabethtown from Long Island in the 1670's and are forever intertwined with many of our other highlighted families.
Look forward to the completion of The Truth About Colonial Linden Documentary later this year as we will be exploring more of this family and others during the early colonial period. The full length is a time consuming and costly project. Please consider supporting the project with a donation to our Go Fund Me (link below), additional research, liking, subscribing, and most of all SHARING.

After the Clarks we are going to update on The Women of Elizabethtown.

Thanks for watching see you soon!

Phillip Szabo Writer, lead researcher, and producer of TTACL


GHI Podcasts Sports Talk 3/6/2019

We were delayed one day apologies for that. We recap the AAF week #4 with highlight and analysis of the Birmingham Iron after their week 4 loss to San Antonio.
They sport the best overall defense in the league and sit at #2 in the power rankings but seem to have an issue at Quarterback possibly brewing.
We shoot it over to M's Mets spring training report for Boner's Dugout. He shares his outlook and discusses the hopes and pitfalls.
We Talk NY Rangers as always GHI isn't your normal webcast.

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