GHI picks up on a blog post from Amnesty Intl. published Dec 20th 2019 about wide spread accusations of sexual violence against anti extradition law protesters in Hong Kong China. This shameful accussed act seems to be systematic and an attempt to quelling protests by victimizing women.
I discusses his thoughts and relays part of the blog post. There is a montage of the Hong Kong Protest folloeing the report.

Link to the Amnesty Intl. statemnet:

Music in this video provided by Boxcar Hex

"One Third Their Number"

I rants. not Iran but I rants about the Virginia State of Emergency. Who's at fault? Which camp is lawful? I let's you know his humble thoughts. We were working on a Hong Kong report which will be out sometime tomorrow. Hong Kong needs us to be American again and here it is. So this special report will tie into those thoughts stay tuned at the end for our HK Montage.

I informs about the N.J Vaccination Bill removing the religious exemption option that wasn't voted on this Legislative session. I gives some opinions and counters some language by the pro vaccine bill senators. There will be a follow up tomorrow countering the anti bill proponents. GHI says goodbye to often satired N.J Congressmen Booker as he eits the presidential race.

This new little series may be a thing it may not but saw a MEME then thought about the inherent flaws in this philosphy of tolerance. I should say philosophy of intolerance. Let us know in the comments below your views on this supposed paradox. Also if you would care to see more of these.

All set up to interview the enlightened some say outspoke conservative Rasaun Lamar Jackson but had some issues with skype so I went ahead and did a report. Ended up only reviewing one issue in a kind of rant Jamal (MindofJamal) would be proud of. Why are people disregarding early lessons that have time over proven true? Reality of POTUS actions and more.

Another Week of GHI MEMES and some of H's favorite found ones. A couple animations and oh yeah Ricky Gervais earned the Ballantine

In this interview session we talk with The Paranormal MD Mary Marshall. We discuss Mary's abilities as a medium, how she learned to control the ability and apply it during investigations. We discuss elements of paranormal investigation including types of entities, explainations, share encounters and touch on the applicable science. I shares a ghost encounter and talks about his empathic sensory.
Mary also answers questions I had about some of the work she has done since the end of her Radio show. This includes her skeptical involvement in a a friend's bigfoot documentary. Working on that project inspired a revelation about multiple possibilities for large hominoid sightings across the globe. As well as, The Paranormal MD shares a strange unexplained sighting of some sort of luminous energy encounter they had in the woods.

Mary Marshall is a medium, teacher of paranormal studies, public speaker, paranormal investigator and researcher, former internet radio show host and an author.
You can catch up on where she will be appearing, projects, investigations etc. at her website:

This Death of Comedy is a mock report naming Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut the year's first GHI Douchebag.
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The U.N recently posted a job opening for paramilitary applicants to be involved in gun seizures. What's the issue? This group will be assigned to NYC which begs the question will this peratin be carried out on U.S soil? Patriots know the answer. I discusses his legal arguement on how the Posse Comitatus Act would extend to this unit. Thus deeming any attempt by this unit to aid in such a process on U.S soil unconstitutional.

Link to a 2nd amendment article written by GHI's I which also goes through the onlt two slow processes the governments of the Union could procede in to nullify the second amendment:


This episode we examine all the ways hacks blame Trump for every issue perceived or real. Plus a new bear animation featuring Jim Jordon

How to make changes to the bill of rights included in this 2nd amendment article:

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What is this impeachment insanity really about? I share some quick thoughts. We would love to know what you're thinking. Share your thoughtsin the comments below and let's have a discussion.

We weren't putting anything out until after the holidays but here is a short clip discussing private city works vs. public. We also touch on H's weapons trade plan. H will be known as Hampus for christmas

this is a rerun from our original channel. Things have been hectic towards the end of the year here. It's a small operation and we be creating new content soon. Including the return of the GHI Report, new animations, POP and interviews.
We are gonna share some of our favorite stuff from the year this is one

The GHI MEME of the week. Candid description of our crew (PI). Humans vs. Apes. G breaks down some Smoking Pork tips.

Enjoy This Montage of MEMES found by H Including our favorite of the week. Van Drew leaves the Democrats over Shampeachment. Cenk was almost endorsed but remains a douche. See what's up comming on GHI

"God vs. Science" Is there a Battle? We discuss leaps of faith, hard facts, perception and more. Take a listen and please add to the conversation in the comments below.
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In this round table we talk about "conspiracies" in general. Interesting points we feel and worth a listen. Every coin has two sides and all factions plan, spin, omit, then conspire to keep their narrative popular. Beware of those who shame a question.

Animations and voice clips from big bear. Sacha Cohen is the newest highlighted doughbag.

GHI skypes with K. Carl Smith, founder of the Fredrick Douglass Republicans, about his current seminar tour, how to market conservative values, and the GOP going into 2020.
I saw a video from almost a decade past of K. Carl speaking to a Republican group during the height of the Tea Party Movement as it began to take the GOP back to it's roots. He struck a chord with me and inspired me to look at the present political mayhem through the political philosophy of Fredrick Douglass. Learning much more about this leading American than I ever had in school. Slave to founding force behind the Republican Party, Douglass valued life, the constitution, personal responsibility, free market and choice.
I took a shot and reached out to Mr. Smith and to GHI's great pleasure he agreed to sit down with us. I had an excellent time and think you will all enjoy this.
You can find more about the Conservative Messenger at these links below:




Here is the video that opened my eyes tothe fact I'm a Fredrick Douglass Republican:


This GHI is Special we have our first 2 time Ballantine winner. Owen Benjamin to some is controversial, to others hysterical. We at GHI just think he is trying to say comedy one offense at a time. Cheers Owen!

Butcher Bear here if anyone can get me owens p.o box GHI would like to send him his award!

3 clips were riped from Owens channels. He said it was ok to spread his stuff the other day and get clicks. However this is just a one time thing for his ballantine award. We were gonna cut just little clips to go along but Walt and I were cracking up so much we just left it

Bear Cave Clips

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K.Carl Smith joins GHI to talk about his current diversity seminar, the values of a Fredrick Douglass Republican and the GOP going into 2020.

This GHI/The "Pit" Crossover video showcases our favorite artist performing a killer folky tune. Jam packed with new animations old animations and clips from the fellas from GHI. There was miscommunication this song wasn't originally wrote by gene simmons its a Boxcar Hex original.

Push your Reps. for pushing legislation to allow citizens of HONG KONG to repatriat to the United States.
When you open your borders do it for those who align with your societ

1/3 Their Number Performed by Boxcar Hex

In this episode we give a NJ Congressman The Ballantine and H warns of a Parallel.

Hong Kong has gone hot. It's not the beginning of deadly force as brutal police and military measures had already used live rounds. This though is a full on response in DEFENSE of the HKCU Campus and the internet infrastructure there. Police and Military forces from and allied from China laid seige 12 or so hours ago. The Citizens held then as for now we don't know if they fell.


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