This is a recording from H and I last month. Various topics.

GHI has only been bein released on none Google platforms recently however this story we decided to discuss and release on Youtube as well. Hypocrisy, lies, and abuse at it's worst. Take a listen as I breaks it down

This track by Pit favorite Boxcar Hex is a must listen and a gem of modern Folk music

This mash up once again includes Mercyful Fate with their song Nuns Have No Fun and 60's Pop Song "Party Girl" by Home town (Linden N.J) singer Bernadette Carrol. This one came out pretty good I think. Let us know if you are enjoying these.

Pretty much the title and an old GHI video for Scooter's song Oi

A mash up of Duran Duran's Rio and Mercyful Fate's Evil by The "Pit"
This is our first mash up let us know if you would like more

This is for our new segment the ADL, Ok, These People are Nutz.

GHI Reading and Reaction to the ADL naming the ok sign as a symbol of hate. Exposing that the argument put forth disproves itself.

GHI Death of Comedy. A collection of some of our favorite Memes from Sept./Aug. This weeks Winners. Mr. D'Souza wins Ballantine with his Tweet pointing out the similarities between modern leftest propaganda and socialist propaganda from the first half of last century.

GHI Death of Comedy. A collection of some of our favorite Memes from Sept./Aug. This weeks Winners. Mr. D'Souza wins Ballantine with his Tweet pointing out the similarities between modern leftest propaganda and socialist propaganda from the first half of last century.

A jam packed DOC episode with a story on how the lefts views are not translating to their base. H sees signsof life in Comedy. We say offensive things (duh) but we got love. ohh and new memes

From our You Tube quick upload. Hey we don't air the podcast here on Youtube any more but why not some MEMEs. GHI now genreates 7 memes a week for shits and giggles here are this weeks top 3 as tallied via our fans' interactions.
To our good friend ROD yeah bro we are Big Blue sorry but that shit is funny

In our final installment of Voices from the Last Invasion. We share Continental artillery officer Samuel Shaw's statement after the hostilities on June 23rd at Springfield. The Last words of British Major John Andre' captured and Hung in Tappan, New York three months after the battle of Springfield. BoxCar Hex Lubinger Performs his rendition of One Third Their Number a colonial Song wtitten and sung in Taverns in Manhattan after Knyphausen was turned back at Connecticut Farms (Union) N.J . Oddly enough this was originally sung by mostly loyalists whom despite their pro crown stance still found humor in the mis hap.

Join BoxCar Hex at this year's Cranford Porchfest on Oct 12th 2019 in Cranford...Porch to be announced soon click link below for more info!


This GHI Animation was inspired by Louder with Crowders live stream watching the Democrat Debare. A joke about Sen. (NJ) Cory Booker's angry face and looking like the hammer wielding turtles from the Super Mario Brothers video game franchise. It all spawned from that. In my opinion, I don't actually think he believes what he states here but he sells it. Sounds like Conspiracy to me.

This was a late night bbq story pieced together from flashes of memories from the past. After years a recollection appears in my mind. We have no idea if even a grain is true but who cares. GHI Phill spins a yarn for G. Take it for what it is!

This is a fun little addition the GHI family wanted to do for shits and giggles. Highlighting a misunderstood historical character via the fictional character written for AMC's Turn.
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H & I discuss once again the fed. Motivations of the players. False value and Greenland

Secretary Carson wins the Ballantine and watch him check mate a critic. MEME of the week.

H & I discuss existence, tesla, scientific views, theories, proofs and the relations to spirituality.

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A ploitically incorrect farce music video...We(H,I,W) were playing around and made this mess

This week we have a new segment and some clips from past discussions cut for better viewing. Also some Alonso NY Mets Clips...Brand new Round Table and other GHI goodies to come soon!

GHI's new contributer specializes in political and entrtainment news....In an interesting way. I asks questions. OHH Yeah the MEME of the week!

In Part 3 we discuss the little known assualt on the British beach head at Elizabethtown Point on June 8th 1780. Knyphausen withdrew from Connecticut Farms just after midnight on the 8th. Hearing mixed reports Washington sent a force down in the hopes of expelling the invasion or at vey least pinning them down behind their defenses.

GHI sends much love to American gymnist Simone Biles for her amazing world class first feat. We call out american fencer/model Race Imboden for his publicity stunt for Nike....you ain't fooling anyone douche.

Part 3 of the GHI evaluation of mass shootings


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