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This one is not as animated as other recent ones and is more narration and quick facts. We thought it is interesting enough on it's own to stray back to the earlier format. With info on Wheat Sheaf, Trembley, Upper Rahway, and Greater Elizabethtown. Join us next time for the Clark Family!

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Military March #1 is a classic Schubert composition you must hear before the end of The "Pit' highlight of Franz Schubert. This is arranged by P. Beiner as part of a classical compilation.

Fair use as this is part of an educational set of programming on the pit

Just a funny little trailer for the channel

Our second cross over The "Pit" TTACL Gagmix video. This time MDMG is up. Really I'm just playing with software for animation and audio mix. We will do a few more.

This Colonial Linden Extra has to do with the sacking of nearby township Westfield, New Jersey after the Battle of Short Hills. It was an astounding plunder by British forces burning homes of staunch patriots like Ephriam Marsh even looting the town Bell!
I hope everyone is enjoying our attempt to continue informing the area and the world of the colonial/revolutionary history of these parts. Work on the full length Documentary is in the works with most of the writing finished (although it seems we gain more info to add everyday)
I would like to thank all of the supporters and contributors to the Project.
Don Golemme
Hex Lubinger
and new contributor Cecil F. Marsh III

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Circa 2000. This is a great song from NYC Punk Rockers The Shipwrecks remixed for a TTACL/The "Pit" hybrid video. All in fun! In Jersey the Revolution was very much a Civil War and listening to the Shipwrecks I got the idea for a fun Video using clips from our Truth About Colonial Linden Revolutionary Videos. Hope you enjoy!

"Old Mash" and his lineage played a large roll in the founding, development, and success of the Great State of New Jersey. Samuel Marsh and his wife Comfort (Mann) settled land along the Rahway River in the area of Linden known as Tremley Point (Trembley Pointe) This is a short video, however, not from lack of importance or history of this major family. This family is quite large and progeny rested there heads all over the state and beyond. Still the main concentration stemming from colonial times was essex (including union) and middlesex counties in New Jersey.
We will be having much more on the Marsh Family as they are very much married into many of our other highlighted families. This video is in the older format based on trying to focus on colonial ares now Linden and Roselle. Yet, we have shared content from Rahway. The village founded by John Marsh. Also most of Linden after 1803 or 4 was incorporated into the Township of Rahway. We will at a future date do our mid sized format 1 or 2 episodes on the Greater Marsh Kin. We just recently got in contact after I found some research from the family. Like the Winans there is a lot of great history to preserve with this family. Hope you all like our quick update and stay tuned for the Clark family next in the cue!

Franz Schubert - Fantasy in C major D.760 (op.15) "Wanderer" - II. Adagio by Daniel Blanch

Daniel Blanch bio taken from http://www.danielblanch.com/biografia/

Schubert info:
Bibliographic details for "Fantasia in F minor (Schubert)"
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This video is for educational purposes and is non profit. This is part of a month long highlight of Franz Schubert. We claim fair use.

Thanks for joining us for Part two of our The Truth About Colonial Linden Update "The Winans, The Patriots". This family has a lot to be proud as do the People of Linden, Elizabeth, Rahway and Roselle today. We are in the process of fine tuning some of our production but alas not without hiccups. We use the simplest software at this time as we are searching for funding for the full length documentary. The Truth About Colonial Linden full length will not be as in depth in terms of individuals but more of a long form general history of the Colonial period in the Linden and Roselle parts of the Elizabethtown tract. Though we are doing quite a good job of including some of the rich stories and colorful characters along with those facts in the script.

I would give more of an introduction here normally but I believe the video flows well and you will be quite satisfied acquiring knowledge about the Winans patriots. Also, for returning viewers, you know I always leave a bibliography of cited works and research. However, this time they are all in the credits. Trying that out. Let me know how you liked the piece and if you haven't already like and subscribe. This way you will always know when a new video comes out.

We will be licensing music and images as well as employing a professional narrator for the documentary. The film will also feature actors as well as a host. A little different than our updates. This will all depend on funding. We are writing a grant proposal now but if you would like to contribute every bit helps. You will receive credit in the film as a patron, receive a link to a pre-screening on Youtube and for 25 dollars or more request research notes for your own digging. You can donate to our gofundme or subscribe to s&m productions on SubscriberStar.

Are next family update will either be on the Clarks' or the Marsh family. We will start those in a few weeks and have them out in a month or two. So keep an eye out for them! The reason not sooner is directly a result of working towards getting a grant to be able to upgrade software, add some hardware, upgrade our audio equipment, license music, images and pay for some talent. I will be putting out the normal bi-monthly update on the project. Thanks for your interest!



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This is Part 1 of Our TTACL Update on the Winans Family. This short Examines the The Progenitors of the Winans in Elizabethtown,Later Linden, N.J. John (Jan) and Susannah (Melyn) Winans. Of Dutch ancestry and of excellent quality they were a perfect match and a Linden Love Story worth remembering. Next Week Part 2 Will highlight their descendants roll in the War for Independence.
These brief looks into the first families of what would become Linden are a lead up to our full length Documentary the Truth about Colonial Linden due out later this year.

Special Thanks To Don Golemme for use of his manuscript "The John Wood House, A Link to the Puritans of Elizabethtown"

"Winans Family Genealogy and history of Descendants of John Winans and Susanna Melyn. by Orin Clifford Winans, Paris, Illinois 1983



Hex recorded this tune for inclusion in the upcomming The Truth About Colonial Linden Documentary coming out Later in 2019. I looped it a bit for an update video and liked it so we are adding it the The "Pit" Music Videos. I hope you all enjoy.


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Just a quick update. The Winans family video will be released next Saturday. The video is about the Founders of the Winans family Jan (john) and Sussanah as well as 5 of their progeny, 2 grandsons and 3 great grandsons who were patriots during the revolution.

The "Pit" Presents this short synopsis of life Franz Schubert as part of our Jan-Feb 2019 highlight of his work. This is the first documentary installment for 2019. This is a new format which is much shorter and this does not cover his life in-depth. Not to worry as we will continue to look into his life releasing more information and education on Franz Peter Schubert in the music videos you are used to seeing in companion with each highlighted artist. We will be telling his story through his music with loads of info on each piece, info on the performers in those recordings and highlights from his personnel life during the time the compositions were written. Thanks for joining us and look out for the next Schubert video!
Music in this brief documentary:

Serenade (excerpt) arranged by Phill Szabo

Franz Schubert - Fantasy in C major D.760 (op.15) "Wanderer" - II. Adagio by Daniel Blanch is licensed under a Public Domain License.

Franz Schubert- " Ave Maria"Mirusia Louwerse & André Rieu
Licensed to YouTube by
Audiam (Label); UBEM, UMPG Publishing, SODRAC, ARESA, and 11 Music Rights Societies. Claiming fair use for educational purposes as allowed by Statement of the release.

Schubert, Franz: “Erlkönig” (“Erl King”)
Franz Schubert's “Erlkönig” (“Erl King”), D. 328; from a 1936 recording by bass Alexander Kipnis and pianist Gerald Moore.
© Cefidom/Encyclopædia Universalis

Schubert- Marche Militaire NR 1 (arranged by P Breiner) Best of Classical Music
Military march #1
Famous marches
Licensed to you tube by Naxosof ameria (on behalf of Naxos), and 4 Music rights societies

Britanica work cited:
Contributor: Betswy Schwarm
Ave Maria!
Encyclopaedia Britannica
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This is a fair use of Franz Schubert's "Ave Maria" the original German title " Ellens Gesang" performed by Andre' Rieu and The Johann Strauss Orchestra Feat. Mirusia Louwerse as part of this months highlighted artist Schubert intended to educate on the life and music of Franz Peter Schubert. This is a beautiful version that will help the viewers this month understand Schubert's command of melody and his style of creating harmonies derived from the base melody. Credits in the video including brief descriptions of the soloist Louwerse and Conductor Rieu. Also included in the video and Britannica entry with citation from Betsy Schwarm. This video is in companion to the short documentary of Schubert's life that will be released 1/17/2019 on The "Pit" We would like to thank Andre' Rieu for allowing fair use for nonprofit educational purposes and believe this is continuance with his mission of spreading this music to the people.


Murisia Louwerse represents the Australian Children's Music Foundation:

This Truth About Colonial Linden Extra documents The 2nd Battle of Spanktown (3rd engagement at Spanktown) February 23, 1777 during the part of the Jersey Campaign known as the Forage War. Spanktown is Rahway, N.J Lindens neighboring town. During the colonial period the whole area was part of Elizabethtown (Elizabeth, N.J) and much of what is now Linden became part of Rahway in the early 1800's before incorporating into it's own township in the mid 1800's. Troops from Elizabethtown's Wheat Sheaf neighborhood (part of Roselle and Linden), and the Rahway neighborhood (some of which is now part of Linden) were involved in the battle. This was a neat bit of History we decided to share as we continue to learn new software and search for that voice to help bring the main documentary project to completion. Sources varied but we believe we did the history justice. This was certainly a planned trap by Maxwell and the colonials while being another example of British professionalism and cool under fire leadership of Lt. Colonel Mawhood. Like and subscribe if you enjoyed and please share.
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An oldie but goodie from Knighthawk. Highlighted artist Ant Tempalsky was in this group. Low quality recording but great tune.

The skirmish between The HMS George and rebels of 3-4 hour old United States happened around midnight from July 4th to July 5th 1776 and was most likely the first military action of the United States of America. A fleet from Halifax pressed down into New York Harbor Landing troops set up base on Staten Island.

We discuss in short three accounts and I give my thoughts on the most likely events of the nations first fireworks! Capturing the George and relieving it of it's cannon for the defense of Elizabethtown, ergo the American Continent! Enjoy

In this sit down G and Phill discuss illegal migration, citizensborn from illegal migration and the impact on the average American that lives and works with many of the new population. They discuss the differences between people that immigrate legally and those who migrate. The effect on the job market and qualifications is spoke on as well as questions on how to repair the divide. In the comments please add your perspectives, solutions and questions

This is another brief installation for The Truth About Colonial Linden about Linden originals the Morse Family.
Peter Morse the patriarch of the Morse family was an original associate of the Elizabethtown charter making him a founder of New Jersey. The Morse roots run deep in Linden as the creek that runs through under and around our streets bears their name. This tid bit give info on the family with emphasis on two of Peter's great grandsons whom were noted patriots.

If you would like to help see the project through consider a small donation to our go fund me

If you would like more information feel free to contact me @
[email protected]

works cited in this update:
Fredriksen, John C. Revolutionary War Almanac. New York, NY: Facts On File, 2006. Internet resource.

Golemme, Donald The John Wood House A Link to the Puritains of Elizabethtown. Toms River, NJ: Independent, 2018, Manuscript notes.

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The Overture from Johann Strauss der Junger's Operetta "Die Fledermaus"

This is the 2nd Video in our highlight of Johann Strauss II 's work.

Written: 1874
Composer: Johann Strauss II
Language: German
First performance: April 5, 1874

List of Characters and Range:

Rosalinde von Eisenstein, a Viennese lady (soprano)
Gabriel von Eisenstein, her husband (tenor)
Adele, a chambermaid (soprano)
Alfred, an Italian opera singer (tenor)
Dr. Falke, Gabriel von Eisenstein’s friend (baritone)
Dr. Blind, a lawyer (tenor)
Frank, a prison warden (baritone)
Orlofsky, a Russian prince (mezzo-soprano)
Frosch (sometimes named Frogg), a jailer (speaking part)
Ida (sometimes named Sally), Adele’s sister (soprano)
Ivan (Yvan), Orlofsky’s majordomo (speaking part)

This uploaded video Is for educational purposes of highlighting J.Strauss II's work and is part of a series examining his life and music.

In this episode I sit down with H discussing the Fed, Espionage and the global positioning between The U.S, China and Russia. The first Americans the asteroid that nearly erased them, the genocide of western expansion, Trade wars and more.

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This week another discussion between G & I releasing this weekend. We will be setting up a patreon soon in which we will put up more risky discussions with zero political correctness featuring our trigger word of the day! fun stuff

March 11th 2012 @The Cup Complex in Linden, N.J

MDMG's 1st show of it's 3rd formation. Coming out as a 3 piece (this 3 piece would later be known as Monstro) after separating with Front man Vic, The fellas decided to play a long set choosing an array of tunes from former groups they were in as well as a bunch of favorite covers to stay sharp during the interim. It was a fun two set night at MDMG's favorite haunt in 2012 The Cup Complex.
This is a cleaned up version of the Maus tune Der Deceit written by Dave Gutierrez back in 94'
MDMG here was:
Anthony Tempalsky -lead guitar
Phill Szabo- Bass & Vocals
The Hoff- Drums

I'm putting together some remastered versions of songs I wrote as well as releasing new songs from Thanksgiving to Christmas.
Sailing the Seas of Metal
Lyrics by: Phill Szabo
Music by: Phill Szabo
Guitar Solo by: Anthony Tempalsky

Recorded at JMM Studios in Edison, N.J 2013
Remastered at S & M Studios Linden N.J 2018

On This Track
Lead Vocals by Phill Szabo
Backing Vocals by Leyda Torres Celiga
Lead Guitar by Anthony Tempalsky
Rhythm Guitar by Phill Szabo
Percussion by The Hoff
hope ya'll enjoy


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