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I use the word Feminist so much, I am likely to be Banned.

Don't allow women to think you are going to be her man child. Next year is your year to buckle down and make things happen for yourself men. Females are not going to change any time soon, so you have to focus on number one. That is yourself.

If You are a Good Pup they (Wimmin) will tell you what to buy them and where to buy it. Don't spend your resources on fefails for acting badly. #Boycottwomenandchristmas.

Real men care about their life and well being instead of caring about a useless Thing called a WAHMAN.

Your Wallet your spending choice. Buy what you want, spend nothing on WOMEN.

24/7, 365 days a year wimmen are out to Mate

Just something I put together so you all will not forget

Just another reminder to men around the world, don't be stupid and start buying these WHORISH WIMMEN for their BAD, DISGUSTING, TREACHEROUS, DIABOLICAL BEHAVIOR. Drain the SWAMP of these FEMINIST THINGS. NO apologies, no smiles, no opening doors, no marriage, no cohabitating, no having babies with the WITCHES of destruction.

This Stuped Cow is one of the WORST Things that was Bred, society will soon get rid of these type of Diseases. Her-pes infested SCUM Wimmin. Their mouth are the main virus that needs to be SHUT permanently.

Excuse the popping in the vid guys, sorry.

Feminist complain about the way men sit naturally, but they want to continue to be the HYPOCRITES that they are. Stupid BE - OUCHES

The Crypt keepers will keep you in the Burial place which is that Relationcrypt or Fake Marriage.

I was just minding my own business and a Feminist Thing commented on one of my vids. I blocked that THING because they are scary..so I made this for the Feminist Thing. Feminist Stay out of my space, if you have a VAG you are a FEFAIL period.

When you go online you can pay for PORN to look at it for a certain amount of time. The more you pay the longer you get to look at IT. If you stop paying then you are restricted and the site may still take your money after you cancel. The same thing as marriage, you end up with BAD PORN at a COST.

Enjoy your TERMINATION from your job this year men. Your present from the #MeToo Cancer. Don't you men just LOVE using your hard-earned money to buy a BLOWN out Slores Rotten Flower presents. Look at all the PROUD SIMPS in this image. This can be you just sign up for any office party and be sure to KESS your FeFail bozzes A$$ and buy IT something #METOO

On Chad, On Abdul, On Tyrone, On Robert, On Mike, On Simpdolph, on to all the stores and spend your hard-earned cash on useless SLORES. Santa Simp Clause yelled with a ROAR.

Spend, spend until your pockets are emptied by the Feminist Slores.
You are just a wallet to the world of commerce. The Slore is your owner and your operator. You are to honor and respect the SLORE that rather see you 6ft under or HOMELESS.

The Office Attention SLORE Syndrome, it has been studied that SLORES are at RISK of being MORAL, so feminism continues to fight for the right to be the Filthiest SLORES on the PLANET!

When was the last time you carried your WAHMEN CHILD because it was too STUPID irresponsible walk?
They are not Wahmen, they are things, get it through your heads. Wahmen doesn't exist anymore!!

I pay my tax money for crap like this, I served and protected my country for crap like this, I have to look at crap like this and not say anything. WRONG DAMN WRONG. I will let this THING say it for itself.

Just speaking on men giving more support and should start making thinks happen to help your present situation in the family court system.

SMDH, I feel like I am in the twilight zone with some of the things that I hear grown males say

FeFail got what she DESERVED

Don't be a FOOL and spend your hard-earned money on useless women that hate you. If you want to celebrate this Corporate day do so, but by for yourself. NOT BLOWN out VAG. Are you going to waste your MONEY on Wahmen

I give a few details about me working in the IT field. Requested as a topic by SlimShady

Warning : Please excuse the audio

I still believe that the Wahmen (aka feminist Thing is SATAN)

Passport Police stop your effeminate Simplaining about men choosing to date the uninfected Females in different countries.


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