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●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬❈ LYRICS ❈▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬●

Es dröhnt eine Trommel im deutschen Land,
Die dröhnt bei Nacht und bei Tag.
Seit Deutschland zerschlagen und verbrannt
Und sterbend am Boden lag.
Seit Deutschland zerschlagen und verbrannt
Und sterbend am Boden lag.

Und hinter der Trommel Soldat an Soldat
Und Singen und Fluch und Gebet.
Wir müssen marschieren Kamerad
Für das Volk das in Ketten liegt.

Wir müssen marschieren bei Tag und bei Nacht
Für das Volk, für das Land, für die Tat.
Es lodern die Flammen die wir entfacht,
Wir halten die Wacht, wir halten die Wacht,
Für Deutschland, Kamerad!

Und hinter der Trommel Soldat an Soldat
Und Singen und Fluch und Gebet.
Wir müssen marschieren Kamerad
Für das Volk, das in Ketten liegt.

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Videos used-
Gender Dysphoria and the Modern Western State
Gender Spectrum Indoctrination in Rural Pre-Schools
Globohomo Inc. and the Gynarchic State
How Identity Politics is Invading Western Science

Original Description--
"White farmers are under persecution in Zimbabwe. In June 2009 there were only 100 of them left.
Is it all about land redistribution, in order for the injustices of the colonization era to be rectified, when white farmers owned the best pieces of land, as president Mugabe claims? Or is it about the wiping out of the white population, a reverse racism, a political game so that he can remain in power? This is a documentary where there are no good guys apart from the tortured people of Zimbabwe. Its the image of Africas ex-granary that became synonymous with poverty, inflation, corruption, electoral fraud, violence and oppression."

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One of the oldest known Landsknechtlieder. Narrated by 1509 from the Italian campaigns of Emperor Charles V.
The Italian-sounding part is Landsknecht gibberish, which is interpreted differently.
The refrain is a mixture of Old Italian and German, or at least Old Italian, as the German Landsknechts spoke Italian. The Codex reconstructs "Strombette with all'armi! Presente alle vostra signori" - "It calls (trumpets) me to arms! I'm there, by your side, lords!"

Original upload by Dr. Ludwig, who has both a Youtube channel and a BitChute channel.

Wir zogen in das Feld.
Da hätten wir weder Säckl noch Geld

Strampede mi
A la mi presente
Al vostra signori.

Wir kamen vor Siebentod,
Wir kamen vor Siebentod,
Da hätten wir weder Wein noch Brot.

Strampede mi
A la mi presente
Al vostra signori.

Wir kamen vor Friaul,
Wir kamen vor Friaul,
Da hätten wir allesamt voll Maul.

Strampede mi
A la mi presente
Al vostra signori.

Wir kamen vor Benevent,
Wir kamen vor Benevent,
Da hat all unser Not ein End.

Strampede mi
A la mi presente
Al vostra signori.

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I hope everyone is doing well, I have just been busy with a lot of things, also getting adjusted to my new living situation and trying not to go insane. If I don't upload for a couple days i'm either busy with other stuff or i am editing a new video.

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Another VPX/CTC presentation, where i take videos by VertigoPolitix and fix the audio, sometimes add transitions and background music.

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|Videos Used|

-Sweden Prepares For War
-Swedish Women Are Turning into Horses to Attract Muslim Mates
-On Liberal Empathy
-Islam and the Post-Christian West
-Soft Borders and Globalization

The title "Die Jägerbraut" (Marsch der Goslarschen Jäger), composed around 1935 by Richard Hewers (1883-1962), who was the bandmaster in III (Jäger-)Bataillon des Infanterie-Regiments 17 in Goslar. Lyrics were probably written by Karl Reinecke-Altenau (1885-1943), painter and poet [source for the lyricist-claim: Kai Gurski "Schlägel, Eisen und Hakenkreuz - Das Thema Bergbau im Werk des Malers Karl Reinecke-Altenau"]. It was performed by Luftwaffenmusikkorps 2 (Bundeswehr).

It has the same tune as "Im ganzen Vaterland".

(Credit goes to Dr. Ludwig)

German lyrics-

Und zieh'n zum breiten Tore
die grünen Jäger aus.
Mein Herze hüpft vor Freude
und zieht da mit hinaus.
Denn bei den grünen Jäger,
da ist mein Schatzel schon.
|:Es gibt ja keinen Treuer'n
im schönen Heimatland!:|
|:Horridoh, jaho!:|
Im schönen Heimatland!

Und keiner ist so schön
als wie mein Theodor,
und wär's der Hauptmann selber
und gar der Herr Major.
Mein Herze schlägt vor Freude,
marschiert mit ihm davon,
|:hör' ich die Hörner schallen
vom Jägerbataillon.:|
|:Horridoh, jaho!:|
Vom Jägerbataillon.

Zu Pfingsten wird gefeiert,da bin ich draußen, Schatz.
|:So glücklich ist ja keine
Im schönen Heimatland:|
|:Horridoh, jaho!:|
Im schönen Heimatland!

Another VPX compilation, a shorter one this time.
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Videos used-

Geert Wilders Concedes Defeat in the Netherlands...

Gaslighting the White Normie

Mythology of World War II equals an Anti-White Religion

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Another Landsknecht special brought to you by yours truly.

Credit goes to Dr. Ludwig over on Jewtube for keeping historical and traditional German songs alive.

I hope you enjoy this short song and if it's not your thing then please click off, no offense is taken :)

Hello, hope everyone is having a great day and i hope you enjoy my presentation, thank you.

Videos used -----

-How cognitive dissonance shapes liberal attitudes
-The indispensable future of white masculinity
-Tats, sluts and white reproductive choices
-Reaction in the age of decadence

Videos used are by VertigoPolitix, post edits are by me.

Sorry i have not been as active lately, i have been busy moving for the past 4 days and everything else that comes with that.
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Original videos and voice audio are by VertigoPolitix.
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Videos used --
Liberalism Versus History
Liberal Fear of Totalitarianism
Rootlessness and Liberal Identity
On Poseurs and Ethnostates

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Another one of my VPX/CTC "documentaries" that i whipped up last night, a little shorter this time.
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VPX videos used:

The Ancestral Argument for European Nationalism
The Boers, the Veld, and the Looming Marxist Genocide
Rampant Cannibalism Plagues South Africa
South Africa is the Template for Western Civilization

Why are some of the happiest songs the saddest?.. I have a hard time listening to this song without getting a little emotional, i don't completely understand why, but what i do know is... This is what they stole from us.

If my music uploads are not your thing, i won't take it personally, i know even listening to music is not for everyone. I mainly upload these for myself and to share some of the songs i listen to with my viewers.
It's one way i can relax myself with all the stresses going on in my life and in the world.

Thank you to all my subscribers, God bless you and i hope you have a great day/night.

(Original upload by Dr. Ludwig who has a youtube and a bitchute account. A lot of credit goes to him for keeping traditional German music up on Jewtube, despite them trying to take them down constantly.)

Original production by the Fascifist.



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