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What is often deemed as “Western civilization” or simply “the West”, whether consciously or subconsciously, carries a whole host of ontological implications that distinguish it phenomenologically from the character of all other types of civilizations in the world throughout history. It is important to note that this expression has perhaps only a very loose relationship to geography, and that the term has far more to do with specific modes of thought that were birthed out of a specific kind of consciousness that arose around a specific time and place in human history.

The thesis of this video is that Medieval Europe was the fulfillment of eastern thought, thereby qualifying it as an Eastern civilization rather than a Western civilization.


On the Ontological Difference Between Medieval Europe and the Atlanticist West (PDF):

A Critique of American Identity Politics and the History and Construction of White Identity (PDF):

The Theory of Consciousness as the Basis of Reality (PDF):

""Giovanni Gentile and the Philosophy of the Young Karl Marx""
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-Narrated by The Fascifist
-Script by by A. James Gregor
-Commissioned by Zoltanous HN

Giovanni Gentile's writings on Karl Marx reveal the inherent idealism found within Marx's own thoughts and writings. This video analyzes how Actualism derived and corrected Karl Marx's "confused idealism" thereby producing a philosophy that interprets the thoughts of the young Karl Marx in a manner far more coherently than the one provided by Engels and Lenin.

A Production by ChuckThemClouds
Script by Zoltanous HN
Narrated by Blood Satellite

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This presentation will delve into the earlier days of the Protestant reformation and the missions they departed on, in an attempt to understand their mindset at the time and to see how their original theological and ontological approach would eventually lead to the creation of the Puritans and many other splintering sects of the American variety.

I am not anti-Protestant, but I am fairly anti-Puritan.

This video was circulating on Telegram, I did not create it nor do I know where it originates from.

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A production by ChuckThemClouds

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Voice of Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson

(September 4th 1940)

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Commentary by The Fascifist and Dr. Raphael Matthew Johnson

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Disclaimer: I am not a Catholic supremacist nor am I a Papist. I support Positive Christianity.

Original Sermon posted by "Sensus Fidelium".


It's not just the Jews in America that cause this, yes they are a big part of it, but it is actually within the very foundation of this "Democratic Republic" that allows for them to get away with bleeding us and the rest of the world dry.

It's also this perpetuated idea that America can do no wrong and that every other country must have it worse than us, sentiments like that only justify these goons when they scapegoat us for their crimes.

The American people of which I am a part of are not the main focus of the blame, not at all, other peoples around the world understand this and can differentiate between the leadership of a nation and the people who inhabit the nation.

The same way our CIA and FBI try to get it's own citizens to radicalize and do deplorable things, is about half of what they do to other nations and it's citizens. When more Americans realize this the better it will be for us and the rest of the world.

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A beautiful production made by a brother in Christ.
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A concise and short documentary about Jose Primo de Rivera and the Falange in Spain.
Original production of The Fascifist.

Original Documentary by The Fascifist

Original video by The Fascifist.

Original video by Revision -

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Dr. Josef Mengele: Angel of Death — or Reprieve? (By John Wear):

I had to use different voice because the usual voice pronounces Mengele as "Mengel". I also removed the "Early Career" section from the audio article because it's mainly irrelevant. -Revision

Josef Mengele Denied His Experiments:

Adolf Hitler Denied the Holocaust:

Denial in Josef Mengele's Family:

Those who knew Dr. Mengele:

The recording of Andkon's and the Fascifist's appearance on the Fascio Podcast hosted by Zoltanous and Censored Anon.
The discussion is about Christianity and its compatibility with National Socialism, the state of the movement and a little bit of history.

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"A Berlin song from the early 19th century. Berliner Pflanze (Berlin plant) describes a person who grew up in Berlin. The melody is from the Petersburger Marsch."

==+German Lyrics+==
Denkste denn, denkste denn
du Berliner Pflanze
denkste denn ich liebe dir
weil ich mit dir Tanze ?

Denkste denn, denkste denn,
det ick darum weene ?
Wenn de mir nicht lieben duhst,
denn lieb ick mir alleene.

Denkste denn, denkste denn,
det ick mir dir scherze ?
Steck mir'n Sperpektif in'n Mund

Und kuck mir in mein Herze.


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