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Fuck commies!!!

Reuploading this to protect this book from soyboys and other leftist faggots.

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"We did this "Cash Drop" because customers and employees of Trader Joe's are both victims of politicians and corporate media.

Victims should not fight victims.

The business lockdowns by governments are unlawful, immoral, and unacceptable.
Humanity's desire and commitment for 100% freedom will be successful.

This happened at Trader Joe's in Santa Cruz.
Call them! 831-425-0140

Feel free to email me at [email protected]

Recommended folks to visit:

The Original Cash Drop Channel:

The Constitutional Law Group​

The Healthy American
You can find important forms like the Notice of Discrimination Form we used at Trader Joe's here:​

Rules for Cash Drop (copied from

Get together with people in your town and go to your local Traitor Joes to assert your right to shop mask free without waiting in a social distancing line. Do not wait in line! Drop your cash and go.

Everyone needs to do this in their town.

Here are the Rules for Maskless Shopping

1. Smile.

2. Only go to stores where you can pick up items yourself (otherwise the employees will not give you items).

3. Have 20s, 10s, 5s, and 1s in supply and drop the cash at the counter after the employees refuse to scan your items.

a. Consider making a receipt with a post-it note and leaving it as part of the cash drop.
b. Photograph the item before taking it, and film your cash drop.

4. Don't negotiate with the employees or SJW customers about medical conditions, HIPAA, the governor, the Constitution, laws, freedom, etc. Just ignore them and proceed with your shop and cash drop. (recommended)

a. This is to save your energy and to prevent you from overacting and giving them non-mask cause to refuse service. Just saying something like "God bless you, have a nice day" is an easy response that lowers tensions.

5. Shop at a mix of friendly stores (that let you check out without a mask) and stores that you need to cash drop at (since they refuse to check you out).

6. Bring a camera and post your experiences to spread the word. You can show your face or remain incognito.

7. Until more have joined, don't cash drop at the same store/chain more than once every 2 months (so as to avoid a restraining order being filed--or successfully granted). There are many stores/chains to choose from.

8. Decide in advance how long you plan to stay in the store. If up to 10 minutes, you should expect to speak with police.

a. If an employee tells you they will not ring you up, skip the line and proceed to cash drop once you are done shopping.

9. If the police arrive, explain what had happened, and leave. Don't give your ID (easily). You can ask "am I being detained?" And then just leave when they typically say "no".

10. Park far from the store to make it harder for the employees to get your plate number.

11. Try to look normal and make maskless shopping (including cash drop) look normal and fun so others will want to join in.

12. It's easy for a man to cash drop alone (with SJWs getting in his face while he laughs). For women, best to cash drop in groups.

a. Women maskless shopping solo in hostile stores may need to refer to laws, medical excemptions, HIPAA, etc.

Pick up very important forms at Peggy Hall's site​

Learn about Agorism and Counter Economics.

Last but not least -- we save this book from left-wing commies.

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Reuploading from YouTube to rescue this from left-wing commies.


Originally uploaded to YouTube -- about 2 weeks before Dr. Seuss' books were canceled.


Reupload from YouTube because this Dr. Seuss book is being canceled by left-wing faggots.

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Reuploading from YouTube because big tech is trying everything to censor this book, even eBay

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The ill treatment and abuse of senior citizens must end. What he did is absolutely inappropriate.

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"Abusive staff member @WinCoFoods shuts down checkout to elderly customer with no mask."

- (

A brave lady in the UK exposes Gloucester Royal Hospital as being empty when the communist government says it's full. The poor woman later gets arrested (video here: This means that we can officially declare the UK a communist country.

Source of this video:

Feel so sorry for this lady. Thank God I don't live in the UK and that I'm in America. Fuck globalism and liberals!

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"Woman who filmed Gloucester Royal Hospital, exposing it as empty when the government have said hospitals are full because of Coronavirus, has today been taken from her home and arrested, disturbing. TR 💥🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️"

3 of 4 Rob Schneider trailers in the South Park episode "The Biggest Douche in the Universe".

Uploaded this specifically because Rob Schneider is based & against lockdowns and government tyranny.

2 of 4 Rob Schneider trailers in the South Park episode "The Biggest Douche in the Universe".

Uploaded this specifically because Rob Schneider is based & against lockdowns and government tyranny.

1 of 4 Rob Schneider trailers in the South Park episode "The Biggest Douche in the Universe".

Uploaded this specifically because Rob Schneider is based & against lockdowns and government tyranny.

Joe Biden is a threat to national security.

Original tweet from Joe Biden's account:
"Right now, my team isn’t getting all the information that we need from the outgoing administration in key national security areas.

It’s nothing short of irresponsible."

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Creepy video of George H. W. Bush giving a speech on establishing the New World Order. The video appears to be shadowbanned on YouTube as I can't find it in the search results. Bush Sr. gave this speech on September 11, 1991.

Originally uploaded to YouTube by MasterpieceConCen7 on November 2, 2012.

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Disheartening issue that globalists and communists ignore. U2 will never sing about this.

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Below are some of our fellow farmers/friends that have been killed in 2020 on their farms. We lost 70 farmers in almost 600 attacks this year so far.
Thank you for everyone across the world sharing our plee. We are in a warzone indeed.

Reuploading a classic moment from this year! Only time it's good to watch CNN is to see it get destroyed! LOL

Originally uploaded to YouTube by CNN on May 29, 2020. Source: ( backup:

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"CNN's Nick Valencia reports live from inside the CNN Center in Atlanta where demonstrations over the killing of George Floyd have turned violent.

#Floyd #CNN #News"

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"White Punk Who Thinks He's Black tosses the N-word around like it's buy 1 get 10 free.
He picked the wrong Twisted Tea packing customer."

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"The second video was taken at a table where ballots were being counted in Helena Twp. The volunteers can be seen questioning why there were fewer ballots in the bin than the original number that was recorded in the previous recount? NO FRAUD. TWITTER SAID SO, IT MUST BE TRUE"

Peak clown world that all the courts, including the Supreme Court of the United States, are allowing this bullshit.

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MI Sec of State Official Caught On Video Telling Volunteers To Count “Multiple Ballots with the very Same Signature” During “Audit” Of Votes In Antrim County"

Originally uploaded to YouTube by America First America Forever on June 23, 2017.

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"President Trump "Never Give Up!" ORIGINAL VIDEO - Address To The Class of 2017.

President Trump Addresses The Nation, Encouraging American Citizens To Never Stop Doing What They Know Is Right. Only With God Can We Be Truly Successful. Keep Moving Forward And Most Of All NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

President Donald J. Trump's Commencement Remarks To The Class Of 2017.

Congratulations To The Class Of 2017!

#PresidentTrump #Prolife #Future #America #Commencement #Graduation #ClassOf2017 #USA #Inspiring #Motivating


Check Out Trump Under Cover Gear!"

Uploaded on December 15, 2020 by YouTube. This was linked to on the front page of Google. Uploading here for those who don't want to give YouTube any more views.

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