Now that IPFS has a desktop app, things just got a LOT easier for the average person. With that plus the IPFS browser plugin, IPFS is crazy easy to use.

IPFS Chrome plug in:

IPFS desktop app:

IPFS is the InterPlanetary File System. It's a decentralized, global hard drive to share files. IT IS NOT A PERSONAL CLOUD BACKUP!!!!!!! I repeat: IT IS NOT A CLOUD DRIVE FOR PERSONAL BACKUPS! It's used for sharing files, publicly. The next version of the web (Web 3.0) will be using it to store web pages. Web sites will no longer live on a central server. They will never go down. Files get automatically distributed around the globe as people load them. An example use case for IPFS is an organization like Wikileaks distributing documents. If they published them to IPFS, then even if their own website went down, the documents would still be available.

IPFS is strongly resistant to censorship because of its decentralized nature.

When you store a file on IPFS, you're simply storing it on your local hard drive, but a unique hash of that file is created. You can then share that hash by any means you feel comfortable with. Anyone in the world that knows that hash can request it through the IPFS network, having no idea WHERE the file is physically stored. The decentralized network of IPFS peers quickly finds the file and it is delivered through the network to the requester. It is also replicated to other nodes as a result, making the file even more accessible. Once your file has been replicated, you could even shut down your PC and that file will still be available.

My just released footage of the NEW release of the 1990s classic Quake II that has been modified to support NVidia's new RTX videos cards... the first video cards in the world to have Ray Tracing built into the hardware and the first hardware in the world for home users that provides REAL TIME Ray Tracing! In this classic game, in my modern PC, with RTX (Ray Tracing) enabled, I get a consistent 76 fps on my NVidia RTX 2070 at 1440x900 resolution. With RTX turned off and using OpenGL instead (lower quality, but faster), I get 1,000 fps!

I can't stress strongly enough the significance of this Ray Tracing hardware! Ray Tracing is THE MOST computationally intensive way to render an image, BUT, it creates THE MOST photo-realistic renderings possible. It essentially says, "to hell with clever hacks to fake and approximate photo-realism, I'm going to go all out and compute the actual physics of light to create true photo realism!" It's NEVER been possible to have interactive video (in other words, "video games") that render the live video with ray tracing because it was just too slow. To understand how slow ray tracing is compared to conventional rendering... the original Toy Story movie was rendered on a multi-million dollar render farm of Sun Microsystems mini computers. With all of those computers working together, it took them ALL about 1 full hour to render a SINGLE FRAME of video for the movie... and they weren't even doing Ray Tracing! (Movies play back at 25 frames per second). That means this ONE video card, that's only about $500 or so, can RAY TRACE 75 frames EVERY SECOND! That means it's ray tracing video 270,000 times faster and with a MUCH HIGHER quality than Pixar's multi-million dollar render farm was doing!

Massive #flooding in #Knoxville, #Tennessee. Below the water is another parking lot and a big walking bridge. This water is about 15-25 feet deep. There's usually only a small creek there.

Linked is a Google Street View image looking back and where I'm standing. Almost everything in the Google Street View image is under water. I'm taking the video where that white car is up near the top, center.


Nothing special going on here. Just some stranger taking a Sunday canoe ride through my sister's backyard that's 20 feet under water.

He was telling me how far he got in his canoe. Pretty far. It's NOT recommended to do this, BTW. It's very dangerous, but more power to him.

#Knoxville #flood #Tennessee

I tested Proton from Steam, running Pac-Man Museum on Linux and it ran FLAWLESSLY! Sorry for the lack of audio on this recording. The audio does work perfectly in the game too. Just this video didn't record it for some reason.

The game runs fine, but the Steam app does NOT scale to my 4K screen resolution. The text and menus are super super tiny. But, once you get into a game, it's perfectly fine.

A Demonstration of use the Amazon Prime Video service on PlayOn TV software on the PC. In this video I demonstrate browsing the Amazon video service, playing a video, then queuing up recording of videos and subscribing to a TV series, which will find and record new episodes indefinitely.

A Demonstration of use the Amazon Prime Video service on PlayOn TV software on the PC. In this video I demonstrate browsing the Amazon video service, playing a video, then queuing up recording of videos and subscribing to a TV series, which will find and record new episodes indefinitely.

Leaked video of a "TGIF" meeting at Google HQ with the CEO, on down, all crying and hugging, over America's election night win. They, of course, wanted America to lose and elect Hillary, who colluded with and got paid over $100,000,000 by the Russians and who has been involved in so many scandals, we've all lost count. This leaked video proves, beyond any doubt, that Google is an activist arm of the Democrat party and has betrayed the trust of the American people by abusing our trust.

Spraying water on the headlights of my car in slow motion with a Galaxy S7 at 8x slowdown.

A 3D rendered animation I made in 2007 of a satellite in orbit.


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